NXT TakeOver Vengeance Day Recap

Tonight! NXT TakeOver time and they are celebrating Valentine’s Day with a vengeance! And that means the return of the Star Wars opening scrawl format for this site, black-and-gold! Stay tuned to this page right here for the NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day Recap!

Josiah Williams gets a special Valentine’s themed rap working in plugs for every match on the card, very fun intro.

And we start the show proper with the Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Finals!

Shotzi Blackheart & Ember Moon vs. Raquel Gonzalez & Dakota Kai

Raquel and Ember start out, Side Slam counters a headscissor. Shotzi tags in, Raquel fends both off. Raquel deflects every attempt to gain an advantage, powers Shotzi into various corners. Tag to Kai, jump kick leads to a Gonzalez spinebuster, cover for a 2 count. Shotzi side steps the corner kick, yanks her from the corner to the mat for a Cloverleaf! Kai escapes it but Shotzi keeps a hold of her leg, ducks an enziguri.

Ember tags in, rolls her into a kneebar. Dakota is struggling across the mat but Ember drags her to the center! Dakota finally gets to the ropes, pulled over to the face corner, Shotzi tags in but Raquel was distracting the ref so he forces Shotzi back to the apron. Ember knocks Raquel off the apron in response, KneeDT to Dakota and now she has her in an Ankle Lock! Kai rolls through to send Ember into the buckle!

And there’s the tag to Gonzalez. She nails Ember to the mat, shoves her into the buckles. Big hair whip. Fallaway Slam! And another one! She suddenly drags Blackheart into the ring to give her one as well. Covers Ember out of nowhere for a 1 count. Shotzi attacks Gonzalez to send her out of the ring, she goes for a flying rana but Raquel catches her and hurls her into the plexiglass!

Ember Moon now dropkicks Raquel off the apron, Powerslam to Dakota, clobbers Gonzalez in the corner but Kai attacks from behind. Heels double teaming now. Kai with a running face wash! Ember fights back, throws Dakota into Gonzalez, Rough Ryder style move to Gonzalez forces her to hit a Reverse DDT on Kai!

Ember up top, nails the Eclipse! Covers, but Kai distracts the ref!

Ember has to turn him around for the cover, finally gets a nearfall! Gonzalez has Ember hoisted up, Blackheart returns with a Missile Dropkick to make the save! Shotzi tags in and runs wild, drops Kai with a TKO like maneuver for a nearfall! Enziguri, wants the Sliced Bread, Raquel blocks it and sends her up top. But up there, Shotzi fights back – SUPER SLICED BREAD! Kai breaks up the cover! Ember sends Dakota to the outside, Shotzi with a Tope Suicida wipes her out!

Back in the ring, Embert tags in, Shotzi with a neckbreaker to Raquel, Ember with a Flying Codebreaker, Shotzi with a Springboard Code Red, Ember covers for a nearfall! Kai back in the ring but they take her out, hoist her up for a Road Warriors spot except it’s a Crossbody instead of a clothesline, right on the floor! Dayam! Gonzalez attacks Ember and sends her int othe ring but Ember with upkicks takes her down. Cloverleaf and just hooks her face! Kai breaks up the hold.

Dakota tags in as does Shotzi, Kairoprachtor to Shotzi! NEARFALLL! Assisted GTK, Ember breaks up the pin! But Gonzalez tosses her over the top rope and onto the ramp landing hard! Then she goes out there to toss her off the ramp! On the way back in, Shotzi with a brutal splash on the way back in! Back body drop sends Kai into Gonzalez on the ramp! But the numbers catch up to her and she can’t keep going alone, Gonzalez with a huge powerbomb, double pin for the win!

Winners: Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez

Good stuff, nice start to NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day! Never knew how much I wanted to see epic women’s tag matches until I saw that, very new thing for me.

NXT TakeOver Recap continues with…

NXT North American Championship: Johnny Gargano (c) vs. Kushida

Hope Kush wins the title tonight, I would’ve put this championship on him like a year and a half ago. Gargano and The Way psyching themselves up for the match backstage, Austin Theory gets randomly chloroformed on their way out and they don’t notice until they’re on the stage. Johnny sends Candice and Indi back to find him.

