AEW Dynamite Recap & Results

Another episode of AEW Dynamite is soon at hand! And with it comes my live play-by-play of the show in written form, coming at you as the show airs. Watch this space for the AEW Dynamite Recap!

Opening match tonight is sure to be a gooden… Kenny gets his big introduction, seemingly even longer than usual here.

Kenny Omega vs. Matt Sydal

Lock-up. Kenny with a side headlock. Sydal reverses. Kenny with an arm wringer, wristlock. Back and forth with the chain wrestling, Kenny takes him over to the mat. Sydal nips up, reverses but Kenny with a snapmare, Sydal flips onto his feet. Snapmare right back, Kenny with a back elbow drops him. Clubbering shots to the back, body slam. Elbow drop to the chest, cover for 2. Loud chops ensue! Wants a slam but Sydal with a rana escape. Tijeras takes him down! Dropkick sends him to the outside. Once back inside, Kenny takes over again, shoulder thrusts. Lifts him by the arm and thrusts him to the mat. Stomps to the chest.

Pulls him up, Sydal fights back, leg kicks ensue. Blocks a kick, legsweep, Standing Moonsault for a 2 count! Sydal with a flying knee in the corner! Goes up top, Kenny cuts him off. Wants to throw him off the top but Sydal with another Tijeras counter, only to be nailed by a lariat! Back Suplex drives him down. Pulls him to the floor, Back Suplex right onto the apron! Yikes! Kenny pulls Sydal up for a Pendulum Backbreaker, 2 count! Dueling chant as Kenny is pulling Sydal up for a bomb. Sydal escapes it, Spin Kick to the face, Wheel Kick drops him!

Kenny with a boot up off a charge, up top – Sydal surprises him with a Pop-Up Super Rana!

Brainbuster lands, nearfall! AEW Dynamite Recap opening match rolls on. Sydal takes Kenny up top now. Wants another rana but Kenny leaps down, Sydal bounces painfully off the buckles and flips to the mat! Kenny with a Snap Dragon! Omega with a Fisherman’s Driver. Wants the V-Trigger but Sydal turns it into a pinning combination! Roundhouse kick lands flush! Lightning Spiral for a close nearfall!

Sydal goes up top! Flies at him for a Meteora but Kenny incredibly catches him like this! Buckle Bomb! V-Trigger lands clean for a close nearfall! Hits another V-Trigger! Wants the One Winged Angel but Sydal turns around into a Poison Rana!! Up top here, looking for the finish! But Omega crotches him! Kenny dazedly stands. Runs up for a HUGE V-Trigger as Sydal is still up top! Kenny pulls him off the top for the One Winged Angel but Sydal spins around again for a Victory Roll!!! Just barely a 2 count! Kenny with one last V-Trigger and finally hits the One Winged Angel for the win!

Winner: Kenny Omega

Great opening match for sure, Sydal got soooo close. Hopefully raises his profile a bit.

Alex Marvez standing by with Dark Order backstage. John Silver is psyched for his TNT title shot. He dodges Coffin Drops from everybody and of course Uno fails to catch poor V. Hangman asks if he’s nervous, Silver yells that he’s Johnny Hungie! Page says these guys will be proud of him no matter what.

Next up on the AEW Dynamite Recap…

Hangman Page vs. Cezar Bononi

Lock-up, Bononi shoves him away quick. Page with some chops, floatover out of the corner, avoids a big boot and responds with his own! Low bridge takes Bononi to the floor, tope but Cezar catches him and slams him right on the apron! Takes him into the ring, chokes him in the corner. Chop, whip, clothesline but Page gets right to his feet and asks for more. Chops and a rolling elbow from Page! Hoists him up but Cezar’s a bit too big, reverses and tosses him across the ring! Running lariats, doesn’t drop him but a third does! To the apron, Buckshot Lariat gets the win!

Winner: Hangman Page

Quick match but fun to see Page in a bit of a fight.

