WrestleMania 37 Night One

The grand-daddy of ’em all has come once again. WrestleMania 37 Night One is up tonight, barring the massive storms that are hitting Tampa as I type this. I’ll be here with you through the night, assuming the show goes as planned, giving you the live written play-by-play of every segment. Watch this space.

WrestleMania 37 Night One Recap begins with Vince McMahon opening the show, surrounded by wrestlers. He talks about how much they missed the fans over the past year. Welcomes everyone to WrestleMania 37 Night One. Then we get the America The Beautiful rendition.

Opening video package starts and we straight re-use graphics and narration from the year before.

And so WrestleMania 37 Night One begins!

Seems like there’s still a bit of a rain delay as the video package ends and we have the shot of the commentary table. Fans seem a bit peeved, no doubt they’ve had a long night already.

Shane McMahon backstage promo yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Oh I’m so happy this is what we’re using to fill time. He says he has no problem with Braun, just likes having fun with him. He’s accused of bullying and he admits that Braun isn’t so stupid to make this a cage match. It’s a little limiting for him, so he has to think about what he can do with the big behemoth in there.

Bobby Lashley and MVP thankfully storm the scene and Bobby looks wildly impatient. MVP says this is the crowning moment of the All Mighty Era. The only language Lashley can speak right now and that McIntyre can understand is violence. MVP says McIntyre had the title and wants it back but that’s not going to happen. He told Drew it’s all over at WrestleMania.

McIntyre comes up and confronts him, demands they keep talking.

MVP stands between them. Drew McIntyre says mother nature can’t save his ass, they’ll fight back here if they have to. Agents come in to separate them. They pull Lashley around. Drew says he’s gonna keep his composure, not lose it. He’s here to finally fight for the title in front of the fans and the damn weather is stopping him. He doesn’t care, this match will happen regardless of where they have to do it.

New Day elsewhere backstage. Xavier says people are finally in the building, they’re excited but you don’t know what that feeling is like until you’re feeling it. Over a year! Kofi says they’re fighting champions, asks if AJ Styles and Omos are a registered tag team. Woods says they’ve been this size since the day they started wrestling so they don’t care how big Omos is. They accepted the match immediately because they’d beaten every other team. Big E appears behind them, shirtless and intense.

Says you’ll see what these gentlemen do tonight, you are blessed to see them at their very peak. Know what, Patrick here kept a straight face as Big E yelled at him and that’s impressive, I’m positive most of their interviewers couldn’t do that.

Braun Strowman once again promises to do this for everyone that has ever been called stupid.

Braun says that this is not going to be pretty, not going to be technical. He is going to literally beat him within an inch of his life. You can only poke a bear so many times and he will prove that bullies do not win in life. Pray that Shane McMahon breathes another breath when he’s through with him.

Kevin Owens now backstage, says him and Sami are more alike than any other. They wrestled together in small towns, in front of thousands in New York City, they’ve done this hundreds of times. But through those 20 years, no two people were looked down and talked down to by industry experts than us. No two people were told they would never make it than them. Tomorrow night they fight each other at WrestleMania.

It’s not the Sami Zayn that he grew up with or the Sami Zayn that everyone came to love as a performer but either way, he’ll take him out tomorrow and Logan Paul can get some too.

WrestleMania 37 Night One will actually start in a few minutes, we’re told.

Bianca Belair gives her typical promo. She’s making herstory tonight.

Seth Rollins cackles as he walks up backstage, says he loves the chaos. He is not happy to hear about the Swings again. Says since he made his triumphant return to SmackDown, “Cazerro” as he calls him has been humiliating him. Tonight when the storm clears, the moon will shine on Seth Rollins because he is the new Mr. WrestleMania and he will prove it again when he takes Cazerro down.

Miz and Morrison with a brief promo about being the greatest tag team of the 21st Century is.

Indeed, now WrestleMania 37 Night One is clear to go! Man that was a memorable beginning…

Before the opening match though of course we have to bring out Titus O’Neil and Hulk Hogan, the hosts. Titus welcomes us to Raymond-James Stadium and to his city of Tampa Bay. Big pop. Hulk says they’re gonna make history tonight and tomorrow night, they’ll do it right here with their very first match in front of the WWE Universe. Titus says it won’t just be any match, they’ll kick it off with some violence, with the WWE Championship!

