AEW Dynamite Recap

It’s almost time again for another episode of AEW Dynamite, and with it, of course, comes the AEW Dynamite Recap. I’m Jordan Huie, aka the One Zeel One of And as always I’ll be giving you the live play-by-play on the show as it airs.

Major matches tonight include a pretty historic falls count anywhere tag match where New Japan’s KENTA makes his AEW debut teaming up with Kenny Omega against Jon Moxley and Lance Archer. KENTA serves as the first New Japan crossover, something that has been long-awaited by fans.

Other major matches: Darby Allin will defend the TNT Title against Joey Janela in a match that’s likely to see them try and destroy each other. The AEW Women’s World Title eliminator begins with Thunder Rosa going up against Leyla Hirsch. And the new tag title No. 1 Contenders Chris Jericho & MJF face The Acclaimed. If you can’t watch but want to keep up with the show, we’ve got you covered! Stand by for the AEW Dynamite Recap!

And we begin with the TNT title on the line…

TNT Championship: Darby Allin (c) vs. Joey Janela

Lock-up. They battle to the corner but back out, Janela with a waistlock. Darby takes him to the corner, clean break. Allin with a hammerlock. Joey trying to spin out but Darby keeps it in. Even with the snapmare he rolls through. Again he gets to the corner for the break, elbow to the face, bit of a cheap from Janela. Darby with a spring off the ropes for the lucha arm drag, dropkick takes Joey to the apron! Goes out there for a suplex but Janela drops him chest-first onto the apron!

Allin collapses to the floor, Janela hits the ropes for an Elbow Suicida! Throws him into the ring, cover for a nearfall! Drags him to the corner, forearms nailed. Darby fights back with forearms of his own. Whip reversed, Janela powers him into the buckles! Joey covers for a 2. Janela up top, flying forearm! Starts to showboat. Goes up top again. Darby trips him to the apron, Joey slingshots the middle rope into Darby’s face!

Janela with a hammerlock, Darby kicks off a buckle to flip behind him for a dropkick to the apron. Wrenches the arm in the ropes, slingshots him to the floor, Twisting Tope Suicida! Back into the ring for a nearfall, and right to the Fujiwara Armbar. Joey crawling over to the rope, Darby grabs his free arm so he does the biting the rope spot for the break. Darby kicks the rope into his teeth!

Goes for a Springboard Coffin Drop but Janela with a great German Suplex out of the air!

Thrust kick for a clooose nearfall! Joey takes a moment to stare at the TNT title at ringside. Darby attacks the arm again and they exchange forearms on the way up. Darby with a Spike Dudley headbutt to the gut, hits the ropes but Janela flips him with a lariato! Pulls him to his shoulders, Darby counters with an OTT Stunner! Nearfall!

Janela with a backslide but Darby reverses into a La Magistral for a narrow 2 count, continue exchanging wrestling holds until Janela hits him with a Stump Piledriver!! They fight to the top rope… SUPER CODE RED!!! NEARFALL! Allin slams Janela onto his bum arm, up top, Coffin Drop for the win!

Winner: Darby Allin

Great stuff! Hell of an opening bout.

As the AEW Dynamite Recap rolls on, we have Jon Moxley with a promo from a parking lot. He says KENTA had been calling him out from across the ocean for a long time. So it wasn’t a surprise to him what happened last week. Says KENTA realized the time for talk was over. They’re gonna face off mano-e-mano. Two of the hardest hitting sons of bitches will go to war on February 26th. But that’s a sanctioned match. Tonight, is just for fun.

Sammy Guevara enters the Inner Circle locker room and wants to talk with MJF alone. The others slowly leave – including Wardlow who clearly wants to stay behind – and it’s a pretty tense atmosphere. Sammy also says the cameraman stays. Guevara says he saw MJF last week and knows what he’s doing. He knows he’s trying to take over the Inner Circle, it’s obvious. Max says when he first go to the Inner Circle he first thought Sammy was just jealous. He was the apple of Chris Jericho’s eyes and then MJF comes in and Le Sex Gods die and he’s the new favorite.

