AEW Dynamite Recap & Results

Another episode of AEW Dynamite is soon at hand! And with it comes my live play-by-play of the show in written form, coming at you as the show airs. Watch this space for the AEW Dynamite Recap!

A motorcade ushers in the Inner Circle.

Our opening match on the AEW Dynamite Recap is…

Hangman Page vs. Max Caster

Max’s rap claims Page is a fading star, compares him to Joe Biden falling down the stairs. Ends by telling him to blow him. Page with a big boot to Anthony Bowens as he was trying to conclude the promo, batters Max Caster in the corner. Pulls him to the center, chop to the chest. Whip, big lariat! Pulls him in for a suplex, Caster escapes behind him, clothesline ducked though, Page with a Fallaway Slam and a kip up! Suplex for a 1 count.

Fight taken to the corner, Caster reverses for forearms, Page explodes out with a big boot! Wristlock, arm drag, stomp to the shoulder. Senton for a 2 count! Fight spills to the outside, takes Caster to the barrier and then into the ring. Bowens gets in Page’s face as he goes into the ring, Caster with a low dropkick takes control. Page reverses and takes him to the apron, Springboard Clothesline, tope wipes him out!

Caster reverses into the barricade, charges but Page crotches him on the barrier! Stands atop the barricade for a flying lariat sending Caster to the floor! Throws Bowens’ boombox aside. Wants to wrap Caster’s legs around the post.

Caster yanks him into the post, distracts the ref as Bowens runs Page into the barrier!

Caster now in control as he takes Page down into an STF. Page fights up though, big shots, Spinebuster! Exploder Suplex for a nearfall! Takes him to the apron, wants the Deadeye, Caster escapes it. Exchange of forearms! Shot to the injured shoulder from Caster, Page counters a charge with a back suplex onto the apron! Hangman up top for a Triangle Moonsault, Bowens on the apron to distract him. Caster leaps to the second rope for the Superplex! Into a double wristlock focusing on the bum shoulder.

Page makes it to the ropes for the break. Caster goes to the apron, Springboards in but Page with a lariat takes him out of the sky! Hoists him up for the Deadeye… Bowens slides the boombox between Page’s legs for Caster to grab, but Page gets it and gives it to the ref. Bowens pulls out a chain and wraps it around his fist, nails Hangman with it! NEARFALL! Very good false finish. Goes up top, Mic Drop – but Page avoids it and rolls to the apron! Wants the Buckshot but Bowens grabs the ankle to stop him! Page with a boot to the charging Caster, Asai Moonsault to Bowens, leaps to the apron for the Buckshot to Caster! And that is that.

Winner: Hangman Page

That was a damn good finish and Page looked strong as hell in that one.

AEW Dynamite Recap rolls on as the Death Triangle make their way out to the ring. Tony Schiavone in the ring says their tag title match with the Bucks is next week.

Before they can comment on it though, the Best Friends make their way out!

Seems like Kris Statlander is with them officially as well. Orange says it’s nice to see all three of them together in the ring again. We see clips of the feud that was brewing between the Best Friends and the Death Triangle that ended up getting cut short by the pandemic.

PAC says he understands why these guys are here. Clearly they see the writing on the wall, they want a shot at the next AEW tag team champs! Tells them they have a lot of work to do and they’re far from worthy so chug on and get off their stage. Trent says he knows he’s been hurt so he’s in the back of the line but that’s not a problem when you’re the tag team with more wins than anyone else! Just wanted to give them the heads up that the boys are back in town and they have an alien with them now too.

AEW Dynamite Recap rolls on with the Inner Circle making their way to the ring!

Jericho says they have a lot to say – after the break! As we return, Jericho says the Inner Circle are back in black. Calls the Pinnacle ‘the pineapple’. Says their beatdown gave them a lot. A hospital stay, some stitches, but more than anything it gave them a wakeup call. Jericho calls MJF “My Jerkoff Friend”. Admits he’s not smart about certain thing things, he’s terrible at highschool chemistry. His teacher once asked him if he was on dope, true story.

But he is smart about wrestling and that’s why he brought MJF into the Inner Circle, to keep him under his thumb. Admits he wanted to use him and suck all of his life out of him. They knew he’d figure it out eventually and were ready to kick him out but he was ahead of them. ‘Cause he’s smart with everything except spray tan.

Says MJF is great for his age but he wants to be better than Jericho now.

