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It’s that time again for the NXT Recap! Watch this space!

And time for our first match as the NXT Recap begins…

Falls Count Anywhere: Leon Ruff vs. Isiah Swerve Scott

Bell rings, Ruff runs in – EATS a high knee right to the face! Dayam! Ruff taken to the corner, fakes a twisting crossbody. Swerve with a Back Body Drop as they go back to the ring but Ruff flips to his feet! Tries for a Crucifix Bomb but Swerve grabs the ropes to stop it and yanks him down. Ruff springs off the second rope for a Stunner but Swerve blocks, hoists him up – Ruff counters out of the air with an arm drag taking Swerve to the floor! Tope Suicida – Swerve catches him!! HURLS him right into the apron! Tosses him into the barricade, HARD into the fencing, Jesus!

Side Slam onto the ramp for a nearfall! Swerve takes Ruff into the ring. Goes up top with him… Ruff fighting back. Hiiiiiigh Superplex! Nearfall. Ruff rolls to the floor. Swerve tries a running punt from the apron, Ruff blocks it and hangs him upside down! Pummels him, dropkick takes him to the ground! Runs off the steps but Scott with a chop out of midair! Pulls a toolbox from under the ring and tosses it as hard as he can at Ruff who barely gets out of the way, that was scary. Ruff’s expression makes it clear he agrees!

Commercial break, NXT Recap will resume as the show does.

We come back to see them fighting on the stage, Ruff kicks Swerve off the stage and into a scaffolding! Ruff with a Flip Tope off the stage for a nearfall! Ruff takes Scott back inside but Swerve pulls him to the top rope for a Deadlift Superplex – but Ruff counters with a Super Crucifix Bomb!!! Nearfall! Scott pulls him up on the apron, Ruff with a forearm. Slips between his legs for a powerbomb, Scott blocks, punches down but Ruff avoids it and he hurts his hand!

Ruff runs up the steps… what the fuck, POISON RANA OFF THE APRON TO THE FLOOR!

Jesus Christ I can’t believe they tried that but it was so perfect… Swerve barely manages to roll away to avoid the pin much to Ruff’s chagrin. Scott laughs and tells him he’s nothing. Ruff charges but Swerve sidesteps and takes him into the barricade – FLIPS HIM INTO A MICHINOKU DRIVER FOR A NEARFALL! Swerve charges but Ruff avoids him and he ends up kneeing the steps! Ruff grabs the toolbox and comes off the steps with it to send it into his legs! Smashes him into the ring, up top – Frog Splash for a nearfall! Heel hook! Scott breaks free but Ruff with a Springboard Cutter! Swerve powders but gets a Cutter on the floor!

Takes him over the barricade to the ringside area as the NXT Recap rolls on. He climbs up on a big staging area! Big man AJ Francis appears, Ruff leaps onto him and gets caught! Slammed hard on the barricade! Scott takes him into the ring for the JML Driver and that is that!

Winner: Swerve Scott

Hot damn, how on Earth do you start a TV show with that?! Gonna be playing a highlight reel of that one in my head for a while, wow…

Johnny Gargano and Austin Theory walk into Regal’s office. Scarlett’s in there already. Johnny says the No. 1 Champion has business to attend to. Austin talks about how ‘those’ are the biggest he’s ever seen, are they real? He’s talking about her nails turns out. Johnny pulls him away from her.

Up next on the NXT Recap…

Asher Hale vs. Cameron Grimes

Grimes with a waistlock takedown, flexes. Hale with a headlock. Grimes tries to shoot him off but he keeps the hold on. Grimes throws him away, pulls him into a headlock himself. Hale shoots him off but eats a shoulder block. Ducks a line, dropkick to the leg of Grimes! Leg kicks. Whip reversed, Grimes with a clubbing lariato! Uppercut into the corner, kicks him to the mat. Another big uppercut drops him as soon as he rises Whip, Hale with a kick off a back body drop, enziguri! Charges, Grimes with a boot up but Hale blocks it and hooks the legs – Elevated Dragonscrew! Grimes throws Hale away but he lands a Flip Kick on a charge, move off the top for a 2 count! Standing Switch, Grimes whips him for the Kitchen Sink knee! Big Black Hole Slam variant, Cave In for the win!

