AEW Dynamite Recap & Results

Another episode of AEW Dynamite is soon at hand! And with it comes my live play-by-play of the show in written form, coming at you as the show airs. Watch this space for the AEW Dynamite Recap!

And said AEW Dynamite Recap begins with a pretty historic opener!

Christian Cage vs. Frankie Kazarian

Lock-up. Fighting into the corner. Kazarian with a clean break. Lock-up again, Cage with a side headlock takedown. Kaz fighting up slowly. Frankie shoots him off but Xian with an immediate crossbody for a 1 count. Lock-up once again. Christian with a wristlock. Frankie flips out and reverses. Cross-Armbreaker, Christian reverses into a headlock. Pulls him up slow. Frankie shoots him off, body blocks him and Christian falls to the ramp!

Kazarian pulls him to the stage but Cage with a big uppercut stops him! Rushes towards him but a back body drop sends him into the ring! Kaz with a series of chops, power whip to the buckles! Hammer blows to the face. Christian with a back elbow drops Kazarian, pulls him in for a Tornado DDT but Kaz blocks it. Shoves him right to the floor! Kaz pretending to hold the ropes open for Christian but backs away when he starts climbing up the apron.

Frankie with his Guillotine Legdrop! Cover but Cage is in the ropes.

Cravat cinched in, Xian fights his way up. Frankie fights back though, Flip Neckbreaker for a 2 count! Pulls him up, Back Suplex, cover for a 2 count! Frankie just a-wailing on him at this phase. Christian trying to fight back with chops but Kazarian drops him with a solid forearm! Kazarian with a whip to the corner, Christian with the boots up, uppercut, Tornado DDT! Sent to the ropes but Cage with a hammer fist on the way back, takes him to the middle ropes to stand upon his back, slips to the floor for the uppercut!

Goes up top, Flying European Uppercut for a 2 count! Christian shoves him to the corner for the Corner Ten Punches! And he gets more than ten even. Kaz tries a Jacknife, Cage rolls through for 2. Frankie grabs the wrist, Crossface Chickenwing attempted! Christian fights out of it, now looks for the Killswitch! Frankie tries to counter with a Back Suplex, Cage flips out of it, Reverse DDT! Christian looking weary as he goes up top. Frog Splash attempted but Kazarian rolls out of the way! Crossface Chickenwing again and he’s got it in this time! Bodyscissors on, Christian is trapped! He struggles mightily… slooowwwly kicking his way to the ropes and he makes it, gets the boot on the bottom rope!

AEW Dynamite Recap continues… this is a long one, creeping towards the 20 minute time limit.

Kazarian with big stomps to the ribs now as he’s starting to get frustrated. Frankie starts yelling at him, Xian rolls him into a surprise Inside Cradle for a nearfall! Kazarian with a combination of hard shots, Discus Clothesline drops him, Springboard Legdrop for a close nearfall! Frankie takes him up top, shot to the face. Goes up for a Superplex, Christian is blocking it though. Body shots, Frankie with a HARD headbutt to respond!

Frankie stands him up, FLUX CAPACITOR! Very close nearfall!! “This Is Awesome” chant kicks up briefly. Frankie with trash talking, Christian swings him around for the Killswitch but Frankie takes him into the ropes. Wants the Guillotine Legdrop again but this time Cage dodges it! Reverse Hot Shot! Up top once more, this time he hits the Frog Splash for another narrow nearfall! Two minutes left on the clock.

Christian grabs him for the Killswitch, Frankie with the Crossface Chickenwing counter but Cage rolls through, posts him! And finally has him hooked – Killswitch lands! And that’s that.

Winner: Christian Cage

That was a very different kind of Dynamite opener but a good one for sure. Cool to see Christian can hang in a near 20 minute match still.

AEW Dynamite Recap rolls on, Darby Allin with a vignette. Says Matt Hardy’s body is breaking down and he doesn’t feel like he hang on anymore. He used to earn people’s respect, taking risks and inspiring generations. Now he tries to buy people’s respect. Tells Matt he’ll have to earn it from him ’cause his money doesn’t mean shit to him.

