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It’s Monday! And you know how everyone feels about Mondays! I’ve always theorized that Raw had a lot to do with that, but that’s for another time. Here at 1Z1ProWrestling, as always, you can expect a live play-by-play of every segment tonight as it airs. So watch this space for the WWE Raw Recap!

Drew McIntyre opens the show. Says this is no ordinary episode of Raw, we’re officially on the Road To WrestleMania. He points at the sign and man, it has never been this up-in-your-face. McIntyre says he and Goldberg earned each other’s respect. Puts over the other matches at the Rumble as well. As he’s about to get to the Men’s Royal Rumble, Edge’s music hits and out he comes to face down McIntyre!

Drew says he always looked up to Edge. Remembered how sad it was when he retired. But he remembers Edge’s return last year as well and it blew his mind. Thought it was it again after Edge’s injury at Backlash but here he is, winning the Royal Rumble. Says he’s happy to see it. Edge says he appreciates the compliments, he really likes Drew. He’s been a mentor to him so he has to be blunt; what’s wrong with him?

Edge says he won the Royal Rumble last night which means he’s a big threat to McIntyre.

Funnily Edge is baffled that McIntyre didn’t kick his head off. Drew says that’s something that maybe an opportunist would do but not something he’d do. Edge says Drew’s definitely not him. Sheamus comes down to the ring, says who is Edge to question anything about McIntyre? The man carried this company through uncharted waters. This, when Edge was sitting at home nursing his triceps. Asks Edge who is he? Says McIntyre might wanna take the high road but he sure as hell doesn’t. Gets up in Edge’s face. McIntyre waves him off.

Drew says Edge won the Rumble. He’ll make his decision, won’t make it for him. Edge says he’s been in this game for a long time, he’s the Ultimate Opportunist, he’ll assess his options and let him know. But he says he’s got a big target on his back, playing a dangerous game here. Edge is side-eying Sheamus who takes offense. Edge says whoever he chooses, he’s walking out of WrestleMania as a champion. And so Edge leaves the two buddies in the ring.

…McIntyre turns around into a Brogue Kick!

Wow, it finally happened. Didn’t expect it to happen in the same segment as the Edge confrontation but, looking like Sheamus is next in line.

WWE Raw Recap resumes after the commercial break. Sheamus is interviewed backstage. He says everybody knows him as Drew McIntyre’s friend but he’s no longer his friend. He wants the WWE Championship. Simple as that, eh?

And now time for the first of two title matches, bouts I imagine were at one point penciled in for the Rumble… next up on the WWE Raw Recap:

WWE United States Championship: Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Riddle

Just before the match is underway, post big fight intro even, we go to commercial break. Rude. When we come back the bell rings and Riddle immediately attacks him i nthe corner with bodyshots, Lashley with an elbow. Riddle with a forearm, series of round kicks, Lashley hoists him up and dumps him on the mat, ground and pound commences. Pulls him to his bare feet, Vertical Suplex with a loooong delay and he just hurls him to the mat without leaving his feet, damn.

Charges, Riddle with a rana over the top rope! Running kick from the apron, Asai Corkscrew Moonsault wipes Lashley out! As they re-enter the ring, Lashley gets the Hurt Lock in within the ropes. The ref gives a very long five count and then calls for the bell, which takes a very long time to ring and in the meantime Riddle evidently tapped.

Winner: Riddle (by DQ)

Well that was cool while it lasted… it really should be a PPV match though, I get it, but are these fakeouts really necessary?

Afterwards Bobby puts the hold back on on the outside and uses it to toss Riddle over the barricade.

An extremely ritzy sports car pulls up and it’s Bad Bunny. Yay. Commercial break, WWE Raw Recap will return as soon as the show does. After we come back, we see officials helping up Riddle who was evidently unconscious after that assault.

Randy Orton cuts a promo on Edge, standard fare. Edge vs. Randy Orton going down tonight! Well that’s a surprise though they’ve kinda burned us on too-big-to-be-on-Raw matches, including that one just now actually. Kinda hard to believe their blowoff will go off without a hitch here but we’ll see.