Winner: Cameron Grimes

NXT Recap rolls on as Carter and Catanzaro talk about wanting to go after the women’s tag titles. Monet comes up and mocks them for it.

Grimes celebrates his win backstage. Ever-Rise joins in with him. Grimes says he likes their show but there’s only room for three – me, myself and I! He’s going TO THEEEE… VIP room.

Grizzled Young Veterans come to the ring. Drake chastises Thatcher for encouraging the crowds to take their shoes off. Gibson says NOBODY wants to see their webbed toes and warns them that if they do it they’ll be on the first plane out of this country. They start to do their catchphrase but Ciampa and Thatcher emerge! Up next on the NXT Recap…

Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher vs. Grizzled Young Veterans

Ciampa starts with Drake, Ciampa with a shoulder tackle, headlock. Headscissors. Chop drops him, cover for 1. Thatcher tags in, headbutt to the gut. Arm wringer, facelock. Drake backs off, Gibson tags in. Lock up. Thatcher grabs the arm, Gibson whips him – Thatcher with a shoulder tackle, cover for 1. Pulls him up, judo throw to the mat. Knee to the spine and then to the shoulder. Gibson trips him up, shot to the face, torques at the ankle. Drake comes in to break it up but Ciampa cuts him off, Ciampa and Thatcher with clubbing blows in stereo!

Commercial break, NXT Recap will resume when the show does.

We come back to see Thatcher whip Drake, GYV with a tag but Gibson was too far away from the corner to have the tag rope, I suppose? It’s called an illegal tag and the ref is distracted, Drake grabs Thatcher by the ear and whips him into the middle rope, Gibson with a second rope dropkick! Cravat. He fights his way up, Ciampa with a hot tag! Charging uppercuts, double clotheslines! Thatcher back in, pounding Drake in the corner. Uppercut to the back of the head, high knee to the face, Double Chop, charging knee to the head from Ciampa for a nearfall!

Drake manages the tag but Thatcher just belly-to-bellies Gibson! Match is breaking down as all four men are in the ring trading blows. Ciampa nails a Cactus Clothesline to take both illegal men out! Gibson with chops, Thartcher catches a shot and NAILS him in the chest, suplex for a 2 count, right into an armbar attempt! Drake tries to crawl inside, CIampa pulls him out but gets kicked into the announce table. GYV both in the ring double teaming Thatcher; Drake with a Tope Suicida wiping out Ciampa! Gibson hoists Thatcher up with a Deadlift Spinning Suplex! Nearfall. Ciampa tosses Thatcher his shoe, Thatcher nails Gibson with it to get the win.

Winners: Timothy Thatcher & Tommaso Ciampa

I’d question that finish for a face win if I didn’t it utterly hilarious.

Johnny and Theory back to Regal’s office, Johnny tells him to bust the door down but Theory just calmly knocks instead. Regal rolls up. Gargano asks him to cancel his title defense against Bronson Reed. Regal says no and also informs Theory that he’s got a match with Karrion Kross next week!

NXT Recap rolls on, Swerve Scott and the stable he apparently has cackles over his victory.

Karrion Kross’s music plays and out comes him and Scarlett.

Says he made it clear, he dared everyone to step up to him but instead he gets a lot of people saying they’re not afraid of him. Again dares them to come bring the fight to him, that’s how it works! Tells Austin Theory that next week, he will divebomb him on his head and leave him facedown unconscious.

Kyle O’Reilly’s music cuts him off. He says he gets it, he gets why he thinks everyone should be afraid. Sheer dominance, right? He senses a little hostility. Came out here to tell him to his face that he’s not afraid of him and since he’s the NXT Champion, this is the match that he wants. Something tells him it’s the match he wants too.

Pete Dunne interrupts now!

He says he doesn’t care what either of them want. Truth is, he is the baddest man in NXT. Tells them to prove him wrong. Now it’s Finn Balor’s turn to come out! Says Pete Dunne, been there, done that. Kyle O’Reilly, been there, done that – twice! Lets Kross know once he’s done with Theory – just up and swings at him! But Kross drops him. Dunne attacks Kross as well but gets dumped out of the ring. Kross fending off both O’Reilly and Balor now but eats a John Wu dropkick Security pulls O’Reilly away as Karrion takes over on Finn and drops him with a lariat! Security in the way again, one of them eats a Saito Suplex!

