AEW Dynamite Recap & Results

Another Wednesday brings another edition of the AEW Dynamite Recap! As always I’ll be giving you the live play-by-play of the show as it airs. Let’s get to it!

Jon Moxley making his way out for our opening match!

Jon Moxley vs. Ryan Nemeth

Nemeth runs at Mox but eats a huge slap! Mox clobbering him around the ring. Nemeth fights back, knees to the gut. Hits the ropes, Mox ducks a shot, High Angle Back Suplex! Moxley wrenching on the arm, big chop. Nemeth with a boot up. Whip reversed in the corner, Nemeth with a shoulder thrust. To the adjacent corner, Mox with a clothesline, but Nemeth with a dropkick! Looks for a neckbreaker, Moxley counters it into a full nelson for a moment, slowly transitions to the Paradigm Shift!

Winner: Jon Moxley

Quick one there to open the AEW Dynamite Recap, no surprise for Mox though a bit rare for the AEW opener.

Moxley sits a chair in the middle of the ring.

Says when he woke up in the morning without the AEW World Championship, he knew he’d do whatever it took for as long as it took to get back to the top and take the hill. Turns out it’s exactly what he’ll have to do.

He asks what images come to your mind when you hear the words ‘Exploding… Barbed Wire… Deathmatch’? Fire, blood, burns, torture, agony. Maybe some Japanese wrestling magazines. Do you feel disgusted, revolted? Do your palms sweat, do your hands shake? Or do you get a sick thrill? Mox says he’s made every bad choice you can think of. He’s an addict, he’s addicted to this, being in the ring and living close to the flame. He’s addicted to the burning in the bottom of his soul and laying his soul bare in the middle of the ring, eh can’t get enough!

As he says this he stands and tosses the chair away. Says the idea of the Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch is too much for him to resist, even if it is a trap. Says Kenny is not the first, he’s part of a long, sad line of guys to try and take him out. He says everyone who has stuck by him through everything, they will know that when it’s all said and done, he’s given them everything that he has. And if it is all over, it seems like a perfect way, a hell of a way to go out.

Great promo, AEW Dynamite Recap rolls on!

Lance Archer and Rey Fenix are backstage with Alex Marvez.

Talks about the upcoming Face of the Revolution ladder match which so far includes Cody Rhodes, Penta and Scorpio Sky. The two of them will face off tonight in a qualifier. Archer says they made a great team but that’s all because of him. Shouldn’t even have to qualify, he’ll beat Fenix’s ass tonight. Fenix responds in Spanish. Archer demands Marvez translate and he tells him that Fenix said he’s the worst partner he ever had. A fight kicks up, they’re quickly separated.

We see footage of the Bucks arriving with their parents backstage.

Varsity Blondes vs. Brian Cage & Ricky Starks

Starks and Pillman stark. Lock-up. Ricky with a wrist lock. Brian rolls through, upkick from the mat! Takes him to the face corner. Garrison tags in, works over the arm himself. Quick tags now. Starks trying to fight up but he gets taken from the ring, Pillman with a baseball slide! Takes him into the irng, La Magistral Cradle for a nearfall. Takes Ricky to the corner for a big chop. Charges, taken to the apron. Big punch, wants to springboard but Starks knocks him to the floor!

Cage on the outside powerbombs Pillman into the post! Might’ve hit the steps on the way down too, damn. Takes him into the ring, commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will resume! We come back in time to see Cage using Pillman like a weight, tosses him over his head with the world’s most casual Fallaway Slam! Starks tags in. Nails Pillman in the corner. Starks with a beautiful Missile Dropkick, nearfall! Cage tags in, big uppercut. Starks in, wicked uppercut, snapmare.

