WWE Fastlane 2021 Recap

WWE Fastlane 2021 Recap is on! And the Kickoff Show is well underway so let’s get to it.

WWE United States Championship: Riddle (c) vs. Mustafa Ali

Back and forth to start with, Riddle takes Ali down and hits a Broton for a 2 count. Hooks him, Ali holds onto the top rope to stop a suplex but gets swept to the ground. He tries another Broton but Ali with the boots up sends him flying! Mustafa stops to yell at the rest of Retribution. Ali takes him over to the post and demolishes his ribs with it. Riddle tries to fight back but a Kitchen Sink knee stops this. Body scissors as Ali focuses on the midsection.

Gutwrench attempt is thwarted as Ali keeps pounding him. Riddle with a corner whip, Mustafa cartwheels to regain control, escapes to the apron as Riddle charges. Roll-thru X-Factor for a nearfall! Riddle fights back, sleeper, Ali flips back for a nearfall but Riddle wins out on a strike exchange. Charging forearms in the corner, Exploder Suplex! PK lands hard!

Deadlifts him from the mat with a Powerbomb, Final Flash knee! Clooose nearfall!

Goes up top, Floating Bro – Ali with the knees up! Mustafa off the second rope with a Satellite DDT but Riddle catches him out of the air! Wants a suplex, Ali nearly counters it into an Inside Cradle but Riddle turns it into a Fisherman’s Driver! Nearfall – Ali immediately wraps around Riddle with a Kofi Clutch! Riddle struggles in this for a while, starts powering him up but Ali rips free. Corner charge, Riddle with a boot up. Chokes him for a moment… he lifts him from upside down in that position?! SUPER BRO DEREK! That was incredible! And that gets the win!

Winner: Riddle

Hot damn, that was a lovely match. It sure did belong on the main card but hey, great action is great action.

As the WWE Fastlane 2021 Recap continues, Retribution is pulling Mustafa Ali up to his feet and he starts yelling. Again he berates them, clearly blaming them for this loss. Reckoning isn’t happy with this, he gets in her face and tells her to get in line. She shakes her head and leaves. Slapjack goes to leave, Ali grabs him by the arm and they have a tense staredown. Slapjack leaves. Ali is now messing with the big boys Mace and T-Bar and they’ve had enough, plant him with the Blind Justice! That’s all for Retribution and all for the Kickoff.

WWE Fastlane 2021 Recap will resume with the start of the main show.

And we’re off with the Women’s Tag Title match!

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Match: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (c) vs. Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair

Faces take over early. Bianca with a big dropkick. Shayna tries for a triangle from the mat but Bianca powers her up until Baszler escapes. Leg kick, shot to the face. They each tag out, Nia takes over on Sasha, blocks a headscissor, lariat lands. Sasha rolls out of the way of an elbow drop. Lifts her for a powerbomb, Sasha tags to Bianca and she dropkicks her back to break it up! She takes over until Shayna tags in and attacks her on the floor.

Drags her into the ring, neck crank. Belair fights up, body shots. Front facelock from Shayna as she gets her again, pulls her to the corner and the heels start isolating. Jax with another big elbow drop for a 2 count. Shayna comes in and holds her with an arm wringer. Nia tags in, big body slam. Cover for 2, Full Nelson. Bianca powers up, has to get past both of them…

Hot tag to Sasha Banks!

Shayna also tags in, Sasha runs wild, Meteora #1 and #2 to both opponents in opposite corners. Tries for a Springboard Meteora for #3 to Nia but she catches her out of the air, tosses her towards Shayna. Sasha barely escapes her hold, tag to Bianca. Belair takes Baszler down, 450 Splash off the top! Reginald with the distraction, Sasha has to deal with him. She still gets back up in time to tag in, Bianca throws Baszler into a knee lift from Banks!

Sasha gets Shayna in a Bank Statement! Nia is gonna come in to break it up, Belair rushes in to intercept, Nia ends up tossing Bianca onto the pile to break them up. Sasha is distracted after this, upset at Bianca for way too long. Shayna eventually rolls her up for the win.

Winners: Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax

Wow, the build for this Sasha/Bianca match is absolute, utter garbage. As soon as they announced this match, these two just became insanely beatable.

We see a picture of Shane McMahon holding his leg in a ring with boxing gloves looking kinda silly. We’re being told he got hurt in training, obviously they’re going to call off the Strowman match.

