AEW Dynamite Recap & Results

Wednesday is wrestling night folks, and that means it’s time for another edition of the AEW Dynamite Recap! Watch this space for the live written play-by-play.

The first thing we see is Jon Moxley and Yuji Nagata backstage, preparing for their bout. And that is our opener on the AEW Dynamite Recap!

IWGP US Championship: Jon Moxley (c) vs. Yuji Nagata

Moxley comes out to “Wild Thing” surprisingly! Bell rings, tense staredown. They let us know this is under New Japan rules, meaning a 20 second count out, 60 minute time limit. Mox takes the fight to him, clothesline in the corner. Nagata fires up and nails a high kick that sends Mox to the outside. Nagata pursues, Mox goes for the eyes and posts him! Moxley up to the apron, Diving Knee to the back! Rams him into the barricade. Moxley goes into the ring, waits for Nagata to get back inside. Clobbers him into the corner, snapmare. Hits the ropes, running kick, elbow drop for a 1 count!

Mox dares him to get back up. Kick to the chest, Yuji asks for more. Moxley delivers kick after kick, finally drops him, cover for a 2 count. Moxley goes up top, flies at him but Nagata catches him to try an Exploder, Moxley blocks it but eats a series of roundhouse kicks! Nagata whips him to the corner, Running Big Boot – Exploder Suplex for a nearfall! Yuji fights back, whip reversed, Nagata rolls to avoid a clothesline, dropkick to the legs drops Mox! Wicked round kick to the chest! And another! Mox asks for more and gets it. Exchange of forearms!

Hits the ropes, Mox ducks a kick – German Suplex!

Big lariat lays him out for a nearfall! Hooks him for a Piledriver, Nagata with a Back Body Drop to counter! Back kick to the ribs, High Knee to the chest in the corner! Hooks for a Superplex! No wait… EXPLODER SUPERPLEX!! Moxley with the double birds, one last Roundhouse Kick from Nagata for a cloooose nearfall! Looking for a Back Suplex, Moxley elbows himself out of it, hooks him for a Sleeper! Nagata reverses and takes him to the mat, SHIROMI!! His eyes roll into the back of his head!! Moxley barely gets to the ropes! Exchange of elbows! Back and forth…

Moxley hits the ropes but Nagata surprises him with an enziguri! Only for Moxley to bounce right back with a Sliding Lariat for a nearfalll!! Bulldog Choke, Nagata fights up, breaks the hold. Series of shots once again, Moxley drops him with a forearm! Pulls him up, driving knees to the face, Death Rider for the win!

Winner: Jon Moxley

As you’d expect, that was great! Feels good to see a New Japan match in front of a lively crowd again.

AEW Dynamite Recap continues, Inner Circle promo backstage, Ortiz, Hager and Guevara. Ortiz says they had them beaten and bloody and a twist of fate occurred and they got one over on them. Says Max showed his true colors throwing Jericho off the cage even after the surrender, and he got Santana arrested for going after him with that fork! Says it’s a bitch move, Max. Hager says they were beat but they’re still alive. Guevara wants to turn tonight’s show from the coronation of the Pinnacle to the funeral of the Pinnacle! Wants to send them to the grave.

Cody Rhodes makes his way out for a big Double Or Nothing announcement, coming up next on the AEW Dynamite Recap.

We come back and he says patriotism is kind of out of fashion today. Mixed reactions. Cody says we live in the real world, there’s plenty of problems with America. But Anthony Ogogo has constantly been running the US down. Says Ogogo is afforded all the same rights we all are to say and do what we like, that’s freedom and that’s America. You talk about vision and anger and argument, from the outside in, the argument is what makes us who we are. But our empathy outweighs our anger. Says Ogogo didn’t come out here to live he English Dream. Says he won’t disparage, they know how to make a wrestler. He says Ogogo likes to educate on what the US is, allow him to return the favor.

