WrestleMania 37 Night Two Recap

We are minutes away from the beginning of the end… it’s WrestleMania 37 Night Two! Last night made for a pretty great first half, so let’s see how things go for the second. Hopefully there will be less issues with the weather this go-round… after tonight I’ll get to have a break from the main roster as well, so let’s go out with a bang with the WrestleMania 37 Night Two Recap~!

Ashland Craft (we gonna pretend that’s a real name?) performs America The Beautiful.

The… exact same opening video package as last night plays, cool.

And we have our hosts again for some reason, Titus and Hulk coming out in pirate garb. They talk about how good they look. Titus says “ahoy mateys”. Hogan says “yo yo, brothers”. They talk about the matches they have on tap and they need to batten down the hatches. None of this means anything. They mention Davey Jones and start barking, cool, that was a thing we had to do.

And now, the opening match for WrestleMania 37 Night Two…

Randy Orton vs. The Fiend

The Fiend has a unique entrance where he walks down the ramp only for his molten form to burn away and the original Fiend look to fade back in. Alexa gets to have her entrance too after Fiend disappears. A giant jack-in-the-box is in front of her right next to the ring. She grabs onto the crank and turns it. Top pops open and the Fiend rises from the top of it. He stands there for a bit but eventually turns around and comes off it with a Flying Clothesline into the ring! And the red lights are back, it’s been long enough for them to forget this doesn’t work.

Fiend pulls Orton into a Uranage! Pulls him up and rips at his neck, does a little Luke Harper pose and yells “Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah”. He never got to do his tribute. Fiend bends over backwards in the corner, stalks, charges but Orton powders for heat. Fiend goes out there with him, Orton with the back suplex onto the apron but Fiend bounces right up and gets him with the Mandible Claw! Randy scrambles into the ring to break it.

Orton with a kick as Fiend enters the ring- Draping DDT nailed! But he rises again!

Randy sidesteps his charge and sends him into the Jack-In-The-Box, it’s placed right outside the ropes. Takes him to the apron for a second Draping DDT. Randy with punches but Fiend no sells and stands as a “Yowie-Wowie” chant breaks out. Fiend with a big crossbody, mounted punches. Hits the ropes for a senton but Orton rolls out of the way. Throws him out of the ring. Orton kicks him as he comes back in, hits a third Draping DDT.

Orton stalks for the RKO. Tries for it but Fiend counters with the Mandible Claw! Fiend wants Sister Abigail. Flames rise and Alexa Bliss appears out of the Jack-In-The-Box. Black liquid spills down her face. Fiend is distracted. Turns around into an RKO and… that’s that?

Winner: Randy Orton

What in the actual fuck was that.

Fiend and Alexa stare at each other. The lights go out slowly. And when they come back they’re gone, of course. Boos, naturally.

Bayley backstage bothering Titus, Hogan and Eric Bischoff. Eric says he would love to have Bianca Belair on his show, maybe can get that opening. Bayley says Bianca and Sasha are flavor of the month, they’re not the longest reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion in history. The guys just ignore her.

Next up on the WrestleMania 37 Night Two Recap, this match has big shoes to fill being worse than the opener but I believe in it!

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (c) vs. Natalya & Tamina

Shayna takes Nattie down in a headscissor, Natalya kips up. Lock-up, Shayna with a headlock takedown. Shayna with the shoulder block. Natalya with the leapfrog. Headlock of her own, Baszler escapes and tags out. Nia shoves Natalya and wants Tamina now. For reasons there’s a Tamina chant? They exchange headbutts. Tamina with shots, wants a slam but Nia escapes. Tag to Natalya, they duck a double line, double back body drop as Shayna tags herself in. Roundhouse kick to Nattie gets ducked, they suplex Shayna onto Jax.

Tamina and Nattie with quick tags. Nattie catapults Shayna into a Tamina Superkick, Natalya covers for a 2 count. Shayna takes the fight to her, smashes Natalya with a brutal rising knee to the face! Nia and Tamina start fighting outside. Tamina wants a body slam but Nia reverses and slams her onto the floor! Shayna with a charging high knee to Natalya, snapmare, cover for a 2 count. Baszler working over Natalya’s leg Nattie kicks at her but can’t escape, Shayna with a wicked stomp to the ankle.

Heels now isolating Natalya and attacking the leg. Nattie with tiny punches, they ignore them. Nia hangs Natalya upside down for another destructive knee, Baszler covers for a nearfall. Nattie sidesteps a Nia charge in the corner, Tamina is still down so she has to make her own comeback, hard shots, Discus Lariat for a nearfall.

