AEW Dynamite Recap & Results

I called this a one-sided war last week and suddenly NXT was real close… with Edge on the other side as well, this one might be a real fight. Nonetheless as always I’ll be doing a live AEW Dynamite Recap! Play-by-play on every match and segment! So watch this space!

Tag Team Battle Royal

Winners get an AEW tag team title shot – but if the Bucks win then they pick their next challengers! It’s a very, very crowded ring here. Dante Martin taken to the apron and dropkicked to the floor by a Private Party double team! Dante Martin has been eliminated. Jake Hager yanks Reynolds by the hair to the floor! Alex Reynolds has been eliminated. Stu Grayson tries a Sunset Flip Bomb to the floor on Hager, he blocks it, but he manages to hold Hager’s leg in place for John Silver to knock Hager to the floor!! Jake Hager has been eliminated!

Matt Jackson gets suplexed to the ramp! Looks like that doesn’t count as an elimination as he comes back in, but no, I guess they forced him back out, Matt Jackson has been eliminated. Anthony Bowens gets tossed! Anthony Bowens has been eliminated. Luchasaurus is going wild with strikes and power moves, Darius Martin eats a Samoan Drop! Nick Jackson springboards into a Chokeslam that forces him to flip onto Darius! Stu Grayson stops him with a Pele Kick but a whip is reversed and he’s fighting elimination on the apron! Luchasaurus chokeslams him onto Anthony Bowens on the outside! But Silver and Uno gang up on him and dump him together! Stu Grayson and Luchasaurus have been eliminated!

Uno is celebrating but MJF nails him from behind and takes him to the floor.

Evil Uno has been eliminated. Private Party going at it with Darius Martin though, Silly String attempted – Darius cuts it off and sends Quen to the floor! Marq Quen has been eliminated. John Silver with a double suplex to Santana and Ortiz! Big flex! But now P-N-P work together to toss him for big heat! John Silver has been eliminated. Nick Jackson with a Crossbody to Ortiz and Jericho. I believe Nick eliminated both Santana and Ortiz around here, this is a chaotic thing to recap, sorry.

Anderson and Gallows appear at ringside. As Nick is battling with Isiah Kassidy, Good Brothers low bridge Kassidy! Isiah Kassidy has been eliminated. Nick Jackson is distracted, MJF dumps him! Nick Jackson has been eliminated! The remaining: Sammy Guevara, Jungleboy, Darius Martin, Max Caster and the only full team, Chris Jericho and MJF! Inner Circle siding together against everyone else. It’s a big brawl against one another, MJF manages to deposit Jungleboy! Jungleboy has been eliminated.

Max Caster holds MJF in place for Sammy! He goes for a big kick but Max dodges it and Caster gets nailed, that’s funny. MJF acts like it was the plan all along, turns around to get dumped by Martin! MJF has been eliminated! And Max Caster follows him out! Guevara and Jericho now double teaming Darius Martin. As they do, Jericho turns on Guevara and dumps him! Sammy Guevara has been eliminated. Finally Jericho takes Martin to the apron and as he tries fight back, a Judas Effect drops him to the floor, that’s the end!

Winners: MJF & Chris Jericho

And so they will be facing the Young Bucks at Revolution, that is a gotdayam huge match.

Vignette of Jade Cargill doing an intense workout session.

As the AEW Dynamite Recap rolls on, Tony Schiavone is in the ring to introduce the TNT Champion Darby Allin! And of course we then bring out Sting, amazing how it always snows like clockwork when Sting comes out! Such strange weather down there. Tony starts to talk about Darby’s upcoming match with Joey Janela but Team Taz have a promo from the parking lot. Says they’re not allowed inside the building and got fined big for attacking some staffers last week. Says next week they will be in full effect watching that match with Janela.