For some reason Kushida is dressed for a street fight. Takes Johnny down with a front facelock, cloverleafs the legs, grabs the arm, spins around for the Hoverboard Lock but Johnny fends it off. Kush maintains the facelock, knees to the head, spins into a near Crossface though Gargano is keeping pressure from being applied. Johnny fights to his feet to shoot him off, Kushida with a shoulder tackle. Johnny with a rana, rolls him through for a Spin Kick, Kush ducks it, they fight for position rolling around on the mat, Gargano Escape reversed, Johnny has to grab the ropes for the break!

Gargano takes him to the outside, Kushida avoids a baseball slide, leaps at him off the apron, Johnny avoids it, lands a kick from the apron! Tosses Kushida into the steps. Pulls him up slowly, Kushida reverses, Falcon Arrow into a Cross Armbreaker! Pulls him up slowly after stripping off the shirt. Hammerlock Suplex nailed!

Takes him into the ring, nails a running dropkick to the arm!

Kush with a flip kick to the apron, but Gargano counters with a Rope-Assisted Neckbreaker through the ropes! Johnny pulls him onto the apron, lifts him and slams him chest-first. Into the ring, grabs him up by the hair, snap suplex. Cover for a 1 count. Kushida wants a backslide, Johnny reverses, Front Suplex! Running kick to the shoulder! Gargano pulls him up slow, hooks a leg with him and is just a-wrenching on his neck.

Kush with elbows to escape and he reverses into an Octopus Stretch! Johnny breaks it, exchange of flash pin attempts, culminates in a clothesline collision! They struggle to their feet, Kushida wins out a strike exchange, hip toss, cartwheel, Basement Dropkick! Wind-Up Punch! Stomps upon his back! Grabs him for the Hammerlock Suplex but Johnny blocks, they both avoid high kicks, Kushida gets Johnny into an Ankle Lock, pulls him into the German Suplex! Buzzsaw Kick! Cover for a nearfall!

Kushida takes Johnny to the outside, he wants the One Final Beat but Kushida catches him, Draping DDT rolled through for a brutal Facelock Suplex! Bridge for a nearfall!

Johnny on the outside, big WWE Headkick, but Kush nails him out of the air on the One Final Beat attempt! Grabs his shoulder and drives it into the post! Takes Johnny up, going for the Hoverboard Lock, Johnny shoves him away but a Rolling Liger Kick lays Johnny out on the top rope! Now Kushida going up there with him. Looks for it again but Gargano reverses with a Twisting Superplex, dayam! Kicks off the ropes for the Tornado DDT for the nearfall! Johnny blocks a Hoverboard Lock attempt, Kushida with an arm drag, they keep going for their top holds and avoiding them.

Kushida manages the Cross-Armbreaker but Gargano stacks him up for a nearfall! Clothesline collision again and they lay in a punch each on the way down! Exchange of tired forearms as they fight to their feet. Kushida with a couple of high kicks, wants the Handspring Elbow but he gets caught in the Gargano Escape! He’s right in the center, Kushida struggling to drag himself over. Kushida reverses into the Hoverboard Lock! Gargano flips him out, Kush manages a cover for a nearfall, Superkick trades with a Wind-Up Punch, Johnny hoists Kushida up, Lawndart to the buckle!

Kush blocks a punch, Hammerlock Suplex bounces him off the buckles!!! Pulls him up top… they flip together – LANDS RIGHT INTO THE CROSS-ARMBREAKER FOR KUSHIDA!

Johnny is struggling and squirming! Rolls closer to the ropes but doesn’t make it yet… no, he gets his feet to the ropes for the break! Kushida not letting go of the arm, Johnny drags him to the outside, Hoverboard Lock but Gargano slams him into the apron and barricade until he breaks it! Johnny just trying to get some distance, rolling onto the ramp.

