AEW Revolution 2021

Another All Elite Wrestling quarterly PPV is upon us. AEW Revolution 2021 begins shortly! As always I’ll be with you throughout the night to give you the live play-by-play of the show in written form as it airs! So stick with us here for the AEW Revolution 2021 Recap!

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Britt Baker makes her way out to start the show. She has a mic, says her partner and assistant Reba was attacked by Nyla Rose and is therefore injured. She thinks it’s ridiculous that her own doctor’s note wasn’t enough to verify this but she found the team doctor for the Jags and got it verified. So we introduce Britt’s mystery partner… IT’S MAKI ITOH! I sure didn’t think she’d be here! She gets a noticeable pop and sings her way to the ring.

Britt Baker & Maki Itoh vs. Riho & Thunder Rosa

Britt starts off with Riho. Lock-up, Riho with a wristlock takedown. Wristlock kept on. Baker fights up, snapmare, side headlock but Riho reverses and gets the wrist again. Baker escapes into the apron for the break. Riho with a spinning headscissor takedown. Simultags to Thunder Rosa and Maki Itoh. Maki’s already fairly over. Flips everyone off. Lock-up, Rosa with a waistlock. Itoh reverses into a side headlock. Rosa with a Fujiwara Armbar, middle finger of her own to Britt.

Back up, Rosa shoots her off, shoulder block meets in the middle. Shoulder tackles keep not having any effect. Exchange of elbows, Rosa with a wicked chop! Rosa with a buncha pounding elbows until Itoh falls to her knees. Itoh starts to cry, only to stomp Rosa’s foot! Hits the ropes, Rosa with a shoulder tackle. Whip reversed into the corner, Itoh with a charging body block. Gran Naniwa Bulldog. Spin and pose.

Corner Ten Punches begin but Rosa reverses and sends her into the buckle. Tag to Riho, Snap Suplex from Rosa, Riho gets sent onto a splash, cover for a close 2 count! Riho gets Itoh in the ropes, Tiger Feint Kick for another close nearfall! Takes Itoh to the corner, Rosa tags in, snapmare, 2 count. Facelock, Riho with a Basement Dropkick, Rosa covers for a nearfall.

Riho tags in, exchange of forearms from the Joshi!

Riho just absorbs Itoh’s shots, kick to the gut, hits the ropes but Baker trips Riho and pulls her out of the ring! Ref is distracted, Reba helps take Riho into the ring. Itoh wants the Kokeshi but Riho rolls out of the way! Baker tags in, cravat. Knees to the face, until she drops. Butterfly Suplex, cover for a narrow nearfall. Chokes her against the rope. Itoh back in, snapmare, camel clutch. Riho grabs the ropes, Itoh holds on for a while. Whip to the corner, Riho escapes a charge, Hot Shot! Crossbody, Itoh rolls through for a 2 count!

Simultags. Rosa with a series of forearms, clothesline! Charging corner clothesline, Pullover Meteora! Brutal dropkick, pulls her up, Butterfly Suplex! Positions her at the center. Rosa hits the ropes twice for a big Half Senton, nearfall! Itoh tags back in, Slingblade to Rosa, Kokeshi! Nearfall. Rosa with a Stunner! Riho tags in, clobbers Baker, High Knee to Itoh! Baker with a Superkick to Riho! Enziguri from Rosa to Baker! Itoh charges Rosa, gets the boot up. But Itoh with a Swinging DDT out of the corner! Rosa rolls to the apron but Itoh pulls her back to the center. She’s going up top as the crowd is chanting for her.

Diving Kokeshi but Rosa rolls out of the way, Riho wants a Meteora but Itoh reverses into a Single Leg Boston Crab!!! Helluva start to AEW Revolution 2021 here!

Riho is in biiig danger, grabs the ropes for the break! Exchange of forearms. Intensifies, Riho wins out, Itoh blocks a shot with her hard head! And a headbutt drops the both of them! Baker tags in, Air Raid Crash for a nearfall, Rosa has to break it up! Riho with an enziguri, tag to Rosa, Sunset Flip for a nearfall! Exchange of cradles on the mat, Baker with a spiking DT! Cover, Rosa rolls her into a crucifix for a nearfall! Reba up on the apron. Baker charges, Rosa avoids her, Britt takes out Reba by mistake! Death Valley Driver from Rosa, Itoh breaks it up! Rosa throws Itoh to the outside. Riho flies off the apron to take out Itoh, Rosa powering Baker up but she slips free. Shoves her into a Crutch Shot from Reba behind the ref’s back! Baker gets the pin!

Winner: Britt Baker & Maki Itoh

That was way stronger than I figured this match would be, very impressive stuff! Awesome to see Maki around here, she fits in beautifully.

AEW Revolution 2021 recap rolls on, the main card starts very soon!

And we’re off! Opener is the tag title match as was previously stated!

