AEW Dynamite Recap & Results

It’s that time again! The AEW Dynamite Recap is soon at hand, a live play-by-play of the show as it airs as always! Watch this space!

Show begins with…

Rey Fenix vs. Matt Jackson

Fenix gets the arm quick. Body shot, hammerlock variant, Matt reverses into a wristlock. Fenix rolls around on the mat, reverses into a hammerlock. Matt with a Flying Snapmare to break, Fenix with a dropkick! Matt with a double chest chop, wants to throw Fenix over the top rope but he springs free! Overhand chop, rope bounce into an arm drag! Matt has to bail, Fenix with a feint on the dive when Matt moves. Leaps off the apron for a flying rana instead!

Fenix with a big flying arm drag onto the floor! And now a huge flip tope! My goodness. Takes Jackson into the ring for a bodyscissors. Matt rolls him over for a 2 count to break. Fenix with a thrust kick to the head! Fenix with a chest chop. hey fight to the second rope.

Overhand chops exchanged, Fenix leaps to the top rope for a rana but Matt counters with a Flying Powerbomb!! Nearfall!

“This Is Awesome” chant already, this is a quick paced one. They spill to the outside feeling the effects now though. Matt drives Fenix into the apron and into the ring. Hilo! 2 count.

Matt stomping Rey around the ring, Camel Clutch. Fenix fights his way up with body shots. Chop to the chest, whip, line ducked. Matt with a Wheelbarrow Facebuster for a 2 count! Jackson wants a powerbomb, Fenix tries to rana free but Matt almost turns that into a Sharpshooter until Rey gets to the ropes for the break. Matt fights him into the corner. Fenix reverses on him, springboard Spin Kick! Missile Dropkick!

Fenix tries to power him up but his back is bothering him from the big bumps he’s taken. This lets Matt fight back but he runs right into the Roll-Thru Cutter! Exchange of blows as they rise. Neither really win out, Fenix gets him up with a Gory Bomb-esque maneuver for a 2 count!

Fight takes Matt to the ramp, Fenix tries the Roperun Kick but Matt dodges it, springs in for the Canadian Destroyer!

Fenix powders, Matt follows him out there and nails one out there too!! As the AEW Dynamite Recap’s first match continues, Fenix has to beat the 10 count. Rolls in at the last second, Matt Jackson off the top with a big Flying Elbow Drop for a nearfall! Sharpshooter cinched in this time right in the center. He has to struggle a long way, trips Matt on his way over to grab the ropes for the break!

Matt tries to re-apply, Fenix kicks him away. Baseball slide style kick from Fenix, Matt moves out of the way and Fenix nails Nick instead! Matt isn’t happy with this, ducks a line from Fenix and slips outside to nail PAC with a Superkick! They come back in the ring for a big exchange of blows, Fenix rebounds for the Hook Kick, Matt ducks it, lands a Superkick but Fenix kips right up for the Hook Kick and they both collapse!

Big forearm exchange again, kicks meet in the middle. Forearms simultaneously! Matt wants a Tombstone, Fenix reverses the position, Fenix Driver! And that is that!

Winner: Rey Fenix

Great opening bout as we’ve come to expect, Fenix is truly unlike anyone else.

Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley video comes on. Eddie says it’s a bit embarrassing but when he came in to jump on Moxley thinking there was gonna be some big explosion, it reminded him of the last time he felt that kind of anxiety being pulled to sing-sing. Tells Kenny this isn’t a video game. Thinks he was playing around, Moxley thinks he actually did want to blow him up.

They make jokes about how Impact paying for the bomb makes sense. Mox says he made more explosive volcano experiments in the 4th grade. Moxley didn’t get the title back but he did get his drinking buddy back. Says he knew that wasn’t him months ago, Kingston says world title does things to a man. He does rib Kingston about how he could’ve come in a little earlier when he was being ganged on but he had to pretty himself up.

Next up on the AEW Dynamite Recap…

Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Gargis

Cody takes him down quick, Figure Four Leglock cinched in. He hangs on for a little bit but can’t break the hold and has to tap, quick one.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Tony Schiavone in the ring afterward asking about his shoulder. Cody says sure let’s talk about the shoulder and losing the Face of the Revolution match.