The industry he joined, it was an Italian immigrant who was the world champion for 1400 days! Says a man from Pakistan came here at 16 and cultivated the land we have before us. Cody says back in the day there was segregation, whites and blacks could not visit the same school. Says this year, his wife Brandi gives birth to a beautiful black, a beautiful white, a beautiful American princess who will deny neither identity. And his daughter would want him to fight. Says their fight will happen at Double Or Nothing. Says he will not go into that match as the American Nightmare. For one night, he will carry the sword so heavy, but one only he or his brother could carry. For one night, Anthony Ogogo faces The American Dream Cody Rhodes!

SCU vignette talking about their history with the Young Bucks.

Talk about how they’d been running together since 2015 and saw them as family and that’s why now they feel so betrayed and hurt. They say their stip was a challenge to themselves, that they’d break up if they lost again. They have everything to lose and everything to gain. Daniels says they’ve seen them bleed and cry, so what do you think they’ll do to get what they want?

And that match is up next on the AEW Dynamite Recap!

AEW World Tag Team Championships: The Young Bucks (c) vs. SCU

Frankie and Nick start us out. Kazarian with a headlock, drop toe hold, and slaps him right in the face! Nick slaps him back! Then begs him off, runs away and makes him chase him across ringside. Kaz in there, combination of kicks drops him! Daniels tags in, body shot, Kaz with a Flip Neckbreaker! Matt comes in, Daniels ducks a line, Clothesline/Back Suplex combo! Tag to Kaz, Pullover Elbow from Daniels, Pullover Legdrop from Kaz for a 2 count! Tag to Daniels, double teaming, round kick from Kazarian, clothesline to the back from Daniels, double footstomp from Kazarian! Punch combo from Daniels, Nick whips him, Matt back body drops him to the floor! Matt tags in, Baseball Slide to Daniels! Skins the cat and does some Macho Man poses.

Matt with a big Apron Bomb to Daniels! Drapes him across the apron, Nick with a Senton off the apron taking Daniels to the floor! Commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will resume when we come back. As we return, SCU keeps Matt out of the match, Arm Drag into a Powerbomb for a nearfall on Nick! Matt rushes in, Celebrity Rehab on Matt Jackson! Looking for the BME but Matt shoves Daniels away. Kazarian slams Matt on the apron, Nick with a High Knee in the corner, Bulldog! Running kick off the apron to Daniels! Shoulder thrust to Kazarian, Pullover X-Factor!

Goes outside, Superkick to Daniels into the ringpost and he is bleeding BIG time after that!

Nick looks stunned at first, then cackles. Kazarian flings Nick into the ring for a big cutter! But then Kaz sees the state of his partner and checks on him. Matt tags in, they look for More Bang For Your Buck, Kazarian reverses the cradle, catches Nick for a Northern Lights Suplex, nearly pins them both!! Takes Nick to the ramp with a back body drop! Matt wants a bodyslam, Kazarian reverses with an Inside Cradle! Has him for the 3, Gallows is on the apron distracting the ref though! Kaz knocks Gallows off the apron.

Picks Matt up, looks to Gallows as he delivers a Styles Clash!! Pulls Nick over the apron, tries for a Pull-In Cutter but Matt stops that with a Superkick! Tombstone Piledriver, Knee Strike – Daniels back in to break up the pin!! ANGEL’S WINGS TO NICK!! Pulls Kazarian over to the corner and tags himself in! He’s woozy though as he comes in, wiping the blood – Matt NAILS him with a spear! He clobbers the wound of Daniels and gets his blood all over himself! Wants a Superkick, Daniels avoids it, Angel’s Wings hooked but Matt with a back body drop counters it! Matt puts on the big crocodile tears, yells “I’m Sorry, I Love You” and Superkicks him! Covers – NEARFALL!!!

Matt is furious, picks him up… Daniels reverses and takes him down! Wants the BME, slips up first but then NAILS it the next time! Cutler and Good Brothers on the apron to distract, Daniels takes them to the floor, Nick sprays Daniels n the eyes behind the ref’s back! Nails Kazarian, Matt covers – CLOSE NEARFALL! BTE Trigger! Cover, Kazarian leaps into the ring but Nick stops him! And that’s the three.

Winner: The Young Bucks

What a bout. Kazarian afterwards looks absolutely heartbroken as the heels rush off.

AEW Dynamite Recap rolls on, Moxley and Kingston are in the Elite’s locker room tearing it apart!

