WrestleMania Backlash Recap

Back for the main roster once-a-month now, it’s that time for the WrestleMania Backlash Recap! Stick with us for the live results and written play-by-play!

We have Dave Batista surprisingly doing our cold open, narrating the significance of WrestleMania and it’s fallout, and he makes a remark about how you never know who might show up.

Our opening match here on the WrestleMania Backlash Recap is…

WWE Raw Women’s Championship: Rhea Ripley (c) vs. Asuka vs. Charlotte Flair

Charlotte slides out of the ring as the match begins. Asuka pursues from one side, Ripley from the other. Flair gets chased inside, but nails Ripley on the way in with a clothesline! Asuka hits Charlotte with a Spinning Backfist, Ripley rolls her up, Asuka breaks up the pin. Asuka and Rhea shove each other off, Ripley whips Asuka, she sneaks in a hip attack to take Flair to the floor! Ripley and Asuka exchange cradles, Asuka with an arm wringer takedown, Ripley with a reversal but Asuka kicks her away, charging Hip Attack in the corner! Charlotte pulls Asuka outside the ring, Fallaway Slam to the floor!

She goes into the ring to take it to Ripely, who kicks her in the stomach, hits the ropes, Flair with a shoulder block, Rhea stands her ground! They square up. Charlotte demands Ripley try the shoulder block and tricks her, knee lift to the gut, Exploder Suplex! Stomps her into the buckles. Asuka grabs Charlotte’s ankle as she goes to the apron, Rhea dropkicks her to the floor! Ripley follows up and kicks Asuka to the floor as well. Charlotte trips Rhea up and she collapses. Charlotte takes Asuka into the ring and gets the heat on her. Flair with a snapmare, cartwheel, kick to the face! Covers her a couple of times, Asuka kicks out twice.

Asuka fires up, series of strikes. Charlotte blocks an Irish Whip, Asuka ducks a clothesline, Flying Armbar Takedown!

Charlotte rolls her over, gets a foot on the bottom rope for the break. Asuka gets her right back into the hold quick but Ripley breaks up the hold. Rhea with a series of a chops, Charlotte ducks one, Backbreaker/Reverse STO to the buckles! WrestleMania Backlash Recap continues, Charlotte wants a slam but Asuka escapes, only to get laid out with chops. Ripley with a Short-Arm Clothesline to Charlotte, couple more, Back Heel Kick, dropkick to Asuka! Ducks a lien from Charlotte, knee lifts to the face, snapmare! Hits the ropes, Basement Dropkick! Pulls her up, Northern Lights Suplex with a bridge, Asuka breaks it up!

The three of them exchange hard shots until they all fall. Asuka fires up, series of Germans to Charlotte! Hip Attack to Ripley, Roundhouse Kick to Flair! Thrust kick to the gut drops her, round kicks to the chest of both downed women! Sliding knee to the face of Charlotte, nearfall! Flair takes over and takes them both to the floor, Triangle Moonsault! Takes them back into the ring, Charlotte up top, Ripley goes up there with her to try a Superplex, Asuka slips under Ripley for a tower spot but it’s blocked.

So instead Asuka goes up there with her, Double Superplex to Charlotte!

Asuka and Ripley fight their way up. Charlotte up as well, they’re all on their knees and swinging away! They fight to their feet, Ripley with a series of headbutts! Charlote whiffs some Big Boots, Asuka and Ripley want a double suplex but Charlotte escapes behind them for a Chop Block to them both! Double Natural Selection! Covers each of them and of course they kick out. Flair up top for a Moonsault, Asuka rolls out of the way, Codebreaker! Flair falls to the floor before Asuka can pin her, Ripley wants the Riptide but Asuka counters into the Asukalock!

Ripley elbows her way free, wants a German, Flair with a big boot nails Ripley, Asuka takes her into the Asukalock, Flair counters with the Figure Four but gets kicked off, Asuka looking for the Asukalock again, Ripley pulls her off, eats a Spinning Kick, Charlotte comes over, gets taken to the apron, big boot to Asuka – she staggers into Ripley’s arms for the Riptide and that’s the match!

Winner: Rhea Ripley

That was quite the run-on sentence to end that one. Fun match. Clearly Charlotte and Ripley is the focus right now.

Miz and Morrison backstage talking about the Lumberjack match tonight. Morrison says he’s got a plan to make sure Priest falls into their Thirst Trap. Miz says he doesn’t think Morrison knows what that means. Morrison says he’s the most Moist-See Superstar in WWE for a reason.

