AEW Dynamite Recap & Results

Wednesday is wrestling night folks, and that means it’s time for another edition of the AEW Dynamite Recap! Watch this space for the live written play-by-play.

And our opening match tonight on the aforementioned AEW Dynamite Recap is…

Hangman Page vs. Ricky Starks

Ricky in an inset says this is a high pressure situation but pressure makes diamonds. He’ll find out why they call him Absolute Ricky Starks. Ricky with a waistlock, Page with an arm drag. Headscissor, Page kips up. Eye-to-eye. Page avoids a punch, big boot, chop. Starks charges and leaps at him but Page catches him for a slam! Stomps him into the corner. Elbow to the gut, whip, Starks ducks a line but Page sends him to the apron – Springboard Clothesline misses but he just goes for it again from the other side and lands it! Takes him to the outside for the tope!

Throws him into the ring. Deadlift Pumphandle Fallaway Slam for a nearfall! Vertical suplex, Starks knees his way free, trips Page into the middle rope and he rebounds hard! Starks starts choking him in the ropes. Page trying to fight back out of the corner but Starks with a power whip into the opposite buckles! Snapmare, driving forearm to the back.

Whip, Sleeper but Page avoids it, gets behind him – German Suplex! Starks seems to land on his head but also on his feet?!

Springs up and takes over, but Page with a lariato countering the Springboard Clothesline! Ref stops the match very brielfy to check on Starks but he seems to be okay. Page with a big forearm, throws him aside, Brainbuster lands for a nearfall! Wrestle back and forth, Starks spins on Page’s back and hoists him up, needs a second attempt to get him high enough for the Sit-Out Powerbomb! Cloooose nearfall. Starks up top, Page brings the fight to him. Super Fallaway Slam!! Hangman with an intense look in his eye, just DESTROYS him with a lariat! 2.9 kickout!

Buckshot Lariat attempted but Starks ducks it, drives through him with the Spear for the nearfall! Ricky looks stunned but it wears off. Hoists him up for the Roshambo, Page reverses, Dead Eye attempted but Starks fights out only to be flipped backwards into a Bully Choke! Grabs the formerly damaged ankle of Starks as well and Ricky has to tap out!

Winner: Hangman Page

Strong match!

Taz stands up from commentary to warn Page that he got lucky and needs to watch his back. This distraction sets up Hook nailing Page with a chopblock! Page manages to fight back until Starks joins in and it becomes a double team. Brian Cage walks out to finish Page off but the Dark Order makes the save, running off Team Taz.

The Elite are seen being escorted into their own trailer.

Up next on the AEW Dynamite Recap…

Trent? vs. Penta El Zero M

Lock-up. Penta with a wristlock takedown. Trent rolls through, trips him up. They come face to face, Penta throws the glove at him and gives him the Cero Meido, Trent fires off some chops in response. Penta takes over and gives the taunt again, whip, Trent surprises him with a Meteora! Back Suplex, Penta rolls to the floor. Trent hits the ropes for a tope but Penta trips him and pulls him outside. Now Penta back into the ring. Cero Meido chant. Penta wants a tope but this time Trent stops it, coming in with a clothesline! Hits the ropes, finally lands the Tope Con Hilo!

Fight into the ring, to the corner. Trent flips out to freedom but Penta with a Springboard Crossbody, Slingblade for a nearfall! Trent fights back, Package Piledriver thwarted. Simultaneous elbow shots, Trent kicks off the top rope for a Swinging DDT! Whips him but Penta springboards back for a Canadian Destroyer!!

Commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will resume when the show does!

As we come back, Penta tries a Backstabber but Trent holds onto the ropes to block it. Reverses for a Half-N-Half Suplex, Sliding Knee for a nearfall! Takes Penta up top but he slides between his legs, thrust kick positions him – Backstabber! Close 2 count. Into the corner, hard chop! Whips him to the opposite buckles, Trent with the HBK sell – Penta Driver! Nearfall! To the apron, Penta wants a Package Piledriver! Trent blocks it, chop fest breaks out! Trent with a boot to the gut – PILEDRIVER ONTO THE APRON!! Charging Spear onto the floor!

