NXT Recap

It’s that time again for the NXT Recap! Watch this space!

Opening match time as the NXT Recap begins with…

Mercedes Martinez vs. Dakota Kai

Lock-up. Kai with a wristlock. Martinez reverses, side headlock takedown. Kai with a headscissor. Martinez breaks free and kicks her away. Right hand to the face. Whip reversed, Kai with a leap frog, spot gets mis-timed and Dakota’s lucky to not land worse than she does. Mercedes with a series of slams, Spinebuster for a 2 count. Hoists her up, Kai escapes, DDT plants her. Power whip, running facewash! Pulls her out, cover for 2. Dakota chokes her in the ropes.

Batters her around, Martinez fights out with blows until Kai nails her with a Snap Backbreaker for 2! Dakota with an armbar works her over. Mercedes spins her into a cradle for 2, Kai with a pump kick stops her! Clobers her in the corner, runs around and looks for a driving kick but Mercedes evades it! Clobbers her with forearms. Back inside, takes her up top. Kai with back elbows takes her to the mat, Mercedes stops her though – pulls her off for a Cliffhanger! Nearfall! Dakota fights back though, head of steam, Charging Boot takes Martinez to the floor.

Commercial break, NXT Recap will resume when the show does.

We come back, they’re fighting on the outside. Mercedes sends her into the apron and then into the ring. Kai with an upkick as she comes in, pump kick to the head. Kick to the chest, Codebreaker! Rolls her inside for a nearfall. Kai with a series of strikes, hits the ropes but a Discus Lariat drops her! Batters her in the corner, series of chops. Series of Butterfly Suplexes, capped off with a Deadlift version! Wristbreaker! Kai has to powder after that. Martinez goes to pursue her, Raquel gets in the way and they confront each other. Mercedes with a punch to Raquel, Kai has snuck into the ring, tries to get a cheap shot as Mercedes comes back in but she blocks it. Hoists her to her shoulders – Gonzalez in the ring attacks Mercedes for the DQ.

Winner: Mercedes Martinez (by DQ)

Gonzalez pulls her to the floor, slams her into the barrier, then the post. Lawndarts her HARD into the glass.

Ember and Shotzi with a promo backstage, talk about how Candice and Indi have lost their way. They talk about how they’re gonna retain the titles. Somebody sends them a bouquet of flowers. This is the second WWE show in as many days to have this gimmick. They’re both happy about it, Franky Monet comes up to read it for some reason and says it’s from Dexter Lumis. They’re both immediately squicked out and they both try to shove the flowers into each other’s hands.

Cameron Grimes walks into a jewelry store. Says he’s here to get something nice for somebody; him! Tests out a gold coin and finds that it’s chocolate. He wants a shiny pocket watch and the guy takes his time getting it. To be continued…?

Grizzled Young Veterans are in the ring as the NXT Recap rolls on.

They talk about MSK being in the main event in a trios match tonight. Drake says they’ll take any kind of match except the one that matters, the title defense against GYV. Gibson says they’re a good little team but huge knobbers. Claims they’re the leaders that the tag division desperately needs. Starts to say the catchphrase but Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher interrupt!

Ciampa says they’re grizzled veterans as well. Doesn’t claim to be young, noticeably. They come to the ring and Ciampa says Timothy has been watching footage of them and taking notes. Thatcher says he saw a lot of strengths. But there was one show, TakeOver: Cardiff. Shoes off if you hate Gibson… crowd chants it, Ciampa takes the shoe off and nails Gibson with it, they stomp Drake to the mat, Gibson has to pull him free.

Drake Maverick and Killian Dain talking backstage, Drake wants to know how they got their match tonight. Dain says same way as Drake does, he asked for it. Maverick goes on about how he’s seen wrestling for a long time and knows where this is going. He expects Dain to turn on him and join Imperium. Dain tells him in the words of an immortal man, you gotta have faith. Maverick is baffled that he quoted George Michael at him.

Tian Sha with a vignette where their faces are surrounded in shadow, Bohemian Rhapsody style. I don’t speak their language so I can’t transcribe.

Swerve Scott promo.