He tells him that’s a big goal, maybe try to be better than Peter Avalon, Michael Nakazawa, better than the Burberry scarf he’s worn for years, says it’s stale and it sucks. Mentions he wore the scarf for a while, tells him he should take up a clipboard and add it to the list of gimmicks he’s stolen from him.

Says Tully Blanchard was a third string Four Horsemen, somewhere between Ole Anderson and Paul Roma. FTR is great but he can’t tell them apart. Shawn Spears hooking up with My Jerkoff Friend is a worse idea than a blonde mohawk in 2021. And Wardlow he says is so stupid that he has to strip naked to count to 21.

Jericho says he knows the Pinnacle is great and they’ll beat them up, that’s fine, they love to fight. There’s a fight they’ve been waiting on since March of last year, why not stop playing grabass?

He makes the challenge – May 5th, Inner Circle vs. the Pinnacle in a Blood and Guts Match!

Man he had a fire under him there.

Christian Cage is backstage as we come back from commercial. He says he feels like last week was the culmination of an entire year of him scratching and clawing and grinding. He took back what was taken from him seven years ago. Can’t talk about last week without talking about Frankie Kazarian. Puts him over for taking him to the limit. He always knew Frankie had that in him but Christian makes wrestlers level up.

Taz cuts into the interview. Says they’ve shared locker rooms before and competed against each other. Seven years is a long time but he’s got men to help him get where he needs to be. He invites him to Team Taz! Doesn’t want to put him on the spot, just sleep on it.

Up next on the AEW Dynamite Recap…

A Godzilla vs. Kong video package spliced with footage of Bear Country and the Jurassic Express, leads to their sponsored match.

Jurassic Express vs. Bear Country

Jurassic with an immediate advantage, Jungleboy with a series of tope suicidas onto the Bears but then they catch his tope! But they can’t catch Luchasaurus’! Into the ring, Bear Boulder takes Lucha to the corner, Bronson with an avalanche after he tags in. Heels isolating Lucha now. Boulder wants a Powerbomb on Jungleboy, Luchasaurus tries a top rope crossbody but just bounces off of him, Boulder finishes the powerbomb as we go to break, AEW Dynamite Recap will resume when we come back.

Boulder with a Pancake to Jungle as we return! Isolation maintains. Jungle escapes to the apron, slides between the legs, wants the tag but the Bears grab him, Double Back Suplex escaped, tag to Luchasaurus! Pump Kick to Boulder, takes Bronson to the corner for body shots, Overhead Suplex to Bronson! Lariato to Boulder! Looking for the double chokeslam, it’s stopped of course but Lucha with a Tail Whip to Bronson, fights with Boulder in the corner. They get taken up to the top rope! They struggle for a bit but Boulder with a headbutt, Superplex! Nearfall, Jungle breaks it up!

Jungleboy with his Springing DDT to Bronson, Lucha with his Inverted DVD to Boulder! Bronson with the Michinoku Driver onto the pile to break up the pin!!

“This Is Awesome” chant, Bears with a Double Team Cannonball! Narrow nearfall. They want an Assisted Splash now but Jungle with a low dropkick breaks that up, Lucha with a Tail Whip to Bronson! Clotheslines Boulder to the floor, Chokeslam to Bronson! Standing Moonsault for the win!

Winner: Jurassic Express

Fun stuff! I can see why Bear Country got this kinda match.

Cut to the Nightmare Factory to hear from QT Marshall. He’s sick of this narrative that Cody went out to help him. Says he was there while Cody was playing second fiddle to Ted Jr or hiding behind facepaint. Claims he went onto the indies to surround himself with vanilla midgets to finally feel like the star he’d never be. QT says he doesn’t worry about other people’s success. Aaron Solow will never be known as someone else’s husband, Commoroto will never be called a body guy. He lets Ogogo speak for himself.

He says that he’s a household name in Great Britain already, he’s a star. The British people follow him and cheer him everywhere. But we’re not in Great Britain, we’re in shitty America. He’ll show everyone what a big deal he is.

Tony Schiavone introduces Sting!

Yet again before Sting can say a thing he’s interrupted. Jake Roberts says here we go again, you know how it works. They interrupt and Sting says nothing. Asks where his little gerbil friend is? They say insanity – and he is a crazy son of a bitch – is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Lance Archer grabs the mic and says if that’s the definition than Jake’s insane but he’s a sick son of a bitch. Archer says he fights Moxley and then goes away, works main event after main event and then goes away. He’s sick of it. He says the world will see him, he should be in the main event, it should be him with Schiavone.