We then see Shane walking out of an office on a crutch. Elias and Ryker appear, Elias keeps bothering him to try and get a concert at Mania. Shane tries to tell him off repeatedly but eventually concedes and says he has an idea.

Up next on the WWE Fastlane 2021 Recap…

WWE Intercontinental Championship: Big E (c) vs. Apollo Crews

They come to blows immediately. E throws him to the apron – PPV SPEAR! Right away he nails it, wow! E takes Apollo to the apron, goes up there, stomps him. Says “You asked for this, you wanted this”. HUGE Apron Splash! Big E talks about how he begged for this. He goes into the ring momentarily, but right back out there for a SECOND Apron Splash! Pulls him into the ring, TOSSES him with Overhead Belly To Bellies! Crews with a desperate drop toe hold into the buckle. German Suplex lands, and he keeps hold for three in a row!

Spinebuster lands! Stomp to the stomach. Going up top. Frog Splash for a 2 count! Waistlock, Big E fights to his feet, elbows free but an enziguri puts him down! Standing Moonsault but E with the knees up! Charges but Crews sends him into the post! Wants the Blue Thunder Bomb but E escapes… they end up in a cradle and roll back and forth, the ref counts for what felt like a six count and the bell rings.

Winner: N/A

Crews assaults him afterwards, in a rage at the double pin finish. Couple of Olympic Slams, Crews slaps him across the face. Pulls him up, plants him with a third one.

Boy what a fun match capped off way too quick. Putting this here was stupid. But I am glad to see that they’re going to have a really great match at Mania.

Joseph Average wins the 24/7 title by accident during an Old Spice commercial, Truth of course cradles him to take the win. It’s… I mean yeah it’s as good as it sounds.

Up next on the WWE Fastlane 2021 Recap, we’re supposed to have Shane vs. Braun. But of course Shane got injured in training. Shane’s in the ring with Elias and tricked him into thinking he’d let him play his music but actually he’s having him replace him tonight.

Braun Strowman vs. Elias

Elias dashes in, gets thwarted quick. Trying to avoid him. Strowman tosses Elias to the corner, body blow. Mauls him in a corner, biel toss! He powders briefly but Strowman yanks Elias up by the hair and into the ring, posts him repeatedly. Kicks him around and chokes him in the middle rope. Corner charge, Ryker pulls Elias to the floor. Strowman with a freight train charge, Ryker barely avoids him and he sends Elias flying. Ryker throws Elias into the ring right at the 8 count. Now Ryker on the apron to distract, Elias with a chopblock, DDT! Off the top with a splash, nearfall.

Hits the ropes, Braun clips him with a big lariat. Corner clothesline, throws him across the ring. Pulls him up, TOSSES him with a Back Suplex! Pulls him to his shoulders for a Running Powerslam and that’s that.

Winner: Braun Strowman

Very much filler, definitely a Raw angle.

Backstage we see Riddle on his scooter. He meets Shinsuke. Nak congratulates him on retaining his title. Riddle wishes him good luck in his match with Seth. Asks about him going into business with him, he’s tricking out scooters now. He talks about how his cousin Skeeter was a skater who crashed his scooter. Eventually Riddle turns around and it turns out Shinsuke was hiding to make him leave.

Up next on the WWE Fastlane 2021 Recap…

Seth Rollins vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Lock-up, Seth with a headlock. Nakamura shoots him off, kitchen sink. Kneedrop to the face. Round kick ducked, Rollins powders. Nakamura goads him back in, round kick to the chest for a 1 count. Waistlock, Seth elbows free. Kick to the back of the leg, slams his face into the mat! Pulls him up and throws him to the floor. Seth to the apron, BIG Flying Knee to the head! Dang. Bounces him off the announce table and into the ring. Seth with a deep knee to the gut. Whip to the opposite ropes and does it again. And once more on the other side before hoisting him onto his shoulders, Gutbuster for a 1 count.

Rollins pulls Nakamura up and shoulder thrusts him in the corner. Whip to the opposite corner. Pulls him out for a Pendulum Backbreaker for a 2 count. Waistlock. Nak fights to his feet. Back elbow to free himself, but Seth clobbers him to the mat, knee drop to the face. 2 count. Seth talks about how Cesaro is watching as he chokes Shinsuke in the ropes. He yells “22 Swings”! He says he’s strong too. Grabs the legs and wants the Giant Swing but Shinsuke struggles, pulls him down into the armbar! Seth with a foot on the rope for a break.