Jade Cargill with another vignette talking smack on Red Velvet. Says she looks like money and talks like money and when she’s booked, she makes that money. Tells her to keep talking her shit because she can’t beat her. She is that woman, she is that bitch.

Up next on the AEW Dynamite Recap…

Exhibition Match: Cody Rhodes vs. QT Marshall

Nightmare Family trainers surrounding the ring. Poor QT doesn’t even get an entrance for his big match, which JR draws attention to. Wristlock attempt, deflected. Lock-up, QT takes him to the corner, Cody reverses. Break. Marshall goes for the leg, Cody trips him up. Claps for him as he rises. QT with a side headlock. Cody shoots him off, criss-cross, leapfrogs, Cody with a series of arm drags.

Cody with a wristlock, QT grabs the hair to yank him to the mat. Rhodes fights back up, Takes him down, shows that he could stomp his face but does not. Marshall fights back up, hard shots, dropkick. Grabs the wrist, bashes him across the back repeatedly. Armbar cinched in as we go to commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will resume when the show does. Cody with a big body slam as we come back! Takes off the belt but just tosses it aside. Grabs the leg for the Figure Four, does not cinch it in hough.

Marshall is not happy with it. Wants the Full Nelson, Cody reverses for the Cross-Rhodes – but lets him go. QT slaps him across the face! Ducks a few shots, crossbody but Cody ducks under and QT goes flying! Chant of “Cody’s Friend”. Cody opens the ropes, QT slowly gets back in and just turns and punches referee Arn Anderson, dropping him!

That ends the exhibition…

QT rushes out to the stage, looking stunned as the ring fills up with the Nightmare Family. But suddenly some of QT’s students, Aaron Solow, Nick Comoroto & Anthony Ogogo turn on the others with chairs! Lee Johnson gets powerbombed brutally onto the ramp! Dustin gets busted open, QT piledrives him onto the steps! Cody gets held in the ring, Ogogo with a hard punch to the body drops him! Cody gets pulled onto the steps as well, QT has a chair ready to strike him but Red Velvet manages to convince him to stop.

Promo from Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky talking about how they both should get better. They are not waiting, they are not asking. They take what they want and it starts on Monday. The two of them face the Sydal bros on Elevation.

Red Velvet backstage says Cody is his partner and she’s going to have his back. Jade assaults her from behind and HURLS her into a metal case.

Jon Moxley with a promo.

Says he can’t get the sound of the crunch out of his head when Eddie Kingston got pillmanized. Mox says that pisses him off. He still doesn’t know where the Young Bucks stand, they thought they could talk things out instead of swinging chairs, that pisses him off but he guesses that he still owes them, which pisses him off. He’s still got barbed wire scars, burns on his body, it’s hot in here – stops to rip off his jacket – and now they’re giving him Cezar Bononi. A guy they could make a lot of money with, but not if he kills him tonight. Oh well.

Jon Moxley vs. Cezar Bononi

Cezar ain’t afraid, nails him with forearms. Wins out a strike exchange and batters him into the corner. Whip to the opposite corner, Mox rolls out of the way, blocks a kick and dragonscrews him to the mat. Positions him for the Leg Grapevine! Mox with a series of roundhouse kicks to the chest, Ryan Nemeth grabs the boot of Mox as he hits the ropes, Bononi attacks him, suplex for a 2 count. Commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap rolls on.