We see footage of Roode and Ziggler attacking Dominik backstage during the Kickoff. Dominik and Rey are in the doctor’s office, Dominik tries to say he can go. Rey tells him they can’t do this, he’ll live to fight another day.

Dirty Dawgs make their way out, pleased with what they’ve done. And Rey comes out, seemingly going it alone…? Heels taunting him as he slowly makes his way up the steps. Up next on the WrestleMania Backlash Recap…

WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship: Dirty Dawgs (c) vs. Rey Mysterio

Rey rushes into the ring as the bell rings and takes the fight to them but Roode attacks from behind, Rey with a headscissor takes Roode into Ziggler! Roll-up on Roode for a 2 count. Heels take over quick thanks to the 2-on-1. Roode hoists Rey up, he escapes behind him and posts him. Mysterio with a West Coast Pop off the apron! He rushes into the ring and he’s all by himself. Roode rushes in, Rey with a drop toe hold. Roode with a kick to the gut stops the momentum, big lariato! Dolph grinds away at the face of Mysterio. Tags and isolation. Roode with a power whip sends Rey bouncing off the buckles.

Rey starts making his comeback, kicking them both away, goes up top but Ziggler crotches him and he ends up in the Tree of Woe! Roode stomps at a very prone Rey. Dolph takes Mysterio to the floor, DDTs his leg onto the floor! Throws him into the ring, cover for a 2 count. Rey struggling to his feet. Mysterio starts kicking away again, Dawgs with a Wheelbarrow Fameasser combo for a nearfall! Dolph goes outside, Roode tosses Rey into his usual out-of-the-ring spot and Dolph Superkicks him on the way down, geeze!10 count starts… Rey JUST gets in at 9! They try and double team Rey but he counters with a Double DDT!! Posts Roode! Dolph grabs him, Rey flips behind him, posts Dolph too!

And finally, out comes Dominik Mysterio!

He comes out slow and holding his ribs still but he wants the tag! Rey doesn’t want this, Dolph tries to take over, rana takes Dolph into position for the 619! Roode tries to block, Rey nails him, Dolph with the Zig Zag!! CLOSE nearfall!! Roode tags in, hoists Rey up on his shoulders and mocks Dominik. Gutbuster! Cover for a nearfall! Roode slamming Rey into the buckles. Hoists him up on his shoulders again and now he scales the second rope! Rey elbowing his way free, stands up top… Super Bulldog!!

Dominik pleading for a tag, Rey is hesitant. Roode grabs Rey by the tights, Mysterio with elbows… kicks him away, Dominik finally tags in! Ducks a line from Roode, big boot to Dolph! Taking the fight to Roode, whip reversed, Roode with a Spinebuster!! Ziggler tags in, Double Arm Drag Powerbomb!! Dolph has a cut just in the middle of his brow. Dolph posts Dominik. Roode yells at him about how he should’ve stayed down, he’s an embarrassment and doesn’t belong, Dolph is tuning up the band… Dominik beats him to the punch with the Superkick!

Simultags, Rey with a West Coast Pop to Roode, takes Dolph off the apron but Roode stops him with a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker for a nearfall! Roode wants a Powerbomb, Rey with punches sends him to the mat, rana to turnbuckle, 619 out of the corner!! Tag to Dominik, Rey with a Tope Sunset Flip Bomb to Dolph! Dominik up top, Frog Splash for the win!

Winner: The Mysterios

Awesome stuff. Really cool to finally see the Mysterios do it, they should’ve had tag titles a year ago but regardless, very good story.

WrestleMania Backlash Recap continues.

They get interviewed briefly. Rey says he’s on top of the world. Dominik says he did it for his dad and they’re gonna celebrate.

John Morrison walks over to the… Lumberjack Locker Room, a thing that exists. He opens the door and it’s filled with zombies. I’ve learned to stop questioning these things.

Jimmy Uso steps into Roman Reigns’ dressing room. You know because of the like 20 second zoom in on his name on the back of his shirt. Jimmy tells Jey that Roman is the Tribal Chief but he wouldn’t be without Jimmy. Talks about getting back in their own locker room. Jey doesn’t want to hear it, Roman walks over and makes him leave.

Morrison tries to explain seeing zombies to Miz who obviously doesn’t take him serious. Convinces him that it’s all in his head, but the camera pans over and confirms a horde of zombies walking over, one of whom is either Elvis or Honky Tonk Man, hard to say.

