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It’s that time again for the NXT Recap! Watch this space!

Our first match of the night on the NXT Recap is…

NXT Champion Karrion Kross vs. Austin Theory (Non-Title)

Johnny has to push Theory into the ring, he’s petrified of Kross. Theory ducks a shot at the bell, clobbers him in the corner. Dropkick, Kross no sells! Paintbrushes him into the corner, big boot to the face. Biel toss! Corner charge, Theory sidesteps. Clothesline bounces off of Kross’ chest, Kross with a big lariat! Karrion takes Theory into the corner, forearm to the chest. Cinches his arm around his head, body blow. Running boot to the head! Johnny asks for Theory to reach towards him, Kross stomps his hand into the mat.

Theory with the knees up in the corner, but he rushes right into a Saito Suplex that HURLS him across the ring! Wants another, Gargano distracts the ref as Theory gouges Kross’ eyes! Karrion powders, Theory slips outside, ducks a roundhouse kick, shoves him into the fence! Snap DDT onto the floor! Kross hoists him up and wants to post him, Theory slips behind him and posts him instead! Takes him into the ring, round kick to the chest, stomps him into the mat. Mounted elbows! Theory with a hotshot, roll-thru Dropkick for a 1 count. Theory with a corner clothesline, Fallaway Slam!

But Kross zips right back up, Saito Suplex! High Angle Back Suplex! Charging elbow to the back of the head! And now mounted elbows to the neck! Ref trying to get Kross off of him, he rolls Theory into a Sleeper, Theory is motionless, ref calls for the stoppage.

Winner: Karrion Kross

As the NXT Recap continues, Finn Balor teleports beside Kross. He says he doesn’t wait in lines, he wants his rematch. Kross says he wants it just as bad. Let’s do it.

After a commercial, we see footage of Ruff talking to Regal asking for a match tonight. Regal doesn’t wanna book him after what he went through last week. Ruff figured he’d say that so he got himself checked and knows he’s cleared, Regal agrees but still refuses, Ruff gets mad and asks what he has to do. Eventually Regal has to yell him down.

NXT Tag Team Champions MSK vs. Breezango (Non-Title)

Breeze starts with Lee. Lock-up, hip toss, Breeze lays on the top rope to mock his opponent. Lee with a dropkick, lands on his feet off a back body drop attempt! Waistlock, wants an O’Connor Roll, Breeze blocks, they both go for a superkick at the same time! Both men tag out. Fandango and Carter lock-up, ‘Dango with a wristlock. Carter rolls through, arm drag! Whip to the corner, ‘Dango with a floatover, arm drag! Hits the ropes, Carter with a duck under, dropkick! Breeze tags in, Carter makes them into a Looney Toons skit where they eventually bump into each other. Breeze whipped towards the ref, HE leapfrogs Breeze, as does Carter into a dropkick! Ref is fired up and the crowd is going wild chanting “NXT”. Fun stuff.

Commercial break, NXT Recap will resume when the show does.

We come back to see Lee nail an enziguri, trips ‘Dango, charges – Fandango with a Japanese Arm Drag taking him to the corner! Falcon Arrow, Carter breaks up the pin! Breezango try for a catapult double team, Lee breaks free, Carter tags in, combination of kicks, double stomp to the back! Wild assisted SSP! The teams exchange shots, Breeze lays both of MSK out with Superkicks! Fandango tags in, goes up top. Carter cuts him off, hooks him for a superplex. ‘Dango blocks this but gets dropkicked out of the air, both of Breezango sent to the floor, Triangle Moonsault from Carter! Lee tags in, Assisted Dropkick! End Transmission on Breeze for the win!

Winner: MSK

Fun stuff. Breezango shake the champs hands after the match. MSK into the camera call out Legado del Fantasma.

Johnny Gargano storms into Regal’s office about his title defense next week. Says first he feeds Theory to the wolves, now this! Why does he hate him? Regal says he doesn’t hate him, he values him as their champion, marketing department made him his own headband!

Pete Dunne in the ring with a microphone. Says Karrion Kross has chosen Finn Balor. Doesn’t blame him ’cause he knows Dunne is the toughest match-up there is. Tells him sooner or later that title is his. He’s the toughest man in NXT, dares anyone to prove him wrong. Says this is your chance, he’s right here. Leon Ruff jumps him behind! Dropkick sends him to the floor, tosses his shirt at him. Dunne slowly re-enters the ring… and the bell sounds!

Pete Dunne vs. Leon Ruff

Enziguri from Ruff. Leaps from rope to rope and slides between his legs. Dunne rolls him through and starts torqueing on the fingers! Ruff fights his way up, arm drag! But Dunne takes right back over, clothesline, kick to the back. Singles out Ruff’s arm, leaping stomp to the chest! Pulls him up and slaps him HARD across the face, Ruff fires right back over and over! Two solid enziguris in a row, Second Rope Dropkick! Dunne stops him with an enziguri of his own, whips him, Ruff rebounds off for a lariat! Up top, but Dunne catches him with a forearm out of the air! Headscissor, rains elbows down onto Ruff’s head until the ref calls for the bell!