As we come back, Bononi is landing consecutive corner clotheslines. Whip to the corner, Mox side-steps a charge, Cezar kicks the buckle by mistake and now he’s limping. Tries to pull Moxley up, slides between his legs. Wants the German, Cezar is too big for it, back elbow to the face! Mox wins out on a strike exchange though, forearms to the face, running lariat still doesn’t drop him! Slap to the face! Makes Bononi charge, Mox bounces him off the ropes for the German Suplex! Mox takes Bononi up top, Superplex for a 2 count, into the Cross-Armbreaker! JD Drake on the apron to distract the ref, Nemeth runs in but gets planted with the Paradigm Shift! Bononi attacks Mox from behind, Pumphandle Suplex attempted but Mox catches him with the Rear Naked Sleeper! Cezar passes out eventually and Mox gets the win.

Winner: Jon Moxley

Team Taz with a vignette from a lounge of some sort. Ricky Starks talks about some miscommunication previously and asks what Cage thinks. Cage says if Starks had tagged in sooner, they’d have gotten the W sooner. Team Taz calms them down and says nobody can stop the path of rage.

The Pinnacle are in the Inner Circle locker room. Introduces them to the Personal Pinnacle Stylist! Says we can all agree this room is a big ‘ol dump. So he got them an interior decorator and they can finally get over the disgusting stench. Opens the door to the bathroom, but Jericho, Guevara and PNP are there! MJF rushes to the exit, but there’s Jake Hager! Fight breaks out and the Inner Circle takes over, Sammy Guevara with the GTH to Spears and slams a door onto his head! Hager and Wardlow do battle, Hager with a knee to the gut, suplexes him through a massage table!

Santana and Ortiz are taking it to FTR, nailing them with weapons, Cash gets sent into a fountain, Dax is busted open! Jericho drags MJF into the bathroom and gives him a swirlie. Yanks him out and throws him through the Pepsi fridge! Jericho douses him in bubbly and they toss Max out of the locker room, and put their logo back up to re-claim it!

Young Bucks with a promo backstage now as the AEW Dynamite Recap rolls on.

They don’t much want to talk about last week, Don Callis comes up and runs Marvez and Nick Jackson off. He says Matt broke Kenny’s heart. Like he said, he chose the Bucks, he made a choice based on family. But he chose to leave Kenny in the ring bleeding like an animal. Could’ve helped him, he chose not to, just like his dad. Asks if he’s so dead inside that he doesn’t care for the people that love him?

Matt is seething. Callis says he’s been trying to reach him, he doesn’t know how he’s supposed to get through to him. Slaps him across the face, Matt grabs him by the throat! But he calms down and lets go. Callis asks if that’s it? Is there anything inside him at all? Tells him he’s truly pathetic and walks off.

Lucha Bros & Laredo Kid vs. The Elite

Lucha with an inset promo talking about how Kenny had to cheat to get the title. They destroyed the Bucks and now they’ll take all the gold. Laredo Kid with a tope on the Elite as they enter! Fenix with a tightrope moonsault! Lucha Bros take Kenny into the ring, superkicks to the Good Brothers, Kenny blocks one but a Triple Superkick drops him! Laredo covers for a 2 count, Gallows breaks it up but gets sent to the floor. Flip Tope combo takes out everybody!

Kid with a corner whip, charging forearm, snapmare, Bottom Rope Moonsault, Second Rope Moonsault for a nearfall! Knee to the gut, Kenny reverses a whip and takes him to his shoulders, wants the You Can’t Escape – Kid escapes though ironically, only to eat a bulldog. Gallows tags in. Pulls him up, Kid fights out, hits the ropes, Anderson with a cheap shot, Gallows drops Kid with a roundhouse kick! Heels with a heat segment now as they wear down Laredo Kid. Anderson with a Pendulum Backbreaker.

Heels still in control as we go to commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap rolls on.

We come back to see Gallows get Kid with a big bodyslam. Lucha Bros get taken off the apron. Triple Team Splash on Kid, nearfall! Kid fights up from a Gallows headlock, reverses a whip with a Tornado DDT! Makes the tag to Penta! Slingblades to Omega and Anderson! Fenix with a roll-thru Cutter to Kenny! Casadora Splash double-team! Laredo Kid with a Moonsault Press, Penta with a Diving Stomp, Fenix with a Senton Atomico, Anderson barely breaks it up!