WWE Championship: Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Drew McIntyre

McIntyre does the count-down for his entrance and people finally get to do it with him, that made me a little emotional. I genuinely think this means a lot to him. Both guys seem fairly popular here. Lock-up! Both trying to overpower the other. McIntyre with a headlock, Lashley shoots off, shoulder tackle but Drew pops right up! Drew with a headlock again. Bobby shoots him off, big leapfrog, Drew bounces him off the ropes, Overhead Belly To Belly! Drew gives him a bras d’honneur for his troubles too.

Bobby batters him into the corner. Drew reverses and clobbers him, ref makes him back off and Bobby takes over with strikes. Bobby hits the ropes but Drew clotheslines him to the floor! McIntyre follows him out there but Lashley drives him into the barricade! Throws him into the wall repeatedly. Resets the count. Throws Drew into the ring and pursues him. Charges for the shoulder thrust, pulls him out with a neckbreaker for a 2 count!

McIntyre side-steps a charge and posts Lashley’s shoulder!

Drew goes for the arm with a Cross-Armbreaker attempt but Bobby pounds right out of it. Bobby with shoulder thrusts in the corner, mocks the fans. Drew explodes out of the corner with a series of clotheslines. Whip reversed, Drew ducks a line, Overhead Belly To Belly #2! Backs him into the corner, and there’s #3! Ducks a line, Neckbreaker! Aaaaaaand a kip-up! Kick to the gut, wants the Future Shock but Lashley drives him into the corner to break it. Charges, Drew with an elbow to the face, wants a German but Lashley blocks it, only to eat a Northern Lights Suplex!

Lashley fights out of an arm wringer, nails him and hoists him up, Dominator! Nearfall. Visible raindrops all over the ring, can’t be an easy surface to wrestle on. I’m sure they did what they could to dry it. Drew tries to fight back but gets planted with a One-Handed Spinebuster! Nearfall! Hurt Lock attempted but McIntyre blocks it. Lashley with knees to the gut, hoists him onto his shoulders but Drew escapes. Fight into the corner, Drew with elbows, rolling elbow lands flush! Pulls his legs up for the Inverted Alabama Slam! Nearfall.

Drew takes Lashley up top.

They fight up there, McIntyre’s superplex attempt is stopped Lashley crotches him. Fight continues, Drew with a kimura on the bad arm! Lashley fights out though, punches him into the Tree of Woe! Drew spiders up for the Overhead Belly To Belly Superplex!! (#4) Charges him but Lashley with another One Handed Spinebuster! Lashley celebrates but McIntyre kips up again! Exchange of blows, #5 lands! Future Shock DDT! Pulls him right up for a second one!! And a third plants him hard! Lashley kicks out at the very last second!

“This Is Awesome” chant as McIntyre slowly stands. Countdown ensues! Charges but Lashley rolls out of the ring. McIntyre ain’t happy, hits the ropes… TAKER DIVE!! Beautiful! Actually I called it the Taker Dive because of the setting but it was more like Kenny’s Terminator Dive, very pretty. Into the ring, Lashley fights back, Exploder Suplex, immediate follow-up Flatliner! Wants the Hurt Lock, McIntyre blocking it… momentarily but Lashley’s getting closer to cinching it in. McIntyre drives him into the top turnbuckle to break it.

Lashley tries another Spinebuster but McIntyre turns it into the Kimura in mid-air!

Lashley struggling mightily but gets to the ropes for the break. Been a very fun opener for WrestleMania 37 Night One here. The two of them battle to their feet, Lashley drives McIntyre into the corner, hits the ropes, McIntyre with a boot up! Glasgow Kiss sends Bobby to the adjacent corner! Stalking for the Claymore…. MVP with a distraction, Drew misses the Claymore and Lashley takes over, cinches him into the Hurt Lock!!

Drew trying to fight… slowly makes it back to his feet! Kicks off the middle turnbuckle and flips but Lashley keeps the hold on!! McIntyre fades… and the ref calls for the bell!!!

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Holy shit! I did not see that one coming, we’ve already got a big upset. Wouldn’t have minded seeing Drew finally get his moment in front of the audience but can’t be mad at all that Lashley gets to have a real reign.

The nWo backstage with Titus O’Neil, Bayley interrupts them and talks about the Ding Dong Hello Show. Offers them a Too Sweet. Only X-Pac takes her up on it.