It’s confirmed via Twitter that Batista sent zombies to the arena. Oy, anyway, up next on the WrestleMania Backlash Recap…

Lumberjack Match: The Miz vs. Damian Priest

The zombies appear and suddenly the whole ThunderDome is uh, in horror mode There’s like a bunch of decrepit skyscrapers on the screen and smoke everywhere and it just looks edgy and rusty. Zombies chase away the commentators. Anyway a match is happening amidst this zombie outbreak and the bell rings. Miz attacks Priest, baseball slide, ends up surrounded by zombies and runs back into the ring. Priest takes over but gets sent outside and also has to run back in.

Yannow, if I were Miz and Priest, this would maybe seem like a decent time to call a truce, just a thought. But no they keep fighting, Miz gets chased across the outside for a bit, Priest takes over, Top Rope Wheel Kick floors Miz for a nearfall. He wants a chokeslam, Miz trips him up for a Figure Four Leglock. Zombies pull them outside, Miz and Priest take my advice and start working together to take out the zombies! Priest squares up with a big zombie. Springboard kick to the gead! Miz and Priest into the ring, Miz wants a high five, but it’s a setup for a kick and Priest sees it coming, blocks, Broken Arrow for a nearfall!

Morrison rushes out to the apron, Capoeira Kick to Priest, Miz with a Buisaku Knee for a nearfall! Morrison leaps off the steps for a Flip Corkscrew Tope onto the zombies! Flying Chuck off the barricade to the zombies! Scales the barrier, but they catch him by the ankles! They drag him down from the barricade and to the abyss! Miz is distracted by his best friend being mauled to death by zombies and Priest nails the Fade To Black for the win!

Winner: Damien Priest

What is wrestling. Miz was also swarmed and devoured by zombies afterwards so I guess we’re never seeing them again.

Well the show must go on I guess.

Jimmy and Jey are arguing backstage. Jimmy says maybe the locker room should actually read “Roman Reigns……………………… and his bitch!” Jey throws a fit.

Up next on the WrestleMania Backlash Recap…

WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship: Bianca Belair (c) vs. Bayley

Belair and Bayley with a lock, Standing Switches. They’re still going. Bianca takes her to the outside. Bayley back in, Bianca leapfrogs her, makes her flinch. Up to the second rope, taunts her, backflip, dropkick! Belair with a power whip to the corner. Bayley slips to the apron to counter a whip, Bianca with an arm drag into the ring. Wants a Handspring but Bayley slips to the floor. Bianca follows, leap frogs a shot, shoulder tackle! Takes her into the ring, Handspring Moonsault for a nearfall!

Bayley nails her to take the lead back, power whip to the corner. Chokes her in the ropes. Cover for a 2 count. Bayley with a back suplex for a 2 count. Goes up top, Bianca cuts her off, but a Hot Shot stops her! Bayley hooks for a suplex, wants to take her outside… Bianca counters with a beautiful Vertical Suplex! Bayley with an Inside Cradle for a nearfall! They roll together to the floor and Bayley hooks her for a suplex, sends her ribs first onto the steps!

Snap Suplex takes Belair off the steps to the floor!

Throws her inside, nearfall Bayley with elbows, leaps at her, Bianca catches her but Bayley escapes. Hoists her up, TIlt-A-Whirl Side Slam for a nearfall! Charging knee in the corner, cover for 2, Bianca kicks out and sends her into the camera! Bayley cackles at her as she slowly stands up. She ducks a punch, but Bianca on the other side takes her down. Belair clobbers her across the back, kicks her around. Biel Toss! And another, dropkick!

Bayley wants the Rose Plant, Bianca shoots her off, Spinebuster for a nearfall! Bayley with a clothesline! Goes up top, Flying Elbow Drop for a nearfall! Bayley with a baseball slide, Bianca blocks her but Bayley sends her to the post! Wants a Tope Suicida but Belair sidesteps her and she goes crashing! Bianca hoists her up, Glam Slam onto the apron! Throws her into the ring. Belair charges her, Bayley leapfrogs, backslides with her feet on the ropes for 2. Grabs the rope for a cradle, ref catches her this time.

Bianca fights back, exchange of forearms. Bayley rakes the eyes! Bayley grabs the long braid. Ripcord Bayley-To-Belly for a cloooose nearfall! Bayley hooks the braid for the Rose Plant, Belair rolls her forward for a cradle, barely gets the three!

