AEW Dynamite Recap & Results

It’s that time again, AEW Dynamite is soon upon us and it’s a special one. Subtitled ‘The Crossroads’, it’s a card that features one of the most hyped up TV matches of the year across the entire wrestling world. As always I’ll be giving the live written play-by-play of the show as it airs. So watch this space for the AEW Dynamite Recap!

And we begin with the historic match in question!

Cody Rhodes & Red Velvet vs. Shaq & Jade Cargill

Cody and Shaq start. Lock-up, Cody with a wristlock. Shaq shoves him to the mat with ease. Shaq shows off his footwork with a shuffle of the feet. Lock-up, Cody takes him to the corner, chop! Shaq reverses, LOUD chop! Damn! Clubbering blow to the back. Whip, back body drop! Rough housing blows in the corner, knee to the gut. Cody selling it big. Another wicked chop. Winds up yet one more but Jade tags herself in, surprising him.

Velvet in to face off with her of course. Jade with a kick, whip to the corner, Velvet floats over but Jade gets her on her shoulders. Velvet escapes, wants an O’Connor Roll but it’s blocked – Jade with a Pump Kick! Velvet ducking big shots, kick to the gut, hook kick to the face but Jade with a huge forearm right back! Chokes her in the corner, Biel Throw! Jade goes down and starts doing push-ups, crowd counts along with them. Cargill throws her to the corner. Velvet with a boot up off a charge, goes up top. Crossbdoy but Jade rolls through, big Fallaway Slam into a kip-up!

Jade facewashes Cody, so Cody knocks Shaq off the apron. At ringside, Shaq gets hit in the back with a chair by either Austin or Colton Gunn, Shaq drags them both out of the crowd and body slams them, then one for QT Marshall for good measure. Red Velvet with a Triangle Moonsault onto the field! Takes Jade into the ring, few shots but Jade reverses a whip, double leg. Cinches on a figure four leglock! Velvet struggles across and gets the ropes.

Cargill goes out of the ring, pulls out a table.

Sets it up. Velvet goes out there with her and slams her face into the table, throws her back into the ring. Velvet decides to pull out a second table! Back into the ring though, Dragon Whip lands. Men tag back in. Shaq taunts Cody by offering a Test of Strength. Cody grabs the hand and nails him. But Shaq fights back, PLANTS him with a big Powerbomb! Cody with an uppercut form the mat takes him by surprise, big lariat drops him! Women tag back in, exchange hard strikes. Velvet with a Leg Lariat.

Hits the ropes, OPENING MATCH SPINEBUSTER counter from Jade! Cody pulls her off the cover. Cody dodges a punch from Shaq, nails him, hits the ropes – CROSSBODY SENDS CODY AND SHAQ OFF THE APRON AND THROUGH BOTH TABLES!!!! Jade is stunned by what she sees. Velvet with a spear when she turns around, cover for a nearfall! Jade powers her up, Velvet escapes but Jade blocks an elbow, Glam Slam, roll into the cover and the win!

Winners: Shaq & Jade Cargill

That went places!

Shaq seems entirely knocked out afterwards and ends up loaded into an ambulance. Schiavone visits the ambulance after a commercial and opens the door to get an update, but he’s gone!

Next up on the AEW Dynamite Recap…

PAC & Rey Fenix vs. John Skyler & D3

PAC and Fenix run wild with charging shots. Fenix with his roperun punt, PAC with a big corkscrew tope! Rey Fenix hits Wasteland on Skyler, PAC with a 450 Splash! Fenix with the Fenix Driver for the win!

Winners: PAC & Rey Fenix

Just a quickie, nice to see these two looking so strong.

Chris Jericho and MJF come out with Wardlow behind them.

The AEW Revolution Press Conference is up next on the AEW Dynamite Recap!

After a commercial break we have Dasha I think on the podium. Barstool Sports folks here to play the role of the inquiring press. Jericho starts by saying it’s been one year since he lost the AEW World title and it’s time he has a championship again. As great as he is as a solo act, he is also a seven time world tag team champion, holding gold with the likes of Dwayne Johnson and Paul Wight! Says it’s time for them to beat the hell out of the Young Bucks just like they did their stupid father.