He thinks he’s getting away but Kushida managed to sneak to the stage, big running start for the punt to the shoulder! Johnny rolls into the ring, where Kushida leaps onto him for the Hoverboard Lock!!! Johnny pulls him through the ropes and yanks him neckfirst into the top rope for the break! Kushida rolls to the ramp where Johnny nails him with One Final Beat on the outside! Johnny rolls him weakly into the ring. A second One Final Beat (kind of a misnomer name thinking about it) gets him the win.

Winner: Johnny Gargano

Awesome match but man, really seemed like this would’ve been a good time for Kush to get a big win.

And next up on the NXT TakeOver Vengeance Day Recap… we have the OTHER Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Final on tonight’s NXT TakeOver! And the NXT TakeOver debut for MSK! Did I mention NXT TakeOver?

MSK vs. The Grizzled Young Veterans

Vets with a promo on their way out. Gibson says they should wipe the smile off their face, this is no laughing matter and they can take their sob stories and shove them up their arse, they’re SOOOOON to be recognized as the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic winners. Nash Carter and Zack Gibson start as the bell rings. Carter with a facelock, Gibson reverses into an armbar. Carter fights up, Gibson with a wristlock. Gibson takes him down, drives him into the heel corner. Drake tags in, big shot to the face, Headlock Takeover.

Carter with a few leap frogs, Springboard Clothesline! Whip to the MSK corner. Wes with a WWE Headkick, Bronco Buster from Carter! We pulls Drake out of the corner for a suplex but Drake counters into a side headlock. Gibson tags in, Lee with a pump kick to Drake, pele to Gibson. Carter tags in. Sequence of kicks, double stomp! Wes Lee with a Tiger Dive! Carter leaps off Lee’s back for a flying clothesline to the floor but Gibson attacks him from behind. Veterans take over in the ring now and start isolating Carter again. They keep on the mat with holds. Carter fights back but a big lariat from Drake gets a nearfall!

Carter reverses a suplex!

Wants to make the tag, but Gibson takes Lee off the apron! Lee tries to get into the ring now but the ref stops him, allowing Drake and Gibson to nail a double team! Nearfall! Drake with a side headlock. Vets try for a whip into a wheel kick but Carter slides under it, tag to Wes Lee! He’s got a helluva hot tag, fast kicks sending Drake to the outside, snapmare, dropkick to the back! Heels powder but Lee leaps over the buckle for the Flip Tope!!

Takes Gibson into the ring, series of backflips into a huge Pele Kick! Nearfall!! Goes up top, Drake tries to trip him, Lee kicks him away but Gibson nails him to the mat! Grabs him, wants a Powerbomb but Wes Lee with the Billy Kidman counter! Tag to Carter, Catapult into a Superkick! Carter with a flying dropkick to Drake takes him off the apron! Carter is getting psyched up, demands Gibson fight him and Zack looks scared, nails him with shots, Springboard Spinning Cutter for a nearfall!

Wes tags in, running kick to Gibson, flips him for some backflips into a Pele again but Gibson nails him out of the air! Helter Skelter, Drake tags in, 450 for a cloooose nearfall! They take Lee to the corner, tag to Drake, Gibson has Lee on the shoulders, Drake flies at him but Wes with the Victory Roll counter, Drake barely breaks up the count! They set Lee up for a double team but Carter back in to pull him free! Lee sends Carter into a massive corsckrew splash to Gibson, Posion Rana from Lee to Drake! Carter with a Senton Bomb off the top rope, Corkscrew Senton from Wes Lee! NEARFALL! Damn this match rules.

Wes Lee hits the ropes but Gibson low bridges him to the floor! Gibson hoists him onto his shoulders, Drake with a Tope Clothesline for the ultimate Road Warrior spot and Lee flips onto the floor in a heap!

Damn! Vets back into the ring, Carter fighting alone now but Drake nails him from behind. Tag to Gibson, they pull him up but Carter fends them off with chops! Numbers catch up though, Take It To The Playbook!! NO, IT’S A NEARFALL! Seriously?! Gibson is incensed now, slaps him across the face. Whips him to Drake for Ticket To Mayhem but Wes Lee back in the ring to break it up! They take Gibson out of the ring, Carter has Drake in Spinebuster, Lee with a wicked Blockbuster as his part of the double team and that is that!