Alex takes up the mic and says he wants to relay a message that Penta gave him. Says that Trent sucks, his friends suck, and most of all his momma sucks! Trent furiously grabs a chair and storms after him, leading him into the ring. Orange Cassidy slips inside the ring behind him but Penta attacks Orange, as Trent is dealing with that, Alex with a mic shot behind the ref’s back! That leads to the Penta Driver for the win!

Winner: Penta El Zero M

Strong stuff.

Pinnacle interview with Jim Ross. MJF says Jericho was right about one thing about his scarf, it’s old and tattered. And it’s springtime. Wardlow reveals his new scarf, it’s silk season! It looks pretty similar to his old one. Wardlow says JR called Jericho’s promo immortal. He says Jericho cut one of the best promos of his career, until he got to him. Stumbled over his words a little bit when he mentioned him, because he knew when his name came out of his mouth he was doing something wrong.

Max says he’s a B trying to team with As. He accuses him of always wrestling people that the fans already love and want to see and claiming he’s why they’re popular. Quickly lists off Kenny Omega, Hangman Page, Jungleboy, Orange Cassidy and of course himself. MJF says they are the best faction in wrestling today. Says Jericho wants him to prove he’s better than Michael Nakazawa and Brandon Cutler first, but he already beat JERICHO! So that makes him better than him and he knows it.

Dares him to try and beat him. Says one thing he got right in his so-called immortal promo is that he IS a mark, but not one for Jericho. He’s a mark for Jericho’s spot and he’s coming to take it in Blood and Guts.

Tay Conti with an interview, says Shida doesn’t even know the level to which she trains. Says her name belongs on that belt. Shida says that she may well be champion one day but not now. Says it’s time to fight. And that is up next on the AEW Dynamite Recap!

AEW Women’s World Championship: Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Tay Conti

Shake at the bell. Lock-up. Clean break. Tay blocks a shot. Gets in her face. Shida with a kick, whip reversed, Tay with a HARD forearm! Shida laughs. Fires back, exchange of brutal forearms! Shida with a series of knees to the gut, looking for a trip but Tay outwrestles her and gets the side headlock! Spins into a beautiful judo takedown! Hits the ropes twice for a running kick! And another! Cover for 2, looks for the Fujiwara Armbar, Shida rolls through but Tay rolls her right back! Rear Naked Choke attempt looks like, Shida crawling until she gets her foot on the ropes for the break.

Shida rolls to the outside. Tay tries a running punt on the apron, Shida blocks it, kicks her leg out from under her! Charging knee lift to the head! Pulls her outside and drives her into the barricade! Whip, Tay catches herself, charges – Shida with an enziguri! Hooks her up slowly for a Brainbuster onto the floor! Throws her into the ring, rolls her onto her front. Stomps the back. Ties her legs up, rolls her into the Bow-And-Arrow Special! Then the waistlock, grabs the wrists and pulls them way back. Surfboard like maneuver, flips her into a facelock. Slams her face into the mat and then hooks it in again. Very solid wrestling here.

Commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will resume when the show does.

As we come back, Shida with a Cesaro-style Superplex!! But Tay with a Pump Kick drops her! Judo throws ensue, German Suplex! Shida sprawls to the corner, Tay with a precise Pump Big Boot! Running facewash! Ripcord Roundhouse Kick ducked, Shida rips her by the hair into the corner. Charges, Tay reverses and takes her up top, leaping kick to the ribs! Stands atop her back for a wild senton!! Nearfall! DDTay attempted, Shida drives her into the corner for the break! Tay with a forearm, but a High Knee drops her! Falcon Arrow plants her for a nearfall!

Wants the Tamashi, Tay grabs her to stop her. Hikaru hoists her up and takes her to the top rope. Conti fights back, Shida with a headbutt! Pulls her onto her shoulders… flips her right onto the top turnbuckle, the Witch’s Shock! Tay collapses to the floor! Shida goes out and throws her into the ring. Wants the Katana but Tay rolls her through, Pump Kick lands again – hoists her up, TayKO! CLOSE nearfalll!! Pulls her up for the DDTay but Shida pulls her up for the Dudebuster!! Another close nearfall!!!

Tay with a series of forearms fighting back! Round kick caught, Shida with a big smack! Pulls her to her shoulders, Flip Backbreaker! Katana lands HARD and that is that!

Winner: Hikaru Shida

Hot damn that ruled. It’s crazy what a high level Tay is at already, she fit right in with Shida.

