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It’s that time again for the NXT Recap! Watch this space!

And now for our first match of the night…

Toni Storm vs. Zoey Stark

They come to the middle, Toni with a facewash, Zoey charges her into the corner and batters her against the buckles. Toni shoves her out, eats a dropkick and quickly powders. Zoey with a tope! Leaps up and yells. Throws her inside, Springboard Dropkick! Toni rolls out again, Zoey wants a running kick from the apron, Storm blocks her and rips her to the floor! Tosses her against the steps, charging hip attack into the stairs! Toni into the ring, wants a 10 count but Stark manages to beat it.

Storm stomps her against the corner, drags her up. Zoey with a couple of forearms, Toni pulls her in for a Snap Suplex! Cover for a 2 count. Zoey fighting back but a right hand stops that, Toni drags her to the corner. Hair biel! Pendulum Backbreaker and holds her knee painfully against her knee. Toni pulls her up, elbow to the face, uppercuts, one misses, Zoey with a backslide for a 2 count! Toni shoves her away but Zoey nails her with an enziguri!

Commercial break, NXT Recap will resume when the show does.

As we return Zoey’s comeback continues with a charging kick, Toni fights back and wants Storm Zero but Stark ranas her for a 2 count! Thrust Kick into a Half-N-Half Suplex for a nearfall! Stark pulls her up, Toni outwrestles her, German Suplex! Storm Zero lands – NEARFALL! Storm is stunned. So she has to pull a new finisher out of her ass; Toni pulls her up, Inverted Judo Toss into a Brainbuster kind of landing, and that puts her away!

Winner: Toni Storm

Nice match. Afterwards, Franky Monet makes her way out. And that’s about all.

NXT Recap rolls on, Legado del Fantasma backstage cutting a promo, asking where their tag title match is. Ciampa and Thatcher come in and say they shouldn’t get ahead of themselves. The heels snap at them and Thatcher responds in what is evidently very broken Spanish.

Cameron Grimes rolls up. Tosses keys to Jake Atlas as though he’s a valet, and they make a crack about how it’s Ted DiBiase’s spot. Grimes berates them for the joke and tells them to meet him in the ring.

Candice and Indi having themselves a spa day with their titles. LaRae talks up how everything’s going their way now and they deserves this. Indi agrees, says she was right about everything, especially about Dexter Lumis. She says he’s a creep and a loser. Turns out Dexter was the one giving her a temple massage. He walks off, very sad.

We see the Prime Target on Karrion Kross/Finn Balor II as the NXT Recap continues.

They give it the hard sell. Notably Paul Heyman notes even Roman Reigns has an interest in this match and says it’s too close for even him to call.

Jake Atlas is in the ring waiting for Grimes. Grimes comes out and introduces a video, showing off Ted DiBiase’s character highlights. Cleverly it actually starts out as a legit highlight reel but halfway through it devolves into showing him being embarrassed and beaten up. Grimes takes a bow in the ring but seems bothered by the crowds’ chant of “DiBiase”. He charges at Atlas before the bell rings, but gets nailed in the face and taken out of the ring!

Commercial break, NXT Recap will resume when we come back.

Cameron Grimes vs. Jake Atlas

Grimes nails Atlas as we return, Atlas fighting back, exchange of strikes. Now Grimes whips him, Atlas with a boot off of a back body drop. Grimes with an elbow, charges, Atlas with a boot up! Springboard Arm Drag! Charging enziguri in the corner, goes up top! Flying Rana for a 2 count! Grimes fights back up, chops him in the corner, grinds the elbow into his chest. Power whip to the corner lays Atlas out. Cameron takes a moment to taunt him, Atlas able to fight back. Catches a kick, slap to the face! Atlas with a corner whip, reversed but Atlas reverses back and sends Grimes bouncing off the buckles!

Series of uppercuts, Grimes ducks a line, wants a bodyslam but Atlas slips behind him for a German Suplex, Grimes escapes it – nails him with a leaping forearm! Atlas responds with a leaping high knee, Discus Lariat for a 2 count! NXT Recap resumes as Atlas goes up top. Grimes tries to clip him, Atlas leaps over him, charges – Collision Course from Grimes! Wants to go for the Cave In but Ted DiBiase’s music hits! He comes out to the stage. Grimes is furious – Atlas with a Springboard Sunset Flip for the flash pin.

Winner: Jake Atlas

Grimes rushes after Ted. DiBiase is in his limo and again tells him he’s no million dollar man. He rides off. Grimes kicks and screams, “That damn Ted DiBiase!!”

Bronson Reed promo. Promises that after tonight he’ll be able to look his wife in the eye and say that they finally did it.

Pete Dunne with a sit-down interview.

Says there’s a different reason for everyone he’s called out. He’s already beat Kushida and knows he can take his title. WALTER is unfinished business, NXT UK is his brand and he’ll take it back whenever he wants. Of course he wants Gargano’s and Kross’ titles as well. He claims he’s never had a bad match and everyone leaves his matches a different man.

