WWE Raw Recap

It’s that time again, you know the drill by now. Watch this space for the WWE Raw Recap!

We of course open with a video package of the turn-of-events last week.

WWE Raw Recap beginning proper now, Bobby Lashley and the Hurt Business WALKIN’ backstage, that’s a fun way to open any show. He gets interviewed. Says he’s been through so much that would break a normal man but he’s not one. Sixteen years he’s had to wait, dealing with politics, busting his ass. Last week when he beat the Miz he punished him because he tried to delay the inevitable. Now he’ll walk into WrestleMania as the Almighty WWE Champion. Says the Almighty Era has begun.

Miz and Morrison come to the ring.

Miz admits that he expected to get his ass handed to him, but he did not except to lose the WWE title. But Shane McMahon pulled a fast one! Says he does this day after day, year after year, appearance after appearance, he does not get injured. So when he says that his body is not feeling well, everyone should believe him! But they didn’t. He had stomach cramps!

Miz says that it’s in the rule book, title can’t change on a DQ or count out. Is it shady? Of course it is. But it’s the champion’s advantage! He got counted out! Intentionally yes, but he blew it! In his contract it’s stated that he must defend the title and he did that. It never stated he’d have to do twice in one night. And yet, he was forced to do so. Threatened! Physically threatened that if he did not defend the WWE Championship which he worked so hard to get, that he would forfeit it and it would be stripped from him and given to Bobby Lashley!

Miz says Shane McMahon even made that match a Lumberjack Match. And finally after the match ended, Lashley brutalized him! And he has no repercussions coming to him! But WWE did do one thing right in giving him this rematch tonight. Says there will be a new champion tonight ’cause he’s The Miz and he’s awesome.

Looks like that match is up first here on the WWE Raw Recap!

WWE Championship: Bobby Lashley (c) vs. The Miz

Miz dancing around, powders before they touch. Miz coming back in, Lashley with a Hot Shot. Pulls him in for a biiiig Delayed Vertical Suplex! Lashley charges for a corner spear but Miz side-steps and sends him into the post! Lashley falls to the outside, Miz pursues him, Lashley powers him up but Miz escapes and posts him! But Bobby with a big lariat right before the commercial break, WWE Raw Recap will resume.

As we come back, Lashley fighting out of a headlock, clotheslines him to the mat. Miz kicks Bobby away when he grabs for his ankle. Side-steps a corner charge again, Mizline attempted but Lashley catches him out of the air with one arm! Gives him a mean look before just biel tossing him! Pulls him out of the ring, slams him into the barricade. Takes him back into the ring, Miz with a low bridge sends him to the outside. Baseball Slide avoided, Lashley hoists Miz onto his shoulders and RUNS him into the post, Miz just spins to the floor!

Back in the ring, Flatliner nailed! Lashley just pounding on him with mounted punches. Lashley pulls Miz up, whips him, BIG spinebuster! And he’s posing, ready to finish. Hurt Lock! Miz is flailing helplessly, has to tap.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

One of the longer squashes you’ll see but it still counts.

Drew McIntyre backstage yelling about the last couple of weeks. Says after all he did, he beat McIntyre up so he could eventually take the title from the damn Miz. Asks where his passion is, where his balls are. He’s still cutting his promo on Lashley when Sheamus attacks him! Chokes him and tells him they’re not done, he’ll be on for every day of his life.

After a commercial break, Drew meets up with Adam Pearce. Demands that he give him a match with Sheamus tonight, quick as possible, No DQ.

WWE Raw Recap rolls on. R-Truth comes to Braun Strowman with a letter. Says Bugs Bunny has joined the dark side and is one of the Monstars. He needs his own Monstar to get his baby back. Calls Strowman a Monstar Among Men. He must first say sorry for many things though. Truth apologizes for digging the escape tunnel under the ThunderDome, ruining Hornswoggle’s wedding among other things. Strowman stops him and says he’s just here to demand Shane apologize. Truth tries to use a Men In Black Neuralyzer to erase his memory but it doesn’t work.

Braun Strowman makes his way to the ring as the WWE Raw Recap resumes!