We see Kazarian and Daniels hug after a commercial break.

Backstage, Christian Cage with a promo. He says last week we saw Technique With Taz where he critiqued his in-ring ability, says it has as much credibility as Christian critiquing Taz’s buffet ability. He has an open contract next week and will face whoever Taz wants to throw at him. Talks up the Casino Battle Royale at Double Or Nothing and throws his name in the hat to win it. Matt Sydal comes in and says he wants to redeem himself from last year and win that battle royale himself. And what’s more, Christian can forget about Team Taz because HE signed that open contract and he’ll be seeing him next week!

Up next on the AEW Dynamite Recap…

PAC vs. Orange Cassidy (AEW World Title No. 1 Contender’s Match)

Face-off. Orange takes off the sunglasses nad puts them on PAC. Looks pretty nice on him. PAC takes them off, rips them apart and drops them. Orange wants to go into the pockets, PAC grabs for him – CASSIDY YANKS HIM RIGHT INTO THE BEACH BREAK! NEARFALL! PAC powders! Cassidy with the hands in the pockets, No Hands Tope Suicida Shoulder Block and he lands on his feet! AND he has a backup pair of sunglasses! Incredible. Throws PAC into the barricade as we go to commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will continue when we come back.

As we return, Cassidy is laid out on the floor. PAC goes out and pulls him up, tosses him HARD into the barricade! Pulls him up and hurls him again! Takes him up and throws him into the ring. Seems to be teasing going up top but just hits a charging stomp. PAC grinds his knee against Cassidy’s throat, Orange’s face is actually orange here. PAC up top now, CRISP Missile Dropkick! Kip up. Slowly up top again. Another BRUTAL Missile Dropkick! Just toying with him right now, going up top once more slowly. And a third Missile Dropkick to the back of the head this time! Finally covers for a nearfall!

PAC getting fed up, positions him, goes up for the Black Arrow.

Cassidy slowly rolls out of the way though, to the other side of the ring. PAC leaps to the mat and gets him with a charging stomp! Up top yet again for it. Cassidy this time rolls closer to the corner and poses under the bottom ropes, gives him the thumbs up. PAC goes to pull him back, Cassidy YANKS him into the buckle! Casadora Victory Roll for a nearfall! PAC with a spin kick to the gut, whips him, HARD Thrust Kick! Pulls him up for a Sit-Out Powerbomb, stacked up for a close nearfall! Cassidy has to roll to the floor.

Commercial break, rare that you see a three segment match on Dynamite but we have one here. AEW Dynamite Recap will resume when the show does!

As we return, Don Callis storms out with a mic demanding that PAC get a move on as we need a winner. Kenny Omega rushes into the ring as the ref is distracted by this, nails PAC in the back with the AEW title! Both men are laid out now. Aubrey has a Standing 10 Count and that means…

Winners: Draw (Double Count Out)

Callis and Kenny as the classic dumbass heels think they’ve done a great thing for themselves and have no challengers since neither man won. Tony Schiavone interrupts and says he’s been told that on Double or Nothing, there will be a world title match and it’ll be double for Kenny; it’s a triple threat for the AEW World title! Callis and Kenny freak out over this.

The Elite backstage yelling in fury about their locker room being trashed. Good Brothers yell about how this is where they sit in a circle and praise the Lord! Matt says before anything else, they just put SCU out to pasture, SCU later. Says now we gotta look at the next challengers, thinks right now that’s the Varsity Blondes so they’ll take them on next week. But for once, the selfless Christian men will do something selfish. Asks Moxley and Kingston what they’re doing at Double Or Nothing? Invites them to a Superkick Party!

Hangman Page with a promo backstage with Dark Order.

Page’s guys try to console him, with Five saying being #5 ain’t so bad. Page says it was bound to happen, he had a big target on his head. Granted, it took three men attacking him before the match, a title shot to the back of the head and a Powerbomb on the ramp that nearly took his lungs out. Thinks it was less Cage that beat him and more Taz that beat him. Suggests that if it were him, he wouldn’t feel satisfied with a win like that. Challenges him to face him in a rematch with Team Taz left in the back, and go one-on-one with him. For him, it’s double or nothing. John Silver marvels about how that’s the name of the PPV!!