Dunne says he takes a lot of inspiration from traditional British wrestling and blends it with styles from the rest of the world. He says seeing people react to how he bends people’s fingers or joints, adds a different element. But everyone knows how it much it would hurt, you can see how painful that is regardless.

Lastly he says he’d be lying if the NXT title wasn’t obviously his biggest goal, it’s time for him to finally conquer the US.

Up next on the NXT Recap, a match that was intended for last week…

Killian Dain vs. Alexander Wolfe

Wolfe with an immediate waistlock, shoves him away. Dain nails him with shots, Wolfe with a big boot drops him. Mounts him, elbows. Kick to the back. Wolfe with a series of uppercuts but Dain blocks it – responds with his own uppercuts! Takes him to the corner, batters him. Whip to the opposite corner, charging clothesline, flips him with a big lariat. Aichner and Barthel trying to get involved, Drake Maverick gets in their way and Dain knocks Aichner off the apron. Marcel tries to hand Wolfe a chair, the ref sees it and blocks it. Wolfe does manage to rip the chair away and goes to hit Killian with it, Dain drills Wolfe with a Running Crossbody for the win!

Winner: Killian Dain

Afterwards, Aichner and Barthel help Wolfe to his feet… and suddenly they jump him! Imperium Bomb lays him out.

Raquel and Dakota backstage talking about going after the NXT Women’s tag titles. Ever-Rise pop up and talk about how Gonzalez is being greedy since she already has a title, Dakota not-so-much. Raquel gets in their face, ends up slapping Martel.

Up next on the NXT Recap…

Timothy Thatcher & Tommaso Ciampa vs. Legado del Fantasma

Ciampa starts with Wilde, takes him to the outside and nails him. Drags him back in for a chinlock. Pulls him up, tag to Thatcher. Tight cravat. Wilde tags in but Thatcher controls him with a wristlock. Ciampa tags in, chops him to the mat and applies a chinlock, pulls him back into a tight headscissor. Mendoza gets the advantage with a few kicks, Thatcher and Mendoza trading holds but obviously Timmy wins out. Mendoza is bleeding from the nose.

Raul slides between Thatcher’s legs, takes him to the knees, round kicks to the chest! Thatcher blocks one though and grabs him for an ankle lock! Mendoza grabs for Wilde’s hands, pulls him into the ring! Ciampa comes in and there’s a double submission hold from the faces! Heels reverse for a simultaneous cradle but the ref is not counting. Everyone fights up, enziguris traded and everyone is down as we go to commercial break.

NXT Recap will resume when the show does!

We return to see Ciampa nailing lariat after lariat after lariat after lariat, Rocky Romero Forever Clotheslines here! They finally escape the corner, but Ciampa ducks a double line form them, nails a flying Double Clothesline of his own! But finally the double teaming stops Ciampa’s momentum. Mendoza has been cleaned up, he eats a chop but chops him right back in the corner. Charging shoulder thrust! Sets him up, charges, Ciampa sidesteps – Mendoza posts himself and just keeps flying, falling right to the floor! Damn!

Thatcher makes the tag, now he’s landing Belly To Bellies everywhere! Big uppercut to Mendoza. Charging uppercut in the corner! Pulls him to the center, Facelock Suplex for a 2 count! Ciampa tags in, clobbers him big time with chops and punches. Babyfaces isolating here, hard strikes from all sides for Mendoza, charging knee from Ciampa for a nearfall!

Corner whip, Mendoza slips to the apron, WWE Headkick!

Rolls into the ring, exchange of chops, trading big shots, Ciampa wants the Fairy Tale Ending, Mendoza back body drops him, quick Shining Wizard! Ciampa rolls to the wrong corner, Mendoza with a corner clothesline, Wilde tags in, Snap Suplex! Quick tags now. Assisted Slingshot Moonsault, Thatcher breaks up the pin and nails Mendoza. Ref makes him leave, Mendoza kicks him off the apron, Wilde tags in. They setup for the finish, Thatcher pulls Mendoza out of the ring. Wilde goes out to attack Thatcher, comes back in and Ciampa lands the Willow’s Bell! Mendoza barely breaks up the pin. Suddenly out come the Grizzled Young Veterans, they drag Ciampa out of the ring behind the ref’s back, Wheelbarrow sends Ciampa facefirst on the apron! Thrown back in, Wilde makes the cover for the win.

Winners: Legado del Fantasma

Just an oddly put together match, but good action regardless.

Bobby Fish talks about his latest injury and the long road to recovery. Says Pete Dunne claims he’s the match-up that nobody wants but it’s the only match-up he’s interested in. Says he injured him at WarGames, and he wants retribution. He’ll finish it this time.