Starks says if they were allowed in the building he’d look him dead in the eyes and tell him he doesn’t think he’s the same man from the past, the icon, the man they call Sting. Says he will get hurt playing in the jungle. And as for Darby, good luck next week because they guarantee he’ll need it. Sting says he absolutely won’t allow them to interfere in Darby’s match. As for Starks if he doesn’t see the Icon anymore when he looks in his eyes – maybe he needs to take a closer look. The segment ends with Darby having not said a single word.

As the AEW Dynamite Recap continues, we see a video package leading up to Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa’s long-awaited bout, that match is next!

Britt Baker vs. Thunder Rosa

Rosa doesn’t waste time with an entrance, just dashing to the ring and running Rebel off. But Britt Baker pulls her into a Lockjaw attempt right out of the gate! Rosa rolls her over for a 1 count to break, snap dropkick! Nice armbar, Baker with the foot on the ropes for a break. Rosa takes her to the corner for some chops. Drives her head into an adjacent buckle. Baker reverses to pummel her, arm drag into a hammerlock and facelock combo. Rolls her over. Rosa fights her way up, elbows her into the corner.

Rolls for distance, charging dropkick drops Baker! And now a cannonball! Pulls her all the way to the center for a cover, 2 count. Rosa with a cravate to pull her up to the corner, chop, charges but Baker side-steps. Forces her to sit on the second rope, takes her horizontal – thrust kick to the head from Baker! Britt on the floor, grinds Rosa into the post. Takes her to the floor, nails her against the barricade. Rolls back in and out to reset the count. Baker throws her into the barricade. Thunder Rosa fights back, sending her into the apron. Forearm, toss to the barricade! AEW Dynamite Recap rolls on after the commercial break!

As we come back, Rosa hits a Death Valley Driver on the ramp! They’re both out after that.

They roll back into the ring, Rosa with a big corner clothesline! Follow-up knee, shotgun dropkick! Pulls her to the center for the pin, nearfall. Pulls her up, Baker with a crucifix counter for 2, Slingblade, Thrust Kick for a nearfall! Rosa fights back and looks for the Fire Thunder Driver, Baker reverses – Air Raid Crash! Nearfall!

Reba hands Baker the black glove for the Lockjaw, she’s going for it but she’s dragging herself to the ropes – boot on the ropes for the break! Rosa rolls her through for a nearfall, Baker with a BRUTAL Curbstomp! Rolls her over for a crucifix nearfall, Lockjaw attempted yet again, they keep rolling on the mat, fighting for position. Rosa fights to her feet, nice back suplex! And the DVD in the center of the ring, clooose nearfall!

Thunder Rosa working on the arm, Rebel into the ring to rip off the turnbuckle pad! Rosa kicks her out of the ring, Baker rolls her up for a nearfall! Rosa with a knee to the face. Thunder Rosa looking for a powerslam, Baker escapes to the corner with the exposed buckle. Rosa charges, Baker counters with a Backbreaker into a Reverse STO into the steel buckle! She’s knocked out, Baker gets in Lockjaw and the ref has to call it!

Winner: Britt Baker

Strong match! Doctor comes in to check on Rosa after that and she’s helped from the ring.

We see a backstage segment with Schiavone talking to Hangman Page and Matt Hardy. Matt says he’s known Page for a long time, at their hearts they’re good old North Carolina boys. Wants to join forces, Page says no no, he was just here to dress. Matt Hardy says he knows he hated Serpentico and Luther interrupting -1’s birthday celebration. Says one time only, they team up to beat up Chaos Project, that makes things right with the Dark Order. Up next on the AEW Dynamite recap…

Hangman Page & Matt Hardy vs. Chaos Project

Matt nails Serpentico at the bell. Drives him repeatedly into the buckle, shoulder thrust into the corner. Big punch drops him! Pulls him up, wristlock, wrenching at the shoulders. Tag to Hangman. Back elbow from Hardy drops Serpentico for the Running SSP for a 2 count! Chop in the corner, whip to the opposite corner for a lariat, pulls him into a snap suplex for a 2 count! Hardy tags in, rips off the shirt to power himself up. Signature Second Rope Elbow.

