AEW Dynamite Recap & Results

Wednesday brings us another installment in a war seemingly won long ago… it’s time again for the AEW Dynamite Recap! Jordan Huie aka The One Zeel One of here and as always I’ll be giving you the live recap and results of the show as it airs in written form! You can follow along throughout the night for the play-by-play, so watch this space.

The Dark Order make their way out, Preston Vance has -1 on his shoulders. There’s a birthday cake on a table on the stage, the kid’s celebrating his birthday today! A sign in the crowd celebrates -1 as the best promo in the business, naturally there’s a “Happy Birthday” chant. John Silver on the mic says tonight is a very special night. The Dark Order is about to get a new recruit! A handsome cowboy recruit, Adam Page! Silver then gets the crowd to sing Happy Birthday.

The heels emerge and Dr. Luther is on the mic to say he doesn’t care about the birthday party. This place is becoming a daycare center! Calls -1 Punky Brewster and remarks about him accusing him of looking stupid. A “you look stupid” chant kicks up immediately. Luther says his face is perfectly symmetrical. Calls the Dark Order a buncha half-wits in masks, they’re the stupid looking ones! Says the Chaos Project does not like children and they will ruin his birthday! That understandably kicks up a fight and the Dark Order brawl with TH2 and Chaos Theory into the ring until Hangman Page’s music hits! He leaps from the stage onto the baddies!

Hangman Page & The Dark Order (John Silver, Alex Reynolds & Colt Cabana) vs. TH2 & Chaos Theory

Dark Order taking advantage early but then they cut them off. Luther slams Silver, then takes turns slamming Serpentico and Evans onto Silver. Luther bulldogs Angelico onto Silver! Serpentico tags in, snapmare, kick to the back. Serpentico attacks Silver, whip to the corner, charge sidestepped. Silver with a boot, tag to Page! Big boots and lariats, Throw-Down Spinebuster to Evans!

Corner clothesline to Angelico, clotheslines to the others, Serpentico with a boot up and comes off the second rope but Page catches him for an Overhead Belly To Belly! Heels come in to break it up but Dark Order clears the ring quick! Page with a Fallaway Slam to Angelico, whiffs the kip-up, Tope missed but Silver bails him out, charging shots on the outside. Reynolds with a flip tope onto the heels, they pull up Dr. Luther and hold him in place for a Hangman Page Triangle Moonsault!

I say this a lot on Dynamite but this match is hard to recap. Back in the ring, a very unique group attack with Page hoisting Reynolds and Silver on his back to send them all crashing onto Serpentico! They try another group attack but Serpentico escapes, roll through for a DDT, Evans with a Springboard 450, cover for a nearfall! Evans looks for an Asai Moonsault to Page but gets thrown over the barricade with a powerbomb! Dr. Luther takes Colt Cabana over to the table to powerbomb him through it but -1 stops this with a kendo stick shot! Cabana then Flapjacks Luther into the cake! Now Silver and Reynolds with their wild sequence, Page adds a Buckshot Lariat and Reynolds with a Jacknife Cover for the win!

Winners: Dark Order & Hangman Page

Pure fun stuff.

Now Uno and Grayson have Serpentico held on the stage, -1 NAILS him with a kendo stick! He then says his birthday was three days ago, idiots! Throws some papers at Serpentico. Amazing.

AEW Dynamite Recap continues, Dark Order have Hangman in the ring. Silver says he has great hair and he’s really handsome and he likes him a lot! Says it’s the moment you’ve been waiting on. Do you join the Dark Order? Chant of “Do it”. Page says he can’t but they immediately hit celebration music with “HE SAID YES” on the tron.

Page says he’s had so much fun with them for the past few weeks. He wanted to put this off but they kinda forced his hand. Says he’s done the group thing before and it didn’t work out for him. Says he’s so sorry. He walks off, there’s boos. Silver yells for him to come back but no, Page takes the booze and leaves.

MJF and Jericho backstage. Max says the last thing he wants to see is dissension in the Inner Circle. Asks Chris if he’s worried the match tonight could do that. Jericho says this will make them stronger than ever. We must decide which tag team will move forward to win the AEW tag team championships. Chris says they have a deal to move on like they always do. Jericho and MJF promise to be the new AEW Tag Team Champions. Commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will resume shortly.

Now out comes Sting to congratulate Darby Allin on his TNT title win.

Tony Schiavone in the ring welcomes both of them out there. “Darby” chant. Sting says he wants to say there’s something about Darby that reminds him of himself. Wants to congratulate him on being the TNT Champion. He didn’t want to interrupt the match he just wanted to ensure a fair fight.

