WWE Raw Recap

Folks. The Miz is your WWE Champion. I can’t start this off with anything else, that happened and we’ll see him with it tonight. It’s WWE Raw Recap time, as always I’ll be providing the live play-by-play of the show as it airs. So stick with this page if you wanna follow along! Watch this space~!

WWE Raw Recap begins proper with John Morrison in the ring. He introduces the Miz, who comes out with the WWE title and I’m laughing. Miz does the MizTV intro but calls this one the champion’s edition. Asks how you like him now. Sixteen years ago he first stepped foot inside a WWE ring and everyone said he’d be fired within three months. Today he stands inside a WWE ring on the ‘flagship show’ – air quotes are mine – as the WWE Champion.

Miz claims all the top superstars of his generation have come and again and he’s still standing. Mentions Batista, Cena, Triple H, Big Show, Bobby Lashley, Daniel Bryan and Edge among people who just don’t compare. Says Edge wanted to play high stakes poker, the title is his royal flush. He called his shot like the Babe Ruth of WWE. Feels good because he wasn’t sneaky. He told McIntyre he’d cash in and he did. Everything thought they knew what would happen on the Road to WrestleMania but he threw everyone a detour. Says he’s the first-ever two-time Grand Slam winner, can that really be true…?

Bobby Lashley interrupts.

Lashley has MVP – still on a crutch – in tow. He congratulates Miz on his WWE title win and his list of accomplishments. But he omitted the part where Bobby Lashley destroyed Drew McIntyre allowing him to cash in, where was that part? Miz says he was actually getting to that with his speech, he absolutely appreciated it. But he says him and Morrison have celebrating to do and they try to leave the ring.

MVP says no, they have an arrangement here. Morrison cost Lashley the US title, Lashley gave Miz the WWE title… they owe them. MVP says Lashley should be first in line for the Miz’s WWE Title. Miz says there’s so many stresses about being world champion that Lashley and MVP might not realize, he just doesn’t have time. MVP says he had time to bring up Lashley’s name among all the greats that don’t compare. Lashley says if he doesn’t give him a title shot, he’ll help him star in a new reality show, catchily named “How Lashley Sent Me To An Emergency Room”. Gives him an hour to give his answer.

WWE Raw Recap continues with Riddle talking to Lucha House Party backstage.

He tells them they had his back, celebrates winning a game called WarZone much to their confusion as they were of course congratulating him on his US title win. They say he has a match with John Morrison and they’re apparently very far away from the ring. Riddle says it’s no problem and wheels out on a scooter.

WWE United States Champion Riddle vs. John Morrison (Non-Title)

Morrison with a waistlock takedown, rolls into a 1 count. Lock-up. Riddle with a Go Behind. Morrison with a back elbow, slides under a kick, kick off a back body drop, leg lariat. Wants a Standing SSP but Riddle catches him in Triangle position, Morrison has to scramble out of it. Stand-up stand-off now, Riddle blocks some kicks, wants an ankle lock but Morrison with a Leg Drag. Morrison with a Capoeira Kick, which I think I’ve finally managed to get to spelling right on the first try!

Riddle fights back with shots that Morrison dodges until Riddle powers him up with a Deadlift Gutwrench Suplex! Morrison returns fire with an eyepoke, wrestles him to the apron. WWE Headkick from the inside takes him to the floor, Corkscrew Tope wipes Riddle out but Morrison favoring his knee off the landing. He sends Riddle into the ring. Rana takes him to the floor but Morrison with a roundhouse kick! They both start fighting on the apron, Riddle blocks a kick and suplexes him onto the apron!

Commercial break, WWE Raw Recap will resume.

We come back to see Morrison fireman’s carrying Riddle, lifting double leg into a jackknife for 2. Morrison bullies him into the corner, back elbows. Riddle fires back with closed fists. Spins him into the Pele Kick! Kip-up. Charging forearms. Exploder suplex. PK dodged, Standing Moonsault dodged, Morrison rolls out of the ring. Riddle to the apron to pursue with a running punt! Asai Floating Bro! Takes him into the ring, German Suplex, bridge for a nearfall!

