AEW Dynamite Recap & Results

It’s that time again for the AEW Dynamite Recap! It’s a new, unopposed era everyone. Watch this space for the live written play-by-play.

Young Bucks with a vignette. They thank Jon Moxley for pushing them to the edge. Now they’re not just friends throwing up a hand gesture, they’ve brought back a bond. Say Don Callis was right, they’d changed. They’d become soft, they’d lost their hunger. They were content when they took the big payday with AEW so they let everyone else take the narrative. But the truth is, AEW wouldn’t exist without them. It’s time to not just bring back the old Young Bucks but to show a better version of them than ever.

MJF interrupts Mike Tyson backstage before he can say anything. Says his dad always told him he was great. Says to keep your friends close and your enemies closer, and Jericho is Tyson’s enemy! Tyson says he sees his enemy right here and he’s not gonna cheat for him. Max says he isn’t asking him to cheat he just wants to make sure that he doesn’t do something he’ll regret. Looking at his face, he already sees one. Tyson is about to beat him up but Max stops him by offering him a blank check. Tyson grabs it, rips it up, chews it and spits it back at him.

And now for the opening match here on the AEW Dynamite Recap…

AEW World Tag Team Championships: The Young Bucks (c) vs. Rey Fenix & PAC

Bucks are now accompanied by Don Callis and getting booed big time. Matt and PAC start out. Lock-up, Pac with a mocking smack on the chest. Chain wrestling commences, Matt with a front facelock. PAC reverses, wristlock takedown, Matt reverses. PAC with a flip, side headlock takedowns exchanged, headscissor, Matt leaps out. He gets confused and goes to the babyface corner for a tag instinctively. Rolls back to the heel side and Nick tags in, so does Fenix! Nick with a waistlock, Fenix trips him, Nick with a kick, backflips off the apron to avoid a Tiger Feint Kick, sequence of complex kicks avoided, simultaneous dropkick spot, both start for a superkick – Nick ends it with a simple shoulderblock. Matt tags in, they try a double team but Fenix with a rana out of the air to Matt, Springboard Headbutt to Nick!

PAC comes in with a Space Flying Tiger Drop to Matt, Fenix with a wicked fast Tope Suicida to Nick!

Fenix pulls Matt back in, chops him in the chest, forearm to the back of the head. Pulls him up for a bodyslam! PAC tags in, both faces grind on Matt’s neck. PAC catches a kick and holds onto the ankle, Fenix tags in, they take turns teeing off with round kicks, Stereo Dropkick! Cover for a 2 count.

Fenix grabs hold of Matt, wants a springing arm drag but Matt throws him away, Nick tags in, charging kick on the apron to PAC, Pullover X-Factor SPIKES Fenix! Nick takes time to play to the camera. Double stomp to the face of Fenix. He has ‘DIOR’ on the bottom of his boots. “Those Are Fake” chants. Matt tags in, double whip, double hip toss, Double Dropkick! Cover for a 2 count. Double arm drag, Fenix counters, tag to PAC, Missile Dropkick to Nick, combination of kicks to Matt! Running dropkick to the head, Sheer Drop Brainbuster for a nearfall!

PAC drives Matt repeatedly into top buckles. Matt with body shots on his way up, PAC with round kicks to the chest! Matt powders, fight spills to the outside where the Bucks double team PAC and then Fenix. They set them up – Stereo Apron Bombs!! Throw them into the ring. Nick tags in, Charging High Knee in the corner. Matt back in, Nick holds PAC in place as Matt starts cartwheeling – only to stop short and rake the back! Jeers.

Exchange of shots as we go to commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will resume when the show does.

Bucks still in control as we come back. Nick tags in, they pick PAC up. Double whip, PAC stops himself short of a Double Superkick, throws both Bucks to the floor! Crawling for a tag but Nick pulls him to the floor in the nick of time. Matt goes over to the face corner and starts doing pantomime babyface actions like he wants PAC to tag him and he wants to fire up the crowd. He ‘tags’ PAC and leaps in, dancing around. Body slam. He gets all emotional and falls to his knees with mocking tears. Turns around and PAC nails him with a lariato!

Nick and Fenix tag back in! Fenix takes Nick up top, chops Matt and runs with him, kick to Nick, springs off the middle rope – Super Rana to Nick! Superkick to Matt! Handspring Double Cutter for a nearfall! PAC holds Nick up with a Wheelbarrow, Fenix with a diving double stomp to the back of the head, PAC still holding onto it – Fenix with a superkick to the prone Nick! PAC finishes the move with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall! Nick with a Jawbreaker but PAC stops him with a charging dropkick. Waistlock, deadlift…

Nick holds onto the ropes but Fenix with a tightrope punt! Tope Con Hilo to Matt, PAC with a German Suplex and a bridge for the nearfall!