Team Taz appears on the tron to say that’s crap. Taz accuses Sting and Darby of fighting dirty, fighting street style. He says his guys have been gentlemen. But he grew up in the streets, his men are street fighters. Ricky says you couldn’t see them in the street! Taz says if they want to go hard, go nasty, what do they got? Balls in their court. After a pause, Sting hands Darby the mic. Says if Team Taz wants to take this to the street, be careful what they wish for because it just might happen.

AEW Dynamite Recap continues, Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker vignette, that match is set for Beach Break.

Bucks are found by Marvez who follow them to I think Kenny Omega’s house. Michael Nakazawa leads the Bucks to a room, a painting of Kenny Omega and Don Callis in nothing but jeans and they’re both made to be look extremely chiseled. Don sees them and says he had this commissioned for his birthday, which the Bucks point out isn’t until November. Don says Kenny couldn’t make it today, to his own house. Bucks say he’s too busy to answer his phone. Callis says they actually changed numbers as so many people have been blowing them up.

Don says it’s good they’re all here, the three people that love Kenny the most, his family and old friends. Callis has Nakazawa pull Marvez and the cameraman to the dungeon. But the camera is of course left there. Bucks say they’ve known Kenny for 12 years. Callis writes them up a cheque to compensate them for the investment in his friendship. Matt says they made that much last week. Callis says they’re the merch guys, that’s right, gives him more.

They accuse this of being a bribe, trying to buy them out of their friendship. And they say Callis wasn’t there for all the times they spent with him in the Dome, Don says he was always there. Matt says they used to work for the company he runs and they know these cheques aren’t good for anything anyway. They tear them up and Nick & Matt swarm on Callis as the camera blacks out, Callis is screaming.

“Pretty” Peter Avalon vs. Cody Rhodes

Looks like the Snoop remix is here to stay. Cody ducks a line, immediate Cross-Rhodes! He evidently promised to win this match in a minute. But some music hits and out comes Jade Cargill. She stares Cody down form the stage, the ref is yelling at her – Avalon nails a low blow on Cody! He kicks at Cody’s knee repeatedly, chop block. Cody with an uppercut as he fights back, goes up top but Avalon stops him. Shots to the face, goes up with him, clubbering blow to the back, hooks for a Superplex – and lands it!

Avalon knocking Cody around on the floor, chop as he staggers into the ring. Snap suplex! Cover for a quick 1 count. Clothesline collision! Commercial break as the AEW Dynamite Recap will continue. As it comes back, Avalon goes up top, Cody rolls out of the way of a moonsault. Cody with a big elbow, headlock, shoots him off, leapfrog is mistimed and Avalon collides with the leg, it works out well for the story as he’s really favoring it now. Avalon throws him to the outside, tope suicida! Avalon takes him into the ring, hits the ropes, Cody Cutter outta nowhere!

Cody mounts his comeback, clotheslines. Avalon reverses a whip into the corner, Cody with a Short-Arm Powerslam! Takes off the weight belt and tosses it into the crowd. Double leg into a Figure Four Leglock! Avalon rolls through momentarily but Cody manages to roll back. Avalon with a slap to the face! Cody threatens to hit him in the face back and Avalon is terrified, taps out to avoid it!

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Quite the surprise of a match, seems they really wanted to re-educate people on Avalon tonight.

FTR and Tully Blanchard backstage. Tully says the ratings came out and FTR are No. 1 but they need more than bragging rights, they need the titles. Jurassic Express come up to them. Jungleboy says they might just be the best team in the world but he believes he could beat either one of them. Dax says he’s not just one of those fly-by-night wrasslers. Dax says he can beat him next week and doesn’t need either of his allies to do it. Luchasaurus says he’ll make sure nobody gets involved.

Jon Moxley makes his way out as the AEW Dynamite Recap continues, it’s his first match since losing the title.

Jon Moxley vs. Nick Comoroto

They come face-to-face. Shoves Mox, Moxley with a headbutt, pounds him in the corner. Honor Roll lariat, Comoroto catches him into a powerslam! Stomping him to the mat, pulls him from the corner with a Side Slam. Moxley biting his face to try and get back, Nick with a knee to the gut. Body slam, Mox escapes for some wild shots, knee to the face, hits the ropes – Comoroto with an Ushigoroshi for a nearfall! Comoroto with a yell, charges, Mox side-steps and the kid hits the buckle as hard as he possibly can!