Serpentico fights back, headlock cinched in. Hardy shoots him off, blind tag from Luthor, Side Effect to Serpentico but Luthor clobbers Hardy! Chops him, whip to the opposite corner. Serpentico tags in, Luthor throws Serpentico into Hardy, then sandwiches him against him. Dumps him onto Hardy for a 2 count. Quick tags from the heels now, body slam to Matt, rolls out of the way of a senton bomb! Matt tags to Page, he nails both of them, Fallaway Slam to Serpentico, kip up, tope to Luthor! Pop-Up Spinebuster to Serpentico back in the ring for a nearfall! Hardy nails Luthor off the apron.

Serpentico escapes a DVD but gets nailed with a Discus Elbow! Buckshot Lariat attempted, Luthor pulls him to the floor. Luthor leaps off the apron for a senton but Hangman straight up nopes him! Hangman with a Buckshot Lariat to Serpentico, Hardy tags himself in for the cheap cover.

Winner: Matt Hardy & Hangman Page

We hear more about the Women’s World Championship Eliminator Tournament as they give us the full talent listing – there’s an American and Japanese side to this. Several returns on the Japanese side, with Aja Kong, Yuka Sakazaki and Emi Sakura back in AEW, plus a bunch of competitor I’m not familiar with but excited to learn about! On the American side Leyla Hirsch is probably the most surprising name but very cool to have her as she’s real good.

Chris Jericho and MJF celebrating their victory backstage with a cooler. Jericho says they’re the future AEW World Tag Team Champions! They triumphantly make their way to the Inner Circle locker room. It’s not exactly jovial. Sammy asks “did WE do it”? Because they ain’t the No. 1 Contenders. Jericho calls them collateral damage. Guevara says he’s not always sure they’re all in this together and walks off. Jericho goes to check on him. MJF wants a private chat with Santana, Ortiz and Hager – makes Wardlow take the camera out of the locker room.

And now for the wedding of Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford on the AEW Dynamite Recap!

Tony Schiavone has a backstage interview with Kip and of course Miro and ‘Charles’ are by him. Miro says Kip’s getting married, he’s already married, Chuck has never had a girlfriend in his life. Vickie comes in to say it’s time, I’m glad she’s involved.

They’ve got quite a setup in the ring. James Mitchell is the officiator of this, wow. Kip and the boys emerge and then the wedding march serenades Penelope Ford, who is led to the ring by Jerry Lynn.

The Sinister Minister starts the ceremony. Says they’re gathered here tonight to celebrate the joining of these two souls, Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford in the bonds of unholy matrimony! Says the marital vows are scared and not to be taken lightly.

They’d like to share their personal vows.

Sabian says from the moment he first saw her wearing that one piece with those knee high boots and her eyes met his eyes meeting her chest, he knew it was meant to be. He promises to cherish her forever, as she is beautiful on the inside and damn she’s hot on the outside. Penelope says she loves Kip so much and he has the biggest- Kip cuts her off to say she doesn’t have to share with these people. He knows she can’t wait to spend the rest of her life with him.

Minister asks for the rings.

Charles hands it to Miro who immediately hands it to Kip. Mitchell asks if Kip takes the alluring creature Penelope to be his lawfully wedded wife to have and to grope in sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer, kayfabing all others for as long as he shall live. He says he does. Mitchell asks Ford the same thing. Minister starts to ask if there’s anybody that feels these two should not be wed. Miro stops him to say he’s been there a few times, let’s not ask this question. Big pop. Minister says they may now kiss the ball and chain. They make out and it’s official!

And now for the afterparty. Miro has Charles pass around drinks, Miro takes Charles’ drink as well! Miro says he may not have a great bachelor party for him or a great present for him but HE is Kip’s present! Speaking of which, he sees a big present and asks where it’s from, it’s driving him crazy. Charles says it’s from him. This is one of the longest non-wrestling segments on an AEW Dynamite Recap.

