AEW Dynamite Recap & Results

Tonight we have the St. Patrick’s Day Slam edition of Dynamite! As always I’ll be here with you throughout the show to give you the live play-by-play on the show as it airs! So watch this space for the AEW Dynamite Recap!

And here in our opening match… Penta in the inset says he’ll break Cody’s arm and force him to take an early paternity leave.

Penta El Zero Meido vs. Cody Rhodes

Before the bell, Penta with a cannonball tope onto the ramp wipes Cody out! Brings him into the ring where the bell sounds, Penta with the quick advantage, kicking him around as they spill to ringside. One kick after another lands, Penta posts him! Kick to the inner thigh, Cody with a forearm, drives him into the barricade. Penta rips the green shirt from Cody’s torso, huge chop to the chest! Penta starts a-dancin’. And another but this time Cody bows up! Demands more, eats one before he grabs him into a Front Suplex! Pulls him up by the chin, hits the ropes, Penta ducks a clothesline, Slingblade for a 2 count!

Penta chokes Cody out in the ropes but he fights back, uppercut from the mat. Cross-Rhodes blocked, Penta leaps over a corner charge, Backstabber! Close nearfall. Now Penta goes out and pulls out a part of the barricade, also steals somebodies’ green top hat and wears it for a moment. Cody takes the fight to him but Penta with a low kick, sends him back into the ring. Next Penta scales the top rope but Cody stops him. Goes up there with him…

Super Rana! Didn’t see that one coming!

Cody can’t take advantage right away though, Penta with a snap kick to the injured shoulder, grinding his boot against it. Shoulderbreaker! Cody fires back with a kick, stomps on the leg. Pulls him into a side headlock, Penta shoots him off, leaps onto him but Cody catches him Fireman’s Carry style. Penta slips to the apron, Roundhouse Kick! Cody responds with a Disaster Kick taking him to the floor! Tope Suicida sends Penta onto the leaned barricade, the one Penta singled out previously!

Cody throws him back in, looks haggered, Penta with a kick on the way back in. Does his taunt, hits the ropes, Cody with a Thrust Kick, Canadian Destroyer! Cody Cutter for a clooose nearfall!

Cody blocks a Thrust Kick, Cross-Rhodes lands! BUT PENTA KICKS OUT!?

Goodness. As the AEW Dynamite Recap opener goes on, Cody pulls Penta up for the Vertebreaker… plants him!! Penta kicks out of this as well! Cody getting frustrated. Pulls Penta across the mat, slams his knee into the ringpost! Throws him back inside. Figure Four Leglock cinched in now! Penta struggles for a moment but he manages to grab the rope for the break! Penta fights back and singles out the arm! Does his taunt, lands the Signature Arm Snap! He poses above him, Cody manages a sneaky cradle and gets a surprise win!

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Penta immediately attacks Cody again, targeting the shoulder. Dustin Rhodes rushes out, and the rest of the Nightmare Family – except for QT – follow him out there as he runs Penta off. Eventually, QT Marshall comes out quite a bit late, pretending to be concerned.

AEW Dynamite Recap rolls on, we have the Young Bucks backstage. Matt says Fenix has beaten the both of them in singles competition but luckily they’re going to defend the titles against them in a TAG TEAM match, and they’re the best tag team in the game. Don Callis interrupts, shows off a shirt that says “Please do not slap the leg while kicking”.

Callis casually admits that they never attacked his eye and that was a lie but he wanted them to do it. He claims that the Bucks aren’t what they used to be, that Kenny doesn’t acknowledge them anymore because they’re not Elite anymore. Just another team in fancy tights living off their name. Asks if they see the same Matt & Nick from New Japan in the mirror.

Jade Cargill vs. Dani Jordyn

“Dani” chant to start. Jade with a flex. Waistlocks traded, Dani with a back elbow, hits the ropes but runs right into a Bicycle Kick! HUGE German Suplex takes her from the mat and sends her flying, and a beautiful kip up to boot! Hoists her up with a Double Chickenwing, Glam Slam for the easy win!

Winner: Jade Cargill

I can see why they’re making such a deal out of her, she is a crazy athlete. She gets in the face of Red Velvet at ringside afterward and a ref has to keep them from coming to blows.

Next up, out comes MJF and his new stable. Tully on the mic says last week they stood up to the greatest faction AEW used to have, the Inner Circle. But then you saw each member get demolished last week. So it seems that makes this group the baddest group in AEW! They’ve climbed the mountain and they’re at the pinnacle of this group. Says years ago he was with the greatest group in pro wrestling and he will finish his career that same way.