Finally makes the tag and here comes house of fire Tamina.

Doesn’t last for that long ’cause she can’t do that much. Exchange of shots to Shayna, dragonscrew. Blocks the Kirifuda Clutch, Samoan Drop for a nearfall. She goes up top, Shayna stops her with an enziguri. Nia tags in and wants a Super Samoan Drop but Nattie pulls Tamina to safety. Jax with a crossbody to both for a 2 count, seemingly hurts her knee in the process. Nia batters Tamina and tells her she ain’t shit and calls her bitch.

Tamina with a chop to the face! Hoists her up for a very shitty bodyslam, and the crowd lives and dies with the nearfall. I am so weirded out by this. WrestleMania 37 Night Two rolls on, Tamina up top, Superfly pose, but the Splash fails as Nia rolls out of the way. Tamina makes the tag to Nattie, Shayna tags herself in, Natalya sends Baszler to the floor and hits a Basement Dropkick to Nia. Wants the Sharpshooter but Nia’s the wrong one. Struggles mightily for it but eventually gets a useless Sharpshooter, Baszler in to grab Nattie for the Kirifuda Clutch and gets the tap.

Winner: Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax

Bizarre. Everything surrounding this is inexplicable.

Alright well, let’s see if we can get a good match in. This one should be easy in theory, Logan Paul notwithstanding… next up on the WrestleMania 37 Night Two Recap…

Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn

Sami on the mic after his entrance, introduces Logan Paul. They liked Sami enough to sing his music but they hate Paul of course. Bell rings, Sami charges right into the Pop-Up Powerbomb! Zayn rolls out of the ring and powders. Kevin goes out there with him, tries an Apronbomb but Sami clobbers him and escapes into the ring. Owens into the ring, chops, Stun Gun bounces him off the top rope.

Corner clothesline, Cannonball! Owens goes up top. Sami again rolls out to the apron. Kev charges him on the apron but eats a big boot. Sami hooks him for a Half-N-Half Suplex but Owens elbows himself free. Sami gets him with a Brainbuster on the apron!! Kevin drags himself into the ring to break the count. Sami with mounted punches. Kev with a series of shots as he fights his way up – Michinoku Driver for a nearfall!

Zayn takes Owens up top for a superplex. They fight up there, Owens wins out with headbutts! Sami drops to the mat, Kev stands at the top, Bullfrog Splash!! Nearfall. Whips Sami, wants another Pop-Up Powerbomb, Sami escapes this one – but the Spike Ushigoroshi gets a nearfall! That’s best I can describe that one. Sami counters the next move into an Exploder to the corner! Stalks for the Helluva, Owens side-steps, KICK but no WHAM STUNNER as Sami pulls him into the Blue Thunder Bomb for the nearfall! And ANOTHER Exploder into the corner, right into the Half-N-Half Suplex! And right into the Brainbuster for a nearfall!

“This Is Awesome” chant comes up rightfully.

They start having a damn hockey fight in the corner, wild shots. Sami drops Owens with a right hand. Pulls him up to the top rope. Headbutt from below! Sami goes up with him, Wants a Superplex but Owens reverses into his crazy Twisting Superplex!! Owens with a big corner lariat, and another buton the third attempt, Sami shocks him with a Helluva Kick!! Owens is limp against him.

Sami positions him back in the corner and tries a second one but Owens counters with a Superkick! And another but Sami stays up! Owens grabs him… crowd rising. Owens says Sami did this. KICK WHAM STUNNER! And that is that.

Winner: Kevin Owens

Great stuff, a match they’d definitely wanted to have for years. Could’ve watched it for a lot longer but awesome bout anyway.

Logan Paul checking on Sami afterwards. He goes up to Owens, tells him that was awesome. Sami cuts in and yells at him, tells him he’s his guest of honor. Owens is the enemy! Logan shoves him, big boos. Logan mocks him as he leaves. Raises Owens’ hand afterwards. Kev looks at his hand like something nasty just touched him. Looks out to the crowd and they’re going wild. “Yes” chant…

KICK WHAM STUNNER! WrestleMania 37 Night Two is complete already.

Riddle comes up to Great Khali backstage. You’ll never believe this but this segment is dumb. Khali has no response to Riddle’s BS but RVD comes in to translate for him, amazing.