Sting takes the mic away and says he’s in full agreement with him. He doesn’t get why a main event guy like him disappears either. Tells Jake to shut his hole. Sting says he thinks Archer is main event material and he’s got it. Tells Jake to let him channel that anger. Says he can do it, he can get an AEW title match again and this time no disappearance! Make it happen, make it showtime, do it!

Archer has a smirk on his face as Sting leaves.

Team Taz backstage as the AEW Dynamite Recap rolls on.

Starks thanks Cage for the win yesterday and wants to let him talk but Taz stops this, says Starks is instigating. He wants them to win over Christian Cage so they have to be smart.

And now up next on said AEW Dynamite Recap…

TNT Championship: Darby Allin (c) vs. JD Drake

Poor Drake didn’t get an entrance for his title match, that doesn’t bode well. Chant of “Darby” at the bell. Lock-up, Drake takes Darby to the corner. Allin ducks a chop, side headlock. Drake throws him off, wants a chop again but Darby kicks him away. Drake with a floatover in the corner, wicked chop sends Allin to the floor! Darby up onto the apron just to facewash him. Back into the ring, Darby baits him to the outside, enziguri, Lope Suicida!

Ryan Nemeth onto the apron for the brief distraction, Darby up top and flies at Drake but a shoulder block out of the air sends him to the floor! Sting with his bat spooks Nemeth away but Drake with a big senton to the back of Darby in the ring. Sting just keeps walking after Nemeth until he just runs right out of the arena. Drake battering Darby, cover for a 1 count. Pulls him up, Allin with some body shots but a body slam drops him, quick falling headbutt!

Commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will resume when we come back!

We come back to see Drake going for a Vader Bomb but Allin rolls to the floor to avoid it. Drake follows him, tosses him into and off the ropes, huge shot out of the air! Damn! Drake wants a Cannonball Senton but Darby avoids it and he crashes and burns! Darby up top, Flying Senton onto Drake and Cezar Bononi! “AEW” chant as Allin gets back into the ring. Drake takes over quick though, hoists him onto the top rope, chop to the back! Darby in the Tree of Woe! HUGE Cannonball! Dayam!

Goes up, Vader Bomb!!! Close nearfall! Goes up to the top rope… Moonsault but Darby avoids it!! Allin up top, but Drake stops him! Goes up with him, slap fight, Darby bites the hand to take over – Avalanche Code Red!! Up top, Coffin Drop! And that is that!

Winner: Darby Allin

That was real good. JD Drake looked very impressive and there might not be anyone better for a big hoss to come in against than Darby. Love it.

As Allin celebrates, Butcher and Blade run through him! Matt Hardy’s faction spills onto the stage and the Bunny demands the announce table get cleared as they prepared to destroy him, but Sting and the entire Dark Order come out to run the Hardy faction away. Bunny is left alone and doesn’t realize it until she’s face to face with Tay Conti who tackles her to the ground and pounds on her! Their match is coming up soon.

Backstage, the Pinnacle jumps Chris Jericho as he was gearing up for an interview and they drag him to the stage! Throw him into the ring, swarm on him and start choking him out. Spike Piledriver from FTR! It turns out the Inner Circle dressing room has been bolted shut and they have to bash the door down. Wardlow is about to powerbomb Jericho out of the ring and through a table but suddenly…

Mike Tyson’s Music Hits!

He comes into the ring and the rest of the Pinnacle bail as he tackles Shawn Spears and pummels him! Inner Circle finally makes it into the ring and they celebrate with him. Jericho and Tyson have a quick tense staredown but shake hands in the middle of the ring.

Britt Baker and Reba with a promo. Baker says she wants to give people what they want, a title match for the doctor. Claims title matches shouldn’t be based on wins and losses, they should be given to the biggest stars like hers. But she’ll pretend they matter, you’ll see her getting her wins up soon.

Up next on the AEW Dynamite Recap…

The Bunny vs. Tay Conti

Coming to blows quickly. Bunny wins out, knee to the gut, batters her back, rakes the back! Slams her face into the buckles. And a second time. Pulls her to the center of the ring, Conti blocks a roundhouse kick for the Tazplex! High kick, running facewash! Tay onto the apron, running kick but Bunny avoids it, trips her onto the apron! Pulls her up, snap suplex onto the floor! Bunny with a charging dropkick sends her into the barricade! Commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will resume as the show goes on.