Lance Archer with a video from seemingly the same warehouse Sting and Darby filmed their video from. Archer says at one time he looked up to Sting. There would be no Murderhawk Monster without Sting. But he will be remembered forever as the man who took down one of the greatest of all time. Sooner or later, it will be showtime. AEW Dynamite Recap rolls on…

Tony Schiavone here to interview Britt Baker on the stage.

Gets a round of applause from some of the crowd but plenty of boos since she is still Dr. Baker. She says they’re all as dumb, delusional and disrespectful as Thunder Rosa. Says Rosa should be thanking her every day that she wakes up because she will forever be remembered now. She gets to be part of the history that she wrote with her own blood.

Baker says Rosa has the audacity to say she put this division on the map. But if that’s the case, why is it her that everyone’s talking about? Baker talks about the legends praising her, thanks Mick Foley for the thumbs up. But it took him 20 years to become a hardcore legend and she did it in one night! Tony Khan looks for every legend that ever was when the biggest is right under his nose. The letters AEW come second to the most epic three in pro wrestling: DMD.

Christian Cage backstage talking with Dante Martin and the Varsity Blondes. Dasha Gonzalez comes for an interview. Cage says they were hanging out and getting to know each other, they have a big trios match later and he knows a thing about tag teams, wanted to give them some advice. Frankie Kazarian comes up and says he didn’t even have time to speak to an old friend. Says he’s just playing. Likes the shirt, although he’s been living it since the beginning. Wants to know when the work starts? Christian says next week. He doesn’t have an opponent so if he’s free, step up. Kaz says he’s good for it and they shake on it. Frankie says he has a match on Monday Night and Christian might wanna show up for it, since seven years is a long time to be out of the ring.

Up next on the AEW Dynamite Recap…

The Pinnacle vs. The Varsity Blondes & Dante Martin

Pinnacle represented by Shawn Spears and FTR. Griff Garrison starts with Spears. Waistlock takedown. Wristlock, Griff with some rolls, kip up, reverses. Pillman tags in, kick to the gut and takes over the arm. Spears with a whip, Dax tags from behind, clothesline. Leg drop, elbow drop, headbutt in very quick succession. Takes him to the corner for a big chop, Spears tags in as well. Pillman with a series of shots, Superkicks to both men, Dante tags in, Moonsault Press wipes out Spears and Dax and he lands on his feet! Garrison spears both of them as well! Heels powder – faces hit the ropes for a triple dive but Wardlow gets in the way and they stop short. Commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will resume when the show does!

Dax with a big Brainbuster to Dante right on time for us to come back from break! Cash and Spears tag in, Dax sends Dante onto Spears’ shoulders for the C4! FTR take out Varsity Blondes as Spears gets the pin.

Winners: The Pinnacle

Was hoping to see more of this one but obviously the ultimate goal was always to make the Pinnacle look scary and the closing moments certainly did that. Afterwards, Wardlow with his Samoan Spike variant on Pillman.

Tony Schiavone with an interview. Cash says the Pinnacle is not just a name or a group, the Pinnacle is family. he doesn’t have a wife or kids but he has these men, he lives for them and he will die for them. Dax says Santana and Ortiz have done well for themselves and they’ve got a lot of guys in AEW fooled. They’re not. There’s not a grain of salt in their bodies. The marquee says professional wrestling and if they want to find where they stand in pro wrestling, come to AEW and ask for his family, ask for the Pinnacle!

MJF says he’s a little confused, he thought by now Chris Jericho would come down and break the walls down. But the only thing he breaks is whatever chair he decides to sit on. Wants him to bring his boys out here right now. But he won’t because he’s terrified.

Schiavone says they’re hurt after the decimation weeks ago, they can’t come out. Pinnacle intimidates him into shutting up. Max talking about future gold, says when you’re in the Pinnacle you’re always on top.

Team Taz with a promo backstage.

Taz says they know there’s a lot of conspiracy theories out there talking about the problems with their teams. There’s no problem. Brian Cage actually apologized to the whole group for praising Sting, even apologized to Starks for singling him out. Hobbs says he’s good, as does Hook and Starks. Cage simply says “Who Betta?” as he does the cutthroat gesture.