MJF takes the mic. Jokes that he is Judas now, huh? Says pretending to like Chris is no walk in the park, something he could use more of. Says it wasn’t easy being the most charismatic man and being his second in command for six months. Had to step back further than his hairline every time that he spoke. Separated Jericho from Sammy more than his left pec from his right pec.

MJF says his goal all along was to destroy the Inner Circle from the inside out.

He talks about how they are the Pinnacle. Tully Blanchard is the greatest mind in wrestling. Calls Wardlow the War Dog and a great destroyer. Calls Shawn Spears ‘SS’, a veteran’s veteran who has been held down for far too long. And FTR, the only grand slam world tag team champions in the history of professional wrestling! The greatest tag team on God’s Green Earth and they look damn good doing it.

MJF finally gets to himself and talks about how he’s already the best in the game and yet he’s just 24. Says he’s got 25 years left in him and that must piss everyone off, make them want to put their fist right through their TV screens because when everything’s said and done, Jericho won’t be the GOAT. That’ll be yours truly.

MJF says the Pinnacle will win every great title the sport has to offer, they take what they want when they want. First, they want to take the Inner Circle’s locker room. To cap it off, he has a message for Chris Jericho: I’m better than you and I know it.

Up next on the AEW Dynamite Recap…

Matt Hardy, Private Party, Butcher & Blade vs. Jurassic Express & Bear Country

Marko starts with Matt. Matt bullies him a bit until he leaps him, Matt catches the crossbody but Jungle had managed the blind tag. He comes in and takes him down, everybody rushes the ring but the faces clear the ring quickly! Bear Country pick up Marko without asking him and just toss him onto the heels! Jungle and Luchasaurus take exception to this. One of the bears grabs someone for a body slam (this is extremely hard to call) and a leg clips Jungle as he turns. This lets Matt take over on Jungleboy as the ring settles.

Commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will resume when the show does.

As we come back, Lucha with chops to both of Private Party. Pump kick, Pancake to Kassidy! Back body drop to Quen! Tosses Blade to the corner and batters him, huge Saito Suplex, kip up! Luchasaurus pulls Kassidy up in a slam but Quen pulls him free. Try a double team but Luchasaurus with a big kick to Quen, chokeslam to Kassidy! Cover but Butcher breaks it up, absorbs a headbutt and nails him with a crossbody! Marko with a Missile Dropkick to Butcher! Kassidy tries to pull Luchasaurus up but he goozles him!

Lucha reaches for a tag, Bronson takes it, Exploder Suplex! Bronson and Lucha argue, Marko tags himself in and starts stomping Kassidy. Meanwhile Butcher and Blade start a brawl at ringside, Marko is all by his lonesome as Private Party take over on him. Marko with a back elbow, boot up, double boots on charges! Hardy with a cheap shot to Marko, leads to the Gin and Juice! Hardy bravely tags in as Stunt is down. Stalks as though he will rise, he is clearly already finished. Hardy drags him up for an unnecessary Twist of Fate and gets the pin.

Winners: Matt Hardy, Butcher, Blade & Private Party

As the AEW Dynamite Recap rolls on, we have a promo from Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston, yay~! Mox says he’s not feeling too good, he should be on a beach or a hottub right now recuperating but instead he’s going to war again. Sometimes you have to step back and take a look, assess the problem. Jokes about everyone loves the Good Brothers, not him. Not just because he wasted his money on Talk-N-Shop-A-Mania.

Says they’re cheap shot artists. Every time he turns his head he sees them. Nobody wants to see Gallows that much! They make gags about his googly eyes. Talk about Chad 2 Badd, say he’s supposed to be gangsta now. Kingston quotes 50 Cent and Tupac, tells them a coward dies a thousand deaths but men like him and Moxley only die but once.

Now we hear from Christian Cage!

He says there’s a term in the business for someone who, when they step inside that ring, busts their ass more than anyone on the roster. It’s a workhorse. Cage says he makes everyone step up a level, even Moxley has said as much. But he’s not a workhorse, he’s THE workhorse.

