Cody Rhodes

Double Or Nothing 2021 rolls on. US Armed Forces on the stage with a tribute leading into Cody Rhodes’ bout with Anthony Ogogo.

Cody Rhodes vs. Anthony Ogogo

Cody immediately charges, hoists him up, Ogogo escapes, body shot lands!! Cody drops hard. Ogogo with an Olympic Slam! Throws him to the corner, Cody floats over the charge, Snap Powerslam – but he immediately starts clutching his ribs, as is Ogogo with his legit injury. Cody with a series of leapfrogs but a Big Boot drops him! Single leg, Cattle Mutilation from Cody! Ogogo powders, Cody hits the ropes for a Tope Suicida, Ogogo with an elbow stops that! Into the ring, German Suplex sends Cody flying! Punt kick to the gut. Flips off the corwd, hits the ropes for a big elbow drop, 1 count.

Anthony gouges at his eyes, flips him with a lariat! Ref is distracted by Ogogo, QT nails Cody with an elbow! Arn chases him off. Cody dodges an elbow drop, stomp to the hand! Ogogo hoists him up, Spin-Out Slam for a 2 count! Whip, Cody with a boot but gets tossed into the second rope and he rebounds hard! Arn coaching Cody up. He comes up hurt. Ogogo is busted. Swings, Cody ducks a few shots and gets him with body blows, pump kick to the back of the knee, Bulldog! Ties him up in the ropes, shots to the face! Ogogo whips him but the Cody Cutter drops him! Rhodes pulls him onto his shoulders and takes him up top.

Goes up with him, wants a Superplex – right hand from Ogogo and Cody falls to the mat!

Anthony with a biiig Frog Splash! Clutching the ribs off the landing, close nearfall! Charging uppercut in the corner, hits the ropes – Cody with a dropkick! Figure Four Leglock! QT subtly pushing the bottom rope towards Ogogo but he’s a long ways away!

Jabs Cody in the face and nearly gets a pinfall from this position but he sits up and continues the pressure until Ogogo reverses! Ogogo tries to grab him, reverse headbutt from Cody! Tries for the Cross-Rhodes! Ogogo escapes, Bolo Punch and an uppercut drops him. Cover but Cody’s hand is under the bottom rope. He pulls Cody to his feet, Dominator for a nearfall. Wants the Guvner’s Hammer, Cody escapes, elbow to the back of the head, hoists him up…Vertebreaker! And he gets the win.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Very strange to do this match. That wasn’t good and didn’t really do anything for anybody.

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