AEW Blood And Guts Recap

After being delayed for over a year and an entire team switched out, tonight we finally have the first ever AEW Blood And Guts Recap! A bout so important that tonight’s show is named after it. I’ll be recapping the show live as it airs as always, so stick with this page!

I figure the special is enough reason to go different here so we eschew the colors, get real serious… and man it sounds loud in there, it’s a bigger crowd than usual these days.

And our opener on the AEW Blood And Guts Recap is none other than…

Kenny Omega & MT Nakazawa vs. Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston

Before the match, Don Callis on the mic talks up some Japanese legends and includes Nakazawa in them. He claims that Kenny Omega could not make it to the show, commentators quickly point out that he’s blatantly lying. Callis says Nak will therefore wrestle alone. Eddie and Mox come down from the crowd and Kenny attacks from behind with the belt! Throws Eddie into the ring and MT is choking him with his tape. Kenny tags in as the match is underway. Kenny and MT with charging shots one after the other. Moxley pulls Kingston down from a suplex attempt and sends shots to both men

Kenny with a shot from behind but he eats a Black Hole Slam! Kenny powders Tope Suicida wipes both of them out! Faces in control in the ring until Kenny nails Kingston with a low blow behind the ref’s back! Now the heels taking over. Kenny grinding Kingston’s eyes against the top rope. Grinds the boot into Kingston’s throat. Kitaro Crusher for a nearfall! Kingston with a powerful forearm to fight back! Exchange of chops and Eddie wins out! Kenny keeps firing back though, enziguri puts him down! You Can’t Escape sequence begins, Kingston rolls out of the way of the moonsault! Clothesline nails him.

Hot tag to Moxley!

Nails MT and he stomps a mudhole in the corner. Kick to Kenny as he comes in and hair whips him to the mat. MT with a lariat that’s completely no sold. Hits the ropes, Mox ducks it and Germans him! Pulls him up for the Piledriver! Kenny breaks it up. But then he leaves the ring. Mox pulls MT up and they have him hostage again, Omega is not interested. He walks out. Clothesline/Half-N-Half combo for the win!

Winners: Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston

As the faces celebrate, the Young Bucks emerge on the stage. It’s a distraction, Good Brothers attack Moxley and Kingston from behind! Matt Jackson’s here in beachwear. Magic Killer! They hold Mox in place for a barefoot superkick! Good Brothers pull Kingston up and Kenny plants him with a One Winged Angel! Elite stand tall and taunt their foes.

Up next on the AEW Blood And Guts Recap…

QT Marshall vs. Cody Rhodes

Cody jumps him at the bell! Delayed Inverted Suplex. Pulls the weight belt off, referee takes it away. QT lashes Cody on the back with a leather belt of his own! Ref throws that belt away as well, QT takes over on Cody, clobbers him around. Whip to the corner, Cody with a floatover sunset flip for a 2 count. They pull each other from corner to corner exchanging strikes. Cody gouges at the eyes! Rakes the back! Elbow drops him. Goes up top, QT leaps up there – Butterfly Superplex! Deadlift German Suplex plants him! Cody powders.

QT pursues him, Bionic Elbows. Big overhead chop! Throws him into the ring. Gets in Arn Anderson’s face. Piefaces him! Arn with an elbow! Ref having to eject him now, Arn grinds QT’s face in the post as other officials come out to escort him out.

Commercial break, AEW Blood And Guts Recap will resume when we come back.

We return to see them fighting in the ring, crossbody collision! Exchange of shots, QT with a big boot takes Cody to the apron! Marshall hits the ropes, Cody stops him with a shoulder thrust. Sunset flip, QT blocks but Cody pulls the trunks down! He stops to pull them back up, Rhodes with a DDT for the 2 count! Goes up top, Twisted Moonsault for a nearfall! QT ducks a Disaster Kick, Cody with a back elbow though, tries a Cody Cutter but QT catches him – QT STEALS THE CROSS-RHODES! Close nearfall!!

Marshall pulls off the elbow pad and makes the Diamond Cutter sign. Goes for it, Cody counters with a Backslide but QT hoists him up, on a second attempt for the Buckle Bomb! Hoists him up for the Tombstone, Cody reverses! But Marshall reverses back! Rhodes with one last reversal – nails the Tombstone! Clooooose nearfall, that was a 2.9! QT staggers his way up, Cody pulls him into the Cross-Rhodes! NEARFALL!!! Wow. “You Still Suck” chant as Cody grabs QT by the wrist and starts slowly pulling him up. QT flips him off, Cody trips him into a Figure Four Leglock! He’s got nowhere to go and he taps!