Kross standing tall as Finn stares him down from the stage. Now Gargano and Theory jump him form behind! But Kross STILL has the advantage, throws Theory around. They finally get him down with a series of superkicks. Gargano with a running NA title shot! That finally ends the segment.

Johnny and Theory are in the parking lot, being interviewed and questioned as to why they attacked Kross and why they’re leaving before Candice and Indy’s match. They only say that it’s their night and they’re gonna get the celebration ready.

Up next on the NXT Recap…

Sarray vs. Zayda Ramier

Zayda with a headlock takedown. Sarray with a headscissor, Ramier kips up, trips her. Sarray with a crossbody, kick to the gut. Shoots her off a headlock, solid dropkick! Zayda with an uppercut. Sarray with a kick to the gut, charges, Ramier with a leapfrog, rolls her into an STF! Sarray grabs the ropes for the break. She kicks her away, rolls her up for 1. Hoists her up, Throw-Down Spinebuster! Hooks her legs into a Cloverleaf, sits down on it – there is the Muta Lock! Zayda grabs the rope for the break. Basement Dropkick DESTROYS Ramier! Fisherman’s Suplex for a nearfall! Missile Dropkick!

Ramier fights back with elbows, whip, Sarray with a Running Dropkick! Wants another Basement Dropkick, Zayda avoids it, Sarray bounces painfully off the ropes! Zayda covers for 2. Slingblade for a nearfall! Sarray knocks her away, Exploder Suplex! BRUTAL Head Drop Suplex for the win!

Winner: Sarray

Imperium backstage listening to an iPad message from WALTER. I couldn’t transcribe it due to the language barrier but I believe Wolfe wasn’t happy with it and Aichner and Marthel didn’t like his reaction.

NXT Recap rolls on, Sarray meets up Zayda and they shake hands. Toni comes storming in probably to attack Zayda but Zoey Stark gets in the way and gets her to back off.

Jake Atlas vs. LA Knight

LA says there’s gonna be a bunch of incels saying his name tonight. But just because they L-A-Knight doesn’t make them cool. Tells Atlas that he’ll hit him so hard he’ll need an atlas. Not an insult, just a fact of life. Bell rings, Atlas immediately in control with an arm drag. Wristlock, Knight fires back with a forearm. Atlas takes over with a lariat, Knight powders. Atlas wants a tope but Knight stops him with an uppercut. High knee on the apron, Pullover Shoulder Tackle! Uppercut in the corner. Snapmare. Kneedrop but Atlas rolls out of the way! Atlas with some punches, High Knee, Elbow, German Suplex for a 2 count! Knight takes over again, takes him up top. Atlas shoves him off, leaps over him, lands a few kicks, Knight surprises him with the Headlock Driver for the sudden win.

Winner: LA Knight

Indi and Candice talking backstage as the NXT Recap rolls on. Candice says she’s thinking about this boy again isn’t she? Sees Dexter in the window with flowers and quietly shuts the blinds as she tells her to stay focused. Indi says she’s ready to get the titles tonight.

Toni Storm with a promo says Zoey Stark is pissing her off. Calls her the flavor of the day and says she’s losing her taste quick. Says she doesn’t belong in the same ring with her, the same locker room as her, doesn’t even deserve to breathe the same air as her. Tells Zoey she brought her into this business and whenever she’s ready, so help her God, she will take her right back out of it.

Legado del Fantasma in the ring. Escobar says everyone has seen him become a lucha legend. He will take what is his, the NXT Cruiserweight Championship. Wilde says MSK didn’t beat them when they won the tag titles but last week, they did beat THEM! Beat ’em real bad, embarrassed them! Mendoza says they want to face them for the tag team titles. Escobar says a measure of a man is not what he can do for himself but what he does for his brothers.

Kushida appears on the screen with a promo, challenges Escobar to a match for next week for the title! Escobar is delighted, says you’re on!

NXT Recap continues, Raquel Gonzalez and Mercedes Martinez with a sitdown interview.