Kofi and Xavier are backstage, Kofi made a bit of a return last night. Still not cleared atleast as part of the story. WWE Raw Recap continues after the break.

Xavier Woods vs. Mustafa Ali

Before the match we see an exclusive interview from Ali with his Retribution boys (just the boys) in the background with some real bad lighting issues. As they roar indistinguishably, Ali vows to destroy Xavier and make Kofi watch.

They lock up at the bell. Woods takes him into the apron and just kinda grinds at his head. Ali fends him off but Xavier hits a shoulder block, clothesline takes Mustafa to the floor. Dives onto him, throws him to the barricade and back into the ring. Retribution distracting Xavier, Ali catches him with a neckbreaker on the way back into the ring. Mustafa yells at Kofi, pelts Woods with mounted punches to the back of his head. Choking Xavier against the buckles.

Mustafa with a chinlock, Woods fights his way up. Thrust kick to the gut, forearms, chops and punches. Whip reversed, Xavier ducks a few lines, Round-The-World Russian Legsweep! Corner charge but Ali gets the boot up. Off the second rope for the Tornado DDT but Woods shoves him away, Discus Lariat flips him! Cover, T-Bar pulls him off! Kofi hilariously responds by jumping off of T-Bar to attack Slapjack instead of hitting him directly. As Ali is distracted, Woods gets him with a La Magistral Cradle for the win!

Winner: Xavier Woods

He lost to some of the minions but beats the leader. That’s WWE for ya.

And now it’s MizTV time. Miz and Morrison come out and do a quick recap of the Rumble. They lie that the star of the night had to be Bad Bunny. Start putting him over as a gifted artist. And so they introduce him. Miz calls him Mr. Bunny and thanks him for being here. Wants to clear the air of any misunderstandings. For anyone who may have missed the Royal Rumble, they show the footage of Bunny’s performance, Miz and Morrison getting turned down by him, and Miz later destroying his DJ turntable during the Rumble match itself.

Miz says they both did things they regret and two wrongs don’t make a right. Wants to apologize from the deepest part of his heart. Bunny thanks him. Miz asks if there’s anything he wants to say to them. He says no. Morrison points out how he cost them their shot at winning the Rumble. Miz asks if he wants to be a WWE Superstar and Bunny says it’s one of his dreams. Miz says he took Daniel Bryan from a B-Plus Player and made him into a WrestleMania main eventer! Morrison says imagine what they could do for him, they could star in movies together!

Miz says all they’d ask in return is help for recording an album, they get Grammy’s and Bunny gets Slammy’s!

They start to recite a Spanish version of Hey Hey, Ho Ho. Bunny says they’re special. But he’s not interested. Miz gets upset, says he’s not talking to Shakira or J-Lo, he’s on their show! This ring can be a very dangerous place. Bunny says he knows who they are but the only reason he’s here is because a good friend wanted him to be on MizTV.

Lights go out and Damian Priest has arrived on Monday Night Raw.

Poor guy. Vince is definitely gonna make a project out of him and that basically never goes well in the long run. He goes to the ring and bros up with Bunny before nailing Miz and Morrison with a forearm and sending the heels to the floor! Commercial break, I assume a match will be made when we come back for the WWE Raw Recap.

Damian Priest vs. The Miz

Yep, this match has begun. Priest with a bell clap, Rolling Wheel Kick takes him down! Miz powders, Priest with a running tope takes out both heels! Throws Miz into the ring. Goes up top, Flying Punch for a 2 count. Priest wants a back suplex, Miz rakes the eyes and posts him! Miz with back elbows, Mizline nailed. Double Axe Handle off the top gets a 2 count. Miz chokes him on the ropes, charging kick to the back of the head.

Miz starts jaw-jacking with Bad Bunny. Priest blocks a kick, nails him with hard hits, clothesline drops him! Charging flying back elbow in the corner, Broken Arrow for a nearfall! Priest is stalking him, Morrison o nthe apron for the distraction. Charge, Miz with a big boot! Miz going for the briefcase but Bad Bunny grabs it! Morrison demands he hand it over. Bunny gives it to him but then smacks him with his microphone! Miz is yelling at him, Priest pulls him into the Reckoning! That is that.