AEW World Tag Team Championship: The Young Bucks (c) vs. MJF & Chris Jericho

“Judas” sounds pretty damn loud tonight. Nick Jackson starts with Chris Jericho. Nick double legs him, pounding him. Max comes in to try and pull him off, Matt tackles him and pounds him too! Bucks battering the heels around ringside. MJF and Jericho take over and slam them into the barricades, smash the Bucks into one another. Heels throw them into the ring, bad move as the Bucks come right back out with Stereo Tope Suicidas! Take them into the ring, sunset flips into Sharpshooters!

MJF and Jericho locking hands to try and free themselves. Eventually Matt has to let go and go back to the corner, Jericho grabs the ropes for the break. Jericho fights back but Matt tags in, clears him with a Spear, double kick takes MJF to the floor! Nick tags in, they hang Jericho up for the big Senton Atomico! MJF breaks up the count.

MJF holds onto Nick on the apron, Jericho with a Springboard Dropkick takes him to the floor!

Jericho distracts the ref, MJF holding Nick down on the floor for stomps from Wardlow. Jericho with a big Back Suplex. Tag to Max. Double whip, Double Flapjack. Heels mocking the Bucks’ pose. Trying a double back suplex, Nick escapes, ducks two clotheslines, tag to Matt Jackson! Series of shots and chops to MJF, feints the Superkick, DDT! Hits the ropes but Wardlow low bridges him to the floor whilst the ref was checking on Max! Jericho with a Snap Suplex onto the floor! Wardlow with a kick to the face of Matt! Jericho takes Matt into the ring, MJF stomping Matt’s arm.

Isolation commences. Double Delayed Vertical Suplex! Cover for a 2 count. MJF with a side headlock. Matt trying to fight out but Max yanks the hair to bring him to the mat. Drop toe hold into the Front Chancery. Matt escapes but MJF takes Nick out on the apron to prevent the tag. Isolation on Matt continues. Jericho and MJF try a double team but Matt Jackson counters a double back body drop with a Double DDT!!

And there’s the tag to Nick Jackson!

Series of high kicks, Rising Knee in the corner to MJF, Bulldog/Clothesline combo! Running kick to Jericho on the apron, Pullover X-Factor to MJF, Asai Moonsault to Jericho, Pullover Canadian Destroyer!! Close nearfall!! MJF taken to the corner, Matt holds him in place for the Ospreay Superkick! Matt tags back in, Motor City Machine Guns Sliced Bread/Powerbomb combo, Matt with a cover for a nearfall! Jericho tags in but Matt spears him and pounding on him again. Matt hits the ropes, Jericho with a double leg for the Liontamer but Matt cradles him for a nearfall!

Superkick blocked, Judas Effect ducked, Superkick! Meltzer Driver attempted, Max holds onto Nick’s ankle. Jericho reverses on Matt for a Tombstone Piledriver, my God! Nick is unaware and flips in anyway, lands right in front of Jericho and he pulls him into the Liontamer!

Nick crawls over, Matt tags back in while he’s still in the hold! Wants a Superkick, Jericho catches it though and pulls HIM into the Liontamer instead!

Matt flips him onto the mat, pulls him up, Jericho wants a bulldog but Matt throws him into the buckles, MJF tags himself in, Backslide for a nearfall! MJF reverses a dropkick into a Sit-Out Powerbomb for a nearfall! Now Max just starts taunting him and yelling “SUCK IT” repeatedly. Matt yanks him up for the Meltzer, Nick comes flying but Jericho with a Codebreaker out of the air! MJF rolls Matt up for a cloooose nearfall! Wardlow distracts the ref, Jericho nails Matt in the back with the Floyd! HEATSEEKER FROM MJF! NEARFALL?!?! Damn that was convincing as Hell!

MJF forces Matt to the corner. Jericho tags back in. Clobbering Matt in the corner, double whip. Matt sidesteps a charge, Nick with the enziguri! Nick tags back in, goes up top! Nick with a Diving Crossbody in the ring as Matt with a Diving Crossbody takes out MJF on the floor! Wardlow grabs Nick from the apron, Jericho tries the Judas Effect but Nick avoids it and Jericho takes out Wardlow! Roll up for a clooose nearfall! Jericho with a big chop, tries a Lionsault but a Double Superkick out of the air stops that! BTE Trigger!! MJF breaks it up at the very last second!!

MJF eats a Superkick from one side! And then another! And another, the Bucks are kicking him back and forth! Finally a Stereo Superkick takes him down! And one for Jericho as well! Matt tags back in. Trying it one more time and they land it, the Meltzer Driver! And that is that!

Winners: The Young Bucks

Fantastic opener for the main card of AEW Revolution 2021!

