WWE SmackDown Recap

No time to waste here with this intro! It’s time again for the WWE SmackDown Recap!

Daniel Bryan opens the show for once, in a suit. Once again he talks about how the one thing he hasn’t done is win the Royal Rumble match. Says for him to climb that mountain of main eventing WrestleMania one more time, that means climbing over 29 other superstars and winning that match. The honest truth is he doesn’t know how many WrestleMania moments he has left. Waits for shocked gasps that don’t get piped in. If he wants one this year, it depends on winning the Rumble.

Says the training with the Alpha Academy has gone well and he’s ready for anything. You’ll see best friends use every fiber of their being to throw each other over the top rope, bitter enemies working together for the slightest advantage. As he starts talking about surprises, AJ Styles makes his way down the ramp, good ‘ol Superstar Invitational. AJ says you’ll see him earn his way to the main event of WrestleMania!

Bryan says both brands are competing in the Rumble but this is SmackDown and AJ is a Raw superstar, he’s glad to see him but seriously, what is he doing here? Styles reminds us this is the house that AJ Styles built. Lets Omos say this is the Quarterly Brand-To-Brand Invitational. Rules have been tweaked a bit but fine. AJ questions Bryan’s suit, asks if he’s a GM again? Says it’s almost like he’s got one foot out the door. Bryan says he doesn’t have one foot out the door in anything, especially with something he loves as much as wrestling.

He’ll prove it – Daniel Bryan challenges AJ Styles to a match tonight!

Styles says he’d love the warm-up and shoves him to the mat. As Bryan rises we see the very imposing figure of Omos, great camera angle panning up his frame. Bryan says if AJ was a real man, he’d come to this fight without Omos. But with or without him, he’s still gonna kick his ass.

Backstage Bayley gets a big introduction from the interviewer about being the favorite to win the Rumble. Says after what she did to Bianca she won’t be lifting Otis anymore. After she deals with her, she can crawl back to the darkEST hole of her life.

Bianca Belair makes her way out. Next up on the WWE SmackDown Recap…

Bianca Belair vs. Bayley

They go at it, Bayley takes over with a wrist lock, wrenching at the shoulder. Belair with a big body slam. But Bayley fights right back and keeps working the arm until she gets taken over with a snap suplex! Cover for 1. Bayley goes into the ropes to force the break. Bayley attacks, trip to the mat. Sliding Lariat for a quick 2 count! Armbar DDT, cover for 2. Bayley grabs at the lengthy ponytail and wrenches at it, Belair with a big forearm! Series of strikes and stomps.

Whip to the corner reversed, leaps over Bayley, shoulder block drives her into the buckles. Again just clobbering her across the mat, Bayley rolls to the apron. Bayley with an upkick from the apron, but back into the ring Belair gets her with a snapping dropkick, Standing Moonsault, Bayley gets a boot on the ropes for the break!

Bayley rolls to the floor as we go to commercial, WWE Smackdown Recap will resume shortly.

And we’re back, Bianca takes Bayley into the corner but Bayley reverses, flying armbar takedown to wrench at Bianca’s arm! Pulls Belair up by the hair. She rolls her up but Bayley rolls through, knee to the head for a nearfall! Bianca with a quick cradle, exchange of pinning combinations, Bianca bridges out, big right hand to Bayley. Hoisting her for the Glam Slam but Bayley escapes when Bianca’s arm gives way. Belair with a one-handed cartwheel to block an Irish Whip, side-step sends Bayley right into the buckle – KOD for the win!

Winner: Bianca Belair

Cool stuff! I feel like their previous match was better but this was still a nice one, glad to see Bianca get a big win.

On the stage Belair gets interviewed. Says she will never apologize for being her. Says Bayley is no role model but she was SmackDown Women’s Champion for so long, who better to prove herself against? It’s the biggest win of her career.

King Corbin makes his way out. Dominik Mysterio attacks him from behind during his entrance! Commercial break as the WWE SmackDown Recap will continue.

King Corbin vs. Dominik Mysterio

Dominik going after Corbin, he throws him into the buckle. Tries an early Ring-Around-The-Ringpost but Dominik stops him on the apron with a kick, knocks him to the floor, tope! Slips back into the ring and waits for Corbin to get back in, he’s clearly rattled. Dominik leaps at him for a wheelbarrow but Corbin counters with a Back Suplex! And then another one. Right hand drops him.

Keeps pounding him, pulls him to his feet, another straight shot to the head. Dominik with a boot up off a charge, Corbin turns right around to nail him with a lariat. Dominik side-steps a charge and Corbin posts his own shoulder! Mysterio with a Missile Dropkick, Hilo for a 1 count. Dominik with a very unique bodyscissor rana to setup the 619 but Corbin catches it!