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Cody wins and he’s suddenly bleeding like crazy, I have no idea what happened, his eye got messed up big time. Strong match all the same though.

Anthony Ogogo sneaks up on the celebrating Cody – drops him with the Bolo Punch! Drapes a British flag over Cody’s body.

Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky interviewed at the top of the building. Scorpio says Sting is nothing more than a mosquito feeding and sucking on the blood of this company. And you know what to do with mosquitos, you kill ’em. Says “Listen, Steve”, he’s overstayed his welcome and he’s the franchise now, bitch. Page says him and Darby have a long history. Wants to talk about Allin’s medical history. The facepaint isn’t for intimidation, it’s to cover up the scar he left him. The metal in his elbow, that’s credited to him too. Says he’s not some puzzle to figure out. Darby jumps him!

He brings the fight to both men, Climbs up a scaffolding for a quick Coffin Drop on Page! Scorpio HURLS a garbage can right at his head! They drag Allin over and – geeze, they toss him down the concrete stairs! Medics attending to Darby during the break.

Up next on the AEW Blood And Guts Recap…

Dr. Britt Baker vs. Julia Hart

Britt with a kick to the gut, slap to the face. Britt reverses a whip, Slingblade! Gets the glove early. Grabs her by the hair, Julia shoves her away, Britt with a punch to the face. Hoists her up for the Air Raid Crash! Covers, but pulls her right up! Lockjaw cinched in for the quick tap!

Winner: Dr. Britt Baker

Baker looking strong.

This is hilarious, Taz brings back his technique breakdown segment specifically looking at Christian, just so he can mock him for his weaknesses.

Now up next on the AEW Blood And Guts Recap…

Jurassic Express vs. Varsity Blonds vs. SCU vs. The Acclaimed

Jungle starts with Kazarian. Backslide for 1, Kazarian reverses, they keep countering each other’s cradle. Match breaks down quick, everyone being sent out from the ring, commercial break, AEW Blood And Guts Recap will resume when the show does. Caster takes over with a Basement Dropkick on Daniels as we come back. High kick from Bowens, Back Suplex from Caster, Bowens covers for a 2 count. Daniels ducks a shot, STO to Bowens! Luchasaurus with a painful blind tag! Uppercut, shoulderblock to the Acclaimed!

Series of punches and a huge German Suplex! Pillman and Griff rush in, Lucha goozles them both! Chokeslam to Pillman! Chokeslams Garrison onto his own partner! Kazarian comes in and nails Lucha, charges, Lucha pancakes him! Goozle! Chokeslams him out of the ring onto the Blonds! Lucha with a roundhouse kick, Jungle tags in, DVDs one after another, Daniels breaks up the pin! Pillman with a flying dropkick for a 2 count! Jungle with a lariato, goes up top! Daniels crotches him. Lucha tries to drag him off, Daniels with a Flying Paydirt on the floor! Kazarian now attacks Jungle, tags himself in, Oklahoma Roll for a 2 count! Jungle finally off the top, Kazarian avoids him and he rolls through, lariat flips him! Pillman rolls him up for a close 2 count!

Whip reversed in the corner, Pillman with a floatover but Kaz catches him Tombstone position! Daniels tags in for the Best Meltzer Ever!

Winners: SCU

Quick, fun stuff. Looking forward to Bucks/SCU, what will almost certainly be Daniels and Kazarian’s last match together, they’re gonna give them a big sendoff I think.

Jon Moxley with a promo says the great thing about this business is that no matter how long you’re in this business, even a legend like Yuji Nagata, there’s always something to learn. Says he will dump him on top of his head and squeeze every ounce of oxygen he’s got left. He says people have wondered for a long time when Nagata will finally just not get up again. Says it’ll happen soon. When the bell rings, he’s got no respect for anyone.

AEW Blood And Guts Recap continues and our main is our next match, but first…

Tony Schiavone here to announce the AEW World Title Match for Double Or Nothing!

He introduces Kenny. Omega comes out, making Nakazawa carry the Impact, TNA and AAA titles. Tony says he’s never seen a presentation like this, four titles. Kenny says who is ready for Blood And Guts?! Crowd is amped up. Kenny says that makes one of us. Says he’s been a busy man. Makes Nak show the gold off. He’s been collecting gold all over the world and now it’s come to pass, the match that will decide who the next challenger will be for his prize.