And now we’ll see who the Bucks have to deal with next, because next up on the AEW Revolution 2021 Recap is…

Casino Tag Team Royale

First teams out are The Natural Nightmares and 5 & 10 of the Dark Order. 1:30 intervals for the other teams. Handshake at the start of the match. QT with a big punch to 10, Angels with a hook kick to QT! Dustin chopping 10 in the corner. These pairs keep brawling with each other, 5 with some ill-advised Corner Ten Punches, QT slips him to the apron but he hangs on. Pull-Over Lungblower to QT! 10 with a huge slam, double team clothesline to QT. Dark Order poses, Dustin with a double bulldog! Next team out is Proud-N-Powerful!

Immediate double teams to Dustin. Double Death Valley Driver of sorts to QT, faces get the comeback going. Angels with a crossbody to the back of Ortiz, QT with a quick Diamond Cutter to Angels and he tosses him! Alan Angels has been eliminated. Trying to throw out Santana as Matt & Mike Sydal come in next! Avoiding a double line from 10, chopping him down with leg kicks. Roundhouse kick from Matt drops him! Double Paige Turner!! Matt & Mike working over Santana to try and eliminate him. Dustin looking to kick 10 to the floor. Brawling all over the ring as the count ticks down…

Next team out is Evil Uno & Stu Grayson!

They go after Dustin with shoulder thrusts. Uno with a wicked Flatliner variant to Mike Sydal. He gets dumped by P-N-P, Mike Sydal has been eliminated. Grayson throws Ortiz into Uno for the Sit-Out Powerbomb! 10 follows up with a Spinebuster to Ortiz! Santana with a superkick, bringing down every member of Dark Order one by one! Gunn Club is out next! Colton with a series of clotheslines on his way in. Dropkick to Uno, Austin with a Quickdraw to Grayson! 10 with a big Spear though!

Matt Sydal taken to the apron by Ortiz, Santana with a big boot takes him to the floor! Sydal Brothers have been eliminated. AEW Revolution 2021 Recap rolls on as our next team comes out, it’s Pretty Peter Avalon and Cesar Bononi. Bononi nails everyone. They whip folks into each other’s chops, Bononi with a body slam, Avalon with a Basement Dropkick to Colton! QT saves Dustin from an elimination attempt at the hands of P-N-P. Brawl continues as the clock ticks down.

Varsity Blondes are out next!

They come in with high energy. Peter gets taken out with a Fameasser, Gunn Club throws Avalon to the floor! Peter Avalon has been eliminated. Gunn Club double teams Bononi and wants the elimination, QT surprises them and dumps them both! Gunn Club has been eliminated. Dustin is not happy to see this given the Nightmare Family ties. QT spits in Dustin’s face and eliminates himself! Okay. Bear Country are out now! Big men throwing everyone around with power moves! Stu tries to power one of them up, they slip free, Stu Grayson gets dumped to the floor! Stu Grayson has been eliminated.

Jurassic Express are our next team!

Running wild immediately, Luchasaurus with a Double Chokeslam to Varsity Blondes! Tries one on Uno and Vance too but they power him in to the corner. P-N-P try double teaming Jungle but he escapes, clotheslines Ortiz to the floor! Ortiz has been eliminated. Bononi clotheslines Jungleboy, poses, turns around into a Tail Whip from Lucha! He deposits him with ease! Bononi and Avalon are out of the running. Jungle low bridges Santana to the floor! P-N-P are eliminated! Evil Uno gets tossed over next too I think that means Uno and Grayson gone!

Butcher and Blade are out next! As they come out, Jack Evans appears from under the ring, yanks 10 off the apron! 5 & 10 are out! This has become very hard to cover. Bunny with interference helps pull Dustin to the floor too! Natural Nightmares officially eliminated.

Next up is Private Party, Isiah Kassidy is back!

Party clean house for a little while, drifts back to the brawl. SCU are the next team up! Double goozle avoided, Bear Country team up to deposit Luchasaurus! Luchasaurus is out! Butcher singlehandedly pulls the two big men over the top rope to the floor, Bear Country are gone! Bears are mad, pull Butcher out and attack him and before throwing him back in.

Finally out come PAC and Fenix! They are fast as Hell going after everybody, easily throwing out Blade and Marq Quin! Butcher nails them from behind, SCU going after him now. As the AEW Revolution 2021 Recap continues, things have settled down ever so slightly. Enough for me to have caught up atleast! Daniels tries dumping Fenix but he hangs on. We have the final Dark Order combo, Silver & Reynolds out now!

Big boot to Kazarian, slam to Daniels, Piledriver sends Jungle onto Daniels! Running high knee, enziguri to Kassidy, Double Flip DDT! And they toss Kassidy to the floor for the elimination! Private Party is out. SCU with a double back body drop sends Butcher to the floor. Butcher & Blade are eliminated!

It’s confirmed that we have the whole field now.