MJF says he actually thinks Sammy hates Chris Jericho because he thinks he should be the frontman. Sammy sarcastically says he’s right. MJF reveals he wanted to hear him say that as he grabs his phone. Sammy rips the phone away and tosses it against the wall, realizing that he was being recorded. MJF protests and gets a low blow for his troubles.

Up next on the AEW Dynamite Recap…

Cody Rhodes & Lee Johnson vs. Peter Avalon & Cezar Bononi

Cody stomps Avalon into the corner out of the gate. Tag to Johnson, chain wrestling commences. Shoots him off a side headlock but Bononi blind tags in and nails Johnson from behind. Pulls him up, Avalon tags in, body shot. Lee dodges as shot, leap frog, dropkick! Bononi tags in. Duck under, Lee leap frogs, escapes a powerbomb, Jawbreaker! Cody tags in, takes a few clotheslines to drop Bononi but he manages it!

But Cezar takes control with a Pumphandle Fallaway Slam! Commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will continue when the show returns. Avalon charges Cody in the corner as we come back, gets taken to the apron. Avalon with a Springboard Crossbody but Cody catches him out of the air, Argentine Gutbuster! Hot tag to Lee, leaping clotheslines, beautiful Corkscrew Tope to Bononi! Thrust kick to the gut of Avalon back in the ring, Fisherman’s Ushigoroshi, Cezar breaks it up!

Cody in to battle Bononi, but he tosses Cody to the floor. Bounces Lee off the ropes for a big Pancake! Cody takes Cezar to the outside as Avalon attempts the Martiknees – Johnson avoids it, rolls Avalon up for the win!

Winners: Cody & Lee Johnson

Lee is visibly moved by getting his first victory after nearly a full year in the promotion. He’s interviewed afterwards by Tony Schiavone on the stage. He says he wishes he had a world of words but he just doesn’t. A year of losing, 0-29. His trainers Cody, Dustin, Arn, even Brandi. They showed him if he does the work, it’ll always pay off. The Rhodes family are his family and they and they alone did this for him. QT Marshall is directly behind Lee and he was just entirely left out of that speech even though he’s like the head trainer I think… it’s subtle and might not be purposeful but I feel like he’s miffed about this.

Young Bucks and Gallows and Anderson backstage. Nick says they got distracted by them and eliminated from the battle royal, Matt says they WANTED to give them a title match! Anderson says they were trying to distract Private Party, didn’t mean to cost them. Their heat should be with the guys who eliminated them, Santana and Ortiz! Matt says maybe they don’t wait for Revolution to defend the tag titles. Says Santana & Ortiz are a top-ranked team, they can defend against them next week! Good Brothers want to Too Sweet on that. Matt is hesitant due to lawsuit concerns but Nick goes ahead and does it. Gallows and Anderson joke about the Wolfpac and potentially Too Sweet’ing Stinger.

Hangman Page backstage.

He denies wanting to be in a tag team with Matt Hardy, Matt appears quickly to cut him off. Says they should hit the bars and just have fun, tabs on him, a Big Money Night! Page accepts that. Starts to walk off and the Dark Order is there waiting, Page awkwardly has to tell them he’s going to the bar with Matt. Up next on the AEW Dynamite Recap…

PAC vs. Ryan Nemeth

Feeling out, Nemeth wants to slide onto the mat with him but PAC doesn’t go down with him. Instead he picks him off the mat with a brutal Snap Suplex! Charging elbow in the corner. PAC goes up top. Missile Dropkick, and a kip-up! Drags Nemeth to his feet. He tries to fight back with forearms, PAC is just pissed off by it. Spin kicks to the torso, Charging Single Leg Dropkick takes him to the apron!