Says the first thought in his mind when Ruff jumped is what a coward he was. But when he really thought about it, he became proud of him! Says Swerve never thought he had it in him. Says it’s obvious the ring can’t contain them anymore so let’s go Falls Count Anywhere! Well that should be amazing.

Been a while since we had a match but out comes Toni Storm for a match. On the mic first though, says she made Zoey Stark famous at TakeOver (in their dark match) and she’s the only reason people know about her. Tells her everytime she slaps this rookie in the ring, she’ll imagine it’s her.

Toni Storm vs. Zayda Ramier

Storm with a big shoulder tackle, charging kick. Biel toss by the hair! Pulls her up for another! Sliding lariato! Pulls her to the center of the ring, Pendulum Backbreaker! Holds her to her knee. Ramier fights back, kick, pummels her with blows until Toni shoves her away. Ducks a spinning heel kick and an enziguri, THROWS her to the mat hard with a German Suplex! Charging hip attacks landing repeatedly. Pulls her up to her feet, hooks the arms for Storm Zero but then just shoves her aside. Instead takes her up to the top rope. Hooks the arms up there instead! Stark comes to the ring, Toni swings at her and misses. Back up top, Remier fights back and sends her to the mat! Shooting Star press barely makes it – and she gets the upset!

Winner: Zayde Ramier

Boy that SSP was dangerous but it did make it all the more spectacular. Now Storm’s got two big upsets to deal with.

Legado del Fantasma with a promo talking about how MSK was lucky at TakeOver, those titles are in the wrong place. Santos says they are correct and he will reclaim what is rightfully his; the NXT Cruiserweight Championship.

LA Knight with a promo backstage as the NXT Recap rolls on. Knight says the interviewer thinks people are talking about Kyle O’Reilly coming out of Adam Cole’s shadow, but not really; everyone is talking about him beating Dexter Lumis! And Indi Hartwell, he saw the tingle in her eye and the tingle in her loins. He can’t blame her.

The Way make their way out for Theory’s match with Bronson Reed but Indi Hartwell moves out of time with them and looks extremely sad, thanks to the supposed flowers from Lumis sent to the women’s tag champs.

Bronson Reed vs. Austin Theory

Theory takes Reed to the corner, facewashes him quite unwisely. Reed pulls him into a side headlock. Theory reverses. Reed shoots him off, shoulder block takes him to the floor! Austin has to calm himself down. Slides back in, kick to the gut, charges for a shoulder tackle – Reed just pounces him out of the air and sends him flying! Austin on the apron, charging hip attack turns him vertical; he’s hanging by his boots on the bottom rope! Johnny tries to help him up but Reed charges in and flattens Theory!

Confronts Gargano momentarily, goes back in the ring – Theory with a Roll-Through Dropkick! Reed charges at him but gets low bridged. Theory feigns an injury to distract the ref, Candice distracts Reed, Gargano nails him with a Superkick! This staggers him – a Theory tope wipes him out! Reed fights back, takes him to the steps, charges but Theory sidesteps and Reed plows through the steps!

Commercial break, NXT Recap will resume when the show does.

We come back to see Theory in control in the ring. Misses a knee drop. Goes to the apron, rolls thru but Reed just Military Presses him! Clotheslines, body block! Avalanche, and Chokeslam! Running Senton for a nearfall! Theory with a boot up in the corner, Running Blockbuster for a nearfall! Austin pulls Reed up, Reed blocks… Theory almost lifts him but Bronson stops that, whips him, Samoan Drop for a nearfall! Hoists him up for a suplex, Theory escapes – Superkick! Hooks him, says “This is The Way!” but Reed reverses the suplex.

Dexter Lumis appears. Candice, Johnny and Indi are all leaning on the apron as he goes down the ramp. Johnny sees him, grabs Candice and pulls her away, Candice yells at him to stay away. Indi sees Dexter and avoids him, wants him to go away. Slides into the ring. Dexter goes to the apron and they come face-to-face again. Indi tells him off as Reed reverses a Theory whip – Dexter shoves Indi out of the way and takes the blow from Theory, gets sent flying! Reed with a big slam to Theory, up top for the Frog Splash and the win.