Conrad Thompson appears, says when the fighting is over, what are their odds of letting Sammy Guevara back in the Inner Circle. Jericho and MJF both explode in rage and yell at him to leave. Another Barstool Sports guy appears and asks why they attacked Papa Buck. MJF says he was not a martyr, he attacked Chris Jericho last week. What they did was in self-defense! The real tragedy was getting his backyard blood on his custom suit! He says his clothes don’t come from Target, which prompts a “Target” chant.

Max says it wasn’t their idea to attack Papa Buck. Santana says it wasn’t a smart idea bringing their bitchass pops here, knowing that there isn’t a line the Inner Circle wouldn’t cross. Chris asks for the next question. Eric Bischoff is next up, this worked out last time. Directs a question to Chris Jericho, does he know the condition of Papa Buck and in his list of stupid ideas, where does motivating the Young Bucks to come at him with a vengeance rank?

Jericho tells Eric B to shut his mouth. They don’t know Papa Buck’s condition and they don’t really care.

Young Bucks’ music hits!

Nick says they knew they’d try to hurt them and their friends, they never thought they’d hurt their father. They made this personal. Matt says their dad taught us about empathy, compassion, faith and love. He did all the things that Max and Chris’ dads apparently failed at. “Papa Buck” chant. Matt says their dad encouraged their dream so much that he built them a ring in their backyard with his own bare hands.

That DIY spirit is what created the Young Bucks, Being The Elite and this very company. Without their dad, there wouldn’t be the Young Bucks, there probably wouldn’t be an AEW. Which means MJF would still be waiting for a call back from the Rosie O’Donnel show and Chris Jericho would be jerking the curtain at the Performance Center. Matt says their dad taught them about faith and love and standing up for yourself, and sometimes that means kicking ass. Double Superkick ensues! Big brawl kicks up in the ring, Bucks superkick Santana and Ortiz as well.

Gallows and Anderson come out with a table. They setup Ortiz on the table on the stage, and Santana on a table at ringside! Nick flies off the tunnel as Matt leaps off the stage, putting P-N-P through tables simultaneously!

Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley video package hyping up the brutality of the Barbed Wire Deathmatch airs. Atsushi Onita gets a cameo talking it up, he has quite a bit of history with such matches.

Up next on the AEW Dynamite Recap…

FTR vs. Jurassic Express

Tully Blanchard has his old robe on, is wearing a US title belt and brought JJ Dillon in to manage him! Tully and Marko start and Tully powers him into the corner for knees. Tags to Dax and Jungleboy. Lock-up, Dax takes Jungle into the corner. Forearm, chop. Uppercut to the jaw! Jungleboy fights back, chops of his own, whip, series of leapfrogs, dropkick! Cash comes in but gets a dropkick! Tully considers going in but thinks better of it.

German Suplex to Cash, drop toe holds Dax for the Snare Trap but Dax grabs the ropes and Cash pulls Jungleboy to the outside. Jungleboy ducks a line, trips him for the Snare Trap on the floor! Cash is tapping. Ref is dealing with this, JJ Dillon hands Dax something. Jungleboy slides back in, Dax nails him with the shoe! Cover for a nearfall! Drives Jungle into the buckle, Tully tags back in. Nails Jungleboy to the floor, hits the ropes to tease a tope but turns it into a strut instead. Tag to Dax who clobbers Jungle on the outside.

Commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will resume when the show does!

Cash with a big forearm to Jungleboy as we come back, body slam. Wants a Vader Bomb but Jungle with the boots up! Luchasaurus tags in, big kicks to everybody, wild uppercut to Cash. Tully comes in but Luchasaurus throws Marko onto him for the crossbody! FTR double teaming Luchasaurus, Lucha with a pump kick, GERMAN SUPLEX ONTO BOTH MEN! And a kip up! Dax sends Lucha into the ringpost though, up top – Jungle with a Super Rana sends him into a Luchasaurus Powerslam!

Jungle with a baseball slide, getting momentum but a blind tag lets FTR take advantage, Superplex, Frog Splash for a nearfall! Cash with a German Suplex for a nearfall, Dragon Suplex, bridge but Marko with a splash breaks it up! Tully in to grab Stunt, Slingshot Suplex! Luchasaurus considers chokeslamming him but thinks better of it, Tail Whips him instead! Jurassic Express lands, nearfall! Jungleboy with a big tope but one of the ring crew is in the way to intercept it! Luchasaurus slowly enters the ring, crewman attacks him on his way in! Spike Piledriver lands, Tully covers him for the win!