Riddle fights back, goes up top, Morrison leaps up there for the Spanish Fly!! Nearfall! Goes for a Moonlight Drive, Riddle counters with the Bro To Sleep! Immediate superkick from Morrison sends him to the apron. Riddle with a Sunset Flip but Morrison blocks it, driving knee to the face. Wants Starship Pain but Riddle grabs him, takes him off the top rope for the Bro Derek for the win.

Winner: Riddle

That was very much a movesfest but a fun one.

Rhea Ripley vignette. Boy I can’t wait for her to make her fourth main roster debut!!

Bad Bunny and Damian Priest walking backstage. Priest yells at R-Truth who’s trying to hide in the background and makes it clear he can see him. Truth tells the referee he has with him to leave and comes up playing dumb. Calls him Babs Bunny and notes that he beat the Monstars, wants an autograph. Priest says his name is Bad Bunny and he intimidates him into rushing off.

The Miz complaining to Adam Pearce backstage about Lashley intimidating him, says he’s gonna reward this behavior? Pearce asks if Miz actually had a deal with him, Miz claims nothing was in writing. Pearce says he’ll respect whatever his decision is but he needs to make it quick.

Next up on the WWE Raw Recap…

Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods vs. Retribution (Mace & T-Bar)

Hey, Reckoning’s here this week. Xavier starts with T-Bar. Big man with a knee to the gut, clubbering shot to the back. Woods fights back, pulls him to the New Day corner. Kofi tags in, double flying stomp to the arm. -Bar with a bodyslam counter. Tag to Mace, he bashes Kofi against the canvas repeatedly. T-Bar with a big boot. Mace covers for a 2 count. Quick tags and isolation now, working over Kofi after his Chamber injuries. T-Bar with a Pendulum Backbreaker.

They take Xavier off the apron, Double Sit-Out Chokeslam! Ali demands they do it again so Mace tags out rather than covering him. Mace bashing Kofi, T-Bar charges Woods but gets low bridged to the floor. Trouble In Paradise to Mace! T-Bar rushes back in, gets a Trouble In Paradise of his own and Kofi gets the pin.

Winners: Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods

New Day mocking them for the quick loss.

Ali with the mic as he enters the ring, yells at his troops about losing again. Asks them how long they will fail him, disrespect him and embarrass him. Throws the mic down, yells that he’s carried them on his back and they’ve failed over and over again. They all look sad.

WWE Raw Recap continues as backstage Bobby Lashley is WALKING~! We’ll see the resultimatum of his ultimatum when we come back from commercial.

Bobby Lashley makes his way to the ring along side MVP, Adam Pearce is awaiting them.

Lashley is in full gear, clearly anticipating a match right now. Adam Pearce introduces the Miz, who is out in a suit. Lashley is not happy to see this.

Adam says Miz is obligated to give his decision. Miz solemnly speaks, says that he’s made his decision; that he needs more time. Lashley says he’s wasting his time, it’s like wasting his money, and he doesn’t like wasting his money. Miz argues that there are plenty of other superstars chomping at the bit but MVP says Miz doesn’t have a deal with other superstars.

Miz getting in full desperation mode says he just needs more time to give this match the weight it deserves, they ask for a week atleast! Braun Strowman interrupts now. Says if anyone deserves a title match it’s him. Pearce says now’s not the time but Strowman says Pearce and Shane have a vendetta against him keeping him out of the Chamber. He’s a former Universal Champion and is more ‘clarified’ to challenge for the WWE title than Lashley. He meant to say qualified, one can presume.

Shane McMahon is here now.

He says Adam needs to tighten the ship a little bit. Says Strowman can’t just expect a WWE Championship match. Implies Braun’s stupid for not understanding the concept of the Chamber match which was former WWE Champions and Braun is not one. Strowman says that idea sucks and so does this one. He wants a title match tonight. But if they won’t give him a champion, give him the challenger. Shane likes this idea. Says if Strowman beats Lashley tonight, next week Miz defends against the both of them in a triple threat match. Miz is petrified of this.

Strowman turns his back on Bobby to say that was the smartest decision Shane’s ever made, Lashley with a Chop Block on Strowman on his way out.