Winner: Bronson Reed

Kushida and MSK meet up backstage. MSK thank Kushida for taking them under his wing. Kushida wants to show their opponents that they’re champions! Calls them MSKushida.

As the NXT Recap rolls on, Johnny is complaining to his group about what happened. Says it’s Dexter Lumis’ fault that this title match happened. Candice says it’s Shotzi and Ember’s fault, the flowers thing is their trick! She’s seen their googly eyes for Dexter. Indi seems convinced and storms off, all angry.

Drake Maverick and Killian Dain come out for their match, Drake is making sure Dain goes into the ring first and is keeping his distance.

Drake Maverick & Killian Dain vs. Imperium

Dain starts with Aichner. Lock-up, Dain hip tosses him. Aichner with a kick, wants whip but Dain blocks. Whips, Aichner slips off his shoulders, wants a bodyslam but Dain blocks it. Uppercut. Whips him, Aichner ducks a line – Dain with a crossbody! Pulls him to his shoulders, Aichner escapes for a DDT but Dain powers him up. Fabian with a tag as he’s still in Dain’s arms, Barthel comes in to attack him but gets thrown away. Dain clobbers him, body slam! Forcibly tags Maverick and pulls him in for an Assisted Senton! Maverick looks nervous about an attack from behind but goes after Barthel.

Dropkick to the knee, dropkick to the face! Marcel fights back but Maverick flips out of a back suplex, takes him down. Goes up top, Barthel rips him to the mat. Aichner tags in, slides to the floor. Barthel baits Dain into trying to come in. Aichner with a charging dropkick to the head of Maverick! Barthel with a cheap shot behind the ref’s back as Dain is holding up the ref.

Commercial break, NXT Recap will resume when the show does.

As we come back, heels are in control momentarily but Maverick starks avoiding shots and hitting shoulder thrusts to try and make his comeback. Has to kick off, Marcel with a cheap shot takes Dain off the apron. Aichner pulls Maverick back, Pendulum Backbreaker! Hits the ropes, elbow drop to the chest! Cover for 2. Maverick with a roar. Aichner pulls Maverick up by the seat of his pants and swings him. Drake fighting back, kick to the jaw, leaps for the tag but Aichner catches him and slams him! Maverick brings the fight again though. Crawls backwards for a tag, can’t see where he is. Dain gets yanked off the apron!

Maverick turns to see no Dain and looks horrified, Aichner with a brutal running kick to the back of the head! Maverick getting double teamed, but Dain is back and runs wild, throwing them both from the ring. He goes outside but a charging kick from Barthel takes him down. Alexander Wolfe is at ringside, Marcel tells him to get a chair. Wolfe wants to swing it at Dain… but stops himself.

Marcel argues with Wolfe… Maverick makes the save with a tope suicida to Barthel! Takes the fight to Aichner in the ring, Dain hoists Marcel onto his shoulders… Wolfe stands in his way, lets Aichner escape and send him to the steps! Maverick in the ring with a Crossbody but Aichner rolls through. EuroBomb for the win!

Winners: Imperium

Lotta moving parts here but an interesting story being told for sure.

Pete Dunne with a promo talking shit about the big names. Says he’s the baddest man in NXT and dares anyone to prove him wrong.

Cameron Grimes has his watch and studies it. Asks if it’s working, says it’s not even going tick-tock, Karrion Kross would hate this thing! But ultimately he likes it enough to buy it. It’s a super gold watch. We hear a voice saying it’s a nice watch, but it’s not a Million Dollar Watch and he shows off his gold AND platinum watch… it’s Ted DiBiase and he gives an evil laugh.

Robert Stone’s girls are here prepared for a match against Shotzi and Ember but Candice and Indi jump the champs on the way out and there’s no match.

Time for Adam Cole’s interview as the NXT Recap goes on.