Tony talks about the Eliminator next week, it’s PAC vs. Orange Cassidy, Kenny cuts him off and says wins and losses matter. PAC has beaten him before, he notes! He understands people want to see it again and see a rematch between the two greatest wrestlers in AEW. Says why not just announce it already, it’s Kenny vs. PAC at Double Or Nothing.

Tony again states Orange Cassidy has a shot and Cassidy strolls out casually.

Kenny cackles at the idea. Big chant of “Freshly Squeezed”. Omega says he knows what Orange means to people, he sees people dressed like him everywhere and putting hands in their pockets. He says Orange is a feelgood wrestler, he’s popular, people love to wanna be like him because they CAN! But they can’t be like him. Says Orange would never be championship material.

Omega takes the shades, claims to be the guy who made that whole thing popular. Critiques ’em, says they must’ve run ’em 1000 dollars on the black market. Says he’ll never take this title but one thing he has taken from him is his valuable time. So he’s taking the glasses from him. He puts them on Nakazawa’s face. Says they look better on him. Says he even looks like more of a champion than him. Kenny says he might see him in ten years when he finally becomes an adult. Walks off as dismissively as possible.

And now out comes Miro for a promo as well. He pulls a mic out of the hand of Schiavone. He said he warned the locker room that if you got a title, they’ve got a problem. This is a contract that states seven days from now he has a date with his destiny. Next week, he comes for Darby Allin’s TNT title! He can throw himself down as many stairs as he wants but there’s no avoiding this! Tony reads the contract and says if he can’t perform he will forfeit but Miro dismisses it, he needs no hand out. He wants Darby to come, whether he’s healthy or not coming in doesn’t matter to him because honestly it doesn’t matter to Darby either. We’ll see what happens when the man who doesn’t mind dying meets the man who doesn’t mind killing him.

Up next, finally, it’s the AEW Blood And Guts Recap main event!

Blood And Guts: The Pinnacle vs. The Inner Circle

We see Dax Harwood will start for the Pinnacle as they come out. Judging from last week’s promo and interviews elsewhere, Sammy Guevara should be starting for the Inner Circle. Indeed Sammy does start and this is a loud one! From a shot inside the ring, this area looks way bigger than NXT’s somehow. Sammy leaps both sets of ropes and nails Dax with a Rolling Wheel Kick! Running wild on him, back body drop! Shoulder tackle from Dax, Sammy backflips over him, dropkick lands! Whip reversed, Dax with a Main Event Spinebuster!! Starts to pin but he quickly realizes he can’t.

Dax takes him to the corner, batters him. Sammy fights back with chops! Bashes his head into every buckle of a corner! Finally slams him into a camera! Jumping Rider Kick! Harwood climbing up the cage to escape the fight, Sammy pursues him and they fight atop the rope! Sammy with a series of chops, forearms, Harwood crashes to the apron! Dax’s knee got hurt there looks like. Harwood fighting back but Sammy reverses, sends him into the cage repeatedly! Clothesline takes him back into the ring! Timer kicks up as Dax just tries to escape Sammy. Enziguri sends Dax to the opposite ring. Sammy with a Double Springboard Cutter!

Timer comes up and in comes Shawn Spears with a chair!

Sammy takes the fight to him but eats a Sit-Out Spinebuster! Spears wedges a chair in the corner, Sammy fighting back. Dax is bloody as Guevara nails them with punches – Spears blindsides him with a chair shot to the head! Spears looking orgasmic after that one. Drags Sammy over and stomps his face. Spears helps Dax up and the gang attack continues as the timer comes up again. Ortiz comes in with a chair to equalize things! Throws it at the heels, pounding Spears with strikes, nails Dax in the back with a chair! Throatcrush with the chair to Spears, TOSSES the chair at Dax’s head!

Spears and Guevara standing together from opposite sings of the ring, they both leap to the top rope together! Ortiz throws a chair at the legs of Spears, Sammy pulls him to his side – SPANISH FLY! AEW chant. Ortiz holding Dax in place, Sammy tries another springboard attack but finally trips on one of the ropes and just barely knicks the leg.

Timer comes up again, Cash Wheeler is in now!

He goes right after Ortiz. FTR with an Assisted Brainbuster! Spears tosses Guevara into the cage. LAWDARTS him into the opposite side! Spears drags him over to the center of the ring and places him in the Sharpshooter as an “Inner Circle” chant comes in! Cash has Ortiz up Gory Special-position on the apron, SMASHES him into the cage and he falls to the floor between the cage and the ring! Timer up again, and Santana comes in now to break the Sharpshooter up! Nailing everybody with right hands!