Winner: Bianca Belair

Neat match and a cute finish. WrestleMania Backlash Recap.

MVP with a promo backstage says that, in fact, Lashley can lose the title without being involved in the finish did you know that? But it’s okay he’s the All Mighty WWE Champion.

Up next on the WrestleMania Backlash Recap…

WWE Championship: Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Braun Strowman

Bell rings, Lashley wants it one-on-one with him and McIntyre. Strowman plows right through Drew and then Lashley! Bobby rushes him though and clotheslines him to the mat, they’re all trading heavy shots. Bobby with mounted punches, Drew stomping him. Lashley hooks Strowman, wants McIntyre’s help with a suplex. Drew with knee lifts to the gut of Strowman, they hoist Braun – Double Delayed Vertical Suplex to the big man! McIntyre whips Bobby, Overhead Belly To Belly! Glasgow Kiss to Strowman! Lashley pulls McIntyre to the floor and rams his head into the apron. They grapple outside, STROWMAN WITH A FLIP SENTON TO THE FLOOR WIPING THEM OUT!

Lashley wants the Hurt Lock on Strowman in the ring, McIntyre flies off the top rope with a crossbody to take them out! McIntyre with an Overhead Belly To Belly on Lashley! Posts Strowman, Lashley takes him to the apron, McIntyre with a forearm, goes up top, Flying Clothesline! And a kip up! Ducks a line, Neckbreaker! Lashley breaks up the pin! Wants a big Chokeslam, nearfall! Lashley takes McIntyre outside, hoists him onto his shoulders and posts him! Strowman nails Lashley with the steps! And again! McIntyre takes Strowman over the barrier with a Claymore!

Drew and Lashley fight out to the ramp, Drew hooks him with a suplex. Bobby blocks, reverses onto the ramp! Bobby clobbers him to the stage and tosses him into the LEDS. Hooks him, McIntyre reverses, Glasgow Kiss! And he drives him repeatedly into the boards.

McIntyre throws Lashley through the Explosive LEDs!

Strowman clobbers Drew. Throws him down the ramp, rushes down for the Freight Train and sends him into the apron! Strowman grabs McIntyre by the hair and smashes him in the chest, Half Senton for a nearfall! McIntyre sidesteps a charge, Michinoku Driver on Strowman!!!! NEARFALL! Strowman takes McIntyre to the floor. Braun goes outside and starts for the Strowman Express, but McIntyre grabs him – Overhead Belly To Belly onto the floor!! Drew charges for a Claymore, Strowman catches him out of the air!! POWERBOMB THROUGH THE TABLE!!

Strowman rips off his shirt as “This Is Awesome” is piped in. Braun yanks him up and throws him into the ring. Takes him up for the Running Powerslam, Drew slips free, Claymore! Lashley finally back into the ring, throws McIntyre out, Spears Strowman! And that’s that.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Good match! Surprisingly high spot hoss stuff there.

WrestleMania Backlash Recap continues and up next we have the main event…

WWE Universal Championship: Roman Reigns (c) vs. Cesaro

Before the match, Jey tries to hype up Roman but he doesn’t wanna hear it, says he doesn’t need him tonight. A really shittily piped in “Roman Sucks” chant comes in as we prepare to get going. Big lock-up. Into the corner, Clean break. Lock-up again. Reigns with a side headlock. Takedown! Cesaro fights up. Shoots him off, Roman with a shoulder tackle. Cesaro with a whip, leap frog, shoulder block for a 1 count. La Magistral Cradle for a nearfall! Roman powders and has to convene with Heyman for a bit.

Reigns with an uppercut, shoulder thrusts in the corner. Roman whips him, Cesaro with a Springboard Uppercut!! Trips him up for the Giant Swing, Reigns kicks him away. Throws him to the floor, Cesaro favoring his shoulder. He makes it back in, uppercuts a few times, Reigns with a big chop lays him out! Throws him into the post and Cesaro collapses to the floor, Roman already targeting that bad arm.

Now Reigns slams his face off the announce table and takes him into the ring, headlock cinched in. Cesaro fights up, Reigns transitions to a Cravat. Cesaro powers him up with a suplex but Roman reverses! Cover for a 1 count. Elbows in the corner. Cesaro fires back with European Uppercuts but a single shot from Roman ECHOES loudly and stops him! Another cravat. Cesaro fights up, whip, Reigns with a Flying Clothesline, cover for a 1 count! Roman pulls him up, Samoan Drop, 2 count this time! Roman seems stressed about this, expected an easier match.