Nemeth falls to the floor. PAC pursues him and throws him into the ring. Nemeth with a crisp dropkick as PAC re-enters, Leaping DDT! PAC does quite the flip bump off of that. Nemeth looks for the cover but PAC rolls to the floor and Nemeth is frustrated. Goes out there with him, tries to throw him into the barrier but PAC reverses! Takes Nemeth back into the ring. Stomps him against the buckles. Nemeth seems out, is entirely limp as PAC drags him to the corner, slowly going up top – Black Arrow right to the back and into the Brutalizer for the immediate tap!

Winner: PAC

Nemeth suffered quite nicely here, really making PAC look dangerous in that one. He even keeps the Brutalizer on until Nemeth seemingly passes out.

We see a video recap of last week’s wedding, interspliced with footage of Miro vowing vengeance for him and his friends. Chuck and Orange Cassidy have a toast, with Cassidy asking “What did you think was gonna happen?” and Chuck saying “Of course Orange Cassidy pops out of the giant cake.”

MJF appears with the Inner Circle in a pre-match interview with taped ribs. Thought it was a low blow earlier but MJF claims Sammy broke his ribs with his attack earlier. Jericho is bewildered and doesn’t know where Sammy is but they have to focus on their match as it’s right up next on the AEW Dynamite Recap…

Chris Jericho & MJF vs. The Acclaimed

I’d like to recite the freestyles but they go a bit fast and obviously a match starts soon after they finish so it’s a bit tough. Caster’s rap got a nice reaction tonight though. MJF in a pre-recorded inset says he’s the breakout from last week and Acclaimed wouldn’t even get an opportunity without him. Match begins, MJF and Caster lock up, MJF’s ribs hurt too much and he has to powder.

Jericho tags in, Caster gets the better of an exchange. Bowens tags in, round kick from the apron, Caster with a Back Suplex, Bowens with a Pullover Elbow Drop for a quick 2! MJF tags back in, Bowens drops him onto his ribs. Caster tags in, kick to the taped ribs! Heels get the advantage with double teaming in the corner though. Double Flapjack! Jericho and MJF just step on him in mockery.

Commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap resumes when the show resumes!

MJF has Caster in an Abdominal Stretch as we come back from the break. Max and Jericho frequently locking hands for the added pressure until Aubrey Edwards kicks the arm which allows Caster to reverse the Abdominal Stretch, hip toss! Makes the tag to Bowens who is a house of fire, big forearms landing. Whip to Jericho, leg lariato! Ducks a shot from MJF, Argentine Facebuster! Ortiz on the apron for the distraction, but Bowens knocks him to the floor.

Jericho nails him to the mat, goes for a Lionsault but Caster stops that with his boombox! Bowens covers for a clooose nearfall! Side Slam to Jericho, Caster tags in, wants the Acclaim to Fame. Bowens hits the ropes and gets low bridge by MJF, Caster up top but Hager dumps him to the mat! Jericho with the Judas Effect to Caster for the win!

Winner: Chris Jericho & MJF

Putting these guys against youngsters is a good combination. And I like the Acclaimed more each time I see ’em.

Sammy Guevara comes out as the rest of the Inner Circle is celebrating. Jericho asks him what’s going on with him. Sammy says he told Chris on December 9th, if one more thing happened with MJF, he’s done. Sammy’s out here to tell Chris, he’s done. He quits the Inner Circle! Drops the mic and leaves, in spite of everyone trying to talk him back in.

Sammy gets caught by Alex Marvez in the parking lot. Guevara says he needs to refocus, needs some time away.

We see Hangman Page and Matt Hardy on the bar. Matt says he’s still buzzing off the win last week but he doesn’t think he’s buzzing like Page is! They toast, Matt just pretends to drink. Says he knows Page doesn’t wanna be in a tag team but he thinks he can make him the top guy in wrestling. For just a fee of 30% of his earnings! The very drunk Page agrees and signs it. Hardy whispers at the cameraman that he’s here to document this officially, as he thinks Page might be mad when he sobers up. Hardy promises to make Page a millionaire.