Dominik tries to reverse with a rana but Corbin sets up a powerbomb only to be rana’d into the buckles! Mysterio charges, back body drop sends Dominik landing awkwardly in the corner! Whips him, Dominik with an Around-The-World DDT for a clooose nearfall! Takes Corbin to the apron, Springboard Dropkick ducked, Hot Shot from Corbin! Back into the ring, End of Days for the win.

Winner: King Corbin

Sound match. Afterwards Corbin goes out to gloat to Rey. As Rey starts to climb into the ring Corbin grabs him and wants to slam him into the steps! But Rey escapes to the apron and kicks him into the post! Flies at him with a dropkick!

Big E backstage with Sonya Deville, he hands her a dollar to try and learn what his Rumble number is. Miz and Morrison appear to ask where Adam Pearce is. Sonya says people pulled strings and he wasn’t allowed in the building. Big E asks what they’re doing here. Miz implies he might cash in MITB against the winner of the Last Man Standing match at the Royal Rumble. After Sonya walks off, E gets into an argument with the heels and they end up attacking him but he’s dealing with them both pretty well when the officials come to rip them apart.

Sasha Banks backstage, gets a hug from Kalisto for reasons. She then sees Reginald with a bottle of wine, he says he comes in peace and bearing gifts. His accent is amazing. He hands her the wine. Sasha says she has to admit there’s something she likes about him. Maybe the way he speaks or the wines he gets. Asks what’s the best drink she can get Carmella for when she has a broken jaw.

As the WWE SmackDown Recap continues, we see a replay of last week with Roman Reigns destroying Adam Pearce until Kevin Owens made the save.

Sami Zayn comes up to Shinsuke asking what’s going on with Cesaro, are they going seperate ways? Says he used to have a great relationship with him and he doesn’t know what went wrong, he’s the great liberator! Says the entire WWE management is against him. Cesaro seems to be doing well on his own, Shinsuke looked great two weeks ago too.

But everything great Nakamura has been a part of in WWE had to do with Sami Zayn. His NXT debut was magic because of him, his IC title reign was historic because of him. Says he should be with him again. Nakamura says he appreciates everything but he can go to hell.

Sit-down interview with Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns.

Kevin – with an Ever-Rise shirt – says as far as he’s concerned, he’s beaten Roman twice. Says he’ll take what he brings to him again and again and again until he’s the last man standing. Paul Heyman says Kevin will not address the best of the best that way. Says Kevin will speak to and of Roman Reigns with reverence and respect.

Reigns says Owens wants to make excuses, talk about his family. Let’s talk about his family, ask a few questions.

What kinda man was Kev’s father? Owens says his father is a great man, so watch where you’re going. Roman asks if he’s a smart man? Owens says he’s a very smart man and if Roman is, he’ll think about what he says next. Roman says he needs to understand his limitations and he can only imagine his dad didn’t teach him.

Roman says that Kev isn’t built for this game, he’s not a rook or a bishop or a queen, he’s a pawn. Reigns claims to be the king of this board. Says Owens is inferior, will never be Universal Champion and on Sunday he doesn’t have a chance. It’s not his fault, he doesn’t blame Kev. He blames his family. That he thinks he has a chance makes him a fool and if he’s a fool, his father is a fool.

And if his father is a fool that makes his whole family a fool.

Owens says his dad and granddad are important to him, he tattooed their initials on his fingers. He told him to watch what he says because this Sunday he’ll make him regret it. Roman says his family will understand and say to him what a disgrace he is to the family and ask why he didn’t acknowledge him as Tribal Chief. Owens says the only thing his father or grandfather would want to acknowledge him as is what he is, a jackass who needs everyone to whisper in his ear how great he is.

He’s just hiding the fact that he’s an insecure bully. Says he looks in the mirror and sees a man that his entire family would be proud of and when he looks in the mirror after the Rumble he’ll still see that same Kevin Owens but this time he’ll be the Universal Champion! Roman turns off his own feed.

Next up on the WWE SmackDown Recap…

AJ Styles vs. Daniel Bryan

On the way out, AJ has Omos stay in the back. Commercial break, match will begin as soon as we return. Cesaro is at ringside on commentary watching this as AJ gets a side headlock takedown on Bryan. Daniel with a big Monkey Flip, rolled through, Styles reverses with a Monkey Flip of his own. Bryan with an armbar, Styles with a boot on the rope for the break. Bryan with a corner whip, Styles with a boot up on the charge but Bryan with a drop toe hold, kick tot he arm.

Daniel with a cranking armbar. Styles drives him into the corner. AJ with a side headlock, Bryan shoots him off, Styles with a shoulder block, duck unders, Bryan with a roundhouse kick for a 1 count. Wristlock, Styles fights up and shoves him into the corner, whip, Kitchen Sink! Looks for a suplex, Bryan reverses with a Butterfly Suplex. Goes up top, Sami Zayn out on the stage with his signs distracts Daniel and allows AJ to send him to the floor. Commercial break, WWE SmackDown Recap to resume when we come back.

As we return, AJ is in control.