Anderson whipped to the corner, charging kicks. Crushing him in the corner, Triple Team Back Suplex Neckbreaker, Penta breaks up the pin! Anderson waits as Fenix rises, Charging Single Leg Dropkick flips Fenix wildly! Nearfall! Magickiller attempted, Penta frees his brother, everyone rushes in for their shot, Fenix rebounds for the Hook Kick, Mexican Destroyer from Penta both on Omega! Anderson comes in to stop them, catches Fenix out of the air with a Spinebuster! Laredo Kid with a Springboard Elbow Drop breaks up the pin!

Loud “This Is Awesome” chant as everyone is down! Laredo Kid and Kenny Omega are tagged in, Laredo wins out on strikes, spin kick to the gut. goes up top but Kenny with a powerbomb out of the air!! V-Trigger for a close nearfall! Wants the One Winged Angel but Laredo with a rana takes him to the outside – DIVEBOMB SUICIDE DIVE, my God that was a wild one! Penta with a Flip Tope onto Gallows and Anderson! Laredo with a big kick to Omega, Fenix with the Tightrope Punt! Laredo with the Michinoku Driver for a close nearfall! Wants a Corkscrew SPlash but Kenny avoids it, V-Trigger, One Winged Angel for the win!

Winner: The Elite

Fun stuff as is to be expected. I really am behind the idea of Trios titles in AEW, personally.

Jon Moxley casually walks out to the ramp as the heels celebrate. Bucks are coming out behind him, Matt still favoring his jaw after that slap. After a brief staredown, faces rush the ring and the heels run off!

Britt Baker talks about Elevation. She saw Thunder Rosa’s name on the list, it’s a great platform for her to get her wins up. It’s a damn shame her biggest win of her career wasn’t sanctioned, so it doesn’t count. But she’ll continue to put AEW on the map!

Big Money Matt with a promo talking about how the Bunny was excluded from the AEW women’s title eliminator tournament and has been excluded from the title picture for too long. He blames the Dark Order for his money loss in the first quarter of the year, and so they will take it out on Tay Conti.

Tay Conti & Hikaru Shida vs. Nyla Rose & The Bunny

Heels attack before the bell and so have the immediate advantage! Rose with a body slam, leg drop, cover for 1. Tag to Bunny. Skips her way to a stomp. Batters her across the back, Shida fights back and throws her into a boot from Tay, Shida with a Judo Throw into a Fujiwara Armbar, Bunny slips to the ropes for the break. Shida pulls Bunny to the apron, running knee to the face! Sees Matt Hady and tells him off, Nyla plows through her and throws her into the ring, Bunny covers for a 2 count! Commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will return when the show does!

As we come back, Shida tosses Bunny into Rose, makes the tag to Tay Conti! Series of judo throws, charging knee to Nyla! Takes the Bunny to the corner, Bicycle Knee! Facewash! Leaps to the apron as Bunny powders, kick to the face drops the Bunny! Tay drags her up and hoists her onto her back! Makes Matt Hardy watch as she swings her into a big Backbreaker! Big fight breaks out between the Dark Order and Matt Hardy’s boys, in the ring, Conti blocks a clothesline and drops the Bunny with the TayKO! Rose breaks up the pin! Shida launches off of Conti’s back for a high knee taking Rose to the floor! Up top, Shida with a crossbody onto the pile but they catch her! So Tay comes flying herself and takes them down!

Back inside the ring, the Bunny has the kendo stick! Vickie Guerrero is distracting the ref and Tay, Bunny nails Conti with the kendo stick! Shida is being held back as Bunny hits the Down The Rabbit Hole for the win!

Winner: The Bunny & Nyla Rose

Neat match, surprised at that result though, thought we were heading towards Conti/Shida so I figured they’d win together.

Jurassic Express with a promo calling out Bear Country. They challenge them to a match next week, it’s amazingly sponsored by Godzilla vs. King Kong and it’s a pretty good tie-in.