Let’s get a good match streak going now, eh? Next up on the WrestleMania 37 Night Two Recap…

WWE United States Championship: Riddle (c) vs. Sheamus

Sheamus with a headlock. Takes him down. Big strike exchange. Sheamus wants a bodyslam but Riddle escapes, Sheamus batters him in the corner. Black Hole Slam for a 2 count. Irish Curse for a 2 count. Arm wringer, Riddle with a series of forearms breaks it. Sheamus with a kick to the gut, whip to the corner. Riddle kicks him away, into a Triangle Choke on the ropes. Sheamus takes him to the apron, crowd chants along with the Ten Beats, there’s only eight I think. Suplex and cover for 2.

Sheamus goes up top, Riddle follows him – Bandido Spanish Fly!! And now a big strike exchange breaks out again, Riddle ducks a line, Pele Kick! Charging forearms in the corner, Exploder Suplex! Broton! Pulls him up, wants a suplex, Sheamus blocks it for a bit, but on the second try RIddle nails the Jackhammer for a nearfall. Sheamus wants a Tombstone or something but Riddle breaks free, kicks him away. Sheamus takes him to the apron, Riddle springs into the ring Buckshot style but Sheamus BLASTS him with a Pump Knee! Alabama Slam for a close nearfall!

Fight spills to the apron – Riddle posts Sheamus and then Germans him onto the apron!!

Riddle with a charging kick to the face, Asai Floating Bro! Takes him into the ring, up top, another Floating Bro! NEARFALL! Riddle is stunned but takes him into a modified Triangle Choke. Sheamus with a Sit-Out Backlund Bomb! Nearfall and Riddle right into the Rear Naked Choke! Sheamus grabs the ropes, batters him with hammerfists. Pulls Riddle up by the hair and hoists him up for White Noise… scales the ropes! Riddle reverses, Sunset Flip Powerbomb attempt but Sheamus with a punch stops that.

Sheamus goes up top but Riddle follows him, wants a Piledriver or something. Sheamus reverses with White Noise, falls off the top with him so ultimately hits a normal one, Flying Knee off the top for a nearfall! Now Sheamus stalks, Brogue attempted, Riddle ducks it, rolls him through, Sheamus blocks a knee – Riddle wants a Springboard Moonsault Press but Sheamus Brogue Kicks him out of the air for the win!

Winner: Sheamus

Very strong match, shame about the White Noise. For a second it looked like Sheamus was going to go back up top with it but thought better of it. That Brogue legit busted Riddle’s lip too.

Triple H and Bad Bunny have a vignette together, officially announcing Bunny’s next big tour next year. Alright.

WrestleMania 37 Night Two recap continues, we officially have two straight good matches here. And as long as the Nigerian Drum Fight stip doesn’t end up being a hindrance, this should be another!

Nigerian Drum Fight for the WWE Intercontinental Championship: Big E (c) vs. Apollo Crews

Wale performs Big E’s theme for his entrance. They both immediately leave the ring to get kendo sticks. And they just stand and trade cane shots! Damn that’s pretty metal, E wins out and Crews powders. But Big E follows him, cracks him HARD with kendo stick shots! Damn. E throws him hard into one of the many drums. E grabs the gong and charges at Crews but he kicks it out of his hands, big noise. Crews with the cane shots now as E retreats into the ring. Apollo demands he stand, swings, E ducks it, sends him to the apron, head of steam!! PPV SPEAR!! God, big impact. That’s as brutal as it’s ever looked.

Takes him into the ring, cover for a nearfall. “Let’s Go Big E” chant. E sets up the steps, has Crews on the apron but Apollo reverses into a sudden DVD onto the apron!! Dayam. Now Crews grabs the other steps and sets them up near the first set. Lays Big E out on the first set and picks up the second! Crews tosses the steps down but E rolls out of the way! Crews with a charging kick as E makes it back to the apron! Apollo demands he stands, charges again…


E sits on the steps and yells at Crews. He sets up a table in the ring and goes back out to grab him. Throws him into the ring. Crews fights back, drops him with an enziguri! Gets the cane again and cracks him repeatedly! Vicious. Sets him up on the table, goes up top – Frog Splash but E escapes and Apollo goes right through the table! Big E immediately follows up with the Big Ending! Covers, but some giant comes into the ring to break up the pin. Picks E up and drops him with a Samoan Spike, nails him with a Chokeslam and drags Crews onto E for the pin.

Winner: Apollo Crews

Shame we couldn’t get a better finish but that was a war.