MJF and the Pinnacle make their way out, Max is wearing a crown as the AEW Dynamite Recap rolls on.

Max demands everyone bows for him. Doesn’t know if the poors heard about this but for the first time ever, AEW ranked #1 on cable last week and you have HIM to thank for it! Even broke a record on TSN for Canada, because they had a Canadian hero in that match and his name is Shawn Spears! Calls him the Canadian God. The Inner Circle is down two men, one because he stabbed him like a coward and the other because he tripped and took a fall. So why would they want a rematch? But he’s a young, benevolent king. Asks the people if they’d like to see a rematch. They say yes and chant “rematch”. His answer… is no.

Tully on the mic says you know what it’s like to be on the top looking down on all the other talent? He’s been there many times in the past. This group of guys right here, MJF with his crown on… they took everything the Inner Circle could dish out last week. Blood and Guts, you watched this group of men take everything they had. And at the end, they’re out there shaking their arms saying “no, no, don’t throw Chris, we submit”! When you quit, you stinkin’ quit. Says they’re at the top of the world, they deserve the finest things, got five of the greatest looking women that the city has to offer. And he spent plenty of money for the finest watches they can have.

Says they can question their abilities but they can always look at this and see a present from Tully Blanchard! Yells about how they’re the Pinnacle and that means being above everyone else!

A horn honks loudly to interrupt them. The remnants of the Inner Circle ride a jeep hauling something…

Max yells that Santana is dealing with his lawyers and we’ll NEVER see Jericho again, the Inner Circle is dead! But we hear Jericho’s voice cut him off, and he comes out from the back of the jeep, with a big cast on is arm. He too demands a rematch and MJF still says no. So Jericho gives Sammy the queue, and he sprays the hell out of the ring with a high powered super soaker! Every member of the Pinnacle is drenched.

MJF is furious and says fine, they have their rematch! They will face them in the match that they LOST last year, the Stadium Stampede! But if the Inner Circle loses, they break up forever! Jericho looks stunned. Max says take it or leave it.

As the AEW Dynamite Recap rolls on, we hear from Britt Baker who has a sit-down interview with Jim Ross.

He says it was about a year ago today that Shida busted Britt’s mouth. Baker said that put her out for five months. But since she came back, she’s been the baddest bitch on the block. Says she can’t beat her unless she kills her and she’s pretty hard to kill. Jim points out that Tony Khan was having a photoshoot with Forbes and Baker took it upon herself to interrupt only for Shida to intervene. Baker says she just felt they should have pictures with the current champion when the Forbes article drops and the PPV is in three weeks.

JR says Shida has been champion for a whole year and her time may have come, it’ll be a physical match with a lot of urgency. Baker agrees that she was champion throughout a very difficult year and keeping this women’s division on life support. But Britt says she has a pulse and it won’t need support anymore. Says the women’s division will live on it’s own after Double or Nothing.

Up next on the AEW Dynamite Recap…

Thunder Rosa vs. Jasmin Allure

Rosa with a big chop to Allure. Uppercut to the face. Takes her to the corner, big chop to the chest. Shoulder thrusts to the ribs. Drives her HARD into the top turnbuckle! Huge chops to the chest! Rosa with a running dropkick! Bodyslam, hits the ropes twice for a high speed Half Senton! Holds her up, Shoulder Breaker into the Fire Thunder Driver for the win!

Winner: Thunder Rosa

Solid squash.

We get a card rundown for next week. Young Bucks vs. Varsity Blondes, Anthony Ogogo vs. Austin Gunn, Christian Cage vs. Matt Sydal and Serena Deeb returns (!) to defend the NWA Women’s title against Red Velvet!

Jade Cargill being interviewed by Tony Schiavone. Talks about the offer made by Mark Sterling, the former lawyer of MJF. He says he made sure Max is the highest paid athlete in AEW and he could do the same for her. Jade says she handles her own business, nobody else handles her business. She’s listening to the offers but she’s her own boss, she’s that bitch.