PAC up top, Black Arrow but Matt avoids it, Superkick from PAC to Nick, Superkick from Matt to PAC, Fenix attacks Matt but eats a Canadian Destroyer! PAC and Matt with an exchange of forearms. Big boo/yay spot. PAC wins out, charges, low bridge sends him to the apron. Matt charges, PAC takes HIM to the apron, they fight out there, simultaneous headbutt! Illegal men take the legal men out of the ring, Nick and Fenix stare each other down, land Simultaneous Poison Ranas on PAC and Matt! Fenix taken over the barricade by Nick, Fenix leaps at him but gets Superkicked out of the air! But Fenix springs right back up for a Cutter to the floor!

Fenix takes Matt into the ring. PAC rolls back in. Takes him to the corner and takes him up top. Fenix tags in, PAC wants a Superplex. Nails it! Fenix with a follow up Frog Splash for a nearfall! Fenix drags Matt over, tag to PAC! Black Arrow nailed! Nick rushes in, Fenix catches him but Nick shoves him onto the pile to break up the pin! Fenix with a whip, Nick rebounds for a lariat! Nick drags Matt over for the tag, charges in but PAC with a boot! Springs him off the ropes for a German, Nick distracts the ref – mule kick catches PAC low! Fenix leaps off the top rope but gets Superkicked out of the air – Nick rips off the mask! Fenix is desperately trying to cover himself, Stereo Superkick for the win!

Winners: The Young Bucks

Awesome match, cool finish.

Hangman Page and the Dark Order backstage. Page is asked about the Elite but he instead says John Silver’s shoulder is doing better. Talks about going to get some eggrolls, completely ignores Marvez’s question. Silver does his ‘rehab’ which is just slowly raising his bum arm up.

AEW Dynamite Recap continues with the Inner Circle and Mike Tyson backstage. Jericho is asked why his relationship with Tyson seemed to change. Chris says a month ago when they received the beatdown of their lives from the Pinnacle, they decided to change their ways. First thing he did was call some people he thought he owed an apology to and Mike Tyson was the first guy. He had problems with him dating back ten years, but he respects him because he’s kept himself relevant for 30 years and he knows what that’s like.

Says tonight he’s the special enforcer. Dax Harwood, a man who he put ten stitches in his head two weeks ago. He wants Mike to call the match down the middle. Tyson says the best man wins, he likes Jericho as a friend but if he messes up he might get knocked out again.

Up next on the AEW Dynamite Recap…

Red Velvet vs. Jade Cargill

Jade comes in and Velvet takes the fight to her at the bell! Pummels her in the corner but Jade explodes out with a Pump Kick! Stops to gloat. Velvet with a dropkick takes her to the corner. Jade kicks her, Pumphandle but no Slam, Velvet escapes, Spinning Heel Kick to the face! Jade charges, Velvet low bridges her! Tope Suicida slams her into the barrier! Jade whips Velvet into the barricade! Hoists her up, Fallaway Slam sends her over the barricade and onto some roster members! Kilynn King one of her friends helps her up, Velvet is limply returning to ringside. Red up on the apron to beat the count, Jade with a forearm, hoists her up for a Delayed Vertical Suplex! Kip up! Pose.

Commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will resume when the show comes back. We come back right in time for Velvet to nail a Trouble In Paradise! Sidesteps a charge and Jade posts herself! Jade rushes, Velvet with a clothesline! Jade doesn’t go down but she does feel the second one, Velvet with a charging dropkick! Casadora Facebuster! Standing Moonsault, very nice, nearfall! Drags her to the corner. Velvet up top, MOonsault but Jade rolls out of the way! Pulls her up, nails her with Jaded for the win.

Winner: Jade Cargill

Nice match, definitely impressive rookies.

Britt Baker backstage interviewed by Tony Schiavone, Britt says she’s ranked #3, Velvet just lost so it only makes sense that she’ll be elevated to #2. Vows to win on Elevation and earn her way to #1 and after that, we’ll finally have a role model as your AEW Women’s World Champion.

Up next on the AEW Dynamite Recap, the debut of Anthony Ogogo.

Anthony Ogogo vs. Cole Karter

Chain wrestling commences, waistlock from Ogogo – sudden devastating uppercut to the abdomen and Karter drops to the mat, referee checks on him and then calls for the bell!

Winner: Anthony Ogogo

Always kinda wanted to see a boxer just, kill people with a single punch as an act. Just makes sense.