Acts like he’s about to attack Pillman but he hits a cheap shot on Garrison. But when he turns back, Pillman avoids a shot, makes the tag! Griff Garrison is running wild!!! Running all over the place, big Stinger Splash on Starks, WILD tope on Cage! Wheelbarrow Facebuster on Starks, Cage breaks it up. But he gets deposited, Powerbomb/Missile Dropkick combo for a clooose nearfall! Cage with a blind tag, Starks with a big spear to Garrison, Discus Clotheslien from Cage to Pillman! Drill Claw lands! And that’s the match.

Winners: Brian Cage & Ricky Starks

Very good match! Teams developing nicely.

Lights go out as the heels celebrate. We see a video of a car dragging a body bag. Sting is the driver. The bag opens and Darby sits up out of it, half his face painted to match Sting. Sting makes his way out to the stage now dragging a body bag behind him. He opens it – and it’s Taz’s soon Hook! Sting points to the rafters… DARBY ALLIN RAPELS DOWN ON A ZIPLINE! He’s carrying his skateboard, nails Starks and Cage with it when he lands! Sting in the ring, attacking Cage. Stinger Splash!! Hooks him – Scorpion Deathdrop! My goodness.

Miro, Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford are having an interview with Tony Schiavone. Says the Best Friends destroyed the wedding. Miro says Kip and Ford couldn’t even have their honeymoon thanks to Orange Cassidy and Charles the Butler. Miro says he likes Charles, he’s a nice man, he’s very organized. He wants to tell him that he can come back, come home, forgive but not forget. he’ll always have him under his wing, don’t like Orange guide him. As he says this, someone hands Tony a note.

It says “Will you wrestle us? Y/N/Maybe”. Miro says this is exactly what he’s talking about. He angrily chews up the note and spits it out. Up next on the AEW Dynamite Recap.

Jake Hager vs. Brandon Cutler

Cutler comes at him quick, pounding him with forearms until Hager sends him flying with a deadlift German Suplex! And another! Hard body shots in the corner. Hager with a big boot! Hager Bomb! Back body drop dodged with a kick! Cutler on the apron, boot off a charge, low bridge sends Hager to the floor! Tope Suicida! And right back in the ring for a Tope Con Hilo! Takes the big man in the ring, Springboard Crossbody attempted but Hager catches him out of the air, Powerslam! Hager hits the ropes a couple of times for a huge lariat and that’s all!

Winner: Jake Hager

As Hager celebrates, Santana, Ortiz and Wardlow rush to the ring to stomp Cutler until the Young Bucks emerge! Stereo Superkicks to Santana and Ortiz, Hager scrambles out of the ring to avoid one for him. Matt Jackson on the mic, demands Jericho and MJF get out here right now! And their music hits!

But they eventually appear on the tron, they’re backstage in front of the truck with the Bucks’ pictures on it. They have Papa Buck backstage covered in pretty fake looking blood. Jericho throws him facefirst into the truck! MJF does the same and the blood gets on the faces of Matt and Nick’s pictures, that’s a good visual. Max and Jericho bolt it before the Bucks can get to them, make an escape in an SUV.

After a commercial break, Papa Buck is loaded into an ambulance. Interestingly, the Good Brothers and Nick Jackson climb in there with him but Matt stays behind. Up next on the AEW Dynamite Recap…

Isiah Kassidy vs. Hangman Page

TH2 follow Matt Hardy and Isiah Kassidy out there. Marq Quen’s absence is becoming more noticeable all the time. As the bell rings, Page is stomping a mudhole in Kassidy. Whip, Kassidy ducks a line, catches a Crossbody, Fallaway Slam, kip-up! Kassidy tries fighting back with rights, whip to the corner – Page explodes out with a big lariato! Page with a forearm, whip to a corner. Kassidy with a boot up off a charge, comes off the second rope but a big boot out of the air sends him to the floor! Tope wipes Kassidy clean out!