Winner: Damian Priest

Feels a lot like Damian Priest & Bad Bunny will end up teaming up against Miz & Morrison at WrestleMania already, doesn’t it?

We see a vignette of the last few appearances of Alexa Bliss.

WWE Raw Recap continues with…

WWE Raw Tag Team Championships: Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin (c) vs. Lucha House Party

Shelton starts with Lince. Dorado hits the ropes and eats a quick shoulder block. Benjamin with a big biel throw. Sunset flip from Dorado to reverse a back suplex, boot up off a charge, tag to Metalik! Metalik stands on Lince’s shoulders, leaps onto Benjamin for a delayed rana! Springs off the ropes for a lucha arm drag but Shelton pulls him from the top rope to his shoulders for the Angle Slam!

Tag to Cedric, cover for a 2 count. Forearm from Cedric, hits the ropes, Metalik with a dropkick! Tag to Lince. Double teaming, clothesline into a wheel kick, Lince kicks Cedric out of the ring. Shelton into the ring, wants a powerbomb on Metalik but a Lince dropkick sends him to the floor as well!

Stereo Handspring Kicks keep Cedric and Shelton out as we go to commercial beak, WWE Raw Recap will continue!

As we come back, Lince chopping Cedric. Hits the ropes – eats a HUGE Michinoku Driver from Alexander! Nearfall. Kick to the back, takes him to the corner, tag to Shelton. Drags him out for a series of bodyslams, cover for 2. Pulling him up, Dorado with a Jawbreaker! Hits the ropes, Wheelbarrow Stunner but Shelton rolls through, gets him on his shoulders and rises to his feet with him, wow! Gutbuster for a nearfall!

Quick tags from the Hurt Business now.

Alexander with a snap suplex for a 2 count! Shelton pounding Dorado in the corner. Lince with a headscissor takedown attempt, Shelton blocks – powers him up but Lince counters with a DDT! Cedric tags in before Lince makes it to his corner. Grabs a leg, flips him, Lince with a dropkick, hot tag made! Metalik into the ring, enziguri to Benjamin, ducks a line, springs off the ropes for a great arm drag! Thrust kick to the gut, spins around the second ropes for a big flying rana!

Dorado off the top with a springboard dive, seems to trip a bit and falls short but Shelton manages to catch him, Metalik with the dive onto them! Takes Cedric into the ring, Frog Splash from Lince, Senton from Metalik! Shelton baaarely breaks up the count! Takes Dorado to the apron, high kick lands hard and sends him to the floor! Forearm from Shelton, Cedric with a big enziguri! Cedric yelling that he’s not playing games, Shelton tags himself in – Paydirt for the win!

Winners: Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin

Real good match. I continue to despise that they’re doing dissent with the Hurt Business but it’s downplayed tonight as Cedric and Shelton fist bump even though Alexander was confounded by the blind tag and yelling at MVP afterwards.

Charlotte and Asuka backstage. Flair says Lacey may think she’s learning how to play dirty and use her dad to elevate her career but she knows what will happen if she steps into the ring with her. Says she feels bad for letting down her tag partner Asuka and letting the drama get in the way.

Asuka says that she’s not happy about the loss but she was ready. If not for the distraction of Charlotte’s father and ‘the woman’ they’d have won. Charlotte says all she’s focusing on now is getting the tag team titles back.

Charlotte Flair & Asuka vs. Dana Brooke & Mandy Rose vs. Lana & Naomi (Winner gets shot at the Women’s Tag Titles)

Naomi’s Raw debut, long time in the making there. Evidently she and Lana are close friends. Naomi and Charlotte start, Flair with a shoulder block. Naomi with a splits for a duck under, Charlotte with some flips, stereo dropkick spot. Asuka and Mandy get tagged in and, do another stereo dropkick spot. Asuka with a Jacknife cover for 2. Dana Brooke tags in as does Lana.