Nak with a baseball slide to the face! Takes him to the apron, knee to the face, big knee drop to the back of the head!

Good Vibes in the ring. Seth reverses a corner whip but eats a knee to the gut. Shinsuke powers Rollins to the top, charging knee to the gut. Yanks him to the mat for a 2 count. Shinsuke pulls him up for an Exploder but Rollins elbows himself free. Corner charge, Nak with a boot up. Seth takes him to the apron and Shinsuke falls to the floor! Seth with a Tope Suicida sends him into the barricade! Throws Nak into the ring. Seth onto the apron, Springboard Knee to the side of the head, damn! Slingblade! Slow cover, nearfall!

Seth pulls Shinsuke up for a suplex, Nak blocks. Second attempt, still not working. Exchange of forearms. Nak with a combination of strikes, Rollins with a WILD enziguri! Pulls him up for a Buckle Bomb, Nak slips free, Dragon Whip lands! Nice! Charges for the Kinshasa, Seth with the boots up but Nak pulls him to between the ropes and hits the Ishimori German!! Now stalking for the Kinshasa again, Seth pulls him mid-run, Buckle Bomb! Pulls him from there into the Falcon Arrow for a nearfall!

Rollins wants the Curbstomp but Shinsuke pulls him onto his shoulders! Fireman’s Carry Driver!! Reverse Exploder! Kip-up! Stalks for it one more time! Charges but Seth with a roll-up, Nak rolls through. Rollins with a Chris Hero esque neckbreaker-setup for a rolling elbow to the back of the head! Rolling Wheel Kick to the back of the head! Curbstomp lands and that’s that!

Winner: Seth Rollins

Great match! Nice new finishing sequence there for Rollins.

WWE Fastlane 2021 Recap rolls on! And next up should be another very good match…

No Holds Barred: Sheamus vs. Drew McIntyre

This one gets a particularly epic video package going into their 20 year history. Drew comes out in full Braveheart face paint. We start with a staredown and Sheamus running Drew down for never thinking of him. Exchange of blows, Sheamus with a whip but it’s reversed. Boot to counter a back body drop, Drew with a quick Overhead Belly To Belly! Sends him flying with another one, clotheslines him to the floor! On the apron, Sheamus clips him and sends him to the floor. Throws him into the barricade. Drew reverses a whip, Overhead Belly To Belly onto the floor! Drew under the ring, throws some kendo sticks into the ring. Sheamus attacks from behind.

Grabs a Kendo Stick, Drew ducks a shot, another Overhead Belly To Belly. Throws him into the steps! Sheamus ends up laid out on the steps, Drew with a leaping stomp! Drew throws him into the ring. Grabs another kendo stick. There’s a lot of sticks in there, Sheamus with a pump knee on the way into the ring! Cover for a 2 count. Cracks the stick across his back. Sheamus’ chest is destroyed looking already. He just keeps pelting him with the cane! Choking him with it now. McIntyre fights up, headbutts free. Glasgow Kiss, Big Boot lays him out. Picks a stick up slowly. Waits for Sheamus to rise… he runs at him, McIntyre with a big crack to the back! Brutal shot to the chest, White Russian Legsweep!

This battle is rugged as hell, welts everywhere on both men. WWE Fastlane 2021 Recap continues.

Drew digging the top of the stick into Sheamus’ eye. WICKED shot to the back and Sheamus falls to the floor. He looks like someone took a whip to his back. Drew pursues him out there, Sheamus with a drop toe hold into the steps! Now Sheamus picks up the steps and nails him in the face with him. Poses and yells “FELLA”! Clears the announce table off. Sheamus pulls him onto the table, wants White Noise… Drew blocks it, looks for Future Shock! Sheamus fights it, McIntyre throws him from the table into the barricade!

And now the fight is going to the crowd area. Drew with the fishhooks in, yelling at him to smile for him. Big chop drops him! Pulls him up, bashes his back. BRUTAL slaps to the head. Sheamus reverses a suplex and sends him onto the floor! Sheamus’ back is tearing open now. He pulls him slowly up the scaffolds. Body shot as Drew gets sent into the ThunderDome. Regal Roller between the LED screens! Pulls him up and drags him over, takes him onto his shoulders for another.

McIntyre escapes, whips Sheamus through some kind of lighting rig and it explodes!

