AEW Dynamite Recap & Results

Wednesday is wrestling night folks, and that means it’s time for another edition of the AEW Dynamite Recap! Watch this space for the live written play-by-play.

Opening up the show here as the AEW Dynamite Recaps, Page starts us off again…

Hangman Page vs. Brian Cage

Page makes his way out and gets sneak attacked on the stage by all of Team Taz! Dark Order spills out to make the save. Refs come out to get the groups out but Cage still manages to grab Hangman and powerbomb him right onto the ramp! Forces him into the ring. Bell rings and Brian is stomping him into the corner. LOUD chop! Headbutt. TOSSES him with an Overhead Belly To Belly! Powers him into the corner, shoulder thrusts. Charging uppercut, enziguri – another Overhead Suplex for a 2 count! Takes him to the outside, hurls him into the barricade! And again!

Cage picks him up, back suplex onto the apron! And another wicked chop! Pulls him off the apron, body slam to the floor! Takes him into the ring, hoists him up, just sends him flying with a Fallaway Slam! Wants a Standing Moonsault, Page with the knees up! Hangman rolls to the apron, boot up on a charge but Cage stops him with a thrust kick! Cesaro Style Deadlift Superplex! Cover for a nearfall. Page low bridges him to the outside, tries a tope – but Cage catches him! Hangman escapes, posts him!

Takes a great effort to get to the second rope – Triangle Moonsault! Page takes him into the ring – Buckshot Lariat attempted but Cage blocks it, reverses with an Elevated Flatliner! Yanks him up, Drillclaw! And he gets the win!!

Winner: Brian Cage

Surprised, but Hangman did need a setback as it was getting hard to justify him not having a title shot yet and it’s still too early to go there if he’s gonna be the one to unseat Omega.

The Elite have a promo in a limo, celebrating their great week. Kenny says he’s feeling happy but he’s also a bit pissed off. Talks about how Kingston and Moxley drove a truck into their trailer. They’re used to people trying to take advantage of them, but last week has left them unphased. Says he is not afraid. We hear a horn honking and they all freak out. Nakazawa apologizes for hitting the wrong button. Omega gets serious again and challenges Eddie Kingston… to face Nakazawa.

Up next on the AEW Dynamite Recap…

AEW World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks vs. The Sydal Brothers (Non-Title)

Matt Jackson starts with Mike Sydal. Lock-up. Mike takes over with a wristlock. Matt reverses, throat thrust! Mike ducks a line, legsweep, Standing Moonsault, Matt scrambles away to tag to Nick. Rushes in, gets taken down with an arm drag! Matt Sydal tags in. Chain wrestling sequence breaks out, Nick stops it with a kick to the gut but Matt fights back with a couple of arm drags. Crucifix. Mike tags in, double dropkicks take the Bucks out of the ring. Blind tag, Nick reverses a whip on Mike, lariat to Nick but Matt comes in and Superkicks Mike Sydal! Matt Sydal comes in and gets a casual clothesline. Basement dropkick. Commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will resume when we get back.

And we come back to see the Bucks do a Twin Magic? It just works somehow, but the Sydals make their comeback. Matt Sydal with a Fisherman’s Buster, nearfall! Jawbreaker/Standing Legdrop combo, Stereo Meteoras for a nearfall!! Matt ducks a few Superkicks, rana to Matt Jackson! Crucifix for a clooose nearfall! “That was 3” chant. Matt (Sydal) takes Matt (Jackson) up top, Nick goes up to block him but eats a Super Rana for his troubles! Now Matt Sydal tries the same up top but gets dropped onto the buckles. Matt Jackson with a Johnny Cage style low blow behind the ref’s back, BTE Trigger for the win!

Winner: The Young Bucks

Solid match though admittedly with some bits I don’t understand, but fun to watch anyway.

SCU make their way to the stage and want the music cut off. Frankie says a lot has changed but one thing hasn’t is what he said in December. He said the last time they lost as a tag team, they’d be done as a tag team. But they’re still here and they represent the biggest threat to those titles they’ve ever faced. Daniels says he’s pissed, he’s furious. He was looking forward to facing his friends but now he doesn’t see his friends, he sees overdressed and entitled bitches. Says they want to focus on what means the most to them; their titles. They’ll take them and make the company a better place with those assholes out of it!

Commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will resume when we come back.

Orange Cassidy vs. Penta El Zero M

Penta blocks the pockets treatment, gives him the Cero Meido. Orange tries again, same result. He slooooowwwly raises the hands, Penta grabs the wrists. Takes his time slowly taking off the glove… Alex makes a mighty effort catching it on the outside! Cero Meido and just shoves him as he does it. Orange slowly takes off the sunglasses, folds them and tosses them to Trent who fails miserably at catching them and freezes in place. Cassidy puts the hands in the pockets! And there’s the leg kicks!! Penta misses a thrust kick, Cassidy hits the ropes, No Hands Arm Drag! No Hands Monkey Flip! Kip-up! Beach Break attempt but Penta escapes, Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker!