Penta interrupts, he was evidently on Spanish commentary. He wants Alex Marvez to translate for him. Says he’s a thousand times better than Cody. If Cody is the prince of pro wrestling, then he’s the lord of lucha libre. Penta decides to speak his language a little bit. Says at Revolution he lost, yeah. Had it just been the two of them in that ring he would’ve lost. Whispers the reason why to Marvez. He says he’s lucky that he couldn’t focus on hurting his arm even more because if he could, he wouldn’t even be able to pick up his newborn baby girl.

Cody rushes out of the ring to attack Penta in the crowd and they have to be pulled apart.

AEW Dynamite Recap rolls on. Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy at the arcade asking Miro for one more match. Says he’ll be his butler forever if they lose. They have a special idea for a match, it seems to be an arcade themed hardcore match.

Now out comes Sting.

He says Darby Allin is a dangerous, dangerous man. Puts himself on the line every single night, takes a lot of risks. Lot of times it’s not even a calculated risk with his own body, makes him a very dangerous man. Combine that with the Stinger and voila, they get the win!

Lance Archer and Jake Roberts come out to interrupt. Archer says if they won’t give them time they take time. He doesn’t need a ladder match to prove that he’s the face around here and if things don’t change, he’ll take much more than time.

QT Marshall and Lee Johnson being interviewed backstage. He doesn’t want to answer about what happened at Revolution, wants to talk about Lee Johnson and the win he’s about to get. Big audio issues cut off the end of this promo though as well as the entrance of our most recent newcomer…

Ethan Page vs. Lee Johnson

I couldn’t even hear the inset promo from Page. Lee with a wristlock. Uh, Lee with a wristlock. Page fends him off. I’m very distracted by what I’m hearing. Nails him in the corner, arm drag, shoulder tackle. Commercial break. When we come back, audio is still wonky. Back suplex from Lee, Blue Thunder Bomb for a 2 count. Lee takes Page up top, Page takes him to the mat, big Cutter. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough is currently playing in the background. 2 count. Page side-steps a kick, big pump knee. Page tosses him with the Ego’s Edge and gets the win in a very surreal debut match.

Winner: Ethan Page

Afterwards Page stomps on Lee until Dustin Rhodes runs him off. And the audio stops, just had to wait until Page was off-screen I guess.

Speaking of Pages, Hangman Page has a new lawnmower and is ready to mow. John Silver asks if he has room for more on there. The entire Dark Order climbs aboard except for Alan Angels who has to stay off because there’s a weight limit.

Next up on the AEW Dynamite Recap, Tony Schiavone now introducing Christian Cage…

…except first we see Kenny Omega’s entrance! Are we really just jumping to this? I’m not opposed but that’s quick. Well Kenny decided to just up and erase Christian’s debut. Him, Don Callis and the Good Brothers make their way to the ring instead.

Callis says you won’t be hearing from the new signee, they call the shots for themselves, they take what they want and they take for themselves. Callis calls Kenny the King of the Deathmatch. He says everything went according to plan. Kenny says maybe not everything. Don says Kenny and himself have taken a lot of heat the past few days for people not getting the giant explosion. He won’t confirm nor deny them having anything to do with it.

What he will confirm is how happy it made them to take away what they thought they wanted. Tony Khan loves to make great memories, Kenny Omega and the Invisible Hand make history! They took away Moxley’s big moment to die the heroic death he wanted, they took away Kingston’s big courageous moment. Says the ring not blowing up just made them win even bigger because they made them look like a pair of idiots.

Kenny admits it would’ve been a dream come true to never have to worry about Moxley again but he feels even better embarrassing him and what a cherry on the sundae it was for his childhood friend to come to his rescue and dry hump him in the middle of the ring while four sparklers shot from corner posts. Talk about a memory, that’s a memory they’ll never forget.

Eddie Kingston makes his way out!

Callis says he knows him. He had him in Impact Wrestling working for him. He saw the toughness and the star maker in that face of him. So why did he have to fire him? Because he did the same thing in Impact working for him that he’s done his whole life. When he’s this close to grabbing the brass ring he always finds a way to screw it up just like at Revolution when he laid there and they laughed and laughed, that was his moment – he’s drowned out momentarily with “Eddie” chants.

