AEW Dynamite Recap & Results

Wednesday is wrestling night folks, and that means it’s time for another edition of the AEW Dynamite Recap! Watch this space for the live written play-by-play.

And the AEW Dynamite Recap begins with…

Christian Cage vs. Matt Sydal

Lock-up. Cage with a side headlock. Sydal takes him up, shoots him off, Christian with a forearm drops him, cover for 1. Christian with an elbow, headlock back on. Sydal can’t shoot him off this time. Christian keeping the hold on nicely here, Sydal finally reverses with a headlock takeover. Spins into a Fireman’s Carry, cover for 1! Staring each other down. Lock-up again, jockeying for position. Sydal with a clean break in the corner, Christian slaps him! Sydal with some flying kicks, wants a Springboard but Christian kicks the leg out from under him to send him to the floor! Baseball Slide sends him into the guardrail!

Christian with a backbreaker, headlock cinched in. Sydal fights up, takes him to the corner, Christian with an uppercut, goes up top, Flying Rolling Elbow! “Matt Sydal” chant as Christian works over his back, nails him in the face with an elbow. Stomping the spine. Cage pulls him up, bashes him in the back. Wants a Tilt-A-Whirl, Sydal with a rana stops him! Leaping Spin Kick! Sydal goes up top, Christian clips him. Wants a Superplex, Sydal blocks it, big elbow drops him to the mat.

Flying Meteora takes him down for a close nearfall!

Sydal with a series of kicks, misses one lariat but spins around to nail him with a second attempt, nearfall! They fight their way up, Sydal with a Charging Wheel Kick! Running Knee in the corner, cover for a narrow nearfall. Wants a Lighting Spiral, Christian counters with a Reverse DDT! Goes to the corner, stalking for a Spear, charges, Sydal leaps over him for a sunset flip for 2, into a Crossface, Christian grabs the ropes for the break and goes to the apron. Ducks a round kick, Inverted Hot Shot, goes up top, Sydal ducks a Crossbody! Second rope moonsault, Christian avoids it too – Spear lays him out! NEARFALL! Matt Sydal with the Leaping Knee! Tries to backroll into a Single Leg, Christian reverses – Killswitch for the win!

Winner: Christian Cage

Fairly quick but very nice opener for sure.

Ricky Starks’ music hits, surprisingly he makes his way out to the stage! He says he is his own man and regardless of what you’ve heard, he decides where he goes. Tells Christian he’s got some business with him. Beckons to the tunnel for his associates, but it’s a setup as they instead come through the crowd to attack Christian and Sydal from behind! Hangman Page comes out and makes Ricky hold his beer as he rushes in. He puts up a good fight in a 3-on-1 but the numbers catch up, and Cage drops him with a big powerbomb.

Varsity Blonds with a promo. Pillman Jr. says his dad isn’t what got him into the business. That man is what kept him AWAY from wrestling for the longest because all he ever knew was the darkest side of the ring. Until he met the Young Bucks, who taught him that this could be done the right way. Griff Garrison talks about how he was discovered by them as well, but they’re not who he used to know. Brian says it’s a shame they had to go back to their old ways but they can’t stop the Varsity Blondes and Julia Hart, they vow to become the AEW World Tag Team Champions.

Moxley and Kingston backstage.

Jon talks about how they have to be making big waves in the tag team division, winning left and right. Talk about the Acclaimed, the rapper and the rapper’s friend. They know they have to rack up wins and beat the breaks off them. Acclaimed with a promo of their own, calls them the Lunatic Cringe. Point out that they’re ahead of them in the rankings and they’ll have to beat them if they want the tag titles.

The Acclaimed vs. Moxley & Kingston

Caster with his usual super insulting rap. Bowens yells as he reaches the apron and Kingston cuts him off with a haymaker! Faces in control as the bell rings, knocking them all around. Eddie bites at Caster on the mat. Hoists him up, Vertical Suplex drops him! Mox tags in. Big chops in the corner. Caster ducks one, gets one to the back as well! Eddie tags in, poke to the eye! Clubbering blow to the face. Caster tries to reverse, Eddie with the boots up but Caster manages to grab his legs on a second go, rips him to the mat.

Commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will resume when the show does.