WWE Fastlane 2021 Recap continues, Sheamus seems defeated now. Drew kicks him around, sends him sliding down to the floor area. Puts him onto a crate and uses it to push him towards ringside. Yanks him off the crate with a BRUTAL suplex to the floor! Drew pulls him onto his shoulders and carries his limp body back towards the ring. Sheamus rakes the eyes and escapes, Brogue Kick sends McIntyre flying over the barricade! Kinda thought Sheamus just wasn’t recovering from that explosion but nope, still got fight!

Stomping him into the floor. Slams his face into the crate. Stands on the barrier and pulls him up with him. Nice camera angle makes them look way further from the announce table than they actually are. Sheamus yells about how he should be main eventing WrestleMania! He pulls him up onto his shoulders… WHITE NOISE SENDS THEM BOTH THROUGH THE TABLE!! Sheamus dragging McIntyre slowly to the ring. Drew seems out, it takes a while for him to get him inside. Sheamus stops to look for weapons. He grabs a side of the announce table and throws it into the ring.

Sheamus says Drew’s the chosen one but what about him?

Drew fights from his knees, big strong style shots as McIntyre fights to his feet. Sheamus takes control and wants to Alabama Slam McIntyre onto the announce table piece, McIntyre escapes, Future Shock blocked, second attempt plants him! Claymore for the win.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Good God, what a war. You just don’t see matches like that in WWE, straight up. Atleast not outside of NXT UK. Damn dude. Glad this feud finally got to be on PPV. That justifies this show’s existence more than anything else here probably will.

Up next on the WWE Fastlane 2021 Recap… well they’re calling it Randy Orton vs. Alexa Bliss, I’m not sure what we’re actually gonna see.

Orton makes his way to the ring. So yannow that takes a bit. But as he’s doing his thing, he spits black liquid again and starts freaking out. Smacks the mat, he rushes out of the ring and demands a towel. He wipes himself off and keeps choking on the liquid. He re-enters the ring and starts yelling for Bliss to get out here. She arrives and has the thick black eyeliner and scary eyes. Her music is very messed up. Alright, well…

Randy Orton vs. Alexa Bliss

He walks towards her but a wall of fire emerges between them and spooks him off. Alexa cackles. Orton with an angry charge and Bliss side-steps him and he posts himself as hard as possible! Falls to the floor, Alexa kneels next to him and acts all concerned for him before beckoning him around the ring. He follows her slowly. They share weird looks. Bliss gets serious and a lighting rig falls to the floor out of nowhere. Orton yells, “Are you trying to kill me?” as if that wasn’t a thing this whole feud.

Alexa wants him to lure him into the ring. Acting all innocent. Orton climbs the apron, checks the ceiling. Marches forward and Bliss throws a fireball right at him! He falls to the mat and just narrowly avoided it. Bliss smiles as a hand pops through the mat and grabs Randy’s ankle. Orton stumbles forward. Fire emerges from the hole and out comes the Fiend in a new scorched look, he’s looking a lot more Leatherface now. As Orton is staring at him, Bliss surprises him with a Missile Dropkick to the back, which sends him right into Sister Abigail! Alexa covers for the win.

Winner: Alexa Bliss

Honestly if you take that as a comedy match, that was pretty great. I was laughing the whole time.

WWE Fastlane 2021 Recap continues! And now it’s time for our main event!

First, out comes Edge. He’s the special guest enforcer for this one.

WWE Universal Championship: Roman Reigns (c) vs. Daniel Bryan

Feeling out process. Bryan nearly gets him with a single leg and lets him know about it. Reigns takes him to the corner. Bryan escapes on the break. Kick to the inside of the leg. Roman takes him to the corner again, bashes him in the face and taunts him. Bryan falls to the mat and looks to pick the ankle, Roman scampers to the ropes for the break. Now Bryan’s trying to piss him off telling him to come get him as he teases grapples. Single leg attempted and Roman barely makes it to the ropes, Bryan smiling big. They clench hands, Roman powers Bryan down. Bryan able to get back to his feet, leaps into a Cross Armbreaker! Reigns into the ropes for the break.

Bryan starts with the Yes! now as he’s feeling good. He teases a grapple again but takes his hands away when Roman reaches for him. Reigns isn’t happy, Bryan’s toying with him. Roman eventually grabs him with a Side Headlock Takedown though. Bryan escapes though, knee drive to the back, grabs a wrist and starts wrenching it! Stands on the arm as he slowwwwly bends it backward! Almost a cover, Reigns has to snap out.