Up next on the WWE Raw Recap…

Tornado Tag Match, WWE Raw Tag Team Champions The Hurt Business (Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin) vs. Lucha House Party

Brawl kicks up immediately of course. Shelton with a clothesline to Metalik. Cedric with a snapmare to Lince, brutal dropkick to the back of the neck! Shelton nailing Metalik in the corner. Benjamin with a back body drop to Metalik, Cedric kicks Lince out of the ring. Shelton gets Lince up in Gory Special position, Cedric with a solid dropkick to him! It’s pretty fun seeing these guys kick ass like this.

Metalik fighting back with forearms as Shelton sends Lince to the floor, they gang up on Metalik now. Benjamin with a snap suplex. Cedric with a kneedrop to the chest. Alexander sends Lince into the apron! Metalik attacking Shelton in the corner. Cedric stomping Lince in the opposite corner. He takes him down, trips up Metalik on the Corner Ten Punches, Shelton able to counter with a big Powerbomb, Dorado barely breaks up the pin!

Lince trying to shield a wounded Metalik as the Hurt Business tee off on him.

Cedric grinds a boot into his face. Shelton pulls Metalik up, hoists him up on his shoulders, Cedric wants a Neuralizer but Dorado takes Cedric to the floor as Metalik slips free. Tornado DDT from Metalik, Dorado with a Top Rope Splash, Cedric breaks up the count in the nick of time! Cedric up top but Lince blocks this, Super Rana! Metalik up top, walks the ropes for a double footstomp but Cedric rolls out of the way, Shelton with a huge shoulder block! Tosses Lince into a BRUTAL High Knee out of the air from Cedric! Shelton nails Paydirt on Lince for the win!

Winners: Hurt Business

Man it’s weird seeing WWE tag champs booked that strong but I sure do love it. They looked great.

WWE Raw Recap continues with Bad Bunny making his way to the ring with his 24/7 title, and of course Damian Priest is not far behind. Not really sure what they’re here to do but we’ll find out after the commercial break.

Damian Priest vs. Angel Garza

Priest with a huge clothesline outta the gate for a 2 count. Hammering him into the corner, hard forearm drops him. Pulls him up, lands another. Whip, flying elbow, cover for 2. Garza drop toe holds him to the second buckle, takes two clotheslines to take Priest to the mat. The pants are off now! And he throws ’em right at Bad Bunny. Garza working over Priest on the mat, mounted strikes. Wrenching on the neck, basement dropkick. Running Facewash! Armbar locked in, transitions to a Camel Clutch.

Priest breaks it but Garza still in good position, leaping stomps to the spine and puts the Camel Clutch back on. Hooking both arms as he does it. Damian fires back up and throws him to the mat, lands hard shots, roundhouse kicks, bell clap, Garza collapses. Priest with his arrow taunt, charging body block, Broken Arrow for a nearfall! Now Priest setting up for The Reckoning but Garza escapes to the bottom rope. Priest pulls him back into the ring, Garza nails him in the face and wants the Wing Clipper but Priest blocks it.

So instead Garza clotheslines him out of the ring and then turns to mock Bad Bunny. He invites him into the ring. Bad Bunny slowly making his way up the steps but of course Priest is back up behind Garza, WWE Headkick from the apron, goes up top, Flying Wheel Kick! Pulls him up for the Reckoning except now it’s called Hit The Lights because he shares a roster with a Reckoning now. That’s the match.

Winner: Damian Priest

Good showcase.

24/7 tier workers rush out to get Bad Bunny and Priest casually deposits them all. Actually Bunny sidestepped Gulak and dumped him by himself that’s nice.

Randy Orton backstage says failure is not a word he associates with but recently he’s surrounded by it. Says he should’ve won the gauntlet match last week but he didn’t, should’ve won the Elimination Chamber but he was the first man eliminated! What’s the distraction, what’s the problem? He finds the problem and eliminates it just like he did with the Fiend. He reminds us again that the Fiend was a problem and he set him on fire and he’s no more. Some like to think he’s coming back but he is not.