He says there’s a lot of people worried about him taking spots but there’s only one spot he’s interested in. It’s the one held by Kenny Omega. Kenny interrupted his segment ’cause apparently he can do whatever he want, but as champ he’s on borrowed time. He knows he has to get some wins first but his intent is clear. And he’s here to outwork everyone. Up next on the AEW Dynamite Recap…

Eddie Kingston & Jon Moxley vs. The Good Brothers

Good Brothers jump Kingston on his way out. Moxley makes the save but his arm is all taped up, Anderson and Gallows double team him and drag him down the ramp, throw him into the barricade. Gallows with a big headbutt to Mox, he fights back but the numbers take over and Kingston keeps getting overwhelmed as well. Magic Killer on Mox on the floor! They take Eddie into the ring and the bell finally sounds.

Anderson pounding on Kingston on the mat, cover for a 1 count. Raking at the eyes. Gallows tags in, grinds at him as well. Kingston can’t get out of the blocks as they isolate him, Gallows with a roundhouse kick for a nearfall. Moxley slowly dragging himself to the apron, Kingston trying to fight back. Chops and elbows. Gallows with a pump kick keeps Mox off the apron!

Commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will resume when the show comes back.

Gallows whips Kingston to the corner as we come back, Kingston with a boot up off a charge, Rolling Flying Elbow off the second rope! Moxley is fired up for the tag! Anderson tags in first and attacks but gets an Exploder Suplex for his troubles! Mox makes the tag! Suplexes Anderson around, big dropkick, walking on Anderson in the corner. Whip reversed, Moxley side steps a charge, big lariato! Pulls Anderson up, Piledriver plants him for a nearfall, Gallows breaks up the pin! Moxley with a high knee to Gallows takes him to the floor, Tope Suicida!

Rushes into the ring, Anderson with a Spinebuster! Makes the tag to Gallows. Dropkick/Flapjack combo. Kingston comes in and gets a Back Suplex/Neckbreaker for his troubles. Cover on Mox for a 2 count! Kingston clotheslines Gallows to the floor. But Gallows pulls him out there with him. Mox with an Inside Cradle on Anderson, gets the duke!

Winners: Eddie Kingston & Jon Moxley

Very skin-of-their-teeth win there.

Good Brothers attack afterwards and Kenny Omega and Don Callis emerge, Kenny has a chair.

Kenny sits down on the chair in front of Moxley, Eddie Kingston rushes in and shoulder blocks him off the chair! Good Brothers jump him though, pull him up for the Magic Killer! They set Kingston up for a neck Pillmanization but the Young Bucks rush out and stop this.

They get in the Elite’s face. Elite offer the Bucks a Too Sweet. They contemplate it for a while but say no and leave the ring. Kenny grabs Matt to stop him from leaving! They start arguing, Kenny rips off his shirt and challenges him. Moxley eventually makes it back into the ring with a chair and runs the heels off!

Sting and Darby Allin make their way out.

Darby says he won his title November 7th and he’s defended three times since. Says that’s a joke and now that he’s done with Team Taz, he wants to be a fighting champion. He wants to give a nod to the greatest TNT Champion of all time. “Brodie” chant starts. Darby says he’ll give a title shot to anyone in the Dark Order who wants the title back.

Lance Archer and Jake Roberts come out, again Archer ain’t happy with Sting’s TV time. Also insults Darby, says he’s the most indyriffic guy here. They send their warning and leave. Team Taz also appear again as they just plain don’t know how to feud with anyone else.

Cage speaks for himself this time. He steps up to Sting and says after fighting week after week, and having the damnedest street fight of all time, he wants to say… that he respects him. And Ricky Starks is wrong, with or without his bat, he’s the Icon. Team Taz ain’t happy with their FTW champion after that.

Promo from Scorpio Sky. He says he’ll do whatever it takes to rise up the ranks.

Up next on the AEW Dynamite Recap…

Rey Fenix vs. Angelico

Chain wrestling to start. Angelico wins out, wristlock takedown. Fenix kips up, spins into an arm drag! Fenix with a few chops. Angelico blocks one, Fenix rolls him into a crucifix. Exchange of cradles, Fenix blocks a knee but Angelico grabs the arm and pulls him into an armbar. He spots the tape on Fenix’s lower back, nails it with hammerfists! Big kick to the back! Commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap to resume when the show does. And we’re back, Fenix with a Springing Rana! Thrust Kick, Roll-thru Cutter! Nearfall.

Fenix hoists Angelico up, he slips off his shoulders, forearm to the spine. Navarro Deathroll! But Fenix is immediately in the ropes for the break. Drags him to the center and tries again, Fenix kicks him away, victory roll trade for 2. Fenix leaps over a legsweep but eats an enziguri! Exchange of high kicks, knuckle locks, Fenix counters a lift into a Crucifix Bomb! Fenix Driver for the win!