Braun on the mic asks Shane what his motivation for all this is. First he excluded him from the Elimination Chamber match. Then he gives him a tag title match with Adam Pearce of all people as his partner, only to jump up on the apron to make him tag in so he can get beat. Says Shane is either laughing with him or at him. After that snide remark about reading levels last week, he really thinks he’s laughing at him. But we know that’s not the case. ‘Cause he knows that if he screws with him he could break his little neck. He’s looking for respect and he’s demanding that Shane get out here and give him a damn apology.

Shane McMahon makes his way out and steps up to him. Says he apologizes and then just up and leaves. Shane goes back up the ramp to the stage, he’s about to say something else but then decides against it and keeps going. Strowman tells him if he has something to say then say it! But Shane won’t.

Sheamus backstage walking and we’re doing that No DQ match early too, up next on the WWE Raw Recap. But BEFORE THAT, Shane is stopped backstage and asked about what e wanted to say to Braun. He says maybe later.

No DQ: Sheamus vs. Drew McIntyre

Sheamus is making his big entrance when McIntyre attacks him from behind! Drags him down the ramp, throws him into a barricade, then into the steps! Into the ring and the match begins proper, Drew with a back elbow drops him! Stomps on his hand, drags him up, blows to the face. Sheamus gouges the eye, knees him the face. Whip to the corner, Drew with a back elbow off a charge. Up top but Sheamus trips him to the mat! Kick to the head. Hot shot from the apron, up top for a Flying Clothesline! Nearfall.

Fight spills to the outside, Drew takes over and throws him onto the announce table. Trying to drag him to the ring, Sheamus breaks free and nails a lariat. Looking under the ring, gets a kendo stick. Swings it, Drew ducks it and Sheamus nails the post. Drew kicks him, pulls him to the barricade and throws him into the crowd area. McIntyre drags him to ringside and into the ring, wields the kendo stick, Sheamus kicks the middle rope for the low blow as he comes in! Clothesline. Sheamus starts a-caning McIntyre!

Regal Roller for a nearfall. Camel Clutch with the fishhooks! Drew escapes, Sheamus swings the cane again but Drew catches his arm, Big Overhead Belly To Belly! And another! Neckbreaker lands! And there’s the kip up! “Drew” chant piped in. McIntyre starts wailing on Sheamus with the kendo stick! Drags Sheamus up for the White Russian Legsweep! Cover for a 2 count. Fight spills to the outside again, Sheamus posts McIntyre! Slams him into the announce table!

Commercial break, WWE Raw Recap will resume when we come back!

Sheamus with an Irish Curse as we come back, into the Cloverleaf! Drew fights back, Spinebuster into a Jacknife for a 2 count! Sheamus with a boot up off a charge, slips to the top rope, knee to the face from Sheamus but Drew cuts him off anyway. Climbs up there with him, rakes the eyes! Superplex nailed! Cover for 2! White Noise from Sheamus for a nearfall! Sheamus goes out and grabs a chair, comes in to swing it but McIntyre blocks it, takes the chair away and cracks him across the back!

Pulls him up, Future Shock DDT onto the chair! Weak cover, nearfall! Drew with the countdown for the Claymore but Sheamus throws the chair right into his face! Pump Knee, clooose nearfall! Grabs the chair and drives it into McIntyre’s shoulder. Sets it up in the corner. McIntyre reverses the whip, sends Sheamus through the chair! And he rebounds right into the Claymore! But Sheamus falls to the floor. McIntyre out there, slowly manages to drag him to his feet. Sheamus with a desperation Brogue Kick just clips McIntyre! Picks up the steps! McIntyre does the same, they both wear them as helmets and charge at each other, that was hilarious. McIntyre and Sheamus are both down and the ref calls for the stoppage.

Winner: N/A

Afterwards both men are motionless, though McIntyre is getting up slow, doesn’t seem to quite know where he is however.

WWE Raw Recap returns with a Randy Orton/Fiend video package.

AJ Styles and Omos interview backstage by a new interviewer. AJ says he wants to talk about Randy Orton. Says he burned the Fiend to a crisp and since then he’s been haunted by him! This is the worst thing that he could have done, Fiend and Alexa are tearing him down bit by bit. He’s already hearing voices in his head and now he’s got magic and voodoo on him? It’s ridiculous is what it is! AJ starts laughing. Orton walks up to stop the laughs.