Winner: MSK

Spectacular stuff. MSK is an awesome high flying team, Young Vets getting a bit of a Revival vibe to them too, that was lovely. Awesome to see fresh faces get a big win too. Crazy how consistently NXT TakeOver shows have these kinds of matches.

Cameron Grimes gets a music video celebrating his getting rich off of GameStop stock. It’s impeccable.

Next up on the NXT TakeOver Vengeance Day Recap…

NXT Women’s Championship: Io Shirai (c) vs. Toni Storm vs. Mercedes Martinez

Martinez nails Io before the bell and takes her to the floor. Starts pummeling Storm until Io comes into the ring to attack her with a flying double knee! Takes her outside, Toni wants an Irish Whip but she reverses. Neither can land a shot, Io with the Matrix Dodge of a high kick, Flatliner! Baseball slide to Martinez, Victory Roll through for a double footstomp to Toni! Kicks her into the corner, wants a big dropkick but Storm catches her and sends her to the mat, big boot, Sliding Clothesline against the ropes!

Mercedes attacks Storm from the outside, pulls her out for a Draping DDT onto the floor! Io wants an Asai Moonsault but Mercedes sidesteps it and Shirai nails the barricade! Mercedes throws her over the barrier, now takes Toni into the ring. Cover for 2. Big slam, cover for 2. Pulls her up, snap suplex, rolls through for a second one. Third Amigo as per standard procedure is blocked, Shirai with a Missile Dropkick to both of them! Meteora to Martinez, wants another but Storm stops her with a Black Hole Slam! Charging hip attack to Io, Mercedes catches Toni with a Spinebuster for a nearfall! Martinez gets her in a hold, Io breaks it.

Io gets Toni into a Crossface but Mercedes gets Io into a Dragon Sleeper at the same time!

Io has to break it, takes her to the ropes for the 619! Takes her outside and goes up top but Toni Storm blocks Io up there and wants a superplex! Mercedes interrupts this though, sends Io to the outside. Battering Toni’s back, Spider German Suplex! Io goes up top while Mercedes is still hanging upside down, nails her in the face, Double Footstomp! Io stomping and clobbering Martinez on the outside now but Mercedes with a fist to the face, Fireman’s Carry to drive her into the plexiglass! Storm with a big clothesline to Martinez.

Toni clears the announce table and it collapses. She is clearly not sure what to do after that, I guess they don’t have backup tables. Toni wants a powerbomb onto the wreckage anyway but Martinez blocks it – Io has climbed up on a lighting rig and leaps off for a crazy high Crossbody! Martinez and Storm fight back into the ring, Martinez with a Kamigoye! Pulls her up, Fisherman’s Buster! Nearfall! Toni fights back with a big headbutt, Storm Zero for a narrow 2 count! Toni sets her up and goes up top, Diving Headbutt to the gut! Covers but Io off the top rope with the Over The Moonsault! And that is that, she pins Mercedes!

Winner: Io Shirai

As one would expect from an NXT TakeOver women’s title match, that delivered~! And my this show flew by because there’s only the main left.

LA Knight – Eli Drake – has been signed recently. He made his appearance on the pre-show and let everyone know he’s coming for ’em, standard fare.

Finally, up next on the NXT TakeOver Vengeance Day Recap…

NXT Championship: Finn Balor (c) vs. Pete Dunne

Big lock-up. Finn takes him to the corner, clean break. Dunne wants to go for the left arm but Finn reverses into a Fujiwara Armbar. Reversals, jockeying for position. Dunne with a Monkey Flip but Balor holds onto his arm. Dunne tries to snap the fingers but Balor slips away and we have a stalemate. Finn with a headlock takeover. Dunne escapes momentarily but Finn gets him back in. Shoots him off of a headlock, shoulderblock but Dunne cinches Finn into a headscissor. Cranking the pressure on.