Daniels is next to get sent to the floor! Christopher Daniels is eliminated. Jungle fights with Reynolds on the apron, back body drop sends him all the way over the post to the floor! Alex Reynolds has been eliminated. PAC fights with Kazarian, spin kick, back body drop sends him to the floor! SCU is gone. Last four here now, PAC, Fenix, Silver and Jungleboy. Death Triangle the only full team. So they pick a pair, PAC going after Silver and Fenix going after Jungleboy. Silver sent to the apron, Fenix gets thrown into him, Silver baaaaarely holds on!

Fenix and Jungle both taken down, PAC and Silver squaring off! Silver wins out a forearm exchange, LONG series of roundhouse kicks! Hits the ropes, PAC sends him off for the Rebound German Suplex! PAC tries to throw him, Silver hangs on again! PAC charges, Silver with a boot from the apron! Fenix with a roperun kick, Silver finally drops to the floor! Silver & Reynolds are out.

Now it’s Jungleboy alone in there with PAC and Fenix! They double team him but Jungle low bridges PAC to the floor! PAC has been eliminated. Jungle and Fenix staring down! Jungle with a series of chops, big arm drag. Sliding clothesline missed, Jungle under the bottom rope to the floor. Fenix with a CRAZY between the ropes tope!! Throws Jungleboy back into the ring, refs stop Fenix momentarily, he goes up top and flies at him but Jungleboy with a Superkick out of the air! Tries to throw him out but Fenix rebounds through the ropes, for the Hook Kick! Clothesline sends Jungleboy to the outside, that is that!

Winners: PAC & Rey Fenix

Just a fantastic battle royal. And hot damn, Death Triangle against Young Bucks, that’s gonna be just incredible.

Paul Wight backstage talking about the new signing. Wants to give a hint. This particular talent, nobody can outwork them.

Up next on the AEW Revolution 2021 Recap…

AEW Women’s World Championship: Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Ryo Mizunami

Shida offers a handshake. Ryo takes it, goes for a cheap clothesline but Shida was ready and ducks it. Lock-up. Ryo shoots her off, shoulder block. Chop in the corner, and it leads to the Kojima chops! Wants a finishing one, Shida stops that, takes her to the corner for blows of her own but Ryo reverses and nails her with several more! Winds up for one last big chop! Posing around the ring. Turns around into a running rana! High knee takes Ryo to the apron, Shida on the floor for another big high knee!

Shida pulls a chair out from under the ring. Sits it up, launches off of it for the flying knee but Ryo catches her out of the air! Throws her over the barricade onto a group of plants! As the AEW Revolution 2021 Recap continues, Ryo pulls her back to ringside and then back into the ring. Legdrop to the back of the head, Shida grabs the leg and wants a Stump Puller, only for Ryo to counter with another legdrop! And now some rapid fire legdrops for a 2 count!

Camel Clutch. Shida gets the foot onto the bottom rope for the break. Ryo takes her to the corner, Shida with a floatover, headscissor driver into the buckle! Missile Dropkick, 2 count! Shida pulls her to her feet for a snap suplex, Ryo blocks it. Clotheslines her to the ramp. Shida with a high kick, drives her into the buckle. Pulls her up top, Ryo wants the superplex.

Shida slips free, pulls her onto her shoulders – transitions… DUDEBUSTER ON THE RAMP! Damn!

Ryo fights back up but Shida superplexes her into the ring! Nearfall! Kicks her around, getting in her face. Ryo with some forearms but Shida just takes them, responds and drops her! Ryo with a headbutt to the chest! Exchange of strong style strikes, Ryo with a series of blows, clothesline! And another! Pulls her up, Blue Thunder Driver for a nearfall! Shida crucifixes her into a forearm, Running Knee lands, Ryo fires back with a lariat, Shida with the Shining Wizard!! And they’re both out!

They lock hands. Fight their way up. Exchange of forearms just like on Dynamite. Shida with a series of them, Ryo nails her back though. Shida falls! Ryo pulls her up, Saito Suplex!! Big Spear! Now she’s going up top! Guillotine Legdrop! NEARFALL!! Pulls Shida to her feet for a suplex, Shida rolls through. Kick, Enziguri! Falcon Arrow blocked, Straitjacket Suplex lands! But Ryo fires right back up, big lariat to the back of the head! Shida with a Falcon Arrow! A very tired kipup!

Shining Wizard blocked, Shida with a series of kicks! Running knee to the back of the head! Yanks her up for a second Falcon Arrow! NEARFALL!! Hits the ropes, Ryo with a big lariato! Charge from opposite corners, Shida with a high knee! Ducks a line, eyepoke, inside cradle for a nearfall! Shining Wizard! RYO REVERSES THE PIN! NEARFALL!! That was cloooose! Enziguri, kickout at the very last second! Shida hoists her up, just plants her, another Shining Wizard or Tamashi and – no, another nearfall?! Shida is baffled. Corkscrew Knee Strike, stacks her up deep, finally puts an end to it!

Winner: Hikaru Shida

Very much a Japanese main event style match and a damn good one.