Randy asks AJ if there’s something funny about a grown man having his mind messed with. AJ says it’s not funny so much as it’s weak. Orton challenges him to a match to show him just how weak he is. AJ says he’s already got problems, does he really need bigger problems? Because if he does, he accepts. Randy’s happy with this. Next up on the WWE Raw Recap…

Xavier Woods vs. Shelton Benjamin

Shelton immediately bullies Xavier out of the ring. He comes back in, spinning heel kick gets a 2 for Xavier. Side headlock, Shelton just back suplexes on out of it! Tosses him around a bit. Chinlock. Woods fights up but gets taken to the corner, battered. Pump knee to the face! Cover for a 2 count. Xavier fights back, whip reversed, Woods slides between his legs, big forearm! Shot ducked, Xavier with a sunset flip for 2! Shelton nails him with a lariat. Xavier with an inside cradle for a surprise win!

Winner: Xavier Woods

Kofi says the words “small package” as many times as possible in celebrating this.

Riddle backstage says he’s not that worried about Retribution, his main concern is where he’ll park his scooter. Says he’ll get a ticket if he parks it in the back but if he brings it to ringside, Ali will probably break it. New Day show up. Kofi and Xavier make several jokes about Slapjack’s name. They agree to watch over his scooter as he goes out for his match.

Riddle vs. Slapjack

Riddle with an immediate Gutwrench Suplex! Charging forearms in the corner! Pulls him out, big Exploder Suplex! PK misses, Standing Moonsault dodged, Broton lands, PK nailed! Slapjack rolls to the floor, Riddle out on the apron, Slapjack trips him onto the apron! And then a back suplex onto the apron to follow! Rolls Riddle back into the ring, Michinoku Driver kind of move for a 2 count. Riddle fights back, hits the ropes, HIGH Dropkick for a 2 count! Slapjack pulls him up, Snap Neckbreaker!

Now Slapjack up top, Riddle cuts him off. Looking for a super Exploder, Slapjack with a headbutt drops him to the mat, comes flying at him but Riddle with a Powerbomb out of the air! No, Slapjack’s boot is on the bottom rope, Riddle has to pull him to the center for the nearfall! Riddle wants another Powerbomb but Slapjack slips free, PK of his own for a nearfall! Snapback attempted, Riddle escapes, Final Flash leads to the Bro Derek for the win.

Winner: Riddle

Quick, but very nice.

WWE Raw Recap rolls on. Adam Pearce meets up with Shane McMahon backstage and asks what he wanted to say to Braun. Shane says he didn’t realize how nosy everyone was. But he’ll meet Braun in the ring again and tell him then.

Braun Strowman comes down to the ring. Again.

Shane is out there waiting for him. Shane tells him to hold on. Acts like the mic isn’t working even though it seems to be fine. Gets a new one and likes it more. Walks around ringside testing it out. He walks all the way up the ramp as he says he should get what he has to say off his chest, face to face, even though they’re far away. Shane talks about how what he’s said made him do some self-reflection. Did he have fun last week? Sure he did, does he have fun at other’s expense some time? Sure! But that’s okay as long as it benefits him.

He’s not the only one who feels that way. Can tell Braun does not. Says one thing they have to get done. Doesn’t know if he can talk about this… Strowman yells “Then why are we even out here?” Shane starts again. One thing he needs to get done is come to an understanding with him. He slowly walks towards the ring. Braun says Shane is trying to make him look stupid. Shane tells him he would never do that, never ever do that. He finds ‘stupid’ to be an abhorrent word, a terrible word. Says Braun is pacing around, he can tell by his non-verbal cues that he’s quite upset with him.

Shane suddenly breaks out into a bunch of ways to call someone stupid. Stupid is as stupid does, hitting every stupid branch on the way down the stupid tree. Says it plays into the stereotype of a big man with a little brain, like a dinosaur. But he’d never say that. He’d never call him stupid, would he, “B-B-B-B-Braun?”

Strowman has heard enough and starts charging after Shane and he rushes off, ends up hightailing it in a car. Strowman leaves… we see Shane didn’t ACTUALLY leave in a car, apparently someone else just sped up as Shane appears again when Strowman walks off-screen. He waves and calls him stupid.

WWE Raw Recap continues, Shayna and Nia emerge and they have Reginald with them.

Nia on the mic says Reggie had a bad week last week. Carmella fired him and Sasha slapped him in the face. But lucky for him, she has a taste for wine. So she brought him to ringside for this championship match. She says isn’t he cute?

