Inner Circle

AEW Double Or Nothing 2021 continues! MJF comes out of the limo by himself strangely. Cuts a promo talking about the worst IS yet to come, for Chris Jericho. The Inner Circle then rappels down from the freakin’ scoreboard! They chase him into the limo. But a truck rushes up from behind carrying the rest of the Pinnacle, the limo was bait! They attack from behind and take over as the Stadium Stampede gets underway! Spears throws Sammy into the ring as the bell rings. Guevara with the double leg, battering him. Shawn throws him to the apron, Sammy with an enziguri! Springboard Cutter! Running boot to Wardlow. Goes up top for a Shooting Star Press but Wardlow rolls out of the way, big lariat flips him!

MJF meanwhile finally gets out of the limo. But Jericho is waiting just behind him! They go after each other. Kenny takes MJF to the trunk of the car, he hits him and blasts him with a fire extinguisher! Max then runs for his life and Jericho chases him. They fight to a lounge and Max gets thrown into a trash can. He retaliates by throwing hot coffee into Chris’ eyes! Bashes him with a phone then yells into it about how Chris can’t come to the phone because he’s too busy eating his teeth. Jericho with a body shot, whip to a table, Max slides underneath it but gets crushed against the wall by it! They fight to the coaches’ area and meet Urban Meyer and Charlie Strong who toss footballs at Max!

Jericho sits him on the rolling chair and sends him spiraling over the railing and through a table!

Chris stops to wish Meyer a great season. MJF with a punch to the very clearly broken arm of Jericho! He responds by flipping the white board into his face! They fight through a door. Wardlow and Hager going at it in a backstage area. Wardlow slams him on a box! Tries to trap him in a walk-in freezer but Hager manages to save himself. Wardlow with a pitcher in each hand bashing Hager! Hoists him up, Hager escapes, chokes him and they fight into the freezer with raw meat hanging! Now Wardlow grabs an icicle and tries to shiv him with it, Hager with a Head And Arm Triangle to counter the icicle shiv. Wardlow escapes and runs off, Hager pursues him.

Wardlow hits him with a rolling equipment rack and repeatedly slams him into it, forearm drops him! Hard shots to Hager. Hager wants more so Wardlow tackles him right through a wall and into the kitchen! Sammy Guevara meanwhile is off looking for Shawn Spears. Spears is sitting on a chair and bashing a chair on the floor, re-enacting his original AEW entrance! This is a room with 1,000 chairs I adore it. They do battle in there trading shots and missing chair shots. Back into the backstage area, Shawn tries to slam him into a wall, Sammy incredibly kickflips off the wall and Spin Kicks him in the face! They fight to the forklift and Sammy leaps off it with a Rider Kick!

Spears hoists him up though, Lawndart into the garage door!

Shawn has a moment where he surveys a few very violent weapons and hilariously settles on a chair because he has a fetish for them. Goes to swing it but Sammy nails him with a flying high knee! They fight into a very cluttered supply room of some sort. Sammy chokes him with some cables! Goes to the top rack for a flying move but Shawn gets out of the way before he leaps. So Sammy parkours down only to get nailed with a ladder! Spears handcuffs Guevara to the rack and makes off. But Guevara eyes a pair of bolt cutters…

Meanwhile Santana & Ortiz follow FTR into a nightclub? The stadium has that, I guess. They both beat the crap out of everyone else who dares be there. They share a drink. The DJ is revealed to be Konnan just before FTR and PNP go at out! They are brawling on the floor. Ortiz tosses a tray at Dax for a 2 count. Tully tries to nail Ortiz with a drumstick, but Konnan grabs it! Ortiz nails him in the gut to drop him, stabs him in the head with the stick! Dax and Cash run in to assault them but PNP win out quick, they are whipping each other with belts. Dax with the fists up. Trading shots with Ortiz, Santana leaps off the table for a clothesline to Cash, cover for 2! Ortiz sends Dax into the trash cans!

Can shots pelting Dax. Cash is tossing beer bottles at Ortiz, yeow! Santana attacks Cash and they go into the elevator! Santana keeps stomping him as they go up! Inner Circle in the lead over the Pinnacle in that one.


Wardlow is kicking Hager around. The fight spills onto a cart. Wardlow smashes Hager on top of it and goes up there with him! Wants a powerbomb, Hager with a low blow stops him! Hooks him, CHOKESLAM THROUGH THE WOODEN PALETTE! And elsewhere, Max and Jericho are trading fists. MJF grabs the bad arm and twists it. Max charges but Jericho sidesteps and he accidentally hits a cardboard cut-out of Shad Khan. Jericho takes over and says he’s in so much trouble, stops the pet the cutout.

The fight goes to the board room now and Jericho STAPLES a card that says “Thank You” on it! Rips it right off his forehead afterward! Throws him across the table. Jericho’s arm is bothering him. He charges at him but MJF kicks off a platform for a Superman Punch! Takes him to the table… Piledriver right onto it! Cover for a close nearfall! Max grabs a hammer. Grabs Jericho’s wrist and places his broken arm on the table! He’s about to smash it when Jericho nails him with a tiny trash can! He turns around and opens a cabinet to pull out Floyd! MJF rushes over and gets nailed!

Hits him with the cast and drags him over to the office area. Tells him he really is an asshole. HURLS him through a glass window pane! Yikes! Drags him up to his feet and MJF is bleeding. Shawn Spears is walking around looking for Tully. But the Inner Circle’s motorcade appears! They chase Spears down the hallway and he rushes off into some door to avoid them.

Jericho and MJF meanwhile fight their way into the arena of all places!

They fight over towards the bannister, Max attacks the bad arm and rips away the brace! Jericho nails him with a spotlight! Jericho hoists him up and Powerbombs him right through… something! Crowd loving Jericho. As this happens, Shawn Spears is running through the parking lot. And Sammy Guevara appears on a golf cart!! He chases Spears into the arena and runs him down! Redemption for Guevara! Sammy throws him into ringside and to the ring! Wants to swing a chair but Spears blocks it, takes him to the apron! Guevara springboards in – HUGE chair shot out of the air! Close nearfall! “This Is Awesome” chant as Spears slowwwwly picks the chair up again.

Tells him he should’ve stayed down. Sammy flips him off. Spears NAILS him with the chair! Sammy is bleeding and Spears covers him – NEARFALL! Shawn is stunned! “Inner Circle” chant as Spears sets a chair up in the corner, drags Sammy over towards it… Sammy hoists him onto his shoulders for the Go To Hell! Sammy takes him to the chair and hooks both arms… Curbstomps him right into the chair!! Guevara up top. 630 Senton!!! And he gets the win!!

Winners: The Inner Circle

Feels like the two tag teams didn’t do a whole lot but very fun stuff all the same and it ended up being a very cool win for Sammy Guevara in particular. Nice to know the Inner Circle is sticking around, they have plenty they can do as babyfaces.

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