Lana rolls up Dana, Brooke kicks her in the stomach and whips her to her team’s corners. Cartwheel elbow, Mandy tags in, whip to a clothesline for 2. Asuka tags in, batters her, Rose with a Discus Clothesline. Pulls Asuka to the corner, Dana tags in, Double Flapjack.

Commercial break, WWE Raw Recap will continue!

As we come back, Flair with a back elbow off a cartwheel elbow attempt. Figure four headscissor smash! Mandy tags in, Flair with a roll up for 1. Kick to the chest. Dana back in, snapmare, clobbers her. Flair fights out of the corner, but Dana keeps control of her. Tag to Mandy, double suplex attempted but Charlotte lands on her feet – double clothesline as Asuka tags in! Shoulder blocks to both women, Hip Attack to Mandy, German Suplex! Sliding kick for a nearfall!

Goes up top, Missile Dropkick! Charlotte tags in, clothesline to Lana who is also in now. Cover for a 2 count. Lana struggles but makes it to the tag, Naomi is in, going wild over Charlotte, springboard kick for a nearfall! Lana tags in, charging double knees to the back of Charlotte. She hits the ropes, eats a big boot from Charlotte. Mandy enters with a Pump Knee, eats an enziguri from Naomi, Dana with a Natural Selection like move to Naomi, Asuka with the Codebreaker and Charlotte with an actual Natural Selection. Ric Flair’s music hits and out he comes with Lacey Evans on the stage.

Charlotte tags out to Asuka so she can go out to the stage. Asuka turns around into a Rear View from Naomi who gets the pin and Charlotte isn’t even looking as Naomi’s music hits.

Winners: Naomi & Lana

Women’s tag titles are very, very important to Charlotte, just take her word for it.

Drew McIntyre backstage is stoic. Says he’d be honored to fight Edge at Mania. As for Sheamus, he doesn’t know what to say. Brothers fight all the time, but this is different. He doesn’t know what this is. Tears up a bit as he says if he wants to throw away the years of friendship, of them staying together in a diner on Christmas Day because they had no one else, so be it.

Carlito vignette. He’s back in action for his first Raw match in years up next on the WWE Raw Recap!

Carlito & Jeff Hardy vs. Elias & Jaxson Ryker

Carlito and Elias start. ‘Lito with a wristlock, Snapmare. Cover for 2. Tag to Jeff Hardy, elbow off the second rope. Ryker tags in, Jeff with an Inverted Atomic Drop, into a Legal Low Blow, Basement Dropkick, Short Splash for a 2 count. Elias tags in, ducks a line. Ryker throws a towel at Jeff to allow Elias to get a cheap shot in. Ryker with the tag, pulls Jeff into a big Vertical Suplex. 2 count. Elias tags in, whip, back elbow. Chokes Jeff in the ropes.

Elias with a cheap shot to Carlito. Drives Jeff to the heel corner. Ryker with a shoulder thrust, throws Jeff into a Spinebuster for a nearfall. Elias with a bodyslam to Jeff. Ryker tags in, diving headbutt off the second rope. Grabs Jeff’s leg, Reverse Enziguri, makes the hot tag! Carlito with a combination of shots, charging knee to the face, line ducked but Carlito hits a dropkick, reverse kip up! Ryker blocks a back body drop though and shoves him to the mat. Elias tags in, Carlito ducks a line, punch to Ryker, Elias rolls him up for 2. Elias wants a Back Suplex but Carlito nails a Backstabber! Tag to Jeff Hardy, Carlito with a Baseball Slide to Ryker, Jeff up top, Swanton Bomb! And that is that.

Winners: Jeff Hardy & Carlito

Not sure if this is full-time or not but definitely neat to have Carlito around after all these years.

WWE Raw Recap continues. We see a video package on Edge talking about how various sayings about time. Time is supposed to heal all wounds but some wounds are too deep. We see how his feud with Orton began, their LMS match at Mania, and Orton putting Edge down at the Greatest Wrestling Match Ever. They’re trying very hard to convince us this is the blowoff.