The 2021 Hall of Fame inductees get their spotlight.

Up next on the WrestleMania 37 Night Two Recap…

WWE Raw Women’s Championship: Asuka (c) vs. Rhea Ripley

Ripley gets her theme performed live too, not a good omen for her considering E’s loss. Asuka ducks a shot at the bell, dropkick but Ripley is not dropped! Asuka with a combination of blows, victory roll for 1. Backslide, Ripley rolls through but a dropkick takes her down this time. Asuka with a drop toe hold into the buckles, kick to the rope! They go in and out of the ring for bit, Asuka with a Pop-Up Knee Lift! Takes her into the ring, shots to the back. Hits the ropes for the Hip Attack but Ripley avoids it and nails her with a Thrust Kick! Hoists her up and drops her facefirst onto the mat. 2 count. Rhea with mounted shots.

Dueling chant breaks out as Ripley pulls Asuka into a bodyscissor. Ripley gets onto her back and slaps the back of her head, heat comes down. Ripley cinches the bodyscissor in. Asuka breaks free, Rhea with a dropkick! Asuka with body shots trying to fight up but Rhea kicks her away. Slaps her across the face, pulls her up, Short-Arm Clothesline! And another! Wants a third, Asuka ducks it, Ripley pulls her into a Spinning Heel Kick but Asuka catches the ankle and takes her into a Kneebar! But Ripley deadlifts her out of this, German Suplex! Nearfall! That was great.

Rhea favoring the ankle. Rams Asuka’s face into the top buckle, snap kick to the back! Pulls her up and hits shoulder thrusts to the back. Takes her up top. Shot to the back. Climbs with her for a Back Superplex… Asuka fights back, backfist sends Ripley to the mat! Missile Dropkick lands flush! Asuka with a spinning Heel Kick, THROWS her with a German Suplex! Charging Hip Attack, pulls her out for another German, Ripley blocks it but eats a Spinning Backfist, Spinning Heel Kick lands, Hip Attack for a nearfall!

Asuka up top – Ripley dropkicks her to the floor!

Fight goes to the apron, Asuka kicks Rhea to the floor, wants a running kick but Ripley blocks it, drops her facefirst onto the apron! Asuka goes out with her… FLYING DDT TO THE FLOOR! Asuka throws her inside, PK for a nearfall! Kawada Kicks, Ripley has to get the arm up for them. Shining Wizard attempted but Ripley catches the leg and stomps her into the mat! Stump Puller cinched in, hoisting Asuka off the mat! Asuka rolls her through into a Cross-Armbreaker!

Ripley powers her up Backlund Bomb Style, swings Asuka headfirst into the buckles! Asuka rolls to the apron, Ripley headbutts her. Cesaro Style Superplex!! Nearfall. Asuka with back elbows, takes her into the Fujiwara Armbar, Ripley rolls through but Asuka gets her into the Cross-Armbreaker! Ripley rolls her over for 2 but Asuka right into the Asukalock! Ripley backflips for the cover, close nearfall! Asuka with round kicks to the chest, Buzzsaw Kick lands! Ripley ducks a line, Riptide outta nowhere! And that’s that!

Winner: Rhea Ripley

Good match! Appreciate the attempt to make Belair and Ripley back-to-back here.

WrestleMania 37 Night Two main event is all that’s left…

…except of course but for the last message from Hulk Hogan and Titus O’Neil. Bayley’s music hits and she interrupts. Says she’s heard just about enough out of them. They’re out here thanking the whole world for watching, but they forgot to thank her! Demands they hit her pyro! And they actually do, I expected her to get embarrassed there but nope, she actually did have pyro ready.

Says this is her time to shine. Bella Twins interrupt. Bayley stops them from talking and says she doesn’t know what the twin idiots looking like Elmo are doing. Says John Cena is not here tonight. Nikki knocks the mic out of Bayley’s hands. Nikki with a forearm. Brie with a facebuster and they both throw her down the ramp. Audible boos.

Now then. Let’s try this again. All that’s left is the WrestleMania 37 Night Two main event…!

Universal Championship: Roman Reigns (c) vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Edge

Edge with his absolute biggest pyro explosion and a long series of fireworks. Roman making them wait. His fireworks are yet more ridiculous. Edge with overwhelming support, Bryan with a mixed reaction, Roman with huge boos. Roman with a big blow to Bryan at the bell. Reigns batters Edge in the corner until Bryan pulls him out, uppercuts lacing him. Whip reversed and Bryan gets sent to the floor – Jey with a superkick to Bryan! Throws him into the steps. Reigns with an uppercut to Edge, dumps him outside. And Edge gets a Superkick too!