As she celebrates, Britt Baker goes to the stage and shows that now that Tay has lost, Britt is #1 in the rankings!

Miro with a promo says this business eats him alive. Says he doesn’t care who you are, if you walk around with the slimey Impact mouth or the emo facepaint, if you’re a champion he’s going after you. So the question is, what champion does he beat first?

AEW Dynamite Recap rolls on as Tony Schiavone introduces the Inner Circle!

Chris Jericho stirs up a big “Inner Circle” chant. Says on May 5th, it’s Blood and Guts for the first time ever in AEW. She says they’re starting a trail of tears that go all the way to the Pinnacle. Says Iron Mike punched Cash’s teeth down his throat and probably needs a straw to eat dinner. Hager throws out strays for Cash and for the rest because when they’re done with them they’ll all be sucking meat through a straw.

Santana says they’ve been talking about them nonstop. We saw the color of their blood. At Blood and Guts we’ll see the color of their hearts. Jericho accuses MJF of still reciting showtunes. Sings a little showtune mocking MJF for the swirlie he gave him. Tells him he wiped his ass on his new scarf before Tully gave it to him.

It’s fun to make fun of the Pinneapple and My Jerkoff Friend but Blood and Guts will be a lesson in violence. Says next week the two groups have an old fashion parley. Tells them that they better own their souls because on May 5th, the Inner Circle owns their ass.

Up next on the AEW Dynamite Recap…

Billy Gunn vs. QT Marshall

Billy clotheslines QT on the ramp and throws him into the ring. Hammers him in the corner. Power whip to the buckles, QT flips to apron to sell it, Billy with a charging punch sends him to the barrier! Throws him into the barrier and apron, back suplex onto the apron caps it off! Mounted punches, QT kicks him away. Whip reversed, ducks clotheslines, Billy with a body slam! Takes him outside and throws him to the barrier again. As the ref is checking on QT, Commoroto jumps Billy and posts him! Billy’s kids leap onto him and Aaron Solow and they fight out of the arena.

QT takes Gunn into the ring and clobbers his shoulders. Billy fights up, QT with a kick to the gut – big Piledriver for a close nearfall! Pulls him to his knees, nails him in the face a few times. Takes him to his feet and keeps pounding but Billy fights back, right hands, just tosses him. Kick to the gut, wants the Fameasser, QT avoids it, leaps for the Diamond Cutter but Billy throws him away. QT to the ramp, Billy follows him and throws him back in. As the ref is checking on QT, Anthony Ogogo comes out and wayleys Billy with an uppercut to the gut! QT drags him back into the ring for the Diamond Cutter and the win.

Winner: QT Marshall

Anthony hands QT a wooden chair. QT’s going to hit Billy with it but Dustin Rhodes comes out to make the save, I think holding a bullrope! Takes the chair away from QT, runs him off, Nick Commoroto blocks him off but Dustin breaks the wooden chair over his head only for him to completely no sell it! Refs get between them as the segment ends.

Elite invites their own personal cameraman into their trailer as the AEW Dynamite Recap rolls on. Don Callis claims there has never been an assembly of talent like this before. The Good Brothers, the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega who he’s sure to note is soon to be both AEW and Impact World Champion! Matt takes credit for the growing popularity of wrestling in Japan, the popularity of the Bullet Club, and the formation of All Elite Wrestling. They’re sure to point out it’s not called All Moxley Kingston Wrestling.

Kenny’s about to start his serious promo but the honking of a horn cuts him off. Tries to keep going but it continues. We see Moxley and Kingston are in a big monster truck! They drive right into the trailer and smash into it! They come out with lead pipes looking for them. But they find that they’re already gone somehow, shatter the windows. Kingston says they’re cowards, Moxley calls them Bitch AF.

Up next on the AEW Dynamite Recap…

Christian Cage vs. Powerhouse Hobbs

Lock-up. Hobbs takes him into the corner, clean break but Hobbs takes the time to mock him. Lock-up again, Hobbs throws him to the ramp. Cage back inside, waistlock. Hobbs reverses and hurls him to the mat hard! Facewash, Cage returns it, slaps him across the face. Hobbs gets pissed and runs after him, Christian makes him chase him out of the ring and back inside, takes it to him with shots getting him off the apron, Baseball Slide takes him into the barricade! But Hobbs fights back, one lariat ducked but he gets the immediate follow up lariat to the back of the head, big impact!