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (c) vs. Naomi & Lana

Shayna and Lana start, Baszler bullies her into the corner, Lana with a kick, bulldog, tag to Naomi. Split-Legdrop! Drives her to the corner, Lana tags in. Baszler with a suplex on Naomi, but Lana and Naomi manage a double team russian legsweep! Cover for 2. Lana gets tossed to the floor. Shayna and Nia surround Lana but Naomi makes the save with a tope! Commercial break, WWE Raw Recap will resume when the show does.

Shayna with an elbow drop as we come back. We see that during the break they did the arm stomp spot on Lana. Lana eventually fights out of the arm control, tag to Naomi. Nia is in as well, Naomi with a springboard kick, Speedball Kicks, enziguri, dropkick to the knee. Headscissor Driver for a 2 count! Shayna drags Naomi to the outside. But she takes over on her, gets back in and keeps running wild until Reginald trips her up! Lana tags in so Naomi can deal with Reggie, Nia of course quickly overtakes Lana and powerbombs her for the win.

Winners: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler

Nia carries Reginald away in victory.

WWE Raw Recap continues. Randy Orton backstage says he’s surprised so many people backstage are concerned for his well-being considering nobody has come up to tell him. Promises to give AJ Styles the three most dangerous letters, ect.

Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke backstage say they shouldn’t be overlooked as a team or as singles competitors, can’t be forgotten in the Raw Women’s title hunt. Charlotte comes up to them and says she likes ambition and challengers. Lays down the gauntlet, says they have five weeks to prove they belong in that title match more than her.

AJ Styles backstage says he doesn’t regret his comments. Didn’t expect him to challenge him but it proves his point, he’s screwed up in the head. He shouldn’t be focused on AJ right now, he should be focused on the Fiend. Says he’ll tie all his problems up with a bow with a big old loss on top of it and take that to WrestleMania. Next up on the WWE Raw Recap…

Before the main(?) starts we have an extended replay of Lashley retaining over Miz, including Bobby’s entire entrance for some reason.

AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton

Lock-up. Orton drives AJ into a corner, cheap shot to the face as the ref is trying to break them up. Rams AJ into the middle buckle. Snaps at the arm of AJ! Stomp to the leg. Slams him into a corner. European Uppercut drops him! RKO attempted but Styles slips free and powders. Randy pursues him out there. Chases him back into the ring, AJ stomps him as he comes back in. Orton grabs AJ’s wrist, kick to the chest! Rakes the boot across AJ’s face. Takes him outside, Back Suplex onto the desk! Omos gets in Randy’s face.

Orton throws AJ inside, but off the distraction Styles clobbers him on the apron to the floor, Tope Forearm! Commercial break, WWE Raw Recap will conclude when we come back. When we return, AJ attacking Orton in the corner. Working over the leg. Elbow drop to the thigh. Wrenching the leg on the bottom rope. Comes crashing down on the leg. AJ with a strong shot. Wrenching at the face. Orton trying to fight back, Styles with an enziguri! AJ with a headlock. Randy slowly fights his way up. Elbows his way free, Randy with some punches. Whip, kick blocked, Orton with a big lariat. Randy with a Snap Powerslam for a nearfall.

Wants a slam, AJ slips free but eats the Orton Backbreaker/Neckbreaker thing, cover for a 2 count. AJ’s got a bit of blood on his lip. Orton drags him up and into the corner. Takes him up top. Wants a Superplex but AJ slips to the apron and chop blocks him! Wants a Phenomenal Forearm but Orton cuts him off and he bounces off the top rope. Orton with the Draping DDT – no AJ blocks it, and rolls into the Calf Crusher! Orton is blocking it though, Styles sloooowly pulls it back and he has it cinched in now! Randy grabs the rope for the break. Orton with a European Uppercut takes AJ to the apron, Draping DDT follows!

Stalking for the RKO but Alexa Bliss on the tron pops up now. Winds the pentagram jack in the box. Whispers “Not Yet” and lights another match. Blows it out. Three of the corners blow up Kane-style and Orton starts coughing up black liquid again. As this happens, AJ climbs up on the apron, Phenomenal Forearm for the win.

Winner: AJ Styles

That sure was an episode of Raw.

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