Edge with a promo backstage. On one hand he’s ecstatic. He came back from a torn triceps and outlasted everyone in the Rumble! But there’s always this black cloud hanging over his head and over his family’s head. Says last night Orton had the chance to go bell-to-bell just like he did. But he didn’t, he pretended to be injured and then spring up at the end. Didn’t work. Says Orton challenged him tonight because he was in there for an hour whereas Orton was in there for 8 minutes. Tonight he has to get rid of that black cloud so he can go to Mania and take back the title he never lost. Tonight, this ends!

We see Edge walking backstage where he meets Damian Priest and gives him a handshake.

Up next on the WWE Raw Recap…

Alexa Bliss vs. Nikki Cross

Nikki asks what Alexa wants from her. She wants nothing to do with her, this is who she is now. Cross asks if she wants to fight, let’s go! Lock-up, headlock. Side headlock takeover. Alexa shoots her off, crossbody from Nikki for a 2 count. Nikki yells that she was done with her but she couldn’t just leave her alone. Alexa smiles and shakes her head.

Nikki clobbers her in the corner, snap suplex for a 2 count. Bliss fights back, trips her up and nails a low dropkick. Standing on her back. Keeps fixing her hair but seems to just make it messier. Throws Cross’ face into the mat repeatedly. She plays a little hopscotch before a knee drop. Bodyscissors. Bliss pulls her up and puts her in the Sister Abigail position, Cross fights out and stomps her to the mat.

Cross stomps her against the buckles. Alexa’s old music hits and she transforms into the Goddess Alexa. She acts all casual warming up. Nikki backs off. Alexa says it’s her. Looks for a hug. Cross with a boot to the gut, clothesline. Pulls her into the corner for a clothesline. The Funhouse music plays and Funhouse Alexa is back. Nikki tries to attack but Bliss catches her with her own version of Sister Abigail and gets the win.

Winner: Alexa Bliss

They’re gonna have some trouble with this once they’re out of the ThunderDome.

Randy Orton makes his entrance for the tense staredown on the ramp with Alexa. Our main event is next here o nthe WWE Raw Recap!

Randy Orton vs. Edge (For the last time EVER! Maybe!)

Edge with an immediate Crossbody into mounted punches. Cover for a 1 count. Knee lift to the face, cover for 2. Pulls him into the Anti-Venom, Orton grabs the hair to pull him off and whip him to the mat! Pulls him up, european uppercut! Grinds the boot on Edge’s ribs. Batters him around the ring. Whip reversed, Edge with a kick into Edgeacution! Nearfall! Stalking for the Spear. Dashes right into the Snap Powerslam! Pulls him up and throws him to the post! Kicks him out of the ring to the floor. Orton out there with him, tosses him into the steps! Commercial break as the WWE Raw Recap will return.

As we come back Edge is staggering and stumbling around in the ring, Orton nails him to the mat, stomp the gut. Clobbers him in the corner, Edge bursts out with a clothesline. Rolls over for him for a weak cover, 2 count. Edge slowly going up top. Orton with a punch to the face stops him. Orton going for a superplex. Edge blocks it and knocks him to the mat. Randy with a big shot back though. Now back up top with him, trying the superplex agaaaaain… but Edge headbutts him to the mat. Edge with a flying clothesline off the top rope! Rolls over again for a tired cover, 2 count! Randy tries an RKO, Edge counters with the Edge-O-Matic for a nearfall!

Orton pulls himself up on the apron, Edge nails him and sends him flying to the barricade!

Now Edge throws him into the ring, Orton rolls away to avoid the pin. Edge pursues but Orton pokes him in the eye, Back Suplex lands HARD on the announce table! Randy drags him off the table and throws him into the ring. Stalking for the RKO. Instead though he pulls him through the ropes, Draping DDT! Randy to the mat to prep for the RKO but creepy music plas and a very blue and purple Alexa Bliss appears on the rope, spitting out blood. Randy is quite distracted. Edge with a Spear and there is the win!

Winner: Edge

Truly, no one is safe from the distraction finish. Finally, a decisive, definitive end to this, amarite?! Yeah that’s ridiculous but whatever. That’s the show.

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