AEW Dynamite Recap rolls on, three straight promo segments is a bit rare but we have QT Marshall on the stage.

Says Cody Rhodes taught him the value of doing the work but you wanna talk doing the actual work? Nobody in AEW besides Tony Khan himself who has done more actual work than him. Sure they’ve thrown him some bones, PPV appearances, won the first ever Bunkhouse Match in Dynamite history. What about the stuff you don’t see? Making sure Cody’s coffee is hot and his shirts are cut properly. Cody gets to go home with his wife while QT’s wife – who is in the crowd this week – sleeps alone.

QT says there’s not a ladder he can jump off of to prove himself. He’s only known as Cody’s friend. Crowd chants “Cody’s Friend” to mess with him. He wants to challenge Cody to an exhibition last week to get out of his shadow. He can’t make Cody do this, can’t make anyone do anything as he doesn’t have the power. But he wants an exhibition match, won’t take meaningless bumps in his shadow. Cody goes to the stage, arm in a sling.

Rhodes says he understands QT’s angst. He knows where he’s coming from. His heart’s not in this, but he’ll give him the match. But he won’t hurt him. If he locks in the Figure Four he’ll let it go, if he cinches in the Cross-Rhodes he won’t drop him with it. Says he’s not just his friend he might be his best friend and they’ll do this friend-to-friend, Arn Anderson as the ref. QT is clearly not happy with how Cody’s approaching this but he shakes his hand anyway.

Up next on the AEW Dynamite Recap…

The Lucha Bros & Laredo Kid vs. The Young Bucks & Brandon Cutler

Fenix and Nick start out, great callback, this. Exchange of wristlocks. Nick takes him down and wants an Oklahoma Roll but Fenix rolls through into a headlock. Fancy O’Connor Roll for a 2 count, dropkicks miss, simultaneous clotheslines and simultaneous nip-ups! Tags to Penta and Matt. Penta wants the pose but Matt blocks it, body shot. Whip but Penta holds onto the ropes, big thrust kick lands! Crucifix on Matt for a 2 count. Trips Matt to the mat, stomps dodged. But Penta with a unique hold, handstanding as he pins Matt’s wrists down.

Now tags for the wildcards of Brandon Cutler and Laredo Kid, they come eye-to-eye. Kid with an O’Conner Roll but Cutler avoids it, leap frogs and rolls, Kid with a big uppercut! Line ducked, Tijares takes Cutler to the floor. Leaps to the apron, back kick, Bucks with their Headscissor/Dropkick combo takes him down. Fenix grabs both wrists for an Implosion Armdrag to take them to the outside! Penta with a crazy flip tope wipes everyone out! Fenix hits the ropes for one of his own but Cutler was ready to cut him off! Springing Elbow! Takes him out there, Flip Tope of his own onto the field! Laredo Kid off the top with a Triangle Moonsault my goodness! MCMG homage with the Super Sliced Bread on Laredo Kid from the Young Bucks, close nearfall!

Commercial break! AEW Dynamite Recap will resume when the show does!

We come back in time to see Penta hitting Slingblades on both Bucks, tag to Fenix, Stereo Superkicks! Fenix with a wicked splash to Nick for a nearfall! Nick and Fenix grasp hands and leap to the top rope together, Laredo Kid with an awesome Super Rana! Flying Double Footstomp from Penta, Fenix with a Senton Bomb for a nearfall, faces have to break it up! Fenix with a Step-Up Spin Kick to the face in the corner, wants his Roll-Thru Cutter, Nick cuts him off, succession of hard shots in the corner. Exchange of Superkicks, Fenix with his hook kick after a whip, Nick flips him with a lariato!!

Matt and Laredo tag in, exchange of forearms together. Laredo wins out with a kick to the gut, looks for a Cartwheel DDT but Matt catches him out of the air and the Locomotion Suplex series begins! Even gets Penta to make for a Double Northern Lights! Buckle Bomb/Enziguri combo, Laredo taken to a seated position for a running knee from Nick, Risky Business, Cutler tags in, Springboard Elbow Drop for a nearfall, Penta breaks it up! Nick takes Penta to the floor, running kick off the apron, Matt hangs Penta on the apron for a Flip Senton to the floor! Geeze!