Vertical suplex blocked, Bryan sidesteps a corner charge. Bryan with some chops, charging dropkick! And another, now the Yes Kicks commence! Takes him up top, Super Rana! Cover for a nearfall. Daniel working over the left arm, round kick blocked, Styles with a Dragonscrew Legwsweep! Styles clobbers him in the corner, Pele Kick, charging kick to the thigh. This sets up the Calf Crusher! Bryan crawls over to the bottom rope and grabs it for the break! Styles with a Phenomenal Forearm attempt but Bryan reverses into the LeBell Lock!

AJ grabs the ropes for the break. Big E’s music hits and he comes down, Sami Zayn’s protests get all the more loud as E saunters to him. Slowly takes off his ring coat and then nails him with an explosive lariat! Throws him over the announce table, Cesaro has to dash out of the way to avoid it! Cesaro attacks E, big boot staggers him, throws him into the table! Styles gets sent closer to the crowd, Bryan with a suicide dive onto everybody! Bryan takes AJ into the ring but Sami slides into attack from behind for the DQ.

Winner: Daniel Bryan (by DQ)

Cesaro, Sami and AJ are fighting the faces when Shinsuke Nakamura’s theme hits! He clobbers Sami, but comes face to face with Cesaro and we have a tense staredown. Sami eventually shoves Nak and they go back to fighting their respective names as we go to commercial break. Well, here’s a guess as to what’s next on the WWE SmackDown Recap…

Daniel Bryan, Big E & Shinsuke Nakamura vs. AJ Styles, Sami Zayn & Cesaro

We come back to see Shinsuke hit the Ishimori German for a 2 count! Takes him to the corner, Big E tags in to clobber Cesaro. Cesaro fires back with uppercuts, Zayn tags in. Combination of blows. E takes over, quick tags between him and Daniel Bryan, double hip toss. E with a cover for 2. Bryan back in, axe handle to the arm. Sami with a kick off a back body drop attempt, Chop Block! Bryan rolls into the heel corner, Styles tags in to attack the leg of Bryan, which he’d already been working on in the previous match. Fairly quick commercial break here.

Cesaro with a Giant Swing as we come back, into a Single Leg Boston Crab to Bryan! Tag to Styles who keeps working the leg with elbow drops. Heels with quick tags and isolation now. Same takes Bryan up top for a Superplex but Bryan with headbutts drops him to the mat! Missile Dropkick! Hot tag to Big E who throws everyone around! Hits the ropes for the splash but Cesaro up quick, counters with a wild Springboard Corkscrew Uppercut!! Nearfall!

Looking for the Neutralizer but E counters, Uranage out of the corner for a nearfall! Now out come the Miz and John Morrison rushing to the ring to attack Big E.

Winners: Babyfaces (By DQ)

As Miz and Morrison keep up the assault, out comes Otis to make the save! He takes Miz and Morrison to the same corner for a big sandwiching clothesline, Caterpillar follows as we go to commercial break. I’m assuming Gable will come out too for an even 5-on-5, or else Miz will be added to the match and not Morrison. Whatever. This is a long way to go for a “See you this Sunday at the Royal Rumble” moment.

Daniel Bryan, Big E, Otis & Shinsuke Nakamura vs. AJ Styles, Sami Zayn, Cesaro, The Miz & John Morrison

As if just to spite me and ensure that either of my suggestions would be wrong, it’s instead a 4-on-5 nine man tag. Whatever. Bryan taking it to the Miz, Miz gets to the ropes and Sami tags in, Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall. Cesaro tags in, Vertical Suplex for a 2 count. Morrison tags in, raining down elbows. Miz tags in, kick to the gut from Miz, Morrison with a clothesline to the back of the head. Styles tags in, Miz and Styles with a Wishbone.

Styles with a whip, Bryan ducks a line – collision in the center of the ring! Heels take out the faces to prevent a tag, Bryan is all alone now, Styles tags in Sami who saunters in. But it seems we finally have a fifth and quite randomly it’s Sheamus! He’s up on the apron, gets the tag, clotheslines, corner line to Sami, running knee to the face! Pump Knee to Miz, clothesline to the outside. Clubbering shots to the chest of Morrison, Sami rolls him up for 2. Sheamus with an Irish Curse, Cloverleaf cinched in, Morrison with a spin kick breaks it up!

Otis hoists Morrison up for a Black Hole Slam, Cesaro with a Double Stomp to Otis, Big E with the Big Ending to Cesaro, Miz with the Skull Crushing Finale to E, Shinsuke with the Kinshasa to Miz, Sami with the Blue Thunder Bomb to Nakamura! Finally Sami goes for the Helluva Kick on Sheamus but he counters with the Brogue Kick for the win.

Winners: Daniel Bryan, Shinsuke Nakamura, Big E, Otis & Sheamus

Heels attack afterwards, but out comes Braun Strowman making his return here for some reason instead of the Rumble. He clears the ring. See you this Sunday at the Royal Rumble ect.

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