AEW Dynamite Recap continues. Miro with a vignette. He says he’s been waiting to hear from Kip since the Arcade Anarchy match. Says he can’t afford to have him waste his time so he’ll be moving forward with or without him. If anyone wants to get between him and the AEW World Title, you better pull a Kip and disappear.

Mike Tyson makes his way out. Up next on the AEW Dynamite Recap…

Chris Jericho vs. Dax Harwood (Special Enforcer: Mike Tyson)

Dax and Chris come to blows immediately. Jericho wins out and nails him in the ropes. Whip, cross chop! Forearm, Dax powders. Jericho goes out there and grabs a chair immediately. Wants to whack him but Tyson disarms him. Dax nails him with an elbow! Sammy wants to pass Jericho a bat, Dax steals it but Tyson disarms him as well. Jericho takes over, sends Dax into the barricade. They fight into the crowd area! And then back into the ring, Dax with an axe handle takes him down. Harwood with fishhooks! Jericho chops him a good few times, series of lariats in the corner!

Whip, Dax rebounds off the corner, Jericho with another clothesline! Dax bails, goes over to the medic’s table to have him check on his stitches. Jericho pursues, Dax surprises him with a mic shot! Dax batters him until Jericho nails him with a pen to the forehead! Jericho with a bodyslam on the floor, grabs a camera! Dax flips him off as Jericho does the same! Jericho takes Dax into the ring, grinds his knee into his head. Dax reverses a whip and posts Jericho!

Takes him outside and throws him into the barricade, has to go past Tyson to do it. Dax and Tyson staredown as we go to commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will resume when the show does!

They exchange chops as we come back, Jericho with a shoulder block. And another. Dax sends Jericho the apron, Chris up top – Flying Double Axe Handle! Jericho with a Bulldog! And a Lionsault for a nearfall! Dax with a hellacious forearm, they exchange ’em again, Dax hits the ropes but Jericho nails a clothesline for a nearfall. Jericho takes Dax up top, Dax escapes the Superplex – counters with a Rebound Powerbomb! Nearfall! Harwood up, Diving Headbutt but Jericho rolls out of the way! Looks for the Liontamer. Gets it! Ref is looking at Dax, Cash on the apron nails Jericho! Dax covers for a nearfall, Tyson is going after Cash but Sammy gets him first and pounds him into the floor!

Jericho fights back in the ring, Judas Effect gets ducked – Harwood with a Brainbuster for a nearfall! Harwood pulls Jericho up – eats a Codebreaker! Pinnacle and Inner Circle entirely spill out into a big brawl on the stage! Referee very distracted, Cash has Floyd! But Tyson gets him to come back down, lays him out with a knockout punch to the face! In the ring, Dax looks for a Piledriver, Sammy distracts him, Jericho with a back body drop! Judas Effect for the win!

Winner: Chris Jericho

Oldschool match obviously, neat stuff.

Jericho on the mic wants to make something official. Says that right now, Iron Mike Tyson is a member of the Inner Circle.

The Elite are in the parking lot. Callis has Marvez beat it. Says if the wrestling world has learned one thing about them, just when you think you’ve seen it all, you haven’t seen anything. When the Bucks turned last week, that was not the end of the story, it was just the beginning.

Kenny Omega says people ask why they changed. They didn’t change, they just stopped doing what you wanted. Time to stop acting like they’re the same as the non-sports numbnuts. Matt says they’re the best tag team in the world and they’re back. Doesn’t care what anyone’s name is, they got a BTE trigger with it on it. Don says if you wanted the old Kenny Omega, the old Young Bucks, you got ’em. Be prepared to be surprised again. Callis superkicks the camera!

AEW Dynamite Recap continues with a Thunder Rosa vignette. Says she doesn’t just want the AEW Women’s World Championship, she wants the NWA Women’s Championship back as well. Tells Serena she’s been missed but she’s waiting for her. She’s here to take over the world.

And now, the alien makes her return to the ring…

Kris Statlander vs. Amber Nova

Kris gives the ref a boop! I did miss that. Lock-up, Kris forces Nova up top and then just drops her to the mat. Whip, arm drags – a boop for Nova. Catches a Spinning Heel Kick, forearm drills Nova! Whip, Snap Powerslam! Pulls her up, Nova with some forearms, kick to the gut. Facewashes her, Kris is getting annoyed. Grabs her for a Military Press! Big legdrop, Flip Senton! Stalks, charging uppercut, charging high knee! Roundhouse kick to the head! Supernova for the win!

Winner: Kris Statlander

Kris is a very good athlete as always, excited to see what the association with the Best Friends can do for her.