But meanwhile he finds himself in limbo, what’s the distraction? Why can’t he focus? He’ll tell you why. He coughs a bit. Says he’s not distracted by the Fiend, he’s distracted by Alexa Bliss. We see footage of her kneeling in the pentagram last week. Suddenly Orton is spitting up black liquid. Straight outta the Kamala playbook now.

Next up on the WWE Raw Recap…

WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler vs. Charlotte Flair & Asuka

Shayna and Asuka with a lock-up. Asuka with a wristlock. Blocks a kick, German also blocked but Asuka transitions to an Octopus Stretch. Shayna turns this into a Stretch Muffler, but Asuka flips her into an armbar. Pulls her to the corner, Charlotte tags in. Grabs the wrist, Shayna rips away and tags in Nia. Lock-up, Charlotte with a side headlock. Nia fights out but Flair with a ton of chops. Shayna rushes in but gets a Fallaway Slam for her troubles, kip up, running dropkick takes Jax out of the ring, Asuka with a hip attack takes Shayna to the floor. Commercial break, WWE Raw Recap will resume when the show does.

Shayna working over Asuka in the corner as we come back, snapmare, cover for a 1 count. Joint manipulation, grinding the boot on her face. Tag to Nia who comes in with a stomp. Pulls Asuka to the ropes, wrapping her arm around the second rope. Headlock, Shayna tags in, body shot. Shayna takes her down with an armbar, singles out the arm, wants the stomp but Asuka avoids it, rolls her up for 2.

Tag to Charlotte!

She comes in with a buncha kicks. Drives her to the adjacent corner. Shayna sidesteps a charge though, leg kicks, takes Flair into the heel corner and they’re ganging on her now. That was a pretty bad hot tag.

But off the double suplex attempt, Charlotte lands on her feet, back elbows to both. Takes to the apron, shoulder thrust to Nia, kicks Shayna to the floor, into the ring. Boot to the gut, running big boot attempted but Jax counters with a Powerbomb for a nearfall! Jax with a headlock. Tag to Shayna who turns it into a Kimura, Flair rolls her up for a 2 count. Double wristlock from Shayna who brings her back to the heel corner, isolation resumes.

Charlote sunset flips Nia into the buckles, Shayna tags in, knocks Asuka off the apron to prevent the tag. Charlotte trips her into the Figure Four, Nia surprises her with a legdrop to break it up! Charlotte and Shayna both struggling now. Simultags, Asuka is a house of fire, hip attacks in both corners, Codebreaker to Nia! Shining Wizard for a nearfall, right into the Cross Armbreaker! Shayna kicks her to break it. Pulling her up slowly, Charlotte tries a big boot but Shayna avoids it and she nails Asuka by mistake. Nia with a big legdrop to Asuka for the pin and the win.

Winners: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler

That was a fairly messy match.

Asuka not happy with Charlotte after that, won’t let her help her up. Charlotte shrugs and leaves.

And now up next on the WWE Raw Recap…

Sheamus vs. Jeff Hardy

Sheamus attacks him at the bell, tosses him around. Body shot, whip to the opposite corner, Jeff leaps to the second rope, reverse headscissors. Elbow nails Hardy. Sheamus with an arm bar, Hardy fights up and arm drags him out of the ring. Sheamus right back in but Hardy pounding him with stomps, only for Sheamus to explode up with a lariat. Hoists him onto his shoulders, Hardy frees himself. Back body drop to the apron, but Sheamus going for Ten Beats, only for Jeff to kick him away. Knocks him to the floor, pursues, leaps off the steps and flies into him!

Commercial break, WWE Raw Recap to resume when the show does. As we come back, Sheamus takes him into the ring for a series of Irish Curse Backbreakers, cover for a nearfall. Jeff fights back, side steps a corner charge to post Sheamus, Whisper In The Wind! Whip reversed, Hardy with a clothesline, Inverted Atomic Drop, Double Leg, Legal Low Blow, Basement Dropkick, Short Splash – but Sheamus gets the knees up, inside cradle for a nearfall! Hardy with the boots up off a charge though, second rope splash for a nearfall.