Miro gets very suspicious, attacks the present and sends it to the floor! It didn’t seem to have anything in it though.

Miro starts to ask “What is love?” and the crowd sings along with “Baby don’t hurt me no more”, and he sings with them for a bit, fun stuff. However Miro steps into some of the purple filling of the present and his foot seems to be stuck to it? Charles attacks Kip Sabian and sends him into Ford which causes her to, of course, faceplant into the cake! Miro tries to hold Chuckie in place for a shot but he side-steps and Kip hits Miro to zero effect but he looks angry and they stare each other down. And from the bigger cake, out pops Orange Cassidy! He helps clear the ring and leaves with Charles and the heels are in shambles.

We have an announcement from Shaq, filmed in a TNT Inside The NBA segment. He says he’ll beat Cody, promises to beat him he did Chuck. Demonstrates a move called The Black Toenail, seems to be a discus clothesline of sorts. Cody & Red Velvet vs. Shaq and Jade will occur on the Dynamite immediately before Revolution, interesting.

Lumberjack Match: Eddie Kingston vs. Lance Archer

They are right after each other from the word go. Archer knocks Kingston down, hits the ropes, but the heel lumberjacks pull him to the floor to batter him. Archer fights up and grabs Avalon to force him against the post. Charges but Avalon sidesteps and he posts himself! Heels stomp him first and throw him inside. Archer deposits Kingston, Billy throws him back in but Kingston rushes back out there to attack the faces! Now it’s a huge brawl on the outside! Archer hits the ropes, big Taker Dive onto the crowd!

Commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will resume!

As we come back, Eddie chopping Archer, deposits him again for the heels to stomp at him. Faces outside go around the ring to confront them and force them to let Archer up and into the ring. Archer with a Full Nelson Slam! Shoulder tackles take him down. Pulls him up, suplex tosses him across the ring! Twisting Splash! Now taking Kingston up top. In comes the Bunny to leap on Archer’s shoulders, Lance pulls her hands off and hoists her up for the Blackout! Kingston with the Spinning Backfist nails him and Bunny escapes to head for the hills!

Jake Roberts on the outside DDTs Angelico! Archer nails Kingston, hits the ropes, Butcher with a cheap shot – Kingston with an exploder for a nearfall! As the ref is being distracted, Blade sets up a table in the corner! Bear Bronson rushes into the ring and spears him through the table! Butcher and Blade battle with Bear Country as they escape, Archer with a big Uranage to Kingston! Nearfall! Blocks a Spinning Backfist but Eddie nails a lariat, goes up top, Archer tries a chokeslam, it’s broken but he still hoists him in for the Blackout! And he gets the duke!

Winner: Lance Archer

Wild fight from start to finish and it’s 1 apiece now, gotta imagine it leads to a Rubber match at Revolution, likely some kinda hardcore stip too.

FTR and Tully with a promo from their couch, Cash accuses Jurassic Express of going to the principal’s office and getting them suspended. Tully says first he gets barred from ringside from their title match, then they handcuff him to a dinosaur and now they’re removed from the battle royal! All they want is a shot at the tag team titles, what do they have to do?! Dax says they’re not bad people but sometimes they have to ask what would bad people do? They pull over Marko Stunt as he’s bound and gagged in a rolling chair!

Joey Janela has a promo on his TNT title shot next week. They have a long history of mangling themselves for what they love, of mangling each other! Says the stakes have never been so high as next week. Says Joey Janela’s back and the future TNT Champion is gonna be a bad, bad boy.

And now for the main event on the AEW Dynamite Recap…

The Elite vs. Jon Moxley, Rey Fenix & PAC

Anderson starts with… PAC, that’s an interesting match-up. Exchange of forearms, Pac shoots him off, Anderson with a shoulder block. PAC with a leapfrog, Anderson with one too, PAC with a rana! Gallows tags in now. Mox wants him, tags in to face off with him. Moxley with an uppercut, sunset flip, Gallows tries to sit out but Moxley avoids it. Knee to the face, elbow drop, cover for a 1 count. Gallows takes Mox to the heel corner, Anderson tags in but Moxley brings him back to his own corner. Fenix and PAC with tags, take him down, Standing Moonsaults one after the other for a 2 count!