We return to see Bowens taking Kingston into an Inverted Cloverleaf. Eddie breaks it but the heel keep up the isolation, Eddie avoids shots though and makes the tag, Moxley running wild with clotheslines! Kick to the face of Caster, bounces him off the ropes for a Release German Suplex, King Kong Lariato! Pulls him up slowly for the Piledriver! Bowens gets caught in a Sleeper and gets taken to the floor. Now Moxley goes up top, hooks him and pulls him up with him, Bowens smashes him as he tags in. Caster with a Superplex, holds onto him and rolls through – Bowens with a Crossbody as Caster had him up in a Vertical Suplex, big combo move and Eddie has to break up the pin!

Bowens with a few hard chops to Mox, but he ducks one and gets him in a sleeper! Eddie tags in, they go for the Violent Crown but Caster trips Moxley up for it. Bowens gets tossed a chain and makes a very nice catch, it distracts the ref as Caster brings in the boombox but Moxley grabs it and takes Caster out, they take it to Bowens, Wheelbarrow Paradigm Shift for the win!

Winner: Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston

Good stuff! Really like the metal cover of Wild Thing.

Chris Jericho chatting with Dean Malenko backstage, blows off an interview and warns him not to make the Man of 1000 Holds angry. Malenko says Jericho has four more, but Chris admits he forgot a few.

Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page with a promo in the ring. Scorpio says he grew up loving Sting, said he was everything good in the business and he wanted to be just like him. But then something happened: time. He doesn’t have to tell him because he already knows, he is not the same man he used to be. And Sky is no longer a child. He is a grown man so step aside or he’ll put him down.

Ethan wants to finish the interview without Schiavone. Says Scorpio already proved he can put Sting down when he locked him into a Heelhook to make him miss a week of Dynamite and on that week, they threw Darby Allin down the steps! And the week after, he loses the TNT title! They won’t take full credit, Miro will be a great champ. But he does want Darby to know, it was a LITTLE BIT… his fault! And he will take EVERYTHING from Darby Allin! Wants him to know, he will be the nail in his coffin!

The lights fall! Sting makes his way out… and Darby Allin appears from the crowd to attack with his skateboard!

Darby and Sting take it to the heels. Sting wants revenge on Scorpio, looking to put the Scorpion Deathlock on him… Darby cracks Ethan across the back with the skateboard to stop him from getting involved! Scorpio taps as Darby keeps Ethan from coming in. Sting lets Scorpio go and the heels scamper away.

The Pinnacle are seen at a restaurant. MJF cackles about what a funny man Chris Jericho is, the pineapple, My Jerkoff Friend, wanting to douse them all in bubbly. Hopes he laughs himself silly. For once he’s dealing with the guy who always gets the last laugh. Dax Harwood says it’s not enjoyable to beat up the Inner Circle all the time. They should be going after every title in AEW and defining this company. But they can’t do it because of them. Says it’s ridiculous that after 30 years Jericho is still making a mockery of the wrestling business. Calls last year’s Stadium Stampede a Dog ‘n Pony Show. Vows that this year will be different. He’s cut off when Shawn Spears attacks the waiter, apparently not happy with the wine he’s serving. Tully calls him off and throws the waiter some money to make up for it.

Up next on the AEW Dynamite Recap…

Hikaru Shida vs. Rebel

Rebel feigns injury immediately, ref forces separation and Rebel does some jumping jacks. Hikaru Shida with a single leg, elbow drops to the hip. Shida puts a black glove on and goes for Lockjaw, Britt Baker takes the women’s title and takes it to the apron to distract the ref! Shida gets pissed off, Rebel cracks her across the back with the crutch! Suplex Toss! Nearfall! Shida catches a kick, knee lifts to the bum leg, Sit-Out Kneebreaker! Puts her in the Stump Puller for the quick submission!

Winner: Hikaru Shida

Before Shida’s music can even play, Britt jumps her. Curbstomp onto the title belt!

Kenny and Doc intrude on the doctor’s office while Orange is being tended to. They make the Best Friends leave. Trent “accidentally” bumps into the cameraman who he claims is Cutler. They make him watch the brutal powerbomb that knocked him out. Kenny says they appreciate him as the mascot of AEW, not so much the world title match in a PPV. Don says sometimes this happens, you have to protect a wrestler from himself. Says they have a contract for him, if he signs it, he will be removed from the Double or Nothing main event since he’s hurt, BUT later down the line he’ll get his dream match with Omega.

Cassidy does not watch it and slowwwly rips it apart. They say that he’s not in the right frame of mind. Kenny tells him nothing went wrong in the powerbomb, he got hurt because this is the level of competition at the top of the card. Callis says they expected this reaction so they made him a double, hands him the next contract and tells him to just think about it. They leave him to it.

As the AEW Dynamite Recap continues, out comes the Inner Circle!