And now for the least hype match of WrestleMania 37 Night One! Eh I’m sure it’ll be somewhat interesting…

Tag Team Turmoil Match

Naomi & Lana and Carmella & Billie Kay are our first two teams. The former have the early advantage until Carmella trips Lana. Pulls her up, drives her face into her boot. Tag to Billie who Lana also gets driven into the boot of. Lana with an Around-The-World into the Russian Legsweep, Naomi tags in, ass grind. Tag to Lana, tries a thing and it just straight up doesn’t work. Tags back out, Double X-Factor for a nearfall. Billie with a sunset flip, Carmella puts her boots to Billie’s back to support her and it gets three. Naomi & Lana are eliminated.

Riott Squad are out now! Ruby with a quick dropkick, Liv tags in. Billie takes Ruby to the floor, chop to Liv and shoves her down. Tag to Carmella. Pulls her into the corner and stomps her against the buckles. Carmella with a Northern Lights Suplex on Liv, Billie with a forearm. Ruby breaks up the pin but she gets sent to the outside. Peyton takes Liv down and they try the dirty pin again but this time the ref spots it. Liv with a Codebreaker, holds her in place for the Tope Rope Senton from Ruby for the pin! Billie Kay & Carmella are eliminated. Carmella superkicks Ruby on her way out.

Dana Brooke & Mandy Rose are next out.

Poor Dana trips on the way down the slippery ramp. Mandy with a big shot to the face of Ruby, Dana tags in, Top Rope Blockbuster, Liv breaks up the pin. Dana with a kick to the gut, Flip Neckbreaker for a 2 count. Liv tags in, kicks Ruby into the corner. She kicks her away, charges but Mandy hoists her up, Ruby reverses into a Sunset Flip for a 2 count. Liv tags in, flying clothesline, enziguri! Step-Up Double Footstomp for a 2 count. Ruby tags in, Riott Kick but the pin is broken up!

Dana takes over, Superplex and Top Rope Frog Splash! Cover, Liv reverses the cover into a cradle for the win! Mandy & Dana eliminated, though the ring announcer was confused for a bit.

Natalya and Tamina enter now.

Liv tries an immediate inside cradle on Natalya for a 2 count. Double team ensues, Nattie with a Sit-Out Powerbomb, Ruby breaks up the pin. Heels wear them down briefly, Liv with a very athletic dodge, double teams on Tamina, Codebreaker into the Top Rope Senton yet again but Tamina kicks out! Hart Attack ensues, Natalya grabs Ruby’s legs for the Sharpshooter but instead she wants Tamina to go up, tags out. Tamina off the top, Superfly Splash for the win.

Winners: Natalya & Tamina

Oh boy, Natalya & Tamina vs. Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler tomorrow I’m already sleeping through it.

BURN IT DOWN that was loud as fuck, I was not ready. Seth Rollins comes out and he has another new theme seems like. Real excited for this one, next one on the WrestleMania 37 Night One Recap…

Seth Rollins vs. Cesaro

Cesaro with an immediate charging uppercut, wants the Swing early but Rollins fights to the apron to break it. Shoulder thrust to the gut, rolls over him but Cesaro ducks a line, Springboard Corkscrew Uppercut! Rollins to the apron for another shoulder thrust but Cesaro avoids him, knee lift to the face! Seth rips the arm across the top rope, goes up top, Cesaro with a dropkick stops him! Cesaro goes to the second rope and deadlifts him up for a Gutwrench but Rollins slips behind him – Buckle Bomb!! Cover for a 2 count.

Seth pulls him up, shoulder tackle, attacking the arm. Cesaro with a body shot. Uppercuts, Takes him to the corner, Seth takes him to the apron, Cesaro fights back, goes up top, Seth jumps up there, Superplex into the Falcon Arrow! Beautiful, nearfall. Seth drags him up, neckbreaker attempt but Cesaro with a backslide for 2. Uppercut! And another! Keeps nailing him into the corner. Cesaro with a whip, charging uppercut and another one! Bounces off the ropes for the Discus Clothesline, nearfall!

Crowd chants for the Swing and Cesaro is listening!

He goes for it, but Seth reverses into a cradle for a nearfall, Cesaro trips him again but Seth grabs the ropes, Cesaro pulls him off the ropes but Seth with his rebound enziguri! Wants the Stomp but Cesaro gets him out of the air into the Giant Swing!! Swings him until the count of 10 from the crowd, his arm keeps him from doing more, into the Sharpshooter but Seth grabs the bottom rope! Cesaro pulls Rollins in for the Neutralizer, Seth back body drops him but Cesaro lands wonderfully on his feet!