Fenix with rolling strikes in the ring but Cutler grabs him and pulls him to Matt, Indy Taker! Fenix spills to the apron, BRUTAL Tornado DDT onto the apron from Matt Jackson! Cutler up top but Laredo Kid stops him, Amazing Spanish Fly for the win!!

Winners: Laredo Kid & Lucha Bros

Good God that was great. Interesting to see Laredo Kid get the duke.

Kenny Omega jumps Kid after the match however! On the mic says this brings back memories, flashbacks of Fyter Fest 2019, everyone’s here. Says it reminds him of the day when they had their choice. People will say he chose AEW but no. He chose the Bucks. To go with them and make the best wrestling promotion on the planet! Says instead of being the top team, they chose Brandon Cutler! Kenny chose them and they didn’t choose him back.

He knows Don Callis can seem a little abrasive but he wants to give them one more chance. Toss it up for hard cam! Wants the Too Sweet. Says it’s now or never. They have changed, can’t stand by their friends or family! He demands it, it’s their last chance. Young Bucks turn away and leave as does Cutler.

Omega yells at them, turns around into a Stereo Superkick from the Lucha Bros! Strong Zero wipes him out! Callis just leaves Kenny behind, Good Brothers come to tend to him.

Jade Cargill with a vignette.

She says it’s a joke that Red Velvet challenged her when she destroyed her weeks ago. But they’re both undefeated in singles action. There can only be one. She will know she was in the ring with that bitch.

Looks like the Rhodes have some kind of reality show coming.

We see a video of Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley, Kingston has a big cast on his leg after the assault from the Good Brothers. Eddie says this is not New Japan, not six years ago, not about selling tacky T-Shirts. Where we come from, take one of them out, they take you to the morgue. Starts to stand because of how pissed he is but he can’t. Mox asks if they think they can take things as far as they can. Says these Young Bucks, he doesn’t know them or like them. But he guesses that he owes them one after last week. Doesn’t like owing people stuff. Says they’re playing with live rounds so if the Bucks are gonna be in the game they better be willing to get their hands dirty.

Up next on the AEW Dynamite Recap…

Nyla Rose vs. Tay Conti

Rose with a shoulder block takes Conti down at the bell. Stomps on her, pulls her to her feet for a body slam. Wants another, Conti reverses into an Octopus Stretch! Takes her to the mat, and into an armbar. Rose rolls her over for a 2 count. Sidesteps a corner charge. Conti with a series of Judo Throws! Charging high knee, Rose catches and slams her. Arm wringer, bites at the fist. Stomps her in the buckle, grinds her boot into her head. Body shot in the corner, pulls her out for a suplex. Conti slips behind her for a roll up for 1, HUGE lariat floors her! Nyla pulls her up, Stun Gun! Bashes her across the back of the head and slowly going up top.

Flying Knee Drop to the back of the head flips her to the mat!

Cover for a nearfall! I feel like that’d be a good secondary finisher for her. Commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will roll on. As we come back, Rose hits a Side Slam! Wants a Flip Senton but Conti gets the knees up, nice bump off this. Conti with fiery forearms, Pump Knee in the corner! And another! Pulls her to the center, wants a Hammerlock DDT, Rose back body drops her to counter. Conti with a drop toe hold into the ropes, slips to the apron and kicks right in the face! Going up top. Flying Knee right to the temple! Into the ring for a nearfall!

Conti takes Rose to the corner, roundhouse kick from out there. Rose avoids her on the way back in, lariat for a nearfall! Wants a Beast Bomb, Conti with a sunset flip counter, Nyla sits down on her and pounds on her. Conti wrestles free, upkicks her away. Spin kick combo, Rose with a knee to the gut. Hoists her onto her shoulders, Conti slips free for a roundhouse kick! Pump Knees in the corner ensue, Hammerlock DDT spikes her, the DDTay!! Cover for the win!