Moxley laying in hard kicsk to the chest now! Pulls him up, hooks, Comoroto blocks the suplex, Moxley shoves him into the ropes for a Rebound German Suplex! Hits the ropes, clothesline but Comoroto absorbs it! Powers Moxley up onto his back but Moxley turns it into a Piggyback Sleeper and before you know it, the kid’s passed out!

Winner: Jon Moxley

Neat little surprise. Nick’s a QT Marshall trainee, he’s building a very respectable reputation as a trainer, lotta bright prospects right now.

Mox on the mic, says things are getting crazy around here. He can’t keep track of who is from where but he doesn’t care. Says he thought his little friends from Nashville would watch his back, but all he did was make it more fun, more interesting. More bodies, bigger brawls, more violence, more blood, more necks to break, he loves this! Mox says he will climb up this mountain. You could bring the whole city of Nashville, all of Mexico or Japan and it doesn’t matter, all roads lead through him!

Eddie Kingston’s group backstage, we’re finally seeing Kingston vs. Lance Archer next week. Eddie says he doesn’t prepare, he just fights. Having a hard time waiting. He seems to still be thinking about PAC and the Death Triangle because he repeatedly says he has to move onto Lance. Archer and Jake Roberts show up, Roberts has to pull Archer away.

Kenny Omega is in the building.

He sees Callis with a black eye in the locker room and asks what the hell happened. Don clearly doesn’t want Kenny to get upset but does let slip that the Bucks are responsible. Kenny is upset, cameraman gets chased out of the locker room.

Matt Sydal & Top Flight vs. Matt Hardy & Private Party

Damn, I like Sydal and Top Flight together, that’s a great idea. Dante and Quen start us out, series of dropkicks take out every member of the Hardy Party! Sydal tags in, triple chop to poor Quen! Tons of leap frogs, Sydal with a Spinning Heel Kick! Sydal with a Monkey Flip to Darius for a wild double team leading him to a splash where he rolls into a senton! Sydal with a Standing Moonsault for a nearfall!

Quen throws a shirt into Sydal’s face and clobbers him. Kassidy with a cheap shot to Top Flight on the apron. Set Sydal up for a double team with a stereo charge but Sydal and Top Flight counter with a triple Rolling Single Leg Boston Crab! Amazing. Hardy with a cheap shot to help his team get the advantage, Marq Quen with a crazy good Springboard Crossbody Splash for a nearfall. Commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap to continue when we return. As we come back, Kassidy has Sydal down in a side headlock.

Sydal escapes, double DDT to Private Party, Darius tags in!

Wild shots, enziguri, back elbow to Kassidy, whip for a WICKED C4! Matt Hardy tries to butt in but gets taken to the floor, driven into the barricade with a Tope Suicida! Silly String attempted but Top Flight block, World’s Greatest Tag Team Special! European Clutch to Kassidy for a nearfall! Top Flight sent into each other, Matt with a Side Effect to Dante and Darius, Sydal comes off the top and gets one too! Hardy pins them all and they all kick out of the Side Effect believe it or not.

Quen with a Dragon Whip for a nearfall! Sydal with a Roundhouse Kick, tag to Dante, Top Flight in, big shots to Quen. Dante sent up for a huge Front Flip into a Super Rana! Top Flight takes Quen up top. Dante taken down, Matt Hardy distracting the ref, Kassidy nails Dante with a chair! Quen is stunned for a moment but hits the Shooting Star Press for the win!

Winners: Matt Hardy & Private Party

Afterwards the very much established heels attack the faces, Matt Hardy caps it off with a Twist of Fate.

MJF and Wardlow meet the rest of the Inner Circle. Max says if he had it his way this match wouldn’t happen but this is how it goes. Sammy bows up to him and says if he had it HIS way, a lot of things wouldn’t be happening. Max says he’s not a sociopath, he comes from a good place. He wants the best for this group. Wants a hug but Sammy says they’re not there yet.

Leyla Hirsch vs. Penelope Ford

Miro, Kip and “Charles” aka Chuck Taylor come out with Penelope. Orange Cassidy is watching from the audience. Lock-up, Ford rips away. Leyla trips her up, rolls around on the mat with her in a waistlock. Trip takedown, cover for a 1 count. Pulls her up for a suplex, Ford reverses for a headlock. Hirsch takes her into the ropes to break. Ford with a big kick to the knee, headlock. Gets shot off but there’s a shoulderblock, only for Leyla to kip up!

Forearm, some duck unders, Charles has to trip Hirsch. Leyla with a Neckbreaker though into an armbar! Kip aides Ford with the break. Leyla goes out to confront him, Ford attacks from behind and drives her into the barricade. Commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap continues when we come back. As we return, Ford rolls Hirsch to her feet for a forearm to the back. But Leyla absorbs it, they exchange blows!