Finn slowly breaks out, leaps at him for a headlock, they each kip up and we have the stand off. Lock-up, in the ropes, no clean break as Dunne pounds his shoulders into his jaw repeatedly. Finn’s jaw is bothering him a lot. Dunne gets Finn into a headscissor whilst working on the left arm, twisting and contorting his wrist! Finn with a back body drop but Pete sunset flips him into a Triangle Choke! Finn turns him over but Dunne counters into a Cross Armbreaker! He works two injures at once with this, putting his leg over Finn’s jaw as he rips at the arm!

Pete Dunne hooks one of his arms and positions the other – Penta-style Armbreaker!

Finn rolls out but Pete just gets him right into another hold, decimating the arm. Leaping stomp to the ribs! Double wristlock as Finn rises up, stomp to the foot! Drop toe hold into a heel hook. Cloverleafs the legs, spins him into an Indian Deathlock variation! Dunne wants to snap the fingers to break free but Balor blocks this, though it does seem to force the escape. Still he keeps him down, elbow drop to the thigh and working over the left leg. But from here Dunne can nail him in the jaw again. Finn gets some space but Dunne fights up, wild X-Plex! Nearfall!

Balor fights back, takes his leg to the middle rope, big stomp to the knee! Trips him to the mat, looks to roll him but Dunne with a cradle for a nearfall, enziguri from Dunne but Balor with a big lariato for a nearfall! Big knee drops to the back of the head from Finn. Pulls him up by the leg, STF slowly cinched in, forearms to the head! STF fully applied now!

Dunne grabs the fingers though and just jams them into the mat, forcing the break! NXT TakeOver Recap continues!

Finn choking Dunne in the ropes, chops him in the corner and Pete just falls. Balor with a whip to the adjacent corner for a running chop! Dunne fights back, tries the corner floatover but his knee gives out! Finn tries 1916 but Dunne arm drags himself free, Pele blocked, Sit-Out Powerbomb from Dunne for a nearfall! Leaping stomp to the arm! Pulls him up, bounces him off the ropes for the German Suplex! Leaping double stomp to the hands! Kick avoided, Finn kicks the leg out from under him! Charging forearm, Backstabber! Slingblade! John Wu Dropkick! Finn’s going up top, wants the Coup de Gras but Dunne counters with a Triangle Choke!!

Finn struggling mightily but just cannot escape. Finn slowly backs himself up and gets a foot on the bottom rope for the break – he seems unconscious though, his foot just fell on the rope when he went limp! Pete trying to tell the ref to stop the match, pulls him up, Finn scrambles free and is barely conscious. Pete with a huge double stomp! Pulls him up for the Bitter End but Balor escapes, takes him down into a complex hold but Dunne grabs the fingers! Finally he snaps them!

Finn fights back and stomps at his face until Dunne slips between his legs, he forces his arms into a low blow! BITTER END! NO, A NEARFALL!!!

Another leaping stomp to the hands, and a third one! Thrust kick to the face! Hoists him up for a powerbomb but Balor counters with a DDT out of the air! Wants the dropkick but Dunne stops him with an enziguri! Pele Kick from Balor! Kick to the back of the head from Dunne! Wants the Bitter End again but Balor counters with the 1916! NEARFALL – but Dunne is still hanging onto the fingers! He won’t let go no matter what!

Balor pulls him up, Dunne wants the snap again, stomp to the ankle of Balor, but he snaps the fingers! Double footstomp to the back of Dunne! He rips the mouthpiece out of Dunne’s mouth and sizes him up, big basement dropkick! Now he goes up top, Coup de Gras!! Pulls him up anyway, 1916 for the win!

Winner: Finn Balor

Helluva main event for NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day.

Balor celebrates his victory until Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch jump him on the ramp! Bring him back into the ring and Dunne joins in on the gang attack! Dunne nails a referee as well. This continues until the Undisputed Era rush out to make the save. Finn gives an odd look to Kyle O’Reilly in particular but Kyle wants to help him up. Finn takes his hand and he pulls him up.

Undisputed Era pose with Finn – Adam Cole turns and superkicks Finn! O’Reilly and Strong yell at him until Cole drops O’Reilly with a Superkick as well! Cole leaves. Roddy stays in the ring stunned. And the show goes to black.

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