Winner: Rey Fenix

Nice quick lucha match.

Miro backstage is told about the challenge for a rematch. Asks “Why?” Says the opportunity has moved on, he’s moved on. Kip comes up and says he hasn’t moved on, they ruined his wedding. Kip says Miro is supposed to care. Whether he meant to or not, he pushed him into his wife. Miro reminds him that having your wife at ringside is the worst thing for your career.

He tells him that what he needs is to be a world champion, it’s his destiny. Kip says he wants that for him too, he won’t stop him. Miro says they’re still friends outside the ring, making it clear that he doesn’t really want to team with him going forward. But after he leaves, Sabian accepts the challenge all the same.

Dark Order backstage talking about Darby’s open challenge and they quickly agree it should be John Silver!

That’s gonna be a fun match!

AEW Dynamite Recap rolls on. The Pinnacle replace the Inner Circle’s logo with their own and take over the locker room.

And now, our main event…

Unsanctioned Lights Out Match: Britt Baker vs. Thunder Rosa

Before the bell, Rebel attacks Rosa with a crutch! She chases after her but this sets her up for a spear through the ropes from Baker! Air Raid Crash right onto the ramp for a 1 count! What a way to start. Baker throws Rosa to the floor. Pulls out a chair, swings it but Rosa evades it! Baker drives the top of the chair into her repeatedly. Baker yells into the camera, Rosa throws the chair into her face! Nails her across the back a couple of times, nails Rebel with it too!

Thunder takes Britt over the barricade and into the crowd area, slams Britt’s face into a chair. Sits her up, charges for a flip senton but Baker side-steps and she careens into the chair! Cover for a 2 count. Baker throws her to ringside and pursues her. Forearms exchanged, Baker with a big whip into the front of the stage! Pulls out a table. Rebel helps her stand it up. Britt sees Rosa trying to pull herself up on the steps, Baker stomps her head into the steel! Now she throws a bunch of chairs into the ring. Headbutts her and drags her into the ring, Rosa is bleeding!

Commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will resume when we come back.

We come back to see Baker nails a Superplex onto a stack of chairs! Cover for a nearfall! Rosa with a bulldog onto the ladder! Cover for a 2 count. Rosa with a Meteora in the corner! Grabs the ladder and puts it in Baker’s face. She backs up, Shotgun Dropkick to the ladder! Rosa’s expressions are amazing for this kind of match. That was enough to bust Britt open too. Rosa sets up a table on the outside. Britt’s bleeding pretty bad, Rosa stomps her and pulls her outside but Baker’s fighting it, holds onto the bottom rope.

Rosa picks up the ladder and leans it against the bottom rope. Bites at the wound! Baker fights her off, Superkick lands! Baker with a big DDT onto the ladder! Britt climbs the top rope, Rosa cuts her off! Hoists her onto her shoulders – SUPER DEATH VALLEY DRIVER ONTO THE LADDER!! Pulls her over for a cover, nearfall, wow! Rosa sits up a chair. Baker with a body shot, DDT onto the chair, denting the seat! Positions her over the chair and Curbstomps her! Cover for a clooose nearfall! Baker with a full crimson mask and evil smile. Pulls on the leather glove. Rebel hands her a sack. Britt looks so proud to hold it.

Empties it and it’s a bunch of thumbtacks, tons of them! Pulls Rosa up by the hair, hooks her for a Fisherwoman’s Neckbreaker, Rosa escapes, Rebel in the ring with the crutch but Rosa wrestles it away from her and nails her with it! Dropkick sends Rebel off the apron through the table! Rosa escapes a DVD, TIGER BOMB ONTO THE THUMBTACKS!! COVER! NEARFALL!?!?!? “This Is Awesome” chant, Baker’s back is COVERED in tacks! She pulls her into a desperate Lockjaw attempt, ROSA ROLLS HER INTO THE TACKS TO BREAK IT! Avada Kedavra from Britt! Takes Rosa onto the apron. Up on the second rope, she’s setting up a Canadian Destroyer through a table but Rosa reverses, TIGER THUNDER DRIVER OFF THE APRON THROUGH THE TABLE! Gets the win!

Winner: Thunder Rosa

That was incredible. Britt Baker is so much tougher than I ever would’ve imagined.

And that’s the show!

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