Pulls him up, snapping kick to the leg. “Cero Meido/Freshly Squeezed” duel. Whip reversed, Cassidy charges in the corner, Penta takes him onto his shoulders though! But Cassidy spins into an arm drag, thumbs up for the cameras. Penta bites at the fingers but a crucifix gets a 2 count! Penta powders. Baseball slide! Tope but Penta catches him! Holds him up Military Press style with one hand! Drops him on the apron!

Commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will resume when the show does.

Penta takes Orange to the corner, charging enziguri! Takes him to the apron, slams him into the top buckle. Takes him inside, Penta with a Tornado DDT! Pulls him up, kick to the face. Cassidy bows up, nails him with a series of shots! Orange Punch ducked, Penta with the Pumphandle Driver! Nearfall! Penta grabs Cassidy’s wrist to snap the arm! Orange struggles… gets the hand back in the pocket! Penta is frustrated, stomps on him. Cassidy with a Superkick! Penta responds! And another!

Cassidy charges for the Orange Punch but Penta with a Superkick out of the air! Canadian Destroyer!! Wants the Penta Driver but Cassidy reverses into Beach Break! Cover – Penta’s shoulder slips up. “This Is Awesome” chant, Penta stands behind Cassidy as he slowly rises. Nails him and batters him into the corner! Charging Thrust Kick!!! Daaaayam. Pulls him to his feet, hooks him for a suplex – Stundog Millionaire from Cassidy!! Goes up top, Flying DDT! Around-The-World DDT!! Nearfall! Abrahantes on the mic talking to Orange. Says he was talking to Penta in the back and if he thought what he said about Trent’s mom was bad; Orange grabs him and throws him into the ring! Stalks him, Penta with a kick to the gut, wants a Penta Driver but Cassidy escapes. Ref is dealing with Alex, Trent hands Orange a mic – mic-assisted Orange Punch for the win!

Winner: Orange Cassidy

Lovely chemistry between these guys, fun stuff.

Britt Baker with a promo backstage, cheering about being at the top of the rankings. Not only in wrestling but in merch and ratings! Says it is time to show why she is the face of the division.

Tony Schiavone in the ring as the AEW Dynamite Recap rolls on, he introduces the Pinnacle; it’s time for the Parlay. He then introduces the Inner Circle. And they straight up ride in on motorcycles.

Tony says he hopes for some decorum during this Parlay. Explains the Blood and Guts rules, it’s traditional WarGames, including submission or surrender. Shawn Spears interrupts and says there will be no coin toss. They deserve the advantage because they were lured into this. Asks Sammy Guevara when the last time it was he even wrestled a match? Says Jericho is leading him into very deep waters. In one week, he’s the guy who will step on his head while he’s drowning.

Guevara yanks the mic away and tells him he doesn’t believe him. Why should he? Ever since he came into AEW he’s been a failure. Actually, the more he thinks of it, he was a failure where he used to work too. May 5th, he’ll fail again and he doesn’t care if it’s 4-on-1, he’ll give them the advantage, he’ll start the damn thing and fight everybody!

Cash on the mic asks PNP to PLEASE not bring this version of themselves.

Blood & Guts is not the place for the soft lapdogs that Jericho has turned them into because if they do, they won’t make it out of there. Dax says it’s almost a guarantee that someone’s life will be shortened in that match and he’s prepared his family for it. Tells him that they’re in his world now, he’s not afraid to die. Talks about their kids and Santana starts to warn him.

Dax tells them before they go to Blood and Guts, grab their kids, hold them close and kiss ’em, whisper into their ear a special message from Uncle Dax: Daddy ain’t coming back home.

Santana takes off his jacket, Ortiz tells him not to let them get to him. Santana says in seven days they will be locked in the cage with them. May 5th, he’ll let his fists do the talking. MJF says let’s be gentlemen, it’s a parlay. Says thank you to Chris Jericho. It’s all he ever wanted to hear these past few years. Says he’s the top guy, he’s the draw, the bridge to the lapsed fan and the guy who built the great faction that is the Inner Circle and he’ll give him all that.

But he can’t imagine the pressure he must feel. Because everytime he comes out here he’s risking taking food out of people’s mouths, he risks the whole promotion with every match. Makes mention of the bloodshot eyes he’s legitimately had of late, talks about how tired he is. Heavy is the crown. But MJF will do the humane thing next week.