Monochrome video about Darby Allin.

He doesn’t have time to even think about being thrown down the stairs last week. Darby says he dropped everything after that to come home to Seattle. He likes coming here as it reminds him of who he is and where he came from. Trashy as it is, he loves everything about it. Says Miro came here talking about glass ceilings. What has he done since he came here? One minute he’s a gamer, the next he’s someone’s Best Man. Does he even know who he really is? Because Darby sure knows who HE is. He doesn’t buy what Miro’s selling. Calls him a generic son of a bitch and claims he will not take away what is his.

Up next, the main event on the AEW Dynamite Recap!

TNT Championship: Darby Allin (c) vs. Miro

Darby’s paint has spread to his chest. He is a bit hobbled coming out and Miro attacks him before the bell rings, tosses him across the ring! Batters him to the mat, stomps him repeatedly! HURLS him into the buckle, referee trying to get order before he can call for the bell. Miro tosses him from the ring, BIELS him onto the floor! Throws him into the barricade. Miro grabs Darby by the head and yells into the camera, says he will never be underwhelming. Clothesline sends him FLYING over the barrier to the floor!

Miro follows him out and drags Darby up. Crowd chanting Darby’s name and Miro eggs them on. Overhead Belly To Belly sends him over the barrier and to the floor! Geeze. Scorpio and Ethan Page laugh as they watch this. Miro takes him into the ring, nails him with a charging knee in the corner. Ref is asking if Darby wants to go. He takes the jacket off, he’s got tape all over his arm. Tells the ref to ring the bell and he does – Running Superkick from Miro, cover for a nearfall! Miro celebrates, thinking he won it but no.

Darby rolls to the floor, Miro follows, Darby with a shotgun dropkick! And a second one! Wants an OTT Stunner, Miro blocks, Darby slips behind him and posts him! HIGH VELOCITY TOPE SUICIDA! Jesus he was going so fast! Goes up top for a big Coffin Drop but Miro catches him out of the air!! Belly To Back Suplex onto the floor!! Ouch.

Commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will conclude when the show returns.

We come back to see Darby trying desperately to crawl away from Miro. We see that during the break Scorpio hit a cheap shot chopblock on Sting. Miro with a BRUTAL Deadlift Powerslam to Darby! Pulls Darby up to his feet. Bear hug cinched in deep. Darby rolls into the ropes for the break. Miro yanks him up for a waistlock. Allin elbowing himself free. Miro throws him to the corner, blocks a kick, spins him around, wants a Back Suplex but Darby escapes and gets him into a Sleeper! Darby’s arm is bothering him too much to cinch in with it so he modifies his grip, Miro is fading! Miro scrambles to the rope for the break!

Now Miro rolls to the floor, Allin follows and leaps at him, clobbering him, puts the Sleeper back on! Miro fights up, grabs the TNT title. Referee takes the belt away from him, Miro drives Darby right into the platform to break up the hold! Throws Allin into the ring. “Let’s Go Darby” chant as Miro rolls in with him. Slow to get to our feet. Miro kicks him to the mat, slams his bum arm into the mat. He rips the tape off of his shoulder, hammers it and tosses him shoulder first into the buckle! Pulls him up, slams him into the ropes! Allin locks eyes with Sting. They share a fist bump. Miro smiles as Darby fights his way up. He gives him a free punch, Darby swings and it just bounces off Miro’s face. Miro shocves him to the corner, Darby with the boots up!

Slips around him a couple of times, OTT Stunner!

Inside Cradle for a nearfall! Charges, Miro pops him up – another OTT Stunner lays him out!! Darby up top, Coffin Drop – Miro catches him with a Waistlock! Tries a German, Darby flips to his feet! Roll up for a cloooooose nearfall! Headbut tto the gut, Yoshitonic!! NEARFALL! Grabs the armbar! Miro grabs him by the head and reverses into Game Over, cinching his upper body waaaay back! Darby passes out and the ref calls for the bell!

Winner: Miro

Fantastic match. Quickly after, anarchy breaks out as Scorpio and Ethan come back down, Dark Order run them out, Lance Archer comes to the stage and stares down Miro! That is our show.

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