Winners: FTR

Crewman steps into the ring. Unmasks and it’s Shawn Spears, he’s back! And they finally paired up Tully’s guys!

Tony Schiavone on the stage for our next segment as the AEW Dynamite Recap rolls on. He plugs AEW Dark: Evolution and introduces his broadcast partner for the show – Paul Wight! Man this is a strange sight. “No More BS” chant as the people clearly enjoy his catchphrase.

Wight says raise your hand if you saw this turn coming! Says you have no idea how happy he is to be in AEW. Says he started out on TNT and to get the chance to come back is an unbelievable opportunity. Wight says him and Tony will be heading up the new show, he’ll do a chance to do a passion of his and be a color commentator, talking up the great AEW talent. Just to show that he’s taking his job seriously, he’s got a big scoop. Says this Sunday at Evolution haha, AEW will reveal a big time hall of fame level signing. It’s not who you think, but he knew first!

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AEW Women’s World Title Eliminator Grand Finals: Nyla Rose vs. Ryo Mizunami

Lock-up! Both trying to overpower each other. Ryo ducks a shot, clobbers her. Hits the ropes, shoulder tackle but Nyla stands her ground! And again! Forearms exchanged. Ryo wins out, whips, reversed, Nyla with the big shoulder tackle! Ryo with the big back body drop, charging forearm in the corner, chops ensue! Tons and tons of them Koji style! Charging clothesline and takes Nyla down, cover, Rose just shoves her right off. Takes her down, half senton, nearfall! Commercial break as Nyla continues wearing her down.

When we come back, Ryo looking for a suplex but Nyla counters with a body slam! Steps over her, climbs to the top rope. Senton Bomb but Ryo dodges and she crashes and burns! Ryo psyching herself up. Low bridge sends Rose to the apron, hits the ropes, shoulder thrust sends Rose to the floor! Ryo shaking the ropes. Goes out to pull Rose to her feet, Rose drives her into the apron to block a suplex. Nyla goes up to the apron but Ryo clips the leg!

Ryo up top, Guillotine Legdrop onto the apron!

Rose staggers and falls to the floor, this is a callback to Mizunami’s match with Aja Kong where she won by count out. Nyla struggling to her feet. Makes it in just in time, but Ryo was ready on the second rope, Flying Legdrop for a nearfall! Exchange of lariats! Nyla wins out, hits the ropes, Ryo blocks a shot, series of lariats of her own, neither going down here. Ryo hits the ropes, Rose NAILS her with one big final lariato to take her down, Death Valley Driver for a close nearfall! “This Is Awesome” chant, Rose hangs Ryo on the top rope. Rose up top! Diving knee drop to the back of the head, cover for the nearfall!

Beast Bomb attempted, Mizunami fights out – HUGE Saito Suplex!! Ryo up top, Nyla cuts her off. Looking for a superplex! And she lands it, plants her hard! Cover for a nearfall, Ryo THROWS her with a German Suplex, she went sailing! Big Spear! Ryo positions her, goes up top! Guillotine Legdrop! And that is that!

Winner: Ryo Mizunami

Boy you sure don’t see a lot of women’s matches quite like that one in America. Just a straight up hoss fight and an exciting one at that, great showing for Ryo here, quite the explosion back into AEW for her too.

Hikaru Shida takes the trophy into the ring to present her with it. Shida offers a handshake, Ryo takes it, cheap shot forearm! But Shida’s still up and it turns into a strong style fight with a big exchange of forearms! Shida drops the winded Ryo, that is certainly something to take into this Revolution match.

AEW Dynamite Recap resumes! Now Tony Schiavone in the ring to introduce once again, Sting!

Tony talks up Sting’s fight against Team Taz last week. He says it evolves all the time, he thought he was ready until Cage powerbombed him two weeks ago. It didn’t tickle but it shook off all the rust, he feels like he’s ready for a Street Fight!