Tells him he appreciates everything he’s done and that’s why when he looks down at his mangled body, he’ll say it again, “Thank you” and tells him his spot belongs to MJF.

Chris Jericho calls him a self-righteous prick. So entitled to think he can have someone’s spot just by demanding it, like he can inherit it like a trust fund. Tells him if he wants a spot, he has to earn it. Mentions how MJF said Jericho was curtain jerking in WCW at his age and that’s true, and he’s proud of it because it’s why he’s here today. He had also already headlined arenas in Japan and Mexico and that’s how he earned the respect to become the legend he is today.

Jericho says they are a family, how long has MJF known these assclowns three months? Talks about how Jake Hager had his back when he was threatened with assassination in Abu Dhabi in 2021. Says they will step on them like the piles of crap that they are, wipe their feet and look down at the only spot MJF deserves. Says 2021 will be the Summer of Violence and Pain and next week, Summer starts early for them!

AEW Dynamite Recap rolls on, Eddie Kingston comes out for his match.

Wants them to cut the music, doesn’t want this sports entertainment crap. Tells Nakazawa – who is sitting on a chair in the corner in his casual gear – to get out of the ring. Tells Kenny he’s not doing this. Eddie tells him he orchestrated his ankle getting broken. Kenny comes out and says he doesn’t know how this works, THEY are the ones mad at HIM. Tells him they’re sending the goons after him. He doesn’t get Kenny, he gets Nak.

Nakazawa attacks Eddie from behind, nailing him with the clipboard. Eddie fights back, throws him with a German Suplex! Spinning Backfist drops him! Eddie wraps a chair around Nakazawa’s ankle and tells Kenny’s about to break it, demands he get in the ring. Kenny says Nak knew what he signed up for. And he’s not the only lackey! They force Brandon Cutler out there. Mox attacks Kenny from behind and throws him into the ring! Now Kenny’s the one being held hostage with his ankle in jeopardy. Mox and Kingston pressure Callis to give them a match against Kenny and Nakazawa and he agrees to it for next week!

AEW Dynamite Recap continues, Taz has a promo backstage.

Says Brian Cage just beat the top ranked wrestler in AEW. Wants to see Christian Cage and he walks right up. Taz tells him he’s gonna deal with another guy from the group. Christian says enough. At one time, Taz was one of the baddest dudes in the ring. Talked a big game and backed it up, and made it look easy. These days, still talks a big game but what about the backing it up part? Surrounds himself with big dudes and has them bask themselves in fake accolades to feed his ego. Christian says he represents something Taz wishes he could do, he WISHES he could come back like he did. Says he doesn’t believe in wins and losses, but wins and lessons. Tells him Hobbs learned a lesson last week and Starks will soon as well. Hopefully they might one day learn they’re better off without Taz.

Kris Statlander vs. Penelope Ford

Come to blows, Statlander with a Powerslam! Military Press! Ford powders, takes over on the outside. Meteora misses and she lands hard on the apron! Kris feigns a tope, just goes out and boops her instead. Penelope gets the advantage again though, sorry I had my laptop freeze for a bit so it was kinda hard to recap for a bit there. Commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will resume when the show does.

We return with a slugfest, Kris wins out and FLIPS her with an STO! Clothesline in the corner, and an uppercut! Charging high knee to the face! Hoists her up, Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall! Ford avoids a running knee – Release German Suplex! Bulldogs her facefirst into the middle turnbuckle! Up top – Flying Blockbuster for a nearfall! Penelope with a series of handsprings, Kris avoids it, Roundhouse Kick, Solar Eclipse for a nearfall! Mounted elbows, yanks her up by the ears. Whip, Ford ducks a line, Spinning Back Kick takes her down, nearfall! Tries a handspring, Kris catches her! Kip wants to interfere but Orange casually pulls him off the apron. Statlander with the Dudebuster for the win!

Winner: Kris Statlander

Caps off the win with a post-match boop.

We get a vignette of 10. Talks about how much it’d mean to him to bring the TNT title back to the Dark Order. Talks about what Brodie meant to him and how he believed in him. Says the TNT title is THE title in AEW to him because it represents Brodie.

AEW Dynamite Recap rolls on, the team bus rolls in to wheel out the Factory!

The Factory vs. The Nightmare Family

Faces run to the ring after that extravagant heel entrance and the ring clears quickly as they brawl on the floor! Gunn throws Solow to the barricade, Lee Johnson with a lengthy series of shots nailing QT! Finally he reverses and sends him into the barricade. Bell rings with Billy and Solow in the ring. QT comes in for a cheap shot to the taped up ribs of Gunn! Comoroto comes in. Pendulum Backbreaker! Cover for a 1 count. Waistlock. Billy fights up. Back elbow to the face. Bell clap to escape! Sidesteps a charge into the corner. Dustin tags in, clothesline doesn’t drop him! And another! Uppercut, whip blocked, Dustin Uppercut! Hits the ropes, Comoroto plows through him, never left his feet!

Commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will resume when the show comes back. Faces making their comeback as we return, Lee Johnson with a big dropkick! Flips over Solow, Blue Thunder Bomb, Comoroto breaks it up. Whips him, Lee low bridges him to the floor! QT sneaks in, boot to the gut – but he gets back body dropped to the floor too! Lee with a Corkscrew Tope wiping them out! Behind the ref’s back though, Ogogo with an uppercut to the gut of Lee! Billy tries to intervene but he gets a shot his already injured ribs and drops hard! QT pulls Lee into the ring and covers him for the win.

Winners: The Factory

Comoroto attacks Dustin with the cowbell! Gunn Club comes in to run them off, QT escapes to the team bus… but out pops Cody Rhodes from the front seat! He nails him and throws him into the side of it! They brawl, QT gouges the eyes and flees! QT climbs up to the top of the bus! Cody pursues him and they fight up there! Cody takes over and puts him in a Figure Four Leglock! QT taps of course.

We suddenly get it announced that Jon Moxley will be defending the IWGP US title against Yuji Nagata in two weeks! We also learn the rest of the Blood and Guts card, Britt Baker in action, SCU vs. Jurassic Express vs. The Varsity Blondes vs. The Acclaimed, and Cody vs. QT!

Kip Sabian finally meets up with Miro again backstage and Miro violently assaults him, throwing him into a shudder door repeatedly, into the lockers, giant punch to the chest. Pulls him over to a door and wedges his arm in it, kicks the door to snap his arm! Kip is in anguish, Miro hugs him and tells him he forgives him. Says “Good talk” as he leaves.

Main event time for the AEW Dynamite Recap!

TNT Championship: Darby Allin (c) vs. 10

Lock-up. 10 forces Darby to the ropes immediately. Clean break. Darby gets into his face. Lock-up again. 10 forces him to the corner, takes him up top! Clean break again, just steps back and stares him down. Darby goes to the mat and puts a hand up. Pulls him into a headlock, 10 hoists him up… back suplex, Darby flips to his feet and gets him right back into the headlock! Vance shoots him off, flips him with a shouldertackle! Colt running around celebrating at ringside. 10 pulls him back into the ring with a Delayed Veritcal Suplex, Darby rips at the mask to get to his feet. Vance powers him up, spins him into a Backbreaker!

Allin with a right hand to the jaw. Vance with a powerful whip to the corner, and another! Darby with an upkick, 10 pulls him up for a Powerbomb but Allin escapes – chopblock, attacking the braced knee! Up top, Darby comes flying at him but 10 nails him with a shoulderblock out of the air! Commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will conclude when we come back.

We return to see 10 hoist Darby up in a Military Press but Darby lands on top for a crossbody! Charges – MAIN EVENT SPINEBUSTER!

Pulls him up for a Deadlift Powerbomb – Darby attacks the left hand so a Single Arm Powerbomb plants him!! Nearfall! Dueling chant. Pulls Darby up, wants another bomb. Darby escapes, OTT Stunner!! Fujiwara Armbar! Cranking the fingers backwards. 10 fights up and tries to flip Darby over but he rolls through and takes him right back into the hold! 10 grabs the ropes, for the break. Powders, Darby pursues – 10 powers Allin into the barricade and apron! Throws him into the ring. Darby up top though., stands on his hand! Kick to the face takes Vance to the floor! Darby with a Senton Bomb takes out 10 and Alan Angels too!

Dark Order checking on their guys, Sting makes them back off. As everyone is distracted, Ethan Page comes in and posts Darby! Throws him into the ring and runs off with a smirk. 10 seems hesitant to want to capitalize on it. Eventually pulls him up, Tiger Suplex! Wants a Full Nelson, Darby breaks free by tearing at his mask! Wants a Springboard Coffin Drop – 10 catches him out of the air with the Full Nelson! Darby is fading – kicks off the buckles for the bridge! And gets the desperation 3!

Winner: Darby Allin

Another close defense, Darby being worn down and taken further every week. Every win getting slowly more desperate. 10 helps Darby up, they shake hands. Darby holds up the Brodie armband. When the Dark Order leave, Ethan Page returns. Scorpio with a chop block to Sting! Page holds Darby down STF style and Scorpio has Sting in a heelhook! Lance Archer rushes out to make the save and 10 comes back to help run them off as well. And that’s the show!

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