And now for the main event of the AEW Dynamite Recap…

Arcade Anarchy: Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy vs. Miro & Kip Sabian

Fight breaks out immediately as the heels take control early. Stomping them into the mat and corner. Kip takes Orange outside as Chuck and Miro battle in the corner. Body block from Miro, leads to a Fallaway Slam! Kip with a knee to the gut, throws him into the Whack-A-Mole Machine. Orange reverses and sends Sabian through the back of it and hits him with the mallet! Miro PLOWS right through Cassidy though! Big body slam onto the floor! Throws him into the machine himself and smacks him across the back with the mallet!

Leans a barricade piece, Chuck and Cassidy attack, want a double suplex but Miro blocks it, throws Cassidy into the barrier and suplexes Chuck right through the barricade piece!! Throws Cassidy into the ring, picks up a chair from the prize rack! Takes it into the ring, Cassidy grabs for the chair but Miro steps onto it. Smashes him with forearms. Sets a chair up in the corner. Orange with a series of body blows as he fights back but Miro stops this and goes to slam him into the chair!

Orange stops himself momentarily, more blows but Miro HURLS him into the chair and it’s a hard impact!

Chuck comes flying off the top of the Mortal Kombat machine onto Miro! Kip Sabian re-appears to attack him, but gets sent into the barrier. Chuck and Orange with a Kendo Stick and Trash Can Lid respectively just take it to Miro. Orange with a huge shot lays Miro out! They pick up the barricade piece and clothesline him with it! They tip a table full of stuff onto Miro, pile on weapons and tables, drop the Whack-A-Mole Machine onto him, Orange onto the pile for a cover, Sabian flies in to break it up! Uppercut to Chuck, Dropkick sends Cassidy a little bit through the wall! Suplex to Chuck, Running Dropkick sends Cassidy all the way through the wall now!

Chuck tosses Sabian into the Whack-A-Mole Machine! Chuck has a teddy bear!! Takes Sabian into the ring. Chuck rips open the teddy bear and empties it – lego pieces all across the mat!!! Takes Sabian up top! Wants a superplex, Sabian fights back, Chuck takes him to the apron but Kip with an enziguri! Slips underneath him, Sit-Out Powerbomb onto the pile of legos!!! Orange Cassidy breaks up the pin! Big Tornado DDT to Sabian, Beach Break! Nearfall?! Orange Punch drops him!

Penelope Ford pulls the referee out of the ring at the last second to break the count!

Cassidy slips outside to confront Ford, she gets him with a crotch kick! But out from a Crane Game I believe, out pops Kris Statlander, returning after nearly a year out of action!! She attacks Ford, takes her to the apron and nails a Falcon Arrow right through a Hockey Table!!

Miro is back up now though and he’s assaulting Orange and Chuck. Repeated chair shots to both of them! Clears off a table. Orange and Chuck are crawling out of the arena… the van pulls up!! It’s Sue! And out pops Trent!!! I thought he was supposed to be out for way longer but he’s here and he’s jacked as hell! Best Friends rush in and batter Miro, he fends them off, roundhouse kick to Chuck, Thrust Kick to Orange, throws Trent into the wall! He stops to wave at Sue. Goes over to the van and bangs on the hood.

Trent to the rescue, throws him into the windshield! They fight back out into ringside, Miro sits Trent on a chair. Grabs a Mortal Kombat 2 arcade machine and throws it at him but Trent dodges it! Breaks a stool over Miro’s head! SPEAR RIGHT THROUGH A TABLE! On the stage Chuck hoists up KIp Sabian, POWERSLAM OFF THE STAGE THROUGH A TABLE! Cover on the floor and the faces get the win with barely a minute left in the show!

Winners: Best Friends

That was certainly a wild one! Great surprise to see Trent back so soon and Kris Statlander is back as well! Fun stuff, that’s the show.

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