Jeff wants his Corner Dropkick but Sheamus with a boot up to stop it. Sheamus pulls him to his feet, but eats a Twist of Fate. Jeff going up top. Looks for the Swanton but Sheamus avoids it, Jeff lands on his feet, sunset flip to counter White Noise, Twist of Fate blocked, Brogue Kick ducked, roll up for a nearfall. Pump knee to the face! Brogue Kick for the win.

Winner: Sheamus

Solid match.

Charlotte confronting Ric backstage. She sounds all stressed, says pretending that Lacey’s child is his isn’t funny. She’s protecting their last name, protecting their legacy. Out there, this is not the performer she is. Tells him to please go home. Flair says he never said he was the father but he sees something in Lacey.

Charlotte says he sees something in a lot of blondes, he’s seen this same woman for years. Ric says he wants to be behind the Raw Women’s Champion, he wants to support the women and have them atop the marquee. Charlotte says he just wants to be the Nature Boy even on his daughter’s time. Thanks him for what she’s done for him but says once and for all that she needs to be without him.

Lana & Naomi vs. Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke

Lana with a boot up off a quick charge, cover for a 2 count. Dana with a roll up for 2. Mandy tags in, pump knee for a nearfall. Mandy with a bodysalm attempt, Lana slips out, reaches out and tags Naomi. Naomi and Lana with a Double X-Factor, easy win.

Winners: Lana & Naomi

Mandy and Dana will get pushed one’a these years.

AJ Styles and Omos make their way out for the next segment here on this, the WWE Raw Recap.

AJ Styles vs. Ricochet

Ricochet immediately sends AJ to the outside. He scrambles back in, Ricochet with a bodyslam, elbow drop, cover for a 1 count. Snap kick to the back! Suplex attempted, Styles escapes to the corner. Kicks his leg out from under him. Snap suplex into the buckles. AJ with a headlock. Ricochet fights up, escapes but eats a dropkick. But Ricochet fights back, clobbers him in the corner. AJ with a throat thrust.

Kick to the gut, Stun Gun, they try the Stun Gun rebound into the Styles Clash again but this time it’s fumbled, AJ hoists him up but Ricochet with a rana for a nearfall. Enziguri, Half-N-Half Suplex, bridge for a nearfall! Ricochet up top. 630 attempted, AJ avoids this, blocks the Recoil and nails a kneelift. Powers his limp form up for the Styles Clash.

Winner: AJ Styles

Criminally short but that’s to be expected. In an ideal world this would be a bigtime Mania match but alas. It’s here to setup Omos picking Ricochet off the mat and destroying him with a Tree Bomb instead.

Miz and Morrison conversing backstage. Miz wants to find some way to weasel out of his predicament. Braun appears and that gets them both to leave.

Main event up next on the WWE Raw Recap.

Braun Strowman vs. Bobby Lashley

Lock-up. Battling for position. Lashley with a waistlock takedown! Strowman returns the favor, 1 count. Hammerfists. Strowman powers him into the corner, back elbows, avalanche. Pulls him onto his shoulders, Lashley grabs the ropes to hold on but Strowman eventually just dumps him to the floor! Braun goes out there and tries for his Train spot, but Lashley leaps on the apron to avoid it and he collides with the steps! Lashley leaps off the apron onto Braun, takes him into the ring, dropkick to the left knee, same one he chop blocked earlier. Flatliner for a nearfall!

Pummels. Hurt Lock attempted now. Braun with an elbow to stop this, Lashley fends him off as he breaks free though. Suplex attempted but Strowman blocks it, charging shot to the chest. Avalanche in the corner again, and hoists him up – ‘Running’ Powerslam! Nearfall?! Dang. Lashley with a HUGE Spinebuster! Hits both ropes, Spear! And he gets the win!

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Huh! That was unexpected, seemed like a sure thing that we were setting up that triple threat, but no. Lashley looking strong as can be going into a singles match for the title now. And he puts the Hurt Lock on Strowman afterwards for good measure. Miz tries to attack from behind with the WWE title but MVP is able to give him the heads up, Lashley counters with a Spinebuster! Runs right through him with a spear! Lashley stands tall as the show goes to a close.

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