Says he’s going to give Eddie a chance, ten seconds to get out here before they kick his ass. Countdown comes up on the tron. Kenny falls to the mat and him and Callis roll around together as the clock hits 0. Kenny makes a joke about how he almost passed out having flash backs to getting kicked out of gradeschool. Asks what he wants to accomplish. Tells him if he wants to hit him, first shot’s free. Yells that he wouldn’t dare touch him, Eddie nails him with a forearm! And the Good Brothers swarm in on him! But Moxley comes out to make the save!

As Kingston and Moxley brawl with the Good Brothers through the crowd, Christian Cage’s music hits and out he comes!

Slowly he makes his way down the ramp and into the ring, coming face to face with Kenny Omega. Kenny makes it clear that his is his ring but then tries to play it cool and offer a handshake. Christian doesn’t want anything to do with it. Kenny tries a cheap shot, Christian grabs him for the Unprettier but Callis pulls Omega to safety! But he left the world title behind and Christian picks it right up.

Up next on the AEW Dynamite Recap…

Nyla Rose, Britt Baker & Maki Itoh vs. Thunder Rosa, Hikaru Shida & Ryo Mizunami

Maki is still making her entrance as a fight breaks out in the ring. She just keeps on singing as they brawl, this is hilarious. Hikaru tries to attack her but Itoh ducks and nails her with a mic! Takes her into the ring as the bell rings. Hits the ropes for a Kokeshi but Shida avoids it! Takes her up, whip reversed, Itoh with a charging body block in the corner and poses. Gets in the Corner Ten Punches position and asks who’s the cutest in the world!

Starts pounding on her, Shida pulls her out to the center but Itoh escapes, stomps the foot and flips the birds. Shida grabs the wrists and throws her to the corner. Ryo tags in, Kozy chops! And one big one to cap it off! Ryo playing to the crowd now. Tags made to Nyla and Rosa, Rosa with a series of kicks. Dropkick, forearms, Rose fires back. Rosa hits the ropes, Vickie with a distraction, Nyla with a big lariat to the back of the head!

Commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will resume when we come back.

Faces with a series of charging shots on Britt in the corner. Shida suplexes Ryo onto Baker! Mizunami has Itoh in a waistlock, she breaks free and headbutts Shida. Nyla kicks Ryo and wants the Powerbomb, Rosa with a Buisaku Knee takes her to the floor! Thunder wants a dive until she sees Baker behind her, slides to her and stops her with a body shot and takes her outside. Goes up top, and this time nails a Corkscrew Splash onto the field!!

Vickie trips Rosa on her way into the ring, Itoh with a Tornado DDT off the corner for a nearfall! Vickie on the apron to distract the ref, Rebel on the apron with a crutch. Rosa nails Rebel, Itoh attacks from behind but Thunder Rosa hoists her up, Emerald Frosion for the win!

Winners: Thunder Rosa, Hikaru Shida & Ryo Mizunami

Moments after the bell, Britt Baker attacks Rosa and cinches on the Lockjaw.

Matt Hardy and Private Party talking at the bar. Hardy says Hangman Page stole one of his safes but he’s been filling up safes his entire life. He will add an addition to the Matt Hardy empire, a new unit. Butcher, Blade and Bunny! They are mercenaries by nature so this is fairly in-character. Matt says Butcher, Blade and Private Party will destroy on AEW Dark: Elevation and all of them will destroy the Dark Order!

And now on the AEW Dynamite Recap, we have our main event!

AEW TNT Championship: Darby Allin (c) vs. Scorpio Sky

Darby wants a fist bump. Scorpio does give it to him. Lock-up. Have to break it. Allin with a side headlock takedown. Chain wrestling continues, Scorpio shoots him off, arm drag but Darby reverses into a hammerlock. Sky fights up and goes for a bodyslam, Darby escapes, gets him into a series of cradles for quick 2 counts, Scorpio rushes to the corner. Allin with a waistlock, gets him to the mat. Scorpio gets to the rope for the break. Sky with a waistlock takedown. Rolls him over for a 1 count. Still has him cinched in.