Leyla with some body shots, hits the ropes, blocks a heel kick! Forces Ford to the splits, Pump Knee to the face! Deadlift German Suplex! Leyla with a Meteora into a Jeff Hardy-style Corner Dropkick! Pulls her out for a nearfall. Going up top but Ford pulls her down, Flip Axe Kick avoided, big lariat from Hirsch! Pulls her closer a corner, leaps over to the top rope with a double jump – Flip Tope onto Kip and Charles! But back into the ring, Ford with a Pump Kick and Sabian pulls Leyla’s boot off the bottom rope to aide in the pin!

Winner: Penelope Ford

Miro forces Charles into the ring. Says he can be mean to him whenever he wants but he doesn’t, because he’s a very nice guy. Says he needs Charles to grab this microphone, look at Orange Cassidy and tell him that Miro is his best friend now. Charles looks miserable as he grabs the mic and begrudgingly says Miro is his best friend now.

Good Brothers backstage attacking Penta! They drive him into the shudder. Kenny Omega joins into the attack, they’re strangling him. Kenny takes off his cowboy boot and grinds the heel of it into Penta’s eye!

Chris Jericho & MJF vs. Proud-N-Powerful vs. Sammy Guevara & Jake Hager

Sammy Hagar has a Cameo talking up the team of Sammy & Hager. Amazing. Guevara and Max start. “Sammy Sucks”, MJF tags Jericho in. It’s Four Corners rules sadly. Jericho and Sammy lock up. Arm wringer. Guevara rolls through, reversal, Jericho with a slap to the face! Guevara lays in some chops, flips around Jericho, dropkick and a kip up! Clothesline takes Jericho right to the floor! Fake out dive, he springboard backflips into the ring, breakdances and flips him off! Now there’s a “Sammy” chant, that’s fun.

Jericho back into the ring, series of chops. Sammy ducks a line, dropkick blocked, catapult into a right hand from Hager, cover for 2! Sammy pulls him up with a Front Facelock. Santana and Hager tag in, Jake with a shoulder tackle. Santana dodges a shot, kick to the leg, dropkick to the head! Otiz tags in, Double Back Suplex but Jericho had made a blind tag too, nails Ortiz. P-N-P take over with double teams though, Sit-Out Senton, Standing Moonsault, nearfall! Close one.

Commercial break as the AEW Dynamite Recap will conclude when we return.

Sammy trying to fight back as we come back, takes him down, simultags to Hager and MJF but Hager just runs right through him, big Double Leg Slam! Guevara tags in, Springboard Cutter to MJF! Ortiz tags in, Guevara gets him with a dropkick, clotheslines Jericho to the floor again. Santana and Ortiz take over though, stereo tope suicidas to Jericho and Hager! Meanwhile Guevara with a Corkscrew Tope to MJF! Slams Ortiz, going to the second rope but Santana blocking him.

They both go up top with him, Sammy is blocking it, MJF in to lift Sammy into an Electric Chair but Guevara with a Poison Rana!! Back up top, Spanish Fly to Ortiz! Nearfall! Jericho calls for Floyd and grabs it but comes face to face with Hager! Big boot drops him! MJF gets the Dynamite DIamond Ring, then comes face to face with Hager! Big punch from Hager drops him! P-N-P with a Double Enziguri to Hager but he responds with a clothesline to both, Guevara with a Running SSP, MJF breaks up the pin! Jericho tags himself in, MJF counters a Guevara Rana with a powerbomb, Jericho with a Lionsault for a nearfall!

Jericho and MJF with a Double Flapjack to Guevara, Santana and Ortiz with a crazy double team flipping Jericho onto his face, nearfall! Jericho with a Codebreaker to Ortiz! CLOSE NEARFALL! Ortiz counters a double back body drop with a DDT! Hager back in, Vader Bomb to MJF, Sammy tags himself in for a Swanton Bomb! Ortiz baaaaarely breaks it up! Ortiz and Hager sent to the floor, Sammy with a jumping knee to Jericho, GTH!

Thrust kick to Santana, looks for the GTH again – Wardlow on the apron has to get knocked down, MJF escapes with that help for the roll-up, holds onto the tights for the win!

Winners: Chris Jericho & MJF

They cut it much closer to the top of the hour than normal there, just barely got the pin in before they had to cut away. Wild match, I can’t help but think Santana and Ortiz will grow discontent with the result too…

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