Exposes the steel guardrail. Pulls Christian into the steel grating. Commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will resume when the show does. As we come back, Hobbs is choking Cage in the ring. Christian fights up, wants the Killswitch but Hobbs powers him away. Biel toss sends him across the ring! Just a-stands on his torso as he makes his way to the second rope, wants a Vader Bomb – Christian with the boots up to his face! Uppercuts land! Over and over, whip reversed, Christian with the Shuriken! Flying Uppercut off the second rope, nearfall! Drapes Hobbs on the middle rope and stands atop his back! Cage leaps to the floor, uppercut lands!

Christian into the ring, charges but Hobbs with a Spinebuster for a nearfall!

Hobbs takes Christian up top. Cage grabs him by the neck for the Tornado DDT but Hobbs fends him off, goes up with him, Christian slips between his legs for a very quick Powerbomb! Back up top, Frog Splash for a nearfall! Stalks, wants a Spear but Hobbs just body blocks him! Takes him to the corner, charging hip attack! Yanks him out for a cover, CLOSE nearfall! Hobbs pulls him up, Christian rips behind him for a Sleeper! Hobbs pulls him forward into Powerslam position and drives him into the corner! Keeps him on his shoulders as he goes to the center and mocks him, but Christian escapes behind him for the outta nowhere Killswitch and that’s that!

Winner: Christian Cage

Solid match, making Hobbs look good as Christian gets to use his experience edge to win.

Ricky Starks limps out and checks on Hobbs, makes eyes at Christian… that would be a very cool match.

As the AEW Dynamite Recap rolls on, we hear from managers talking how they want to sign Jade Cargill. She says she doesn’t need a manager, if you want to sign her she’ll come with a big price.

Capping off the AEW Dynamite Recap is our main event…

TNT Championship: Darby Allin (c) vs. Jungleboy

Lock-up. Jungle takes him to the corner. Darby reverses, clean break. Darby with a trip, crucifix for a 2 count. Side headlock. Pulls him up, takedown. Jungle fights up, shoots him off, side headlock takeover! Reversing on the mat, Jungle with a crucifix of his own outta nowhere on the mat for a 2 count! Pulls him up with an arm wringer. Darby flips him, Jungle with a deeeep arm drag! Bounces him off the corner for another. Darby fights up, whips him, grabs him, springs off the ropes for a Lucha Arm Drag! The two stare each other down.

Jungle with a double leg, Snare Trap attempted but Darby crawls to the rope for the break quickly. Shoving match, Darby with a double leg and mounted punches! Fight spills outside, Darby takes him to the ringpost for a big chop. Jungle drills him and drives him over the barricade as they spill to the crowd area!

Commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will conclude when we return.

As the match returns, Jungle with an exploder sends Darby CRASHING into the Buckles! Big German Suplex for a nearfall! Tiger Suplex with a bridge for a nearfall! Allin reverses, sends him off the ropes for the OTT Stunner! Nearfall! Charging back elbows in the corner! Jungle with the knees up on a charge, leaps onto his back for a bodyscissors andf flips him backwards into a WILD Poison Rana! Tope Suicidas drive Darby repeatedly into the barricade! Flip Tope caps it all off! Jungle slowly pulling him into the ring, Darby with a guillotine on the top rope!

Stomps him onto the apron. Goes up top, Coffin Drop right onto the apron!! Luchasaurus helps Jungle into the ring, Sting doesn’t like that and confronts him. They end up trading and fighting back up the tunnel! Jungleboy in the ring takes over with a big lariato! Brainbuster! Sliding Elbow to the back of the head! Cover for a close nearfall! Snare Trap cinched in! Darby struggles to the rope and gets there, Jungleboy pulls him back out to the center, Romero Special! Rolls him around and hoists him up again, and now back into the Snare Trap! Hooks the chin! Darby’s hand is drooping… he grabs at the hair, gouges at the eyes for the break! They wrestle up, Jungle with a sunset flip, Darby stops him with the Last Supper for the flash win!

Winner: Darby Allin

Just so great to see these two in the ring in the main event.

Afterwards they stare each other down, Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky rush down to jump them! Lance Archer runs out quick to drive them off, Sting isn’t far behind and the heels bail. And that’s the show!

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