Nyla Rose runs in afterwards for the attack. Shida actually saves Mizunami. But Britt Baker and Maki Itoh rush out and join in for the beatdown! Thunder Rosa rushes out and the heels clear the ring.

AEW Revolution 2021 Recap rolls on. Chuck and Cassidy get a promo backstage but Miro and Kip jump them! Miro throws Chuck into a door, breaking glass in the process! And Miro demands his music play as him and Kip drag them out to the arena.

Miro with a mic yells at Chuck. Says he could’ve strapped a rocket to Charles’ back and sent him to the moon. He can make this stop, just say the word! Chuck’s bleeding from the arm. Says wait. Miro puts the mic to his mouth. He demands the bell!

Miro & Kip Sabian vs. Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy

Chuck stands and swings, Miro takes him down. Just pounding his face. Chuck seems to bleeding around the eye as well as the elbow. Kip tags in, Springboard Dropkick. Orange is just not out here right now, heels double teaming and isolating Chuck. Miro just pounding him with hard shot after hard shot. Kip tags in. Chuck with a boot up off a charge, rising knee! Crawls over for a tag but Cassidy’s not there yet. But now he’s staggering on out here, only to collapse on the stage.

Miro goes out there to attack him but it’s a trick – Orange kips up and flies at Miro with an Orange Punch!

Tags in, takes Sabian to the floor, Tope Suicida Elbow! Throws him into the ring, Top Rope Diving DDT! BEach Break attempted, Sabian blocks it, big Gutbuster! Sabian with a PK for a 2 count! Falcon Arrow, nearfall! Orange escapes from Kip’s shoulders, tag to Chuckie T, Beach Break/Diving Stomp combo! Chuck yanks Kip up, Stump Piledriver! Miro BARELY breaks it up! Ford distracts the ref as Miro steps up to Cassidy. Orange kicks ensue! Miro whips him but Cassidy with a Stundog Millionare! Orange Punch!

Miro stumbling around. Orange wants to hit the ropes, Penelope on the apron to distract. Miro seemingly deliberately throws Cassidy into her! Ref notes these aren’t the legal men. Kip is checking on Penelope. Miro forces him in, Kip immediately tags back out to continue checking on her, Chuck with a desperate roll up on Miro for a 2 count. Stomps him to the mat, Game Over locked in for the tap!

Winners: Miro & Kip Sabian

Some interesting stuff there for sure, very personal match.

AEW Revolution 2021 rolls on. Chris Jericho and MJF with a promo. Jericho announces the Inner Circle War Council. There’s gonna be big changes in this faction. MJF agrees.

Big Money Match: Matt Hardy vs. Hangman Page

Lock-up at the bell. Matt takes him to the corner, Hangman reverses, kicks and stomps him. Matt reverses a whip, wants a headlock but Page with a Back Suplex! Big chop. And another! Hardy with a punch, hits the ropes, crossbody, Hangman catches him, Fallaway Slam and a kip-up! Slips to the apron, wants the immediate Buckshot Lariat but Matt slips to the outside to avoid it! Hangman goes out there with him, drops him onto the barricade. Page stands on a railing, Flying Axehandle! Page drags him over the barricade, throws him into the ring. Hardy bails immediately though.

Page pursues, swings at him, Matt avoids the shot and Page punches the post! Hardy wrenches Hangman’s wrench over the post bars. Drags him over to the ramp steps, wedges the hand between the steps and the ramp! Stomps the steps to injure the hand! Matt drags Matt into the ring, wrenching at the fingers. Forces him down, big knuckle lock, even biting at the fingers! Hardy takes him to the corner, pounds on that hand, power whip to the opposite buckle! Corner chop, Page fights back with shots. Whip reversed, ducks a line, big right hand but he hurts himself! Side Effect, Hangman with a crazy crucifix counter!!

Nearfall! Death Valley Driver for a close 2 count. Hangman wants another Buckshot, boot to a charging Hardy. Hardy wants to a suplex him into the ring, Hangman blocks, takes him to the apron. Springboard Forearm!

Tope avoided, Hangman lands on his feet, but Hardy with a boot – Twist of Fate onto the floor!

As AEW Revolution 2021 rolls on, Hardy into the ring, perfectly happy with a countout. Hangman BARELY beats the count! Hardy takes him to the corner, Page with a boot up off a charge. Goes to the second rope, Matt stops him. Wants to pull him off, Page’s hand too hurt to hang on, Matt with a HUGE German Suplex! Nearfall! Cranking the neck now. Page with body shots. Clothesline collision in the middle of the ring! And again and again, Page wins out! Cactus Clothesline sends them both to the floor! Page up on the apron. Triangle Moonsault!!!

“AEW” chant as Hangman sends Hardy into the ring. Going back up top. Big Crossbody for a nearfall! Hangman with a corner clotheslines, snapmare, Sliding Lariat! Wants Dead-Eye, Hardy slips free, back elbow, Neckbreaker! Going to the second rope. Hangman leaps up there, waistlock. Hardy breaks free, goes between his legs, pulls him off for the BT Bomb! Nearfall! Hardy looking for the Twist of Fate, Hangman blocks, yanks him up, Deadeye! Isiah Kassidy on the apron for the distraction, prevent the tag! Marq Quen is on the other side.