Cash with a shot to the gut, Santana pulls him in for a big Uranage! Big back suplex to Dax! Commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will resume when the show does! During the break, the timer comes up again and unsurprisingly the fourth in for the Pinnacle is Wardlow. He ends up staring down the whole Inner Circle already in the ring and just tosses them all around. Timer is up again as we come back and Wardlow just hurls Guevara again! Powerbombs Ortiz HARD into the cage!

But now in comes Jake Hager!

Big lariats for everybody, big boot to Cash, lariat to to Dax! Huge Hager Bomb to Cash! Spears tries a thrust kick and Hager catches his leg into the Ankle Lock! Spears taps but it ain’t the match beyond yet. Wardlow and Hager finally square up now! Simultaneous punches rock them both! Exchange of heavy strikes, Wardlow shoves him away, Hager ducks a lien, charges, takes him to the apron but Hager lands on his feet, grabs the hair, Wardlow shoves him into the cage! Hager turns him around, knees to the ribs! Wardlow fights out, digs his fingers in the eyes of Hager, Spears hits C4 in the ring as the timer comes down and here comes MJF!

He immediately stops to mock Jericho. Cash Wheeler is bleeding BAD. Pinnacle and Inner Circle go to opposite rings as in comes Chris Jericho! They charge and meet in the middle with a Pier Six Brawl! “This Is Awesome” chant as people get thrown around. Jericho has Floyd! Swings the bat on everyone, Spears climbing up to try and escape but Jericho follows him! He chokes him on the truss, trapping his head within it! Spears doesn’t surrender though, kicks him away!

Commercial break, AEW Blood And Guts Recap will resume when the match does!

We return to see the ring has been torn open, or atleast one of them! FTR going for Stereo Piledrivers on the exposed wood on PNP! But they reverse, Sammy off the top for the Assisted Stereo Piledrivers on the wood!! Jericho with a Codebreaker! Spears unhooked one of the turnbuckles and swings it but he’s blocked, they take him to a ring and lay a chair over his face! GUEVARA WITH THE COAST-TO-COAST!!!

Jericho clobbers MJF with the exposed steel of the turnbuckle! Santana has a fork, shades of Abdullah! MJF is bleeding and Ortiz holds his head in place as Santana gouges him with the fork! Jericho choking Wardlow out with Floyd. Crowd chants “One More Time”, instead Santana dives on him to stab him over and over and over! Hager holds MJF up, Jericho with a solid right drops him.

Wardlow fighting back, PANCAKES Guevara! Double leg takedown to Hager! Santana with a bat shot stops him though, Ortiz nailing him with chair shots! Hager leaps at him, Wardlow catches him but eats a double chair shot to stop that! Guevara NAILS him with a chair shot to the head and Hager runs through him with a lariat!

One last commercial break, AEW Blood And Guts Recap will conclude when we return!

During the inset, Tully wipes out a referee, grabs a key to open the door. MJF starts scaling the cage!! Jericho nails Tully with a door shot as he follows! Inner Circle taking over on the Pinnacle in the ring as Jericho climbs up the cage! Deafening “Jericho” chant as we come back from break! MJF looks horrified! Jericho with a kick to the face, puts him in the Walls! Max struggles… swings backwards for a low blow to break it! Yanks him into the Salt Of The Earthbar! Jericho not tapping, MJF stomps the hand onto the cage, smashes the arm against the steel. Bites the hand, wrenches the hold in again, Jericho is frantically trying not to submit…

Meanwhile they’ve been killing each other in the ring and everyone’s down. MJF pulls out the Dynamite Diamond Ring! Nails Jericho right between the eyes with it to knock him out! MJF cackles… looks over the edge and gets a devilish look on his face. He pulls Jericho over to the edge! He yells to the others that he’s throwing him off the top if they don’t surrender! Sammy goes out to tell him not to do it! He surrenders.

Winners: The Pinnacle

Good way for faces to lose a Submission or Surrender match. Man the name was apt, that was the bloodiest match in forever. AND MJF SHOVES HIM OFF THE CAGE ANYWAY THROUGH A PLATFORM!

And as he looks down at his beaten body, MJF yells, “THANK YOU”.

He stands tall, looking as wicked as could be as the show comes to a gruesome end.

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