Hangman Page

The show has begun proper now, and holy crap Hangman Page got a GREAT ovation!

Hangman Page vs. Brian Cage

Page charging in quick with punches. Cage throws him off a few times but eats some big boots! “Cowboy Shit” chants kick up, I’ve missed those. Cage wants a Pumphandle Slam but Hangman flips to his feet, takes Cage to the apron, Springboard Clothesline! Wants a tope, but Cage pulls him to the floor and into the barricade! Back into the ring. Stops to talk shit to the fans and Hangman surprises him with a Tope Suicida! Page tries a regular tope but Brian catches him – POWERBOMB INTO THE RINGPOST! Big heat on Cage now. Loud “Let’s Go Hangman” chant as Cage takes him back into the ring, stomps him.

Cage rams him into the corner, big chop! Hangman fires back with forearms until a high knee catches him! Chokes him in the ropes. Power whip into the corner, bounces Hangman to the mat! Brian takes him up, curls him a few times, takes him up – CRUCIFIX BOMB COUNTER OUTTA NOWHERE! Nearfall! Hits the ropes, lariat but Cage stays standing! Hangman hits the ropes again but Brian takes him out with a lariat of his own! Page ducks a clothesline now, Cactus Clothesline!!

“Cowboy Shit” chant drives Page up top – TRIANGLE MOONSAULT! Huge one and it scores!

Takes him into the ring, Cage fights back, takes him to the top rope, gets him on his shoulders – Hangman tries a rana but Cage holds onto him! Wants a Super Powerbomb but Hangman reverses into a Super Rana!! Nearfall! Hangman to the apron, wants a Buckshot Lariat, Cage kicks him away! Wants the Cesaro Superplex but Hangman floats over to the mat! Wants a Sunset Flip Powerbomb but Brian holds on, only to be pulled to the mat! Discus Lariat misses, Page with one of his own! Wants a Deadeye now, Brian pulls him away, Ripcord Elbow!

Takes him to his shoulders for the F-5 but Hangman lands on his feet, only to take a knee strike, One Armed Neckbreaker for a nearfall! Charging elbow to the corner, enziguri, Page leaps onto his shoulders but Cage drops him onto the ropes painfully! Goes to the apron, SUPERPLEX FROM THE RING ONTO THE RAMP! DAMN! Cage drags him up top again… SUPER F-5!!! NEARFALL!? Brian now goes to the apron, he wants a Buckshot Lariat of his own! But he staggers his way in, Hangman grabs him for an F-5!! Nearfall! Hangman wants his own Buckshot but Cage ducks it, German Suplex right onto his head! Powerbomb, pulls him back up but Hangman with a Jacknife for a nearfall! Brutal lariat again, Spinning Liger Bomb for a close nearfall!!

Big heat as out rushes Ricky Starks and Hook! Starks slides the FTW title to the ref as Hook distracts the ref! Cage tosses the title back at him!! Big pop! Walks right into a Deadeye attempt, Cage escapes and tries to deposit him but Hangman hands onto the apron! Brian yells at Hook, turns around – Buckshot Lariat for the win!

Winner: Hangman Page

What a great goddamn match, awesome stuff!

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