Hangman has to spook them away. Kassidy leaps in, Hangman clotheslines him out of the ring! Quen springboards in but a big boot takes him to the floor! Page tries for a Buckshot on Hardy but he counters with the Side Effect! Twist of Fate!! NEARFALL!! Private Party prepare to interfere again but Dark Order rush out to send them running! Hardy tries to deposit Hangman but the Dark Order catch him and send him back to the apron! BUCKSHOT LARIAT! And that’s that!

Winner: Hangman Page

Afterwards, Dark Order applauding him in the ring. Page initiates a group hug!

AEW Revolution 2021 Recap rolls on and next up is a wild one…

Face Of The Revolution Ladder Match: Cody Rhodes vs. Lance Archer vs. Scorpio Sky vs. Max Caster vs. Penta El Zero M vs. Ethan Page

The surprise final participant is Ethan Page! Archer and Cody start out fighting, Page and Scorpio brawling as well! Page and Scorpio fight to the outside, Penta taking it to Caster. Archer grabs a ladder on the stage, nails Cody with it! Tosses it right at Sky and Page! Archer sees Penta and throws him into the ring. Grabs the ladder again, nails him in the gut with it. Nails others with it, stands it up but Penta with a kick between the rungs, Slingblade sends the ladder onto Archer!

Sky in the ring, German Suplex to Penta! Caster blocks a German, dropkick sends him out of the ring! Jack Evans coming out with the boombox now to aid Caster but 10 is out here to intercept him, Spinebuster onto the ramp! Cody with the Disaster Kick to Caster! Rhodes and Page climbing the ladder now, Archer yanks them down, they double team the big man. Cody with a handshake, Page with a kick to the gut, takes him down, rams the ladder into his injured shoulder! Caster nailing people with his boombox. Big shot to Cody, flies off the apron to send it onto Rhodes!

Penta runs the ladder to tope onto Caster and Cody! Archer in a three point stance… Dropkick sends Penta to the floor! Archer wants to climb, Page with a Pullover Cutter onto the ladder! Rams the ladder repeatedly into Archer’s back! Scorpio slips behind him, wants TKO, Page grabs him, loses him for a bit but sends him flying with Splash Mountain, onto the ladder and Archer! Damn! Caster stands the ladder up, choking Archer with it. Climbs up the ladder, Archer tilts the ladder, Page falls right into a Backstabber from Penta!!

Cody with a missile dropkick sends Penta off the ladder! They fight to the apron. There’s a ladder hung up… after a few teases, PENTA WITH A CANADIAN DESTROYER ONTO THE LADDER!!

Just brutal! Medics take Cody away as Caster snap suplexes Page onto the floor. Into the ring, Caster sends Sky to the outside. Climbs the ladder, Scorpio back in, yanks him to the mat! Caster and Sky climbing up opposite ladders as Cody on the stage wants to come back but the officials are preventing it. Caster and Sky fight up there, Archer climbs up too, double goozle! Page slips in to interrupt this.

All four fighting up there, Archer and Page sent down. Scorpio grabs the brass ring, Caster stops him but Scorpio kicks him to the mat. Penta stops Sky at the last second! Thrust kick drops him! Penta playing to the crowd. Climbs up slow. Sky clips him. Bites at his forehead! Neckbreaker off the ladder! As the AEW Revolution 2021 Recap continues, Page scales the ladder now. Caster meets him up there, gouges his eyes, SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB! Scorpio climbing now. Caster stops him. Sky drives him into the ladder!

Scorpio lays the ladder down. Front Slam to the ladder! Scorpio up top. Beautiful Frog Splash, destroying Caster!! Sky stands the ladder up. Archer in, catapults Sky but he lands on the rungs!


Penta gets Page in the Tree of Woe, Exploder sends Caster into Page! Slingblade to Archer! Penta climbs up the ladder, as does Page. Penta with the taunt but Page blocks it, sends him to the mat! Now out comes Cody with his weight belt! Nails Caster with it! Nails Page with it! Drags him down, Corner Ten Punches! Cross-Rhodes!! Cody’s shoulder is killing him. Cody scales the ladder in the corner! Archer climbs up there and stops him, grabs him – SUPERPLEX OFF THE LADDER! And Caster atop the ladder now too! Claim To Fame Elbow Drop to the back of Cody!!

Penta and Page climb the ladder, Archer yanks them both down, chokeslams the hell out of everybody! Caster up top, Archer nails him, BLACKOUT ONTO A LADDER!! As the AEW Revolution 2021 Recap rolls on, Archer climbs the ladder now! Page nails him and Archer freezes, enraged. He climbs back down and NAILS him with a forearm! Climbs up again, Page with a low blow! Razor’s Edge!! Jake Roberts into the ring, Short-Arm Clothesline! Penta with a Superkick to Jake!