Reigns and Jey uncover the announce table, they’re about to put Edge through it but Bryan nails Roman with a Tope Suicida! Jey with a Superkick to Bryan! Jey wants to send Edge into the steps but Edge reverses! He then attacks Roman, throws him into the apron, then the barrier, and back and forth! Finally posts him to cap it off! Edge takes Jey onto the steps, SPIKE Edgacution on the steps!! Yikes!

Medics come out and it looks like Jey’s gonna be taken out of the picture.

Edge and Bryan meet in the ring now! Exchange of forearms! Edge wins out, whip to the corner, Bryan with a drop toe hold to the buckles! Yes Kicks ensue! Takes Edge up top, Super Rana but Edge rolls through into a sunset flip for a nearfall! Edge-O-Matic for a nearfall! Roman fights with Edge across the apron, wants a suplex. They battle for it, Bryan slips between their legs and trips Roman onto the apron! Goes up top, Missile Dropkick! Kip up! Crowd going crazy now. Uppercut to Edge, whip reversed into the corner, Bryan kicks off, ducks a lariat, sudden Tope Suicida to Roman but he catches him out of the air for an Overhead Belly To Belly onto the floor!!

Edge takes over on Roman though, throws him inside, Reigns hits the ropes, Flying Clothesline! Big heat! Superman Punch, Edge ducks it – Edgacution plants him! Stalks him! Charges for the Spear but Reigns with a Superman Punch mid-charge! Roman stalking now… primal yell, charges, Edge with a sunset flip counter for a nearfall!


Daniel Bryan with a Diving Headbutt from the top to Edge! And then one to Roman! Nearfall!! Yes Kicks to both men now! Buzzsaw Kick ducked by Roman, Bryan ducks an Edge lariat, Buisaku Knee to Edge! Ducks a Superman Punch, round kick, Buzzsaw Kick for a nearfall! Grabs the wrists, and stomps on his face! Over and over, and now the Yes Lock cinched in! Roman struggling as Heyman agonizes over it in the background, Edge breaks it up! Bryan now pulls Edge into the Yes Lock however! This time Roman breaks it up and there’s the mounted forearms to Bryan!

Picks Bryan off the mat for a huge Powerbomb onto Edge! Kicks Bryan out of the ring. Roman goes out of the ring and the crowd berates him with “Roman Sucks” chants. Reigns moves the steps in front of the bared table. WrestleMania 37 Night Two main event rolls on as Roman pulls Bryan onto the steps. Hoists Bryan onto his shoulders…


Incredible sequence. Edge drags Roman into the ring. And then he goes out to the timekeeper’s area. He gets two chairs! Goes in the ring with just one though. Roman stops him, tug of war for the chair, Roman rips the chair away, Edge has a piece of it briefly. Edge thrusts Roman into the ropes, Yes Lock applied! Now Edge grabs the chair piece and puts it in Reigns’ mouth! Extra torque on the Yes Lock! Reigns is about to tap! Bryan grabs the hand to stop the tap!! Now Bryan puts his own Yes Lock in, it’s a double! Edge and Bryan start furiously headbutting each other as Roman is being tortured!

Bryan wins out on the headbutt fight! “This Is Awesome” chant as Bryan takes a bit of a breather. Grabs Edge’s wrists and talks about his bad neck. He starts stomping onto his neck! Bryan stalks… gets the Yes’es going… charges…

EDGE SPEARS HIM MID-RUN! Ducks a Superman Punch, SPEAR TO ROMAN!! Covers!! But Bryan pulls the ref out of the ring last second!

Edge is losing it. Now he goes outside and gets a pair of chairs again. A number of them, takes one to the back of Bryan! Into the ring – chair shots to Bryan and Roman! Crowd chanting “Yes” for both! He sets one chair under both of their heads. Lifts the other chair and has a very wild look. CONCHAIRTO TO BRYAN! Wants one for Roman but Jey jumps him outta nowhere! Grabs the chair, but Edge spears him!! Now Jey gets a series of chair shots!

Edge turns around into a Spear from Roman!! Reigns now setting Edge’s head onto the chair… picks up the second one and delivers the Conchairto! Drags Edge onto Bryan and pins them both! Reigns retains.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Gotdayam. Incredible main event and what a title reign Roman Reigns is building. That’s Mania.

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