As we come back, Conti with a big backbreaker on the Bunny! Charges for a high knee in the corner but Bunny sidesteps, spinning heel kick for a 2 count! Tay fights back with forearms, pulls her up for the KO – like a Gory Special GTS! Bunny gets the advantage with a Hot Shot, attacks Hikaru Shida at ringside and takes her cane as the Hardy Family is fighting with the Dark Order! Bunny nails Tay with the cane! Up top, Shida takes the cane back, Tay blocks her up there for a Superplex! DDTay! And that’s that!

Winner: Tay Conti

As always, Tay lookin’ very impressive.

Next week, Darby Allin defends against Matt Hardy in a Falls Count Anywhere Match for the TNT Championship! Anthony Ogogo’s debut and Velvet vs. Cargill is also announced. And we see a video package from Velvet saying she finally figured out why she keeps going after her. Says she realized before that she could just barely get the job done.

And another match announced is Chris Jericho vs. Dax Harwood with Mike Tyson as the enforcer!

Main event time here on the AEW Dynamite Recap!

Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers vs. Jon Moxley & The Young Bucks

Matt Jackson starts with Karl Anderson. Kenny tags in instead, lock-up, shoves him away. Nick tags in, chain wrestling, Nick with a Tijeres. Matt tags in, Good Brothers in but get taken to the outside with dropkicks, Moxley gets involved, Triple Tope Suicida onto the heels! Commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will conclude when we come back.

When we return, Matt with a Jawbreaker to get the tag to Moxley! Clotheslines ensue, corner line to Anderson! Whip reversed, Anderson with a corner lariat of his own but Mox just keeps coming at him, big smack, German Suplex to Anderson! One for Omega! And one for Gallows! Takes Anderson into a sleeper on the apron but Anderson with a Hot Shot to break it! Tag to Gallows, Charging Big Boot! Gallows pounding on him now, elbow drop for a 2 count. Heels grinding on him in the corner.

Gallows with a series of blows in the corner, uppercut, round kick to the head! Shot to the face in the corner, charges but Moxley slinks up to get in his face! Boot to the gut, neckbreaker! Tag to Nick, Anderson tags in too, Nick with a series of kicks! Gallows takes him to the corner but he sidesteps, enziguri, high knee, forearm, sets Anderson up in the corner, enziguri to Gallows, goes up top, Diving Footstomp to the back of Gallows, Backstabber out of the corner to Anderson! Nick taken to the apron, running kick to Gallows, wants a Pullover Canadian Destroyer but Anderson surprises him with a Spinebuster!

Simultags to Matt Jackson and Kenny Omega, Kenny backs off as Matt has a fist up.

Matt takes him over, back body drops, feigns a Superkick, DDT plants him! Stalks him for a Superkick, Omega struggling. Matt can’t bring himself to do it. Starts but stops midway. Kenny slaps him. And again and again. Matt tackles him and pounds him with punches! Everyone spills in and out of the ring, Kenny with a Snap Dragon to Matt! Pulls him back up for another one! Wants a V-Trigger but Moxley with a lariat that flips him inside out!

Matt with a Piledriver for a close nearfall! Now Matt’s looking pained, asking if Kenny’s alright. Pulling him up slowly, onto his shoulders as Nick goes up top, More Bang For Your Buck! Anderson breaks up the pin! Nick throws him to the floor. Charges, leaps to the top rope for the Corkscrew Moonsault! Matt still checking on Kenny. Nick talks him into the BTE Trigger. But Matt isn’t doing it. Mox yells at them to go for it and Matt agrees. They start it again but Matt’s not going for it. Mox angrily tags himself in. Matt grabs his shoulder to stop him, Mox shoves him away – Paradigm Shift to Omega! Pulls Kenny up again, shoves Nick away this time, SPIKES him with a second Paradigm Shift! Pulls him into Rear Naked Choke! Wants a third Paradigm Shift…

Young Bucks with Superkicks to Moxley!

Eddie Kingston rushes down but the Good Brothers stop him, Magic Killer onto the ramp! Into the ring, Magic Killer onto Moxley as the Bucks just watch. Kenny drapes an arm over him for the win!

Winners: Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers

Bucks looking conflicted.

Good Brothers pick Moxley up and Kenny and Don Callis give the Bucks the order. Stereo Superkick takes Mox to the mat! “You Sold Out” chant as the Elite is back together, group hug as the show goes off the air.

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