Allin slips Scorpio to the outside. Back inside, Darby wants to flip off of Scorpio’s back but off the landing his ankle gives way, Sky takes over. Big european uppercuts. Cover for a 2 count. Scorpio with a big Pendulum Backbreaker, holds him like that as we go to commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will resume. They fight up together as we come back and a loud dueling chant is going on. Sunset flip, sat on for a 2 count. Scorpio with a big forearm drops Darby! Scorpio pulls Allin up, Allin catches him with the OTT Stunner! Nearfall!

Darby with a headbutt to the gut, Code Red for a close nearfall! Darby with a boot up off a charge, rolls over him and charges – Sky with a big boot drops him hard! Hoists him to his feet, tosses him with a German Suplex and he hangs on! Second German! Wants the trifecta but Allin elbows free. Grabs the wrist and wrenches on the fingers…

Sky with a headbutt to the shoulder blades, third German Suplex sends him right into the buckles!

Scorpio with a Pullover Cutter attempt but Allin blocks and slams him onto the apron! Sky rolls to the floor, Darby wants a Tope Suicida and just lawndarts towards Sky who gets him with a PERFECT cutter onto the floor! That timing was impeccable. Scorpio takes him into the ring, cover for a close nearfall! Brainbuster for another close one! Sky takes Darby up top. Wants a Back Suplex, Darby elbows him to the mat. Wants a Coffin Drop but Sky catches him out of the air with a beautiful Powerbomb! Close nearfall once again! TKO attempted but Darby catches him mid-move with an Inside Cradle for the flash win!

Winner: Darby Allin

Man, these two have great timing together. Some awesome stuff in the closing minutes. Darby gives Sky his props, Scorpio attacks him with a chop block when he turns his back! Puts him into a Heel Hook and the refs have to come out to drag him off!

Sky looking at his hands in shock for a moment but then he realizes that he liked doing that.

AEW Dynamite Recap concludes with this: The Inner Circle War Council!

Inner Circle comes out and after the singalong Jericho says any army, when they need to change course after battle, they have a War Council. They’re on a downslope but it can be easily remedied. Jericho says it’s time for a change, maybe it’s even time for a new member. MJF says no, they don’t need a new member, he thinks maybe it’s time they let somebody go.

Sammy Guevara interrupts! That thing with Impact officially didn’t work out eh.

Jericho says wow, look who’s here, you remember his name right? Chant of “Sammy”. Chris says he never wanted to hear his name again. Sammy says he knows Chris isn’t happy with him but he needs to show him something. Jericho says he’s dead to us. Guevara demands he listen, after everything they’ve been through, he needs him to listen and look.

We see on the tron Sammy set up a hidden camera.

We see MJF talking to Jake Hager, Santana and Ortiz about needing new leadership. They were evidently planning on leaving Jericho laying.

MJF says he didn’t want Chris finding out this way but oh well… says “Get ’em”! Santana, Ortiz and Hager start to converge on Jericho and Guevara. But then they turn around and suddenly MJF’s on his own! Max tries to explain himself but Jericho tells him to shut up. Says they talk to each other everyday. They’ve been waiting for him to hang himself. Jericho says he brought him into the group and he’ll take him out.

Jericho shoves him to the mat. Says he’s fired from the group and not only that, they’re about to give him an oldschool Inner Circle beatdown. MJF cowers and says no, he didn’t want to take over the Inner Circle, he swears! He didn’t want to take over his group… he was too busy building his own.

Lights go out.

And when they come back, FTR, Tully Blanchard, Shawn Spears and Wardlow are in the ring!

They attack the Inner Circle and just brutalize them! Guevara gets sent through a chair, Jericho gets Wardlow’s GTS variation, Spike Piledrivers to Santana and Ortiz! Wardlow holds Jericho in place, MJF nails him with the Dynamite Diamond Ring! Tully hands MJF Floyd and he nails Jericho twice with it!

FTR and Spears carry Jericho out onto the stage. Wardlow Powerbombs him off the stage and through a table!! Jericho’s bloodied and broken as a new faction has just been established. The Five Horsemen have formed!

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