This is gonna be a long one, but a very fun feeling out.

Roman starts pounding on him now as the WWE Fastlane 2021 Main Event Recap rolls on. Roman sends him into the corner, hits the ropes, Bryan surprises him with a dropkick! Shoulderbreakers. Leg kick, wants another breaker but Roman going for the eyes, they fight to the corner where Roman starts his big lariats! Bryan ducks the third one, starts his comeback sequence, Floatover over him, charges into a Tilt-A-Whirl Slam! Nearfall! Roman pulls him up and sends him flying with a suplex! Cover for a 2 count.

Bryan fighting back wildly but can’t hurt Roman much, he keeps stomping him to keep him on the mat. Reigns with a headlock. Bryan fights up, Reigns takes him to the apron, right hand drops him to the floor. Roman drives him into the barricade hard! Bryan fighting back on the outside, combination of kicks. Whip reversed, posts him! Reigns throws him into the ring. Cover for a nearfall. Reigns sends him flying with another suplex, 2 count.

Roman is baffled that Bryan wants to get up.

Floors him with another lariat and starts demanding that he acknowledge him. Power whip to the buckle. Goes over to nail him but Bryan with a drop toe hold into the corner! Charging dropkick lands! Bryan takes Roman up top. Super Rana attempted but Roman catches him! He holds him upside down! Brings him to the mat with him and into a high angle Boston Crab! Bryan reverses the Crab into an Inside Cradle for a close 2 count! Flying Forearm! Roman fighting back as they both rise, knee to the gut. Whip, Bryan with a kick to the head off a back body drop attempt, low bridge sends Roman to the floor where he lands on his feet.

Bryan with a tope, Roman catches him out of the air, nearly drops him but pulls him onto his shoulders to post him. Bryan slips free and sends him into the post instead! Comes off the apron with a flying knee to the head! Into the ring, Flying Knee from the second rope as well! Bryan scales the top rope! Missile Dropkick! Slowwww cover, 2 count!

Yes Kicks commence!

He’s laying them in pretty good until Roman catches one! Takes him to the corner, uppercut lands flush! Knee after knee to the gut now, stomping him into the buckle. Bryan with an upkick to the bum shoulder! Double leg attempt, Roman stuffs it. Powers him up for a Powerbomb but Bryan reverses with a Rana! Buzzsaw Kick! And a second one!! Cover for a nearfall! Bryan tells Roman he’s about to get broken. Grabs the wrists… stomps to the head begin! Vicious shots here, flips into the Yes Lock!! Reigns slowly reaches towards the ropes but Bryan grabs the free arm and back rolls him to the center of the ring! Re-applied and Roman is trapped!

Reigns is in there for a good while, slowly ripping his way free… spins around for solid mounted punches! Deadlift Powerbomb, stacks him up for a nearfall! They both drag themselves up, Roman charges for a spear! Bryan with a kick to the head! Charges for the Buisaku Knee, Reigns side-steps and Bryan takes out the ref by accident! Reigns spears Bryan!

Edge has to rush into the ring to count – NEARFALL!

WWE Fastlane 2021 Main Event heating up as Roman questions Edge’s count. He starts nailing Bryan again but he cinches him into the Triangle Choke to counter! Reigns powers him up for the Backlund Bomb but Bryan fights free, rolls him into the Yes Lock again!!! Crossface blocks, palm strikes to the back of the head as he keeps torqueing on him! Jey Uso appears outta nowhere and Superkicks Edge before doing the same to Bryan! He goes to grab a chair, he posts Edge before swinging the chair at Bryan but he ducks it – Buisaku Knee takes out Jey! And now he has the chair!

Cracks Jey across the back with some solid chair shots until he rolls to the floor! Bryan swings the chair at Roman but he ducks it and Bryan nails Edge with it! Reigns with a Superman Punch! But Bryan zombies up to pull him into the Yes Lock again!! Roman is looking desperate as he rips at the hands… he’s fading… he taps on Bryan’s hand! But Edge attacks the both of them with a chair to break them up! Edge yells “This is mine!” before storming back up the ramp.

New referee runs out. Roman slowly drags himself onto Bryan and gets the win.

Winner: Roman Reigns

My oh my, that was incredible. For the most part, that was a match that would not have seemed out of place in the Tokyo Dome and that’s saying a lot.

That ending strongly suggests a triple threat too, interesting… that’s all for tonight.

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