Seth side-steps a charging uppercut in the corner, Springboard Knee to the face! Slingblade! Goes up top. Corkscrew Splash, nearfall! That was unexpected. Pulls Cesaro up for the Ripcord Knee but Cesaro counters, pulls him in – Neutralizer!!! NARROW NEARFALL! Cesaro is stunned. Yanks him back in for the Neutralizer but Seth counters this one, Pedigree!! NEARFALL! Seth yells at Cesaro, says he survived the Neutralizer and the Swing. Claims he is a God! Pulls him up, Chris Hero esque Rollign Elbow to the back of the head, wants the Stomp but Cesaro dodges it only to eat an enziguri to the back of the head!

Wants the Stomp but Cesaro counters with a brilliant European Uppercut! Takes him onto his shoulders for the no hands spin!! They call it the UFO! Seth goes flying, this match is great. Cesaro wants to go swinging again! And here we go! 23 swings again! Pulls him up again – Neutralizer! And that is that!

Winner: Cesaro

What a perfect match, that was absolutely awesome.

The Dirty Dogs backstage for a promo. Dolph says there’s nothing like this in the world, now that these two aces have arrived, it finally feels like WrestleMania. Robert says the Dirty Dogs clean up nice. Dolph says New Day is one of the best tag teams of all time, he fought KofiMania. But Omos looks great next to AJ and he’d look better draped in gold. Roode says he’s known AJ for a long time and you never count him out.

Big E on the stage for the live New Day intro and it’s electric. Up next on the WrestleMania 37 Night One Recap…

WWE Raw Tag Team Championships: The New Day (c) vs. AJ Styles & Omos

Omos and Kofi start but Xavier chants for AJ, they want him first. He acquiesces, AJ and Kofi wrestle for a bit. Kofi with a back suplex throws him onto his face! Francesca playing begins as Kofi twerks in AJ’s face, AJ charges right into a leg lariat! Xavier trips him, Kofi with a quick splash. Xavier tags in, Pull-over DDT. Side headlock as Xavier lets Samoa Joe know they are effectively cutting the ring in half. Unicorn Stampede begins! Kofi throws Xavier into a cannonball to AJ for the nearfall!

Xavier pulls Styles up into a side headlock and takes him down. AJ fights up and reaches for the tag but Xavier stops that, side headlock takedown. Kofi tags in, double chop, kicks to the legs, Double Bulldog for a 2 count. Kofi stands in front of AJ, blocking him basketball style from making the tag. AJ runs outside and back into the ring, Xavier tags in and body blocks Styles before he can come back in, Baseball Slide! Throws him into the ring, Kofi with a Flying Double Stomp to the chest, cover for a 2 count!

Xavier in, grabs the ankle to prevent the tag, AJ kicks him away but Kofi blind tags in, Springboard Splash to the back for a nearfall! Kofi perches AJ with a pendulum backbreaker, Xavier up top…

Omos distracts Kofi and AJ breaks free, Woods comes off the top but AJ avoids him and makes the tag!

Omos slowly steps inside the ring. Xavier’s kicks have no effect, he bounces off of him as Kofi tags in, flies off the top but Omos catches his arm and slings him aside! New Day are spooked. Omos stomps Xavier heavily, throws Kofi into the corner. Charging elbow to Xavier, and one for Kofi! Hoists Xavier up with ease for a Pendulum Backbreaker and holds him in place, palming his face! Kofi comes in but he gets a backbreaker too. AJ leaps off Omos’ shoulders for a Flying Forearm to Kofi! Now Omos drags Kofi up to his feet, Short-Arm Spinebuster! Steps onto his chest for the pin and that’s that.

Winners: AJ Styles & Omos

Not a surprising result there, that was more or less as expected.

First commercial for WWE 2K22 plays. Rey’s model looks pretty good.

Next up on the WrestleMania 37 Night One Recap…

Cage Match: Shane McMahon vs. Braun Strowman

Shane holds the door closed so Ryker and Elias can attack Braun before the bell. As the match starts Shane is taking a chair to Braun’s back repeatedly. Braun fights back but Shane kicks the leg out from under him and nails him again. Wants to go out the door but Braun yanks him back. Shane climbs but Braun pulls him to the mat. Says there’s nowhere to run, he’s gonna get these hands.

McMahon with a combination of body shots. Shane McMahon is winning a boxing match against Braun here. Strowman shoves him away. Shane climbs up again but Braun grabs him, Shane kicks him away, grabs a metal sheet off the top of the cage and comes flying at Braun with it, nails him. Repeatedly hits him with it, flying metal sheet shot for a 1 count, Braun sends him flying away.

Braun grabs him as he tries to crawl out of the cage and hurls him repeatedly into the cage walls!