Page sends Kassidy into the barricade, clotheslines him over the dasherboard! Gets in Matt Hardy’s face for a bit. Slides in and out of the ring to reset the count, drags Kassidy over the barricade and to the floor. Ruthless chop! Wants to Powerbomb him through a table, Kassidy slips out to the ring. TH2 distracts the referee as Matt Hardy pulls Page down from the apron to prevent the Buckshot, he posts him! Page’s shoulder got dinged there. Silver & Reynolds rush out to talk to the ref and convince her to eject Matt Hardy! Match goes on with Kassidy in control though. Snapmare, arm wringer as he’s now focused on the dinged up shoulder.

Commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will continue when the show does!

As we come back, Kassidy has a double wrist lock applied. Page fights out of it, gets taken to the apron, Kassidy with a forearm. Tries to yank him into the ropes but Page reverses and does it to him instead! Silver and Reynolds cheering Page to his feet. Hangman with a boot as Kassidy charges. Page into the ring, Rolling Elbow! Whip, Kassidy thwarts it, enziguri! Hits the ropes, Page does as well, catches him out of the air with a Death Valley Driver!!

Page with a huge clothesline in the corner, drags him out with a snapmare. Sliding Lariat dodged, Kassidy with a chop, wants a suplex but Page counters with a Brainbuster! Close nearfall! Pulls Kassidy up, Kassidy with a couple of enziguris, Poison Rana! Nearfall, Kassidy with a Cross Armbreaker variant! Page rolls over and grabs the bottom rope for the break. Page monkey flips Kassidy to the apron essentially, nails him when he tries to grab him.

Springboard Clothesline attempted but Kassidy counters by guillotining his arm on the top rope! Gets into a quick shoving match the Dark Order, crazy athletic double springboard but Page catches him, manuevers him into the Dead Eye! And that’s the match!

Winner: Hangman Page

We hear Hardy’s voice over the PA. Says Page chose the Dark Order over him. He’ll make him suffer and he’ll punish everyone in the Dark Order too. We see Matt Hardy drag Alan Angels aka V out onto the stage, just long enough to throw him from the stage through a table! He rushes off as his friends come to tend to him.

Kenny Omega, Don Callis and some handymen are working with power tools. Callis says they’re working on the Moxley Extermination Chamber. Kenny sounds quite sadistic as he daydreams about Mox triggering a tripwire and going boom.

Up next on the AEW Dynamite Recap…

AEW Women’s World Title Eliminator: Nyla Rose vs. Britt Baker

Lock-up. Nyla shoves her to the mat. Lock-up again, Britt with a side headlock. Rose wants a back suplex but it’s blocked. Shoves her away, shoulder block. Body slam! And another! Baker powders. And it looks like she plans on just outright leaving. She’s throwing trash cans around throwing a fit. Nope she does come back, into the ring, kick to the gut, Nyla seemed to be caught napping a bit. But Baker charges right into a Samoan Drop.

Nyla positions Britt in the corner, yells she’s gonna break her leg again, gets a running start for the Cannonball but Rebel pulls her to safety. Still Nyla in control, Military Press! Kicks her out of the ring. Nyla pursues, Britt pulls her right into the post! Baker positions her arm outside the barricade, stomps on it. Commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will resume soon.

We come back with a Superplex, Rose bringing Baker down!

We see that Britt exposed the turnbuckle during the commercial. Rebel on the apron to try and stop Nyla but she gets chokeslammed right onto the apron! Plants Baker, cover for a nearfall! Looking for the Beast Bomb, Baker escapes, big boot! Rebel hands Baker the surgical glove. Baker preparing for Lockjaw but Rose grabs her, Chokeslam! Rebel tries to run-in but gets nailed, sent to the corner, Cannonball!

Charge, Baker sends Rose into the exposed buckle! Britt takes her into a Lockjaw attempt but Nyla powers out of it, fireman’s carry slam! Cover for a 2 count! Baker with a series of superkicks, cover for a nearfall – right into Lockjaw! Nyla biting at the hand to prevent it from being cinched in, battles free! Huge right hand! deadlifts her for a HARD Beast Bomb! Nearfall?! Do what?! “This Is Awesome” chant as Rose has to drag Baker to her feet,hoists her up, Baker slips free, Superkick blocked, second Beast Bomb for the win!