Tony Schiavone here to interview Sting as the AEW Dynamite Recap continues.

Sting makes his way out and fist bumps Tony. Before he can say anything we see Taz and Powerhouse Hobbs in an SUV. They say they have a friend of Sting’s that they’re gonna take him to FTW world. We pan back to see Cage and Starks have Darby Allin knocked out in a body bag! And the bag is tied to the SUV… they take off, dragging him across the road! Sting rushes away to pursue them.

Promo with Kenny Omega on a golf course. Kenny is astonished to see him out there, tells him no talking while he’s golfing. Wants him to watch this shot. Swings and basically ignores where the ball goes. Marvez says tonight he teams with a guy who doesn’t even seem to like him in KENTA against Moxley and Archer in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Suggests he should be preparing for the match, not golfing. Kenny says he’s here clearing his mind to get prepared. He’s forgotten what it’s like to lose. He won’t lose today or ever again. In the background, Don Callis acts like he got a hole in one.

AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament Round One: Thunder Rosa vs. Leyla Hirsch

Rosa in an inset promo plans to win the tournament, regain the NWA Women’s title back and revenge over Britt Baker. Bell rings, Rosa with a waistlock, Hirsch escapes . Grappling, Leyla with a fireman’s carry into a wristlock. Rosa spins out, drop toe hold and hammerlock. Hirsch rolls out to escape. Arm drags from Rosa, body slam. Hits the ropes, senton! Cover for a 2 count. Rosa grabs the wrist, goes up top but Leyla avoids her arm drag, rana takes her to the floor! Tope Suicida from Leyla!

Chant of “Too Legit” or something like that. Wants a triangle but Rosa reverses, takes her over to the ropes, Inverted Hot Shot! Commercial break as the AEW Dynamite Recap rolls on. As we come back, Rosa hits a sliding lariat in the corner! Double knees nailed, Shotgun Dropkick! Pulls her in for a cover for 2!

Leyla fights back with a sudden German Suplex and then another!

Just tossing her with those. Wants a third but Rosa fights out, throws her to the buckles but Leyla stops herself. Back elbow, crossbody off the second rope for a 2 count. Hirsch goes up top, Moonsault but Rosa with the knees up! Rolls her over for a close nearfall! Hirsch with a pump knee to the face! And a second one! Leaps to the top rope for another Moonsault but this time Rosa avoids it entirely and she crashes and burns! Hoists her up for the Fire Thunder Driver but Leyla reverses for a Triangle! Rosa picks her up and tosses her to the mat to break though! And there’s the Fire Thunder Driver for the win!

Winner: Thunder Rosa

Very nice stuff, I’m into this tournament for sure.

Tony Schiavone with a sit-down with Jungleboy about what FTR did to Marko Stunt last week. Says as much as he likes talking to Tony, he wants to speak directly to FTR. Says he’s been in a lot of matches but he’s never had a fight like the one he had with Dax. But he came out on top and came out of it a different man. Says they didn’t tell on them, they didn’t want them suspended. Says next time they face off, they’ll make them their bitches.

And now, with half an hour left in the show, the main event begins on the AEW Dynamite Recap!

Unsanctioned Falls Count Anywhere Match: KENTA & Kenny Omega vs. Lance Archer & Jon Moxley

Bell rings, KENTA with an immediate briefcase shot to Moxley! Archer meanwhile going after Kenny until KENTA hits him in the back with the case! But Archer no sells and does the slow turn around. Omega with a chop block to Archer though, KENTA tosses the case at him, Kenny with a Kitaro Crusher to Archer! Mox in the ring to bring the fight but Kenny and KENTA work together to stomp him into the mat! However Kenny and KENTA clearly not on the same page.