Winner: Pete Dunne

Nice little match. Dunne afterwards snaps Ruff’s hand!

Legado del Fantasma backstage. They say tonight they will see a real champion. Escobar’s boys back him up as being about to win his gold back. Santos says he will be the leader of leaders, 2-time NXT Cruiserweight Champion.

Franky Monet vignette hyping up her first match in two weeks. Up next on the NXT Recap…

NXT Women’s Championship: Raquel Gonzalez (c) vs. Mercedes Martinez

Bell rings, Martinez takes it to her immediately, clotheslines her over the top rope! Senton off the apron! Charging high knee sends Raquel into the fence. Fight goes back into the ring as we go to commercial break, NXT Recap will resume when the show does. Raquel with a lariat as we come back, gets a 2 count. Whip to the corner. Charging avalanche. Scoop slam for a 2 count! Mercedes fights out of a headlock with forearms. Double legs her, pounding with punches, Raquel rolls Martinez to the floor.

Raquel slowly rises to a knee. Martinez back into the ring, leaps onto her for a sleeper hold. Raquel repeatedly smashes her into the corner but can’t break the hold. Instead she yanks on the hair to get her into Powerslam position but Martinez escapes, forearm. Attacks her into the corner, drapes her on the top rope, Hangman’s Neckbreaker for a nearfall! They roll to the apron… Martinez spears her right onto the apron, yikes! She rolls her into the ring, slowly gets the cover for a nearfall.

Martinez charges, Raquel with an Alley Oop Bomb draping her neck on the top rope!

Raquel hoists her onto her shoulders, drives her head into the post! Rolls her into the ring, brawl kicks up again, Raquel with a clothesline for a nearfall! Pendulum Backbreaker! Raquel wants a Chokeslam, Martinez flips out of it, rolls her through, knee lift to the jaw! Hooks her, Fisherwoman’s Buster for a nearfall! Series of Kamigoyes, Raquel fights up with a big boot. Pulls her up, hooks the leg, Powerbombs her for the win.

Winner: Raquel Gonzalez

About what you could’ve expected from this one.

Swerve Scott and his posse make their way through the parking lot, shoving a cameraman down on their way in.

Big commotion backstage, officials are leading Johnny Gargano away from Bronson’s locker room. Reed’s been laid out and has to be helped up, he says Johnny’s a dead man.

Isiah “Swerve” Scott on the mic says it’s about to get real spooky here in NXT.

We hear new music, seems his group is called Hit Row. His henchmen set up a rolling chair in the ring and Swerve sits in it. He admits he’s made a lot of mistakes here in NXT. But the biggest is trying to be something that people perceived him to be. “Who’s House, Swerve’s House”, that’s not him. Swerve is a savage, disrespectful, a dangerous man. That’s the way he’s been thinking for the last six months. He wanted to recruit some people that felt the same way.

Introduces Top Dolla. He runs down his history and says he makes top dollar. Spits some lyrics, says anyone with beef will learn to be a vegetarian around him. The other guy yells about making a Worldstar out of somebody. The lady introduces herself as Befab and struts her stuff. Swerve says they are a problem. Together they produce hits, they are Hit Row. If you didn’t know, now you know.

NXT Recap resumes, we have an auction for a fancy home. It starts at 2 million! Cameron Grimes strolls onto the picture, asks him to put him down for it. Grimes tells the others to put their paddles down, asks why the auctioneer is talking so fast. Bid rises really fast. Gets up to 8 million. Going once, going twice – Ted DiBiase’s voice comes up with a bid of 20 million! Grimes freaks out and gives up, says who bids 20 million on a house?! Stands up and finds out it’s of course Ted and yells at him for ruining his life. He challenges him to a fight! Ted says everyone’s got a price, and YOU are no Million Dollar Man! Grimes shouts, “Why Million Dollar Man, Why?!”

Video package plays hyping up Toni Storm vs. Zoey Stark next week.

We see footage of Oney Lorcan confronting Kyle O’Reilly in the parking lot, suggesting he can’t beat Karrion Kross, Finn Balor, certainly can’t beat Pete Dunne or even him! O’Reilly suggested that Oney had been into the sun too long and had heat exhaustion, agreed to face him in the ring.

Kyle O’Reilly vs. Oney Lorcan

Oney grabs O’Reilly’s arm, Kyle grabs the rope for the break. Lorcan pushes him to the ropes again, Kyle ducks an elbow, high kick! Lorcan with a Front Facelock takedown. Headscissor. O’Reilly reverses into a Cloverleaf, then an STF, then a Crossface! Lorcan forces his way up though, powers him to the corner. Kyle ducks a chop, lands an elbow. They repeat that exact sequence, Kyle gets him in a headlock. Oney shoots him off, O’Reilly with a shoulderblock! Oney with an elbow to the throat!