Winner: Nyla Rose

Quite the fight!

Video package for the FTR vs. Jurassic Express feud, recapping the nasty stuff that Dax, Cash and Tully have done to them.

And now our main event here on the AEW Dynamite Recap…

Lance Archer vs. Rey Fenix (Face Of Revolution Ladder Match Qualifier)

Archer mocking the size difference. Rey not happy. Chops him to no affect. Kick blocked, Archer flips him, knee lift to the gut, whip, Fenix bounces off the ropes, Hook Kick deflected. Archer with a shot, whip, second Rebound Hook Kick also blocked. Whip to the corner, Fenix leaps to the second rope, Flying Rana! Handspring – Archer blocks it and yanks him to the mat! Bashes him into the buckle. Ripping at the mask. Pulls him up, Fenix low bridges him to the outside – WILD Tope Con Hilo through the ropes! Rey sends himself exploding past the barrricade!

Fenix goes up top as Archer stands. But Jake Roberts intervenes and trips him to the ramp behind the ref’s back! So instead Fenix leaps right over Roberts into a crazy Flip Tope onto Archer! Overhand Chops to the chest! Archer responds with one though and it sends him reeling! Nails him to the floor. Commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will conclude soon!

And we’re back!

Archer is dragging Fenix up by the mask. Rey with body shots, he looks like he’s had a rough one. Chops but very little effect, Archer with big forearms stops him. Pulls him to the center, bashes him in the face. Pulls him to his feet, Fenix with a series of chops just bouncing off, Archer fires back with one. Chokeslam attempted but Fenix with a kick out of the air. Taken to the apron, Fenix tries a Springboard, Archer attempts a chokeslam, Fenix lands on his feet on the apron but Archer with a lariat flips him facefirst onto the apron!!! Damn!

Archer goes out there and throws Fenix into the barricade! And another one sending him in hard! Archer takes Fenix against the dasherboards, charges, Cannonball! He smiles deviously, clearly having fun with this. “This Is Awesome” chant as Archer drags Fenix up and into the ring. Pulls him up and tosses him with a suplex! Archer takes him up top, Blackout atttempted but Fenix escapes behind him! German blocked, shot ducked, takes him to the corner, Tiger Feint Kick to the gut!

Top Rope Diving Footstomp to the back of the head, Archer’s down!

Cover for two! Goes for a shoulder breaker, Archer counters with a huge German Suplex! Grabs him by the wrist. there’s the Rope Walk into the Moonsault Press for a nearfall! Archer takes him to the ropes, shot to the back, Fenix firing back, chops finally starting to stagger him, forearm to the face in the corner! Whip reversed, Archer power whips him into the buckle! Shoulder thrust, Fenix drops. Corner charge sidestepped, Step-Up Enziguri, dodges a kick, up top, Rope Run Punt to the head! Cover for a nearfall!

Fenix stomping his face, Second Rope Moonsault, Archer rolls out of the way, Fenix lands on his feet, rolls backwards into a Cutter! Beautiful! Cover for a 1 count, damn! Archer forces Fenix up top, Fisherman’s Buster for a close nearfall! Archer drags him up top, looking for a Super Chokeslam! Fenix blocking it, SPANISH FLY ON THE BIG MAN!!! Jesus! Close nearfall! Fenix brings him up, hoists him onto his shoulders, Archer rips at the mask to escape! Fenix with a series of hook kicks, strikes, hits the ropes but Archer sends him flying with the Pounce!! Drags him up, Buckle Bomb! HIIIIGH Chokeslam! Close nearfall!! Coming up on the TV time limit here. Archer takes Fenix up top, Blackout! PLANTS HIM! Gets the three count in the nick of time!

Winner: Lance Archer

Very unique match-up, very cool to see, strong main event. Archer pulls Fenix up by the mask afterwards for a very exhausted fist bump as the show goes off the air.

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