Team Taz with a promo. Starks says they shouldn’t even be waiting an hour for Christian Cage. Taz says he’s right but he thinks it’s best for him to stay backstage ’cause he’s a little combustible. Brian Cage agrees but Taz wants Cage to do the same.

Up next on the AEW Dynamite Recap, we’ll hear from Christian Cage! Tony Schiavone is here to introduce him. Christian says first things first, this is the first time they’ve gotten to do this together and it’s a huge thrill for him. He’s out here in his gear, has an open contract. Says he wants to out work everyone. Taz interrupts, as he does. Says he gave him a week and now he’s not even acknowledging him. Is he in or out? Christian says he was gonna do this like a pro backstage. Tells him Team Taz is a bit of a garbage fire right now. He came to AEW to win championships. Glad he’s standing on three steps so he can say this face-to-face.

Says his answer is no.

Taz calls him a shitbag and says if he were standing on his wallet he’d be ten feet taller than him. Powerhouse Hobbs comes down to the ring, seems he’s accepting this challenge. They brawl, Cage fights behind him for the Killswitch but Hook up for the distraction. Christian runs him off, Hobbs attacks from behind, drags him outside, throws him into the barricade twice! Hobbs just Pancakes him onto the floor. Throws him onto the steps, steps on his head to grind him onto the steps.

Next week, it’s Hikaru Shida vs Tay Conti and they get a brief vignette. Hobbs vs. Christian is also next week, as well as Ricky Starks vs. Hangman Page that sounds great, Trent takes on Penta El Zero M too!

Now it’s time for the main event here on the AEW Dynamite Recap…

Falls Count Anywhere Match for the TNT Championship: Darby Allin (c) vs. Matt Hardy

Bell rings, Matt quickly grabs up a steel chair. Swings it, Darby avoids it, clobbers him. Hits the ropes, Springboard Coffin Drop but Matt stops him with a chairshot to the back! Shot the gut flips him! NAILS him with a shot to the back! Follows him outside, Darby fighting back but Hardy nails him again. Shot to the face. Matt hit him in the back so hard that it’s lacerated! Matt sits upon the chair for a bit, smacks Darby in the face. Hardy drives the top of his chair into the abdomen a few times. Allin fights back with hard open hand shots! Hardy with a boot to the gut cuts him off, Rude Awakening Neckbreaker! Drags him up and slams Allin’s face into the seat of the chair.

Matt picks it up again and blasts him across the already bloody back! Hardy says it’s over. Pulls Allin’s head through the chair and pulls him up for a Twist of Fate, Darby escapes, rams the leg of the chair into Hardy! Pulls it off and nails Matt with it twice! “One More Time” chant and he delivers! Suddenly Matt’s family is coming though, Butcher throws a trash can into Allin! Private Party put the boots to him as Butcher and Blade set up the steel steps…

Dark Order rush out to ringside alongside Sting!

Dark Order take it to Butcher and Blade as Sting takes the bat to Private Party! Heels still being cleared out as we go to commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will conclude when the show resumes! Matt and Darby are fighting in front of the stage as we come back, Matt whips him, Darby flips over the steps but flips and lands backfirst on the top of the barricade! Yikes! Matt covers Darby on the floor for a nearfall. Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page want to get involved and attack Sting, Lance Archer comes in and makes them leave. Archer and Sting stare each other down but Archer hoists Kassidy up for the Blackout!

Hardy and Darby fight to the stage, Allin nails Hardy with a chairshot to the gut! Sting tosses Darby the baseball bat! Matt is backing up. Darby rears back but Hardy drops him with a low blow! Matt again wraps his head in the chair for the brutal Twist of Fate! Cover for a nearfall?! Throws Allin down the tunnel and to the backstage area. Throws him to the floor, sets up a ladder! It’s conveniently right next to a table already… Matt drags Darby onto the table. Pummels him!

Climbs halfway up the ladder, comes off it with a Flying Legdrop through the table! Cover for another narrow nearfall!

Hardy throws Darby back into the ringside area. Yells at him. Pulls him up and batters his back, Darby escapes a Splash Mountain, low blow of his own! Leaps to the floor, grabs the bat again! And now he’s making him retreat again. Nails him in the gut, to the back, drives it into his face! Cracks him in the gut and just goes wild swinging it at the announce table monitors! Chokes Hardy with the bat and pulls him onto the table, shot to the face! Darby now starts scaling the scaffolding! COFFIN DROP THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE! Allin covers for the win!

Winner: Darby Allin

Car crash stuff and I mean that in a good way! Strong main.

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