Winner: Tay Conti

Big upset there, very cool to see Conti get a big win, always been a fan of hers. She seems pretty emotional about it but as she celebrates, Rose clips her and drags her to the center of the ring for the Beast Bomb only for Hikaru Shida to rush down and nail Rose across the back with the kendo stick! But now the Bunny rushes out to attack Shida, seemingly at the command of Matt Hardy who is on the stage with Butcher and Blade beside him.

Matt on the mic says the women’s title eliminator tournament was a sham because the Bunny was not involved. His clients have been overlooked for too long and it ends now.

Orange Cassidy and Chuck Taylor have a dueling promo with Miro and Kip about their match next week which is now being called Arcade Anarchy.

Scorpio Sky with a vignette says this isn’t a new side of him, just a side you haven’t seen. He’s been screwed over and over again. His opportunity to become TNT Champ was just another example of it. Everyone can stop pretending he’s uniquely gifted. Humility just gives people the excuse to underrate you and he’s been underrated long enough. Promises victory over Mike Sydal on Elevation and says he’s more than just one man, he’s the face of the Revolution.

AEW Dynamite Recap will soon conclude with our main event up next…

TNT Championship: Darby Allin (c) vs. John Silver

Darby takes a moment to acknowledge Brodie Lee before they lock-up. Silver powers him into the corner, clean break. Silver poses, Allin shoves him. Clenching hands, Allin takes over on the knucklelock, trip to the mat. Silver kips up but Darby catches him in a side headlock. Silver can’t shoot him off, Allin with another takedown, just keeps getting him on the mat. Finally Silver shoots him off, leap frog, Silver just DASHES through him and sends him to the floor! Pulls him into the ring, big chop and a huge biel toss! And another hurls Darby into the buckles! Military Press throws him to the buckles, charging knee to the head, Brainbuster for a nearfall! Commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap has one more bit to go!

Silver whips Darby into the barricade as we come back! Allin side-steps a charge and Silver tumbles over the barricade onto the concrete, yeow!

Alex Reynolds is checking on him , helping him to his feet. Darby back in the ring, Silver barely gets to ringside, holding his shoulder. Allin with a Lawndart Suicide Dive, Angels shoves Silver and takes the hit himself! Silver with a big German Suplex onto Allin! Sting appears on the stage and the rest of Dark Order back off from Allin. Silver throws Darby into the ring. His arm is really bothering him, nails him with the left forearm. Kicks to the sides! Allin wants a backslide but Silver stops this, hits his awesome combination of kicks! Allin grabs the bad arm, rolls him into a La Magistral for a nearfall, wants the OTT Stunner but Silver counters with the Queenslayer!! Darby is struggling, fading!

Allin flips into a cover for a nearfall, forces the break! Silver with the damnedest Tornado DDT ever for a close nearfall! Silver throws Darby to the outside. Sting goes out there and once again makes sure Dark Order keeps their distance. Silver out there, roundhouse kick to Darby, throws him into the ring. Roundhouse kicks to the chest, Allin fires up though! Takes him to the corner, Silver fires back with HUGE chops though! Victory Roll for a narrow nearfall!

Darby with a series of forearms. Silver ducks one, series of palm strikes, leg kick, hits the ropes but Darby with a Springboard Coffin Drop! Pump Kick from Silver sends Darby FLYING to the buckles! Silver takes Darby up top for a superplex. Darby fends him off, takes him to the mat! Sudden Coffin Drop onto the Dark Order at ringside! Allin up top again, Silver with an enziguri cuts him off! Goes up there with him and lifts him, Super Spinning Powerbomb! Covers him but Allin’s foot is on the ropes for the break! Silver pulls him to the center and wants the Brodie Lee powerbomb but Darby counters with a Code Red! Gets the win!

Winner: Darby Allin

Very good stuff, awesome to see these young guys have that kind of main event for a title.

Afterwards all hell breaks loose as Matt Hardy’s band attacks Darby Allin. A huge pier six brawl between Dark Order and Hardy’s faction, Darby with a huge tope suicida on Hardy and pounds him as we go off the air!

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