Reigns looks for the Superman Punch but Cesaro counters with the Pop-Up Uppercut!

Cesaro with the charging uppercuts in the corner, time and again, Running Big Boot for a nearfall! And right into a grab of the leg, attacks them, steps through for the Sharpshooter! Roman drags himself quickly to the ropes! Reigns powders, Cesaro with a Corkscrew Plancha wipes out Reigns!!! Cesaro shrugs and nails a charging uppercut taking him over the barricade! Throws him into the ring, Cesaro goes up top, Crossbody for a nearfall!! Now he takes him to the corner, but Roman stops him. They trade punches, Cesaro slams his face off the ringpost!

Takes him up top slowly, Roman with an uppercut stops that. Grabs the wrist, big boot to the face! Cesaro again favoring the arm after that maneuver, Roman with a charging dropkick sends his shoulder into the steps! Throws him into the ring, cover for a 2 count. Roman grabs the wrist and wrings at the arm repeatedly. Cranking it painfully across his shoulder! Says “DB Style” and starts smashing it reversed, Cesaro fights out but eats a lariat for a nearfall!

Punching him repeatedly, forearms taking him into the corner. Knees to the face, ref pulls him away. Whips him, big boot! Reigns talks his smack on Cesaro. Pulls him up, headbutt takes him to the corner, kicks him in the corner until he falls. Cesaro with an elbow, uppercut. Big boot!

Discus Lariat and Cesaro finally drops him!

They slowly make their way up, trading shots. Uppercut takes Reigns to the corner, charging uppercut drops him! Stomps a mudhole, grabs him by the hair, wants the Deadlift Superplex! AND NAILS IT! Nearfall! Cesaro grabbing for the leg, nailing the inner thighs. Stomp to the gut blocked by Roman, leaps for the Double Stomp!! Pulls up the limp Roman for the Neutralizer, his arm gives out, Roman slips free and nails him, takes him to the mat with a Fujiwara Armbar! Cesaro reverses with a roll-up for a nearfall!

WrestleMania Backlash Recap rolls on, Cesaro wants a Springboard Uppercut but Reigns with a Superman Punch out of the air!!! CLOSE NEARFALL! Reigns wants a big Spear, Cesaro with an uppercut stops him! Looks for the Pop-Up but the arm gives out again, Roman with the Guillotine! But Cesaro powers him up! Slams him to the mat! Hooks the legs, trying for the Sharpshooter! Roman goes for the eyes, Cesaro blocks that though, pounds him! And the Sharpshooter is applied, sits back and Roman is trapped! Keeps having to shake out the bum arm. Reaches back to block his arm…

Turns around into the LeBell Lock!!!

WrestleMania Backlash Recap continues, Roman struggling, targets the bum arm, spins around on the mat and now he’s pummeling him, Cesaro managing to block the brunt of it but gets laid out. Pulls him for the Deadlift Sit-Out Powerbomb, PLANTS HIM, nearfall!! Reigns keeps trying to pound him, Cesaro blocks a punch! He manages to judo throw him away but Reigns is right back on him, Front Facelock, rolls him over, backflips into the Guillotine! Cesaro once again powers up, plants him , doesn’t quuuite break it, Roman punches his way back in! Cesaro is fading! Still trying to break the grip though! But he’s using the bad arm… Roman manages to cinch it in again, wraps the legs around his waist… and the ref has to call for the bell.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Incredible match.

Afterwards Cesaro snaps awake and has to ask what happened. Jey rushes down to the ring afterwards and has Roman’s lei. Puts it around his neck. Roman gives him permission and Jey superkicks Cesaro! He mounts him for powerful elbows. Positions him and goes up top….

Seth Rollins’ music hits?!

As usual he looks like his jacket was the victim of a very mean prank but he storms out to get into Roman’s face. He smiles. And it’s a mislead of course as he charges over to stomp on Cesaro and kick him to the floor. Seth slams his arm into the steps, sends him over the announce table, smashes his arm into the top of it. Chair shot to the back. Chair shot to the bum arm! And one to the gut. Wraps the arm in the chair. Pulls him up with the chair and takes him to the post, yells in his face. Says he’s Seth freakin’ Rollins and nobody makes a mockery of him. He slams the arm hard into the post!

And finally we have The Stomp on the floor. And that’s the note we go out on, that’s the show.

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