Ricky Starks walks out with mic. Says every week they’ve gone back and forth but last week we saw something we didn’t see in ages, we saw fire from Sting. And he has to admit, that he’s still got it. But he still stands by what he says and it’s that he is no icon. Starks slaps him across the face, Sting nails him, whip to the corner, he rebounds off, big lariato! Corner whip, Stinger Splash! Grabs the ankles, Scorpion Deathlock cinched in!

Powerhouse Hobbs and Hook rush out to grab him and pull him off. Sting is fending them off until Brian Cage rushes out! He attacks Sting from behind, wants another Powerbomb but this time Darby Allin rushes out for the save, pulls Cage off, forces him to the corner, another Stinger Splash, Darby off the second rope with a Missile Dropkick! Faces standing tall.

Up next on the AEW Dynamite Recap…

Face Of The Revolution Ladder Match Qualifier: Ten vs. Max Caster

Ten with a jacknife cover for a very swift 2 count! Caster with a kick, Ten whips him, Caster with a shoulder tackle. Scorpio Sky on commentary is acting like a smug heel, that’s weird. Ten with a clothesline, Caster shoots him off of a headlock. Ten with a crossbody for a 2 count! Corner Ten Punches, Caster slips free after five, but a charge gets side stepped, and he finishes, of course he has to get to ten! Clotheslines him to the floor. Ten goes out there with him, Caster reverses a whip and I think posts him, Basement Dropkick! Commercial break.

We come back to see Ten with a series of clotheslines, back body drop. Caster with a back elbow off a charge, Caster rushes in and eats a Spinebuster! Ten knocks him around until Caster reverses with a snap suplex, up top, Ten avoids the Frog Splash! Corner charge, Caster with the boot up, wants a rana but Ten yanks him off for the big powerbomb! Nearfall! Ten in control but Jack Evans with a run-in behind the ref’s back, nails Ten with the boombox! Caster covers for the win!

Winner: Max Caster

Huh, I really thought Ten was taking that somehow.

Afterwards we see Big Money Matt Hardy hand Evans a payment of $4200.

Miro backstage says he tried to protect Charles but he’s making him hurt him. This Sunday everyone who has been waiting for Miro to stop playing games will finally get their wish. Yells that it’s game over!

Matt Hardy & Marq Quen vs. Hangman Page & John Silver

Silver and Quen start. Quen with a fireman’s carry, Matt with a cheap shot. Heels isolate Silver until he makes it to tag Hangman. He wants at Matt but Matt hurriedly tags back out to Quen and makes him fight him instead, much to Page’s chagrin. Commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will conclude when we come back. We come back to see Silver attempt a Military Press on Quen but he slips free, takes him to the apron, chokes him on the rope. Matt Hardy with an illegal Side Effect onto the apron whilst the ref is distracted!

Matt tags in, takes over on Silver. Mounted punches. Quen tags in, knees and elbows to the back. Stomps him into the buckles. Grinds the boot into his chin. Body slam. Tag to Matt, goes up top, goes flying at him, Silver with a roundhouse kick! Standing Sliced Bread on Hardy! Tag to Page, Hardy again tags out, Page with a big series of clotheslines, whip to the ropes, Quen ducks a shot but gets planted with a MAIN EVENT SPINEBUSTER! Quen with a kick to the kneecap, corner whip, Matt holds Page in place, but he breaks free and Quen nails Matt to the floor! Page with a lariat to Quen, Tope to Hardy and he’s pounding on him!

Back in the ring, Quen takes over briefly. Page reverses, tosses him to the corner, wants Matt to tag in. he outright refuses, even rolling Quen back towards him. But Quen escapes a Page suplex. Has to tag out, Hardy’s Twist of Fate is blocked, Page low bridges Quen to the outside, Silver tags himself in. DRIVING Spear to Hardy! Brainbuster for a nearfall! Quen takes out Page on the outside, tag to Quen, Missile Dropkick to SIlver! Silver tags to Page, combination of elbows and enziguris, Page with a Pop-Up Powerbomb, Silver with a German Suplex, Page with the Buckshot Lariat! Hardy again leaps to the floor and walks off as Page covers Quen for the win.

Winners: Hangman Page & John Silver

Silver gives Page a big hug in celebration. Matt Hardy attacks from behind with a mic, pounding on Page! But the rest of the Dark Order emerges to make the save! But this sets up for the big pier six brawl with all the teams in the Tag Team Casino Royale as the show goes off the air!

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