Braun teeing off with huge shots now, crushes him against the steel! Strowman pulls him up, clubbing shot to the chest drops him. Strowman pulls Shane up for the “Running” Powerslam but McMahon escapes, slams him into the cage, DDT spikes Braun. He goes up top. Coast To Coast! With no can, my goodness. Drags him in for the pin, nearfall! Elias and Ryker are back now, climbing the cage to help pull Shane over. Strowman slams himself into the cage, causing Elias and Ryker to fall to the floor and Shane to fall to the mat!

McMahon climbs the cage, Strowman stops him and climbs up with him. Shane digs into a sack and pulls out a tool box and clanks it off Braun’s head and he bounces cartoonily to the mat. Shane celebrates, he’s climbing to the other side and it looks like he’ll easily make it. Puts his hand through the cage to wave goodbye but Braun leaps up and grabs the wrist!

He tears the cage wall down and drags Shane back in!

Okay that was a cooler thing than I expected to see here. He nails Shane with body shots. Braun looks around… throws Shane to the top of the cage! He climbs up with him and pulls Shane up slowly… holds onto a cord as he yells at him… asks “Who’s stupid now?” throws him right off the top of the cage and Shane sentons himself to the mat!! Braun climbs down to the mat. Strowman again does the speech, this is for every person that has ever been called stupid and has ever been bullied. He yanks Shane to his feet, pulls him onto his shoulders, Running Powerslam for the win.

Winner: Braun Strowman

Last couple of minutes there were cool.

Bayley suddenly appears at the commentary booth with a live mic and says she could do better than Michael Cole. She forces Cole backwards. “Bayley” chant, as she introduces the Hall of Fame video. Naturally this leads to the Hall of Fame Class of 2020 being honored.

Steve Austin announces next year’s WrestleMania, returning to Dallas.

Up next on the WrestleMania 37 Night One Recap…

Bad Bunny & Damien Priest vs. The Miz & John Morrison

A ton of bunnies – the old suits they used to use for Adam Rose – trot down to the ring for the heels’ entrance. Miz and Morrison also rap their dumb song with bad audio mixing so you can’t really hear them. Bad Bunny has a very dramatic entrance where he rides in atop a semi truck. Bunny seems over here. Bell rings, Miz and Priest start but Miz demands Bunny tag in right away and he agrees.

Circling around the ring. Miz puts his hands behind his back and leans forward for the free punch. Bunny waits until he stops that, then drops him with a right hand! Waistlock from Bunny, ducks an elbow, another uppercut and Miz drops once again. Miz attacks him and pummels him in the corner, Bunny with a double leg and pounds him for a bit but a knee to the gut stops that. Bad Bunny then outwrestles The Miz, arm drag sends him to the outside. Miz is baffled. Comes back in, La Magistral for a nearfall! That was slick.

Miz grabs him and throws him right into the bottom rope.

Miz charges, Bad Bunny stops him with a shoulder thrust. Slips between his legs, Around-The-World Rana!!

Morrison tags in, kick to the gut, headbutt drops him! Bunny Hop in the corner, and another but this time Morrison stops him with an elbow. Distracts the ref, Miz with a cheap shot. Miz tags in and is now pummeling him. Headlock cinched in. Bunny fights to his feet, big blows to Miz and Morrison, charges in for the tag but Miz hoists him up, Bunny with a sunset flip for a 2 count. Miz with a big boot! And now Miz with a Kneeling DDT. Miz yanks Bunny to the bottom rope, stomps him, kicks him out of the ring.

Morrison grabs him, bounces him off the announce table. Throws him into the ring. Double teaming now, Morrison tags in and stomps him into the mat. And now Morrison does a Spinaroonie as Booker watches from the commentary table! Heat segment continues. Cheap shot to Priest, ref is distracted with him as the heels stomp Bunny for big heat! It Kicks in the corner. Crowd chanting Spanish swears at Miz. Bunny with a boot up in the corner, stops Morrison’s charge, Tornado DDT to Miz!

And there’s the tag to Priest as the WrestleMania 37 Night One Recap rolls on!

He goes wild now, throwing Miz and Morrison around, Round Kick to Miz, Discus Forearm and strong lariato to Morrison! Priest with a Flying Back Elbow to both men in the corners, pulls Miz out and suplexes him onto Morrison! Goozle to Miz, South Of Heaven lands! Morrison breaks up the pin. Bunny comes in and clocks Morrison but Morrison comes back with a boot to the gut. Faces duck punches, Stereo Bellclaps and Stereo Broken Arrows!! Cover for a nearfall!

