Kenny Omega

Double Or Nothing 2021 rolls on! Kenny Omega defends the AEW World Title against PAC and Orange Cassidy in a big triple threat up next!

AEW World Championship: Kenny Omega (c) vs. Orange Cassidy vs. PAC

PAC goes after Kenny but he goes into the ropes to escape him