Forearm to the back sends O’Reilly to the apron. Grabs at him, Kyle pulls him into a Triangle Choke in the ropes! Has to break quick and ends up right in the face of Pete Dunne. Oney attacks from behind as we go to commercial break, NXT Recap will resume when the show does. Oney with chops as we come back. Gets in his face in the corner, BIG chop to the chest! Kyle fires back. Lorcan with a wicked chop again! And another! Kyle keeps hitting back with forearms but he’s being torn apart here, high kick, Lorcan blocks a second one and knocks him into the corner. Charges, Kyle with a Kitchen Sink knee! High knees, open hand strikes, legsweep!

Charging forearm in the corner! Takes him down with a Heel Hook, Oney into the ropes to break it up quick. Exchange of shots, Kyle grabs him for a Guillotine, Lorcan fends him off but eats a knee to the face! O’Reilly hoists him up for a Brainbuster! Goes up top, Flying Knee to the back of the head for the win.

Winner: Kyle O’Reilly

Pete Dunne jumps O’Reilly afterwards… Bobby Fish makes his return to make the save! Runs the heels off, stares at O’Reilly for a bit. Kyle thanks him for coming down. Fish says he knows he’s got his own thing and Fish has his own scores to settle too, he’ll see him when he sees him.

The Way get an Avengers parody-ish video package talking up Indi and Candice’s tag title win last week.

Bronson Reed with a promo angry at the attack earlier, says their North American Title match next week will now take place inside a Steel Cage!

NXT Recap continues, up next is our main event…

2-Out-Of-3-Falls Match For The NXT Cruiserweight Championship: Kushida (c) vs. Santos Escobar

Kushida sent to the outside quickly, surrounded by Wilde and Mendoza – MSK leap over the barricade to take the fight to them! Officials eject the lot of them! Escobar complains to the refs, turns around into a Top Rope Senton Bomb to the floor from Kushida! Big NXT chant as we go to commercial break, NXT Recap will resume when the show does. We come back to see Escobar holding Kushida down in a boston crab. Takes him up top, DROPS him on to the top turnbuckle! Kushida spills to the ramp where Escobar grabs his ankles, he grinds Kushida’s throat against the post!

Kicks him into the ring, Kushida with a drop toe hold but Escobar keeps him from getting control. Grabs the legs again, stands on them, slowly pulling him into the Romero Special! Rolls him around, crossface blows. Rolls him over for a cover, 2 count. Chokes Kushida in the ropes. Kicks him in the ribs. Takes him to the corner, forearms. Charging double knees to the chest. Pulls him up, chop to the chest. Takes him up top rope, wants a Super Rana, Kushida shoves him away. Escobar pulls him to the mat again, Corner Ten Punches!

Takes him up again, Super Rana but Kushida rolls through for a nearfall!

Kushida with a Handspring Elbow, Basement Dropkick – runs right into a Phantom Driver from Escobar for the 3 count! Santos gets the first fall. Escobar with the double knees in the corner, Kushida leaps at him for the Hoverboard Lock! Rolls him to the floor, into the Cross Armbreaker – Santos quickly taps! Kushida gets the second fall. Commercial break, NXT Recap will conclude when the show returns!

We come back to see Kushida again getting Escobar in an armbar, Escobar dumps him to the outside to break it! They fight back into the ring, Kushida grabs the Hoverboard Lock through the ropes! Escobar with a Hot Shot to break it up, hits the ropes, Tope Suicida!! Throws him into the ring, covers for a 2 count. Hooks the arms, wants a Tiger Bomb, Kushida with a wild Headscissor Takeover counter nearly spikes Escobar! Kush up top, knee drop to the arm! Wind up and the pitch! PK! Escobar powders, Kushida wants the Baseball Slide, Escobar avoids it but Kush with an armbar takedown onto the floor!

Takes him inside, Escobar avoids a punt, Kush with a cradle for 2, Hoverboard Lock but Escobar counters into an Inside Cradle for a nearfall! Leg Lariat drops Kushida! Pin combination exchange, Kushida stacks him up deeeep for a close nearfall! Clothesline collision! Big ovation. Kushida charges him for a double knee, Escobar reverses and takes him up for a big enziguri! Goes up there with him, pulls him onto his shoulders. Kushida elbows free.

Hooks him for the Hoverboard Lock, FLIPS HIM TO THE MAT AND THE HOLD IS CINCHED IN!

Escobar struggles towards the ropes, Kush rolls him to the center!! Escobar keeps struggling, Kushida trying to lay down on him, Escobar baaaarely grabs the ropes for the break! Kush takes him back up and tries to reapply, Escobar fights it – HAMMERLOCK SUPLEX INTO THE CORNER!! Pulls him back up, another Hammerlock Suplex, with a bridge and that’s the match, he gets the 3!

Winner: Kushida

Awesome stuff as you’d expect, great main event. That’s the show~!

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