Bunny with the assist as Priest wipes out Miz and Morrison with a tope! Priest hypes Bunny up and he goes up top as the crowd rises. Crossbody takes out Miz and Morrison! Priest takes Miz into the ring, Reckoning attempted but Miz counters with the Skull Crushing Finale! Bunny breaks up the pin! Morrison attacks him on the outside – BAD BUNNY WITH A CANADIAN DESTROYER ON THE FLOOR! Priest pulls Miz onto his shoulders, Bunny tags in, Crossbodies Miz off Priest’s shoulders for the win!

Winners: Damian Priest & Bad Bunny

That was a shockingly good oldschool match! Bunny didn’t look out of place at all, kinda stunned at how well that came off. I think that’s the most I’ve ever enjoyed a celeb match.

And now it’s time for the WrestleMania 37 Night One Main Event…

WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship: Sasha Banks (c) vs. Bianca Belair

Dueling chant as the bell rings. Bianca’s fighting a losing battle with her tears, this is a pretty historic one. Lock-up. Bianca shoves her away. Lock up again, Sasha trips her but Bianca springs up. Shoving contest ensues, Sasha sends her to the ropes but BIanca backflips away. leapfrog but Belair catches her, Sasha escapes, Bianca deflects the sunset flip. Belair smacks her ass at Sasha. Pulls her onto her shoulders, Sasha escapes.

Banks with a kick to the gut, hits the ropes, wants a Wheelbarrow but Bianca catches her! Hoists her for the Glam Slam but Sasha rolls through to send her to the floor. Sasha with a baseball slide! Belair onto the apron, ducks a shot, tries to pull her over but Banks with a Hot Shot, then drives her facefirst into the top turnbuckle! Wants the count out. But Bianca’s clearly getting up so Sasha hits the ropes…

Sasha Banks with a Tope Suicida! BUT BIANCA ROLLS THROUGH! She hoists her for a Military Press and carries her up the stairs!! Drops her into the ring!

Incredible power. Takes over in the ring again, body slam with squats! Wants a Handspring Moonsault but Sasha grabs her hair out of the air to trip her up, a series of brutal knees to the face for a nearfall! Sasha choking her out in the corner, snapmare. Wrenches at her arms. Bianca fights up, Sasha whips her to the corner. Bianca sends her to the apron but Sasha with a pump knee drops her! And a Pullover Meteora attempted but Bianca catches her and slams her! Hard fall there. Sasha grabs the braid again though and yanks on it from across different sides of the ringpost. Bianca pulls her into the post however!

Sasha tries to keep on the attack with a Meteora into the barricade but Bianca avoids it and she crashes and burns! They barely beat the count at 9, Bianca cradles her into a Delayed Vertical Suplex. Very delayed! She pumps her off the ropes repeatedly and keeps holding her! Finally suplexes her big time!

Banks attacks, grabs the braid and wants a lucha style arm drag but Bianca blocks it, series of dropkicks, kip up, Running SSP! Charging Shoulder Thrust in the corner! Blocks a shot, Double Chickenwing and slams her to the mat! Bianca goes up top! 450 attempted but Banks with her knees up!

Sasha with a big knee, charges at her but Bianca catches her Meteora with a Powerbomb! And keeps hold of her for a second one! Nearfall but Bianca still holding on!

Bianca makes it to the ropes, Sasha wraps the braid around the bottom rope and wraps it around it to stomp on it, really hurting her. Belair drives her into the corner, stomps on her. Pulls her to the top rope and wants a Superplex. Sasha throws her to the mat but Belair comes back, wants a Front Flip Kick but Sasha avoids it and Bianca ends up in the Tree of Woe! Sasha kicks at her, tries a Meteora but Bianca powers up to avoid it! And a charging corner Meteora also whiffs! That’s the fifth one that she’s failed to do. Bianca up top, 450 Splash lands!! NEARFALL!

Belair looking intense. Pulls her to her shoulders for the KOD but Sasha grabs the hair yet again and lands on her feet! Bianca wins a tug of war – HAIR WHIP!!! Echoing through the arena! Wants the KOD again but Sasha blocks, Backstabber thwarted, Bianca hoists her up – KOD for the win!!!

Winner: Bianca Belair

Awesome match! Huge crowning moment for Bianca, crowd is going wild. What a way to end WrestleMania 37 Night One! Love everything about it.

(Refresh the page for up-to-the-minute updates!)

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