When Moxley tries to bring the fight again though they gang up on him. Charging kicks in the corner until Archer nails Omega with a shoulder tackle! Mox with a HUGE lariat to KENTA! Charging shots from Mox and Archer to the heels, Archer looking for a powerbomb, Kenny with a rana reversal! Mox clotheslines Kenny to the outside, now staring down KENTA! Exchange of forearms! Kicks traded, KENTA wants the GTS, Mox reverses for the Paradigm Shift – Kenny takes the trash can into the ring and nails Moxley with it before he can hit it!

Kenny sets the trash can onto the corner, You Can’t Escape combo with the trash can assisted moonsault!! Dayam! Leans the can against Mox’s head in the corner for the KENTA Shotgun Dropkick! Archer brings a very red ladder into the ring and nails Kenny and KENTA with it! Mox with an Elbow Suicida to KENTA, Archer with an Overhead Belly To Belly tossing Kenny onto the ladder!

Faces running wild as we go to commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap to conclude when we come back!

During the commercial, KENTA sits Moxley down in a chair where he hits a brutal buisaku knee! I usually take the picture-in-picture bits off but I had to comment on that one. As we come back Archer is attacking Omega in the crowd area, KENTA attacks him from behind. KENTA bumps into Peter Avalon and decides to GTS him! Archer nails KENTA, Kenny leaps at Archer but gets caught with a Chokeslam that sends him right Avalon’s heart bed!

Now Moxley back in the fray. Sits KENTA down on a chair for a running kick to the chest! Moxley drags him all across the ringside area. They fight up the stands. Archer follows as Kenny is still picking him up from the remains of the bed. We’re in the kitchen now, KENTA bounces Mox against a soda fridge for a 2 count. Moxley fights back, drags him onto a metal table. Mox wants a Piledriver but KENTA reverses, DDT onto the table! And now the LeBell Lock is cinched in! Archer tosses a bag of potatoes at him for the break! Kenny nails Archer in the back with a small plastic trash can.

Mox grabs a potato and smashes Kenny with it repeatedly! The fight slowly finds it’s way back into the arena. Mox with a chairshot to the gut, exchange of blows at ringside. Moxley pulls out a kendo stick, jabs him in the stomach with it, cracks him across the back! Kenny rolls into the ring, Mox nails him in the back of the head with the cane! Goes up top for a flying kendo stick shot but Kenny with a V-Trigger out of the air! Meanwhile, Archer throws KENTA into a spotlight on the stage! Kenny with another V-Trigger sends Moxley onto a table!

Meanwhile Archer wants a Powerbomb through the announce table, but KENTA escapes and runs right off the stage for a big diving footstomp on Moxley!

The table doesn’t break, damn! Wild spot. And now Archer and Kenny end up in the ring alone. Kenny with a kendo stick, Archer blocks the shot! Rips it away and breaks it ! Kenny chops the knee, looks for a Dragon Suplex but Archer tosses him away, Chokeslam plants him! Grabs Kenny by the wrist, Old School Moonsault for a nearfall!!

Looks for Blackout but Kenny slips out, Good Brothers run down the ramp, Archer nails them both, KENTA in the ring, couple of Spinning Backfists have no effect! Archer with a big boot to KENTA! Anderson in the ring, counters a chokeslam with a Gun Stun! Jake Roberts in the ring now for a Short-Arm Clothesline to Anderson! Gallows with a punch drops him. Kenny does the V-Trigger pose to Jake and goes for it but Mox stops that with a Barbed Wire Bat shot to the gut!

KENTA in the ring though, GTS to Moxley! Archer body blocks KENTA! Double chokeslam attempt but a double low blow stops that! And now a Magic Killer to Archer! Kenny with a huge V-Trigger to Archer and now he hoists him up… he needs the Good Brothers’ help to get him onto Omega’s shoulders – One Winged Angel for the win!

Winners: Kenny Omega & KENTA

That was entirely wild. KENTA still pounding on Moxley as Kenny and the Good Brothers celebrate. That’s the show!

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