AEW Double Or Nothing 2021 rolls on! Christian Cage, Matt Sydal, Dustin Rhodes, Powerhouse Hobbs & Max Caster start! Caster with a surprising pop! Christian is the favorite here, followed by Jungleboy and Penta.

Casino Battle Royale

Fight starts immediately of course. Hobbs wants to take Cage out, Sydal pulls Hobbs away and kicks him to the mat. Caster drags Sydal to the center for a knee to the gut. Matt with a series of leg kicks, roundhouse kick drops Caster! Low blow to Sydal from Caster! He deposits him, Matt Sydal has been eliminated! Caster whips Christian, he escapes a Flapjack, Caster lands on his knee on the ramp and buckles to the floor. Max Caster has been eliminated. Timer comes up and the next suit is the Diamonds.

Matt Hardy is the first out of this batch. He comes out with Kassidy and they’re ready to jump the next man out, which is Ten!

He fends them off, knocks Matt to the floor, Powerbombs Kassidy onto the stage! Nick Comoroto is here as well! Dr. Luther has to drag Serpentico out here and throw him into the ring! Ten bounces Serpentico off the ropes with a Wheelbarrow German Suplex! Clothesline takes him to the floor, Serpentico has been eliminated! Now Ten squares off with Commoroto! “Ten” chant, Nick wins the strike exchange and hoists him up but Ten escapes and Spinebusters hiM! Nick survives a clothesline, Ten hits the ropes but gets NAILED with a Spinebuster! Nick looks to eliminate Ten – Dustin deposits both men, Ten & Nick Commoroto eliminated!

Christian with a Killswitch on Hobbs! Matt Hardy finally slips back into the ring to confront Christian, big pop for the standoff! But the timer is up now and Kassidy jumps Christian from behind! Colt Cabana, Varsity Blondes, Anthony Bowens and the very over Penta El Zero M come down! Penta takes over, wants the Cero Meido and the crowd chants along big but Bowens interrupts it with a shot from behind! Kassidy with the illegal elimination on Colt, Colt Cabana is gone. Varsity Blondes clothesline Bowens to the floor, Anthony Bowens is out.

Penta with a big enziguri to Hardy as he takes over, bashing his face! “Brian Pillman” chant as he takes over on Kassidy, flying elbow to the head! Timer comes up again, this is our last group stage.

And out comes Jungleboy to a nice pop!

Steps right up to Penta! Slingblade lands! But Jungle zips to his feet, eats another but gets right back up again until he’s dropped with a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker! Marq Quen is up next, Private Party with a Gin & Juice to Pillman! Aaron Solow rushes down as Pillman is deposited, Brian Pillman Jr. has been eliminated. Evil Uno makes his way out as well. Lee Johnson out as well, so it’s just the Joker spot left!

Solow tries to toss Johnson, but he makes it to the apron. Drags Solow out there too, wins out a strike fest to send him to the floor, Matt Hardy hits him from behind to eliminate him! Lee Johnson & Aaron Solow are eliminated! Penta takes Uno to the apron, enziguri takes him to the floor! Evil Uno has been eliminated! Running Rana from Jungleboy takes Penta to the floor to eliminate him! And he hangs on and gets back in! Hobbs and Cage are back in the ring, Hobbs chokes Jungle and tosses him. Brings the fight to Christian Cage again, he sidesteps a charge in the corner and slowwwllly gets him over the top rope! Hobbs is eliminated! Matt and Private Party in there with Christian and Jungleboy, the last few men.

Moment of truth time, the Joker is….

Lio Rush!

That is one of the names I mentioned! And he gets a damn hype pop! “Lio” chant as he hits a Crossbody to Quen on his way in! Springboard Reverse Rana to Quen! Outspeeds the hell out of Kassidy, takes him out with a C4! On a second attempt, he gets Matt Hardy with the Rebound Stunner! Lio takes Kassidy over the top, sends Quen over, they try the Silly String but Rush stacks them together only for Hardy to sneak up on and toss him. Lio Rush has been eliminated.

Body slam to Jungleboy. Matt demands a deletion as Private Party dances. Matt tries a Twist of Fate, Jungleboy blocks it but gets laid out with a Side Effect! Whip but Jungle rebounds for a big lariato! Private Party double teaming, Christian helps Jungle block the Silly String, Jungle with a Superkick takes Kassidy to the floor! Jungle trips Quen to the apron, Basement Dropkick eliminates Kassidy! Matt Hardy tries to strike a deal with his opponents but they toss him! Matt Hardy is eliminated! Cage with a boot to the gut, wants the throw him but Jungle is fighting it. Jungleboy’s song very popular with the audience. Jungle takes Christian up top, Cage knocks him away, Spinning Elbow off the second rope! Jungle with a back kick to the gut, enziguri drops him!

Dueling chant, Christian with a Reverse DDT! Starts stalking for the Spear! Jungle counters it, hoists him up! Triiiies to get him over but Christian escapes. The fight spills over the top to the apron! Jungleboy gets caught in the ropes! Tries to thrust him down but Jungleboy with a Pendulum Kick! Christian avoids some trip ups… Killswitch blocked! Tosses him to the post but Jungleboy grabs it and spins all the way back to the apron, holy crap! Back body drop takes Christian the floor!!

Winner: Jungleboy

Kind of a wonky battle royal, but an incredible finish and the whole crowd is dancing along the result so I can’t knock it.

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