Santana still missing. Ortiz holding the mic upside down as he says everyone wants to know what they’re gonna do about the Pinnacle. Says at this point, talk is cheap, they want a fight. Guevara says they’re on the same page. As long as the two factions both work for AEW this is never going to end. He doesn’t care if he has to jump off the balcony for a Shooting Star to their necks, or douse them with bubbly every week. They won’t stop this until they’re done. Says they looked like dumbass fishes last week. “Dumbass Fishes” chant. Hager talks about how they won’t be like them. Ortiz says mediocre and Hager agrees.

Chris Jericho talks about the stip that they have to break up if they lose the Stadium Stampede match, and is it worth it? Talks about Blood and Guts and says he still wonders if that was worth it, all they sacrificed. All they left behind, buckets of blood and parts of their body. Admits that Max hurt him. Not just the physical pain, but the mental pain. Talks about how being pushed off that cage was the most terrifying moment of his life. If he landed any higher and his head hit the stage, that would’ve been game over for him. Terrifying his family, and everyone watching, was it worth it?

When he thinks about getting his revenge on him though, he knows for a fact that it IS worth it! So the answer, they say simultaneously: “YES!” Says they don’t deserve to be a faction if they can’t beat the Pinnacle after all this. They told them they’d have to kill them to get rid of them and they’re still alive! Vows to dance on their faces and piss on their graves.

Jade Cargill once again interviewed backstage.

She talks once again about being her own boss, Mark Sterling comes up and says he doesn’t want her to work for him, he wants to work for her! Brings up how Matt and Vickie already have women’s wrestlers they manage so that’s a conflict of interest, and Taz named his stable after himself; Sterling wants Team Jade! Brings up that it’s her second Stand-Up Interview with Tony in a row, where’s her sitdown with JR?

Jade seems to like what she hears but tells him he won’t be cutting into her interview and makes him leave and she’ll think about it.

Up next on the AEW Dynamite Recap…

NWA Women’s Championship: Serena Deeb (c) vs. Red Velvet

Deeb takes it to her right out of the gate with strikes! Wants the Detox, Velvet breaks it and they exchange shots. Deeb kicks her into the corner, Velvet reverses and lays in body shots. Kicks her to a seared position! Grinds her boot into Deeb’s throat. Serena grabs the boot, hangs her leg up – Dragonscrew Legwhip! Commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will resume when the show does!

We return in time to see Velvet hit a Crossbody off the top! Charging clotheslines. Drop toe hold takes Deeb to the ropes, Meteora to the back! Wild Standing Moonsault for a nearfall! Whips her to the corner, Deeb slips away to avoid the blow, hooks her with a Front Facelock through the ropes, looking for a neckbreaker to the apron; Velvet dumps her to the floor! Goes to the apron, Asai Moonsault wipes Deeb out! Throws her into the ring, enziguri for a close nearfall! Deeb looking for a Straitjacket Suplex, Velvet reverses but Deeb with the Just Desserts High Knee barely avoided, Velvet with a rana for a tight cradle and a close nearfall! Velvet ducks a line, Uranage plants Deeb! Now Velvet up top, Moonsault – but Deeb with the knees up! Powerbomb, stacks her up, nearfall!

“This is Awesome” chant as Deeb grabs her by the wrist, spins her into the Serenity Lock! Velvet is being twisted up here. Red Velvet nearly crawls over to the rope, Deeb transitions to a Single Leg Crab to pull her to the center. Tries to reapply the Serenity Lock but Velvet with a cradle for a nearfall! Just Desserts ducked again, Deeb with a chopblock though! Smashes her knee into the canvas over and over, torques back big into the Single Leg Boston Crab for the submission!

Winner: Serena Deeb

So great to see Deeb back, she is superbly solid.

PAC with a promo backstage, says he is sick of being screwed over. They tried it again last week but they failed. Says there’s nothing Kenny or Callis or the Bucks or any of those Elitist pricks can do about this now. Dares anyone to bet against the Bastard.

Up next on the AEW Dynamite Recap…

Austin Gunn vs. Anthony Ogogo

Austin with an immediate dropkick takes him into the corner! Gunn batters him, series of punches! Ogogo reverses a corner whip, Austin floats over, chop block, Blockbuster! Ogogo blocks an arm drag – gut punch lands and Gunn drops! Austin is hurting, has to pull himself up with the ropes. Ogogo lands a shot again! Ogogo’s face is covered in blood from Austin’s mouth. Ref wants to call the match, Austin says no. Wants a double leg but he’s just too weak. Ogogo with a Pop-Up Punch to the face and the ref calls it there, the boy is knocked out.

