Darby Allin & Sting

AEW Double Or Nothing 2021 continues. Darby Allin and Sting take on Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page next. Vignette shows Darby and Sting riding together, ends with Sting saying “Showtime”, very simple one this time.

Darby with an immediate crazy tope onto Page before the bell! Sting whips Scorpio into the barricade meanwhile. Darby pulls the mat back to expose some concrete, smashes the barricade into Page’s face! Sky rakes Sting’s eyes on the stage. Hooks him… Suplex onto the stage! But Sting pops right back up! Scorpio poses on the chips but he doesn’t see Sting right behind him! He turns around slowly, Sting grabs him by the face and shoves him off into Page! Takes off the shirt for the first time in a long while, Crossbody onto both men!! Throws them into the ring and the bell rings!

Darby Allin & Sting vs. Scorpio Sky & Ethan Page

“You Still Got It” chant at the bell and you kinda have to after that. Sting and Darby knocking Sky around, Bulldog! Crowd way into it, Allin with an axe handle to Sky’s arm. Sting with an arm wringer. Darby tags in, body shot, arm drag! Fujiwara Armbar, Scorpio fights up, back suplex but Darby flips to his feet! Wants the Lucha Arm Drag but Ethan trips him to the mat! Pullover Cutter from Scorpio! Ethan pulls Darby up and HURLS him into the buckles! And another! Scorpio tags in, snapmare, knee drop. Sky with a big Backbreaker, holds him in place. Darby grabs at the fingers, Ethan tags in and elbow drops him in the chest.

Vertical Suplex, Page flexing. Scorpio tags in. Corner whip, both heels have mocked Sting’s “woo” here. Darby escapes a back suplex, tag to the Stinger! He rushes in nailing them both. Ref didn’t see the tag though, Scorpio drags Darby to the floor. Drags him to the heel side and into the ring, tag to Page.

Hooks the arm, hoists him up for a Military Press… runs with him, LAUNCHES HIM OVER THE GUARDRAIL ONTO HIS FAMILY!

Sting goes out to help him up but Darby is just dead weight right now. Darby slings to the floor… but lightning bolts into the ring for the break at the last minute! Page attacks, Darby gets him into a Piggyback Sleeper, Page drives him into the corner but Allin flips over him for the OTT Stunner! Finally the tag to Sting and he nails them both! Stinger Splash nails Scorpio hard! And Page as well! Clothesline takes him to the floor! Boot to the gut of Page, Code Red for a nearfall!

Another loud “You Still Got It” chant, Sting stares at Darby. Tags him in, he goes up top but Scorpio crotches him, Page attacks Sting from behind and stomps him to the mat! Grabs both wrists, Regal style Wrist Clutch Suplex sends Darby off the top and onto Sting! Page wants to do it again but Darby escapes and Sting kicks him in the gut, trips him up, Scorpion Deathlock!! Fujiwara Armbar from Darby as well! Scorpio drags Darby into the Heel Hook! Darby and Page stare each other down and trade blows while they’re still in holds! Finally the ref manages to break it all up.

Sting and Scorpio tag in, Sky with shots until Sting stops selling! Beats the chest! Whip to the corner! Stinger Splash but Sky sidesteps! Pullover Cutter but Sting blocks – Scorpion Deathdrop!! And he gets the win!

Winners: Darby Allin & Sting

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