Raquel says she respects Martinez. Martinez says she should! Raquel demands she respect the champ back and not interrupt. Mercedes says people call her a veteran but the fact is, she’s still hungry. Claims Raquel is not gritty, she’s cookie cutter and she was molded after the blueprint she created. Raquel says Martinez did set the bar but she set it way down low. She picked it up and pushed it so high nobody could touch it. In just a year, she surpassed every accomplishment Mercedes ever had. Martinez says in one night, she’ll take that title from her. Raquel says she’s the first challenger but she’s not the last.

Ember and Shotzi angrily talking about Candice and Indi. They find Franky’s little doggo on the tank. Shotzi loses it over how cute the pup is and sends it on it’s way. Ember is disgusted at the inside of the tank and they talk for an overly long time about how the dog pooped in it and takes very big ones for it’s size.

Cameron Grimes makes his way to the Vanguard Theater.

He talks to the very tall bouncer and says he’s set for the VIP room but he says unfortunately the whole venue has been rented out for tonight. Cameron leaps up to get to his level and yells his name again but it turns out that Ted DiBiase has already bought the place out! He gets in his face and cackles that everybody has a price and Grimes throws a tantrum.

Now time for our main event on the NXT Recap…

NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship: Ember Moon & Shotzi Blackheart (c) vs. The Way

Brawl starts up before they even get the announcements done. Shotzi pulls out a table but Indi knocks her down. Does the same to Ember, starts setting the table up. Candice grabs Ember and throws her into the barricade. Grabs some chairs from under the ring. Ember with a thrust kick to the gut! Champions stay in control, pulling Indi into the ring. Shotzi with a trip, Ember with a Basement Dropkick! Trash can put onto Indi’s head, Double Dropkick! Candice breaks up the pin, throws Ember out of the ring. Kicks Shotzi to her knees, Thrust Kick sends her to the floor! Hits the rope, baseball slide – both faces avoid it and SMASH her with a Stereo Trash Can Lid shot!

Heels take over though, Indi with a big knee. Sets four chairs up together. Shotzi attacks from behind, Indi grabs her, Ember up on the barricade – Bulldog onto the chairs! Rams her on the apron. Shotzi sits a fifth chair up in the center! Forearm. They setup a crazy Tope Suicida but Candice with a Fire Extinguisher douses Shotzi to stop it!

Commercial break, NXT Recap will conclude when we come back.

Faces have taken over again when we come back, Stereo Double Knees in the ropes! Shotzi holds Indi in place as Ember chucks a chair at her face. Dominator/TKO combo, Pin gets broken up. Candice gets taken out onto a hung-up ladder on the outside, Indi gets knocked around. Shotzi up top – BALLPIT ONTO CANDICE BREAKS THE LADDER! Ember holds Indi up, ALABAMA SLAM ONTO A CORNER LEANED TABLE! It barely gave in at all, that looked vile! Cover for a nearfall! Ember and Shotzi bring a ladder into the ring, Indi with a big boot knocks them down.

Candice into the ring, they drape a ladder on the ropes and drape Shotzi on the ladder – CANDICE WITH A LIONSAULT ONTO SHOTZI ON THE LADDER! Goodness! Cover for a nearfall! Ember with a Dropkick, Indi with a big Spinebuster hard onto the ladder! Indi drags her out, cover but Shotzi barely breaks it up! Indi takes Shotzi outside, strips off the announce table. Shotzi fights back, breaks a coffee mug over Indi’s head! Shotzi starts climbing the scaffolding now!! BIG SPLASH THROUGH THE TABLE!! Loud “This Is Awesome” Chant!

Meanwhile in the ring, Candice gets Ember with a Jacknife Cover for 2! Ember with a Sit-Out Powerbomb for a nearfall! Moon up top. Wants the Eclipse, Candice cuts her off. Up for a superplex, Shotzi pulls Candice to the mat, LeRae escapes and sends her into Ember which sends her to the floor. Candice props Ember on the table. Shotzi with a Superkick to Candice! INDI WITH A SPINGBOARD ELBOW DROP THROUGH THE TABLE! Candice takes over on Shotzi, lays a chair down – Wicked Stepsister onto the chair for the win!

Winners: The Way

Did not expect that title change honestly, but I am not mad about it. Candice has a title and it only took a thousand years! Also wild match, great main. That’s the show!

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