Penta climbs the ladder, Cody with a Codycutter takes him to the mat, though Penta blocked the worst of it! Cody climbs, Penta with a chairshot to Cody’s shoulder!! Wants to climb but Sky back in, takes the chair to Penta until he falls to the mat! Scorpio and Cody climbing the ladder, Cody wins out the punch fight. Grabs the brass ring, Scorpio attacks the arm, yanks it into the steel! Talks some trash and shoves him to the mat! Scorpio unhooks the Brass Ring and he’s got it!

Winner: Scorpio Sky

Wild stuff. Nice to see Scorpio get his big win.

Justin Roberts introduces the new big signing. Countdown…


Wow, it really is him! TNA theme and all, this is rad!

He comes to the ring, huge ovation, signs the contract. And that’s that!

Up next on the AEW Revolution 2021 Recap…

Street Fight: Team Taz vs. Darby Allin & Sting

Starks and Cage are in a Fast & Furious looking car, driving off to the fight. Cage’s music hits as they arrive on the scene, some kind of warehouse. Similar environment to the last Gargano/Ciampa match. Darby’s music plays and everything goes black and white. Darby is skating there of course. Hoodied hoodlums abound as well. Sting is coming in a pickup. Darby hitches a ride on the truck bed. Darby and Sting lead tons of masked hoodlums and they surround the ring as Sting and Darby enter.

Faces charge them. Darby springs to the top rope, gets sent thot he wall, he rebounds back but Cage grabs him and tosses him! Cage nails one of the extras, bombs him on the apron! Darby attacks him but Cage takes over. Drags him over and slams him onto the rail! Sting taking over on Starks in the ring. Clotheslines. Stinger Splash! Snake Eyes! Big zoom in to see Cage kick Darby on the other side of the building. Wants a powerbomb, Darby slips free, chop block! Leaps onto his shoulders, Cage military press slams him right into the double doors, sending him into a different room.

Sting with another Stinger Splash to Starks! Ricky starts to run. Sting has his bat. Starks is scared, rushing around. Sting throws it at him. Ricky tries to get it but Sting gets to it first. Ricky yells that he’s nothing without the bat. Sting tosses it away. Slams Ricky into the brick wall! Stomps Starks to the floor. Drives him into the wall again.

Meanwhile Cage is beating Darby up a stairwell. Delayed Vertical Suplex, he holds him like that as he just walks up a full flight of stairs! Sends Allin crashing onto a trash can!

Throws him into a different room. Sting appears and nails Cage! Allin with a dropkick! They double team Cage. That is until Starks Spears Allin into a door! Starks goes after Sting, nails him with a broom! Shoves a barrel right into him! Throws it at his leg and he falls into the wall. Choking Sting, he escapes, Cage wants to hit him with a trashcan lid but he nails Starks by accident! Allin jumps onto Cage’s back! He’s fending off both faces here. Hoists Allin up, Sting with a fire extinguisher sprays Cage! Darby breaks a bottle over Cage’s head! Double Spinebuster through a table!! Starks with a 2×4 to Sting’s back, Darby and Starks exchanging open hand strikes.

Starks with a Kitchen Sink knee! Darby side-steps a charge and sends him into the pillar! Climbs up it, Coffin Drop onto Starks!! Powerhouse Hobbs in a mask appears, bombs Darby into the pillar! Hook appears as well and judo throws Allin! Sting rises but so too does Cage. Cage throws Sting into the wall. Hobbs and Cage double team Allin, seesaw toss him through a glass pane! Jesus! Hook going after Sting now. Everybody ganging on him as they go back to the first room. Darby appears in the rafter and tosses Sting his bat! He nails everyone, breaks the bat over Cage’s back!

Lays Cage out, Darby with a ridiculous Coffin Drop from on high takes the both of them into the abyss!

Sting and Starks fight back in the ring again. Starks dodges a Stinger Splash and sends him into an exposed buckle. Mule Kick, Starks wants a Powerbomb, Sting with a Sunset Flip Bomb for a nearfall!! Scorpion Deathdrop soon follows and that’s the win!

Winners: Sting & Darby Allin

That was very unique. Definitely a cool look to it. Having commentary for this kind of thing is always weird and I’m not sure why people still try that but good stuff regardless. AEW Revolution 2021 Recap continues…

…and the AEW Revolution 2021 Recap concludes with our main event!

Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch for the AEW World Championship: Kenny Omega (c) vs. Jon Moxley

Mox has a leather jacket in tribute to Onita, comes with a flask of booze as well to calm his nerves. Kenny with his hair slicked back and a sleeveless shirt and jeans. Bell rings, slow staredown. Lock-up. Kenny wants to drag Mox into the barbed wire. Wants to make him bite it! Mox blocks it. Trying to reverse and send him into it. Headbutt to Kenny! Exchange of elbows. Chops! Kenny with a side headlock. Mox with a back suplex, but Kenny hangs on! Fights back up.