We tune back in to the Spa Day. Candice’s credit card was declined, she finds out. They ask the girl to run it again but she says she did, even talked to the credit card place. Candice and Indi blame Austin but the girl talks about how the charge was from a florist, flowers and chocolates. Candice gets nervous and says that doesn’t ring a bell at all. Indi figures out the game and says, “Do you know what this means…? HE STILL LOVES ME!”

She runs off, overjoyed to find out about the lie. She looks on the bright side, huh?

Up next on the NXT Recap…

Sarray vs. Aliyah

Sarray with a series of arm drags, Basement Dropkick. Hits the ropes, Kamea trips her up, Aliyah takes the fight to her with uppercuts. Charging elbow, cover for a 2 count, Sarray bridges up but a hair trip takes her down. Aliyah with a biel toss, charging high kick, takes Sarray to the mat. Sarray fights back, Spinning Heel Kick for a 2 count. German Suplex drops her on her head! Goes up top, Missile Dropkick lays her out! Big Basement Dropkick in the ropes! Pulls her up, Saito Suplex for the win!

Winner: Sarray

Nice quick one there.

Ember and Shotzi talk up their tag team resume and promise to reclaim the gold, sealing it with a wolf howl.

Up next on the NXT Recap…

Hit Row (Ashanti The Adonis & Top Dolla) vs. Tony Nese & Ariya Daivari

Nese starts out quick, running around until Ashanti nails a Flapjack! Top Dolla tags in, huge biel toss. Dolla tags in as does Daivari, hoists up Daivari, Nese leaps at him but Dolla catches him too, holding both men up for a World’s Strongest Slam! Crazy. Ashanti tags in and mocks Daivari. Ariya fights back with shots, whip reversed, the Adonis with a slick dropkick! Batters him in the corner, Dolla tags in, big boot to Nese on the way in. Charging avalanche to Daivari, nails The Showcase (starts like the Attitude Adjustment and turns into a suplex mid-way down)

Winners: Hit Row

Afterwards every member gets a quick line. Dolla says they’re hot, and Swerve says we all know heat rises. And if you didn’t know, now you know.

William Regal concedes that Legado del Fantasma are the No. 1 Contenders now, they will face MSK for the tag team titles in two weeks. He wants to see who steps up next to Kushida, and also books Raquel & Dakota vs. Ember & Shotzi.

Steel Cage lowers, up next is our main event here for the NXT Recap!

Steel Cage match for the NXT North American Championship: Johnny Gargano (c) vs. Bronson Reed

They bicker before the bell during introductions, Gargano puts his title in Reed’s face and gets shoved to the mat for it. Ref separates them, calls for the bell. Johnny immediately rushes for the door, Bronson catches him and throws him into the corner. Johnny with the boots up, climbs the cage, Reed pulls him down. Gargano tries a charging attack but Reed just big mans him to the mat. Throws him hard into the cage! Lawndart spot into the steel! Grinds him against the cage. Hits the ropes, Gargano low bridges a charge and Reed hits the steel! Johnny wants his spear through the ropes but he gets caught up with his boots against the cage, Reed takes advantage with a DDT!

Hoists him up, Gargano slips to the mat. Wants to chop him down but Reed powers him up again, Elevated Fireman’s Carry for a 2 count! Bronson climbs the cage, Theory with a distraction, Gargano superkicks Bronson’s knee!

Commercial break, NXT Recap will conclude when we return.

As we come back, Johnny and Austin with a double team from inside and outside of the cage, Gargano with a basement dropkick and Theory with a leaping body block. Johnny leaps from the top rope at Reed but gets countered with a Powerslam! Elbows, Inverted Atomic Drop, Catapult into the steel! Reed takes Gargano up top – SUPER SAMOAN DROP! Reed covers for a nearfall. Bronson scales the cage, Johnny clobbers his knee again to stop him. Climbs up with him, smashes his face repeatedly in the cage – SUNSET FLIP BOMB TO THE MAT!!! Dayam.

Rolls over to the drape the arm – nearfall!! Johnny demands the door open. Austin grabs at his hands to help pull him out but Bronson squashes Gargano with a senton! Austin closes the door before Reed can get out there but he punches the door open and sends Theory flying! Johnny attacks from behind, Reed throws him but Gargano springs off the top rope for a Poison Rana!! Tries for One Final Beat but Reed catches him – sends him into the cage! Theory throws a ref into the cage door to close it in Reed’s face – Gargano with a huge Tornado DDT for a nearfall! They fight to the top rope… SUPER POWERBOMB FROM REED!

Theory scales the cage from the outside as both men inside scale as well. Reed is fending them both off, knocks Johnny to the mat, drops Theory to the floor! Reed turns around… SPRINGS OFF THE TOP ROPE FOR THE BIG SPLASH! Ref opens the door for him, Reed says screw that and closes it, goes up top – Frog Splash for the win!

Winner: Bronson Reed

Strong match and it put Reed over big time, that finish in particular was pretty boss.

Reed celebrates surrounded with pyro. “NXT” chant as Bronson celebrates and seems to be getting emotional.

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