PAC up top, Kenny holds onto PAC’s leg – Gallows with a high kick and he brings him to the mat! Now the heels working over PAC with quick tags and hard shots. PAC fights out against Kenny but Omega hooks him for a suplex, knee stops that. PAC whips him to the ropes for the Rebound German Suplex! Moxley and Anderson tag in, Mox going hard, boot off a charge from Karl, but Moxley fights back with forearms. X-Plex for a nearfall! Mox knocks Gallows off the apron, tope suicida, takes Anderson out, another tope suicida wipes them both out! Kenny tries a sneak attack but Mox counters on him and sends him into the barricade!

AEW Dynamite Recap will conclude after this last commercial break!

As we come back, Gallows is nailing Moxley with punch after punch. Hoists him up for a powerbomb, Mox trips him to a Figure Four but Anderson quickly in to break it up. They try Magic Killer but Mox kicks Anderson away, low bridges Gallows! Tag to Fenix and Omega! Fenix with a Springboard Rana to Omega, kick combo to Gallows, dropkick sends him away! Anderson comes in but gets a Springboard Headbutt! Omega kicks him the gut for a bomb but Fenix escapes, thrust kick lands!

Sent to the corner but PAC in with a Shotgun Dropkick! PAC and Fenix on different corners, Stereo Triangle Moonsaults to the Good Brothers! Fenix with a backflip into a Cutter for a nearfall!! Fenix with chops to Kenny’s chest! Omega snaps behind him for a huge Snap Dragon! Gallows tags in, big boot flips him for a nearfall! PAC with a blind tag, series of kicks to Gallows, takes him down, basement dropkicks. Gallows surprises him with a Superkick! Omega and Anderson in, Kenny with a charging back elbow, Anderson with a flying kick, big suplex to PAC, Moxley has to break it up.

Omega with a Deadlift Gutwrench Sit-Out Powerbomb for a nearfall! V-Trigger lands, takes him up for the One Winged Angel but Pac escapes! Faces with a series of hard kicks to Kenny, Moxley with a Half-N-Half Suplex, PAC with a German Suplex for a clooose nearfall! “This Is Awesome” chant as Mox slowly pulls Kenny up for the choke. Anderson on the apron, Mox has to stop him.

Kenny and Jon with a series of forearms, Kenny looks for a Snap Dragon, blocked, kicks deflected, Omega hits the ropes but eats a big lariat that flips him! Fenix with a missile dropkick to Gallows, rolling kick to Anderson! WICKED TOPE CON HILO TO ANDERSON! Mox wants Paradigm Shift on Kenny but he reverses into his own Double Arm DDT! PAC breaks up the pin with a 450!! Now Anderson tags in, looks for the Gun Stun but Mox counters with the cutter himself! Fenix tags in with a Moonsault Press for a nearfall! Back elbow, hops to the top and leaps at him – MAIN EVENT SPINEBUSTER from Anderson! Magic Killer to Fenix, Omega with a V-Trigger to PAC as Gallows gets the pin!

Winners: The Elite

As you’d expect, real good stuff. Feel good about being able to recap that. Heels demolishing the faces until surprisingly Lance Archer makes the save! Guess that’s a future title match.

Moxley going after Kenny now… but a masked man appears in the ring! He attacks Moxley, unmasks to reveal… KENTA!!! OH MY GOD IT’S HAPPENING! I am actually screaming! GTS TO MOXLEY! Holy shit! Commentary touching on the fact that he’s in the current Bullet Club and just helped out old Bullet Club, that is interesting… what a way to end a show, hot damn! The forbidden door has been opened!

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