Biting at the forehead. Whips him but Mox stops short, side-steps a charge but Kenny stops as well. Hooks Kenny for a suplex but he blocks, whip reversed, Kenny has to stop himself from hitting the barbed wire board. Mox has him on his shoulders but Kenny slips free! Omega and Mox exchanging blows. Kenny rakes the eyes, charging boots. Moxley clotheslines him to the ramp! Mox pokes him with a barbed wire bat! Pulls Kenny to the stage. Bat-assisted Russian Legsweep! Kendo stick in hand, nails him across the back repeatedly!

Grabs the bat again, Kenny powders him in the eyes!

Mox swings the bat wildly but Kenny is able to avoid it, Mox is blinded! Kenny whips him into the barbed wire for the first time and we have our first explosion!! Kenny covers, nearfall! Omega nailing him with the cane. Crashes the trash can into his head! Pulls him up, Kneebreaker onto the bottom of the trash can! Omega choking Mox out with a cane. Nails him in the back, Kitaro Crusher onto the can!! Nearfall! Omega with a Figure Four Leglock, Mox is bleeding bad now.

Rakes the barbed wire chair over Kenny’s leg! Swings the bat but Omega ducks it, Snap Dragon deflected, Kenny sidesteps a charge and sends him into the barbed wire board!! Moxley has to yank himself free from the barbed wire. Kenny pulls him out, has to avoid the side ropes as he hits a Moonsault for a 2 count. Caning ensues! WICKED one to the back of the head!

Figure four leglock again but Mox kicks him into the barbed wire, explosion! DROPKICK FOR ANOTHER!!

AEW Revolution 2021 Recap continues with Mox hitting a shoulder capture suplex! Moxley blocks a Snap Dragon into the barbed wire table but Moxley blocks it, Exploder through the barbed wire!! Paradigm Shift onto the chair blocked, One Winged Angel also blocked, Moxley with a German Suplex!! Back Suplex sends Kenny onto the barbed wire chair!!! Mox grabs the barbed wire, wraps it around his arm!! “You Sick Fuck” as he goes for the lariat, Omega blocks this, kicks him a few times, Mox with a left arm lariat, and now swings the barbed wire again but Kenny ducks, Snap Dragon!! And a second one but Mox right back up! V-Trigger! BARBED WIRE LARIAT!

Hooks him for a Paradigm Shift but Kenny muscles him over into the barbed wire!! EXPLOSION GETS THEM BOTH!! Kenny needs a water bottle to wash out his eyes. They stand on the apron now right next to the barbed wire. Exchange of jabs! Kenny with chops! Forearms, elbows! Kenny gouging eyes and cuts! Looks for a hip toss off the apron, Moxley blocks it! Kenny chops his shoulder, Mox bites the forehead!

Knee to the head of Kenny, he neeearly falls… Mox grabs him for a PARADIGM SHIFT ONTO THE BARBED WIRE TABLES!

Loud dueling chants as they slowly pick themselves up off the barbed wire. Mox grabs some barbed wire and is just bending it with his bare hands. Throws Kenny into the ring. Mox pursues him. They don’t seem like either of them can see. Nails Kenny repeatedly with the barbed wire. And now the timer is coming down for the big boom. Moxley with a Piledriver for a nearfall! And another cover for 2! Kenny with a low blow to stop a Paradigm Shift, Kenny PLANTS him with a powerbomb, high stack for a nearfall! V-Triggers land!

Hoists him up for the One Winged Angel, lands it!!!! Slowwwwwly covers… MOX KICKS THE BARBED WIRE FOR THE EXPLOSION TO BREAK IT UP!!!!

That was AWESOME. Moxley has the barbed wire bat and Kenny is weary. Good Brothers rush the thing! Mox is nailing both of them with his bat but Kenny has one too and NAILS him and the bat explodes in Mox’s face!!! Cover for a nearfall?! Kenny with a One Winged Angel onto the sat-up chair!! And that is that.

Winner: Kenny Omega

Holy shit that was something else.

That is the main event of AEW Revolution 2021 but we’re not done. Don Callis is demanding that his boys leave before the bombs go off, we’re still waiting for the big boom. They’re battering Mox, handcuffing him! Kenny is grinding the barbed wire bat into Moxley’s forehead! Slams his head into it too!

And now here’s the siren, we have a minute left until the explosion. Heels leave the ring! Mox is stranded and alone! Eddie Kingston rushes out there!!! He can’t get the cuffs off so he drapes himself on Moxley. The explosion comes and it’s not really so big.

Eddie acting like he’s out now as the medics come out to pull him off and tend to him and Moxley. Somber scene. Explosion really needed to be bigger for that to work but a great show all the same.

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