Winner: Anthony Ogogo

Afterwards the faces tend to Austin, Ogogo steals Cody’s American flag and tosses it at him.

SCU with an interview backstage. Marvez asks Daniels about the cryptic tweet, “That might be all” that he sent out and asks what the future holds for him. Daniels simply shakes Kaz’s hand and whispers something in his ear before walking off. Kazarian says he can’t put into words what that man has done for him. Whatever path CD chooses to take, he deserves to take it. Kazarian says last week they lost so much more than a match. He doesn’t just blame Nick and Matt, he blames every member of the Elite. Says what they have now is a bomb they cannot defuse and a gun they can’t unload. That’s a promise from Frankie Kazarian.

Miro with a promo in the ring. Thanks Jesus Christ for making him and giving him strength and power to destroy everybody! That is his talent. But that is not Darby Allin’s talent. After he talked all that crap he beat him up so bad and took what he said could not be taken. It doesn’t matter if you’re the baddest man on Earth or the hottest thing in AEW, if you have what he wants, it’s done.

Miro says he pissed him off but he’s a reasonable man, he forgives him. Tells him to go home and make one of his creepy student videos. “We Want Darby” chant, Miro takes off the TNT title and holds it up, says he’s got Darby right here. Tells the world he’ll destroy Darby over and over and over…

Lance Archer interrupts!

He says he’s been the monster around here since Miro was still trying to have a day to himself. Reminds us that he was in the first TNT title match against Cody. He didn’t walk home with the title that night but he will be damned if he doesn’t do it at Double or Nothing. Talks about how this will be the biggest monster match since Godzilla vs. Kong and promises to make Miro his Bulgarian Bitch.

Miro mocks him for his uncreative insult. Tells Jake to hold him back, and says after he’s done with him, no amount of yoga in the world will save his life. And he agrees that Everybody Dies, but he insists that Archer dies first!

AEW Dynamite Recap main event remains…

AEW World Tag Team Championships: The Young Bucks (c) vs. The Varsity Blonds

Blonds take over early, forcing them to do a do-si-do, double lariat! Nick trips his way into the ring, Brian clotheslines him to the outside! Pillman Jr. with a couple of arm drags to Matt. Griff with a big Spinebuster to Matt, Pillman covers for 2. Pulls Matt up with an arm wringer. Griff tags in, elbow to the arm. One-handed bodyslam! Pillman tags in, Hilo! But Nick intervenes, big kick sends Griff to the floor! Matt throws Brian to the ramp! Nick tags in, holds hands with Matt and slowly walks across the top rope, Diving Footstomp to the back of Brian and then leaps off the ramp onto Griff! Bucks with their pose on the ramp.

Nick with an armbreaker over the top rope, commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will resume as the show does.

As we return, heels still working over the Blonds until Pillman hits a crossbody off the second rope! Tag to Griff Garrison and he’s throwing the Bucks around with arm drags and back body drops! Flying clothesline in the corner to Matt, sandwiches them with a big lariat in the opposite corner, Double Spear wipes them out! They powder and Griff with a huuuuge tope wipes them out! Throws Matt into the ring, big lariat for a nearfall. Pillman tags in, they go for a double team, Nick intervenes and they escape. Matt Jackson with a Superplex to Pillman, Nick with a running kick off the apron to Griff!

Bucks with a series of kicks to the back of Pillman! He fires up and pounds on them, spins Nick into a Superkick to Matt, Superkicks Nick as well, Matt has to break up the pin! Crowd chanting for Brian again. He ducks a shot, wants the O’Connor Roll but Matt blind tagged in, sunset flip into the Sharpshooter! As Brian struggles towards the ropes, Nick sprays him in the eyes with the aerosol! Matt gets another can tossed to him. Julia Hart on the ramp to tell the ref about it, he takes it away but Cutler throws a THIRD can to Matt and he sprays Julia! Pillman rolls Matt up for a nearfall, and then gets pulled right back into the Sharpshooter! Nick takes Griff out on the floor, Pullover X-Factor to Pillman into the Asai Moonsault to Garrison, finally Brian has to tap.

Winners: The Young Bucks

A strong one there, and they protected the Blonds well having to stoop to such tactics to beat them.

As the Bucks celebrate, Moxley and Kingston make their way out! They take the fight to them, and both Bucks end up caught in Rear Naked Sleepers! “You Deserve It” chant as the Bucks pass out! Afterwards they just swipe their fancy shoes. And that’s the show!

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