He says he’s felt better coming off the Unsanctioned match. But he’s felt worse, wrestled through worse, talks about his lengthy reign as champion. Says he doesn’t regret turning on his brothers, they’re the ones who lost sight of what the Undisputed Era is. He’s better than Kyle even though he beat him. Cole says he’ll listen to people tell him that he’s ready, but he’s not. There’s a reason he’s been here for four years and only now are people recognizing him as a main eventer. Cole says one day he may have his spot but as long as Adam Cole is in NXT, Kyle is not taking his.

Says this has always been one of the most competition divisions on the planet and now Karrion Kross can call himself one of the best. Cole says Kross is good but is he great yet? He notes the first time he held the title, went down – was that a freak injury or was he just not ready? Cole says whenever he feels the need to go back after that title, he’ll take it. He antagonizes the interviewer for making him wait even though he was the one on the phone. Berates him as he leaves, Kyle O’Reilly is watching and shaking his head.

Vignette plays. We see ambiguous clips of MMA scenes. Finishes with a logo that says Diamond Mine. I have no guesses for this.

NXT Recap continues with our main event…

MSK & Kushida vs. Legado del Fantasma

Kushida and Wilde start out. Kush with a wristlock. Wilde takes him down, starts dancing. Kushida grabs the wrist again and takes him to the face corner. Quick tags, both members come in with flip sentons! Wilde with a Jawbreaker on his way up, takes Wes Lee to the heel corner. Mendoza tags in, double Alabama Slam of sorts, Basement Dropkick, cover for a 2 count! Wilde tags back in, knee to the gut. Hits the ropes, Lee with a dropkick takes him to the outside! Carter tags in, they take it to Mendoza with round kicks, double stomp to the back! Carter with an Asissted Dropkick to Escobar! Kushida tags in, Basement Dropkick to Wilde, Handspring Leg Lariat takes him to the floor!

Commercial break, NXT Recap will conclude when we come back.

We return to see that the heels have taken over, Santos with an armbar on Carter. Snaps the arm to the mat! Pulls him up and kicks the shoulder. Tag to Mendoza, kick to the chest. Wrenches at the arm! Drives the elbow into the turnbuckle! Wilde tags in, kicks him, pulls him to the center for a suplex, Carter escapes briefly but gets taken to the mat again with an arm wringer takedown. Kicks him to the heel corner.

Mendoza back in, stomps him to the buckles, grinding at him. Heels continue isolating him, snap suplex from Wilde for a 2 count. Escobar in now, sharp kicks. Takes him up, drops Carter’s chest onto his knee. Double wristlock. Carter fighting up, Escobar hooks him around the waist. Wants a back suplex but Carter flips to his feet, ducks an elbow – simultags to Kushida and Mendoza, Kush is a house of fire! Hip toss, Cartwheel, dropkick! Armbar takedown! Wind up and the pitch! Tag to Carter, Lee shoves him for the Assisted Standing SSP, nearfall! Double Tope Suicidas from MSK!

Escobar pulls Kushida from the ring – Powerbombs him right through a table!

MSK still in control in the ring but Carter has to go out to check on Kushida. Mendoza blindsides him and sends him into the steps! Suddenly Wes Lee is all by himself. Wes fighting off everyone with speedy kicks, backflips – Wilde with a dropkick out of the air! Mounted punches. Pulls him up and takes him to the heel corner. Charging clothesline, Mendoza tags in, charging clothesline, Escobar tags in. Charging clothesline and we just keep going like this.

Escobar finishes with a Meteora! Escobar with a Brainbuster, Assisted Slingshot Moonsault, Wilde covers… NEARFALL! Lee yet again making his comeback, sending Wilde and Mendoza to the outside, rolling out of the way of Santos’ frog splash! Lee with a back elbow drops Wilde, roundhouse kick to Mendoza, enziguri to Escobar! Nash Carter finally back on the apron! Lee crawls over dead… makes the tag!!! Carter with a Superkick to Wilde, pump knee to Escobar! Running enziguri from Mendoza stops him though. Kushida dragged back into the ring, Escobar plants him with a Michinoku Driver! Assisted Shining Wizard gets the win for the heels.

Winners: Legado del Fantasma

Great match, but it would’ve been a really awesome finish if MSK could’ve pulled that out at the end there, it was a wonderfully built comeback. Ah well.

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