Britt Baker

Women’s title time as AEW Double Or Nothing 2021 continues. Britt Baker challenging Hikaru Shida for the title now, we’ll see if it’s time…

AEW Women’s World Championship: Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Dr. Britt Baker, DMD

They fight right away, Britt looks for Lockjaw, Shida escapes, Tamashi narrowly avoids! Big dueling chant. Shida with a waistlock takedown! Bow And Arrow Lock, Britt fights out but there’s the Body Scissors. Shida shoves her to her feet, spins her to the mat. Whip, dropkick but Baker bails on her to avoid it. Britt gets into the ring as she tries to pursue. Knee on her way back in, drags her inside and chokes her in the corner. Armdrag into a hammerlock. Shida fihts up and sends her to the corner. Whip, reversed, Britt tries a clothesline but Shida ducks it, enziguri, dropkick takes her outside! Goes out with her, drives her HARD into the barricade!

Shida grabs the chair and sits it up. Looks to launch off, Britt tries to clip her, Shida walks up to the apron to avoid her! Hard kick to the face, Reba tends to her, CROSSBODY TAKES THEM BOTH OUT! Sets her up for the Driving Knee Lift but Britt spins into a kick to stop her! Britt takes over and gets the heat in the ring for a while. Kicks at her face. Hikaru blocks it, throws the foot away. Britt with a series of forearms! Shida fires back and trips her! Mounted shots! Drags her up by the hair, slams her into the buckles. Hammer throw into the corner, charging knee strikes! Charging knee to the face! Now she rips at her nose. Pulls Britt up for a suplex, Baker reverses into a front facelock. Suplex lands for a 2 count!

Shining Wizard to the back of the head!

Fisherman’s Suplex blocked. Baker with an elbow. Shida wins out on elbows, Britt with a kick to the gut, enziguri from Shida, kick drops Hikaru, Spinning Neckbreaker! CLOSE nearfall, geeze! Wants a Curbstomp but Shida reverses into the Stretch Muffler! Britt Baker to the ropes for the break. Thrust kick to the face! Ducks a line, Slingblade! Air Raid Crash! Narrow nearfall! And now here comes the Lockjaw! Shida fighting it as best she can! She struggles over but Britt rolls her over to keep it in! Kicks off the bottom rope to the center, it lets Shida escape and hoists her up but Britt escapes and drives her back down. Shida ducks a shot though, back elbows from Britt to block a German for a while… but the German lands and drops her hard! Sliding Elbow! Nearfall!

Hikaru Shida takes Britt up top, Avalanche DVD time! Britt manages to escape to the apron, Shida pulls her back up slowly, hooks for a Superplex and lands it! Cover for a 2 count! Gets her on her shoulders to take her up top again but Baker escapes for a sunset flip for a nearfall! Stretch Muffler applied, Rebel leaps on the apron with the title to distract. Shida breaks the hold and swings at her. They try to set Shida up, Rebel swings the crutch but hits Britt by mistake!! Nearfall! Falcon Arrow! Close nearfall! Rebel charges into the ring, the ref ejects her! Britt swings the belt at Shida, she blocks it, but a Thrust Kick doubles her over…


That is a truly shocking one! Lockjaw cinched in, Shida rolls her over for another narrow nearfall! Charging High Knee! Tamashi!! NEARFALL! Sudden Crucifix from Britt Baker for another nearfall!! Suddenly gets her into the Lockjaw! Manages to cinch it in and Shida has to tap!

Winner: Britt Baker

Took a bit to get there, but was definitely a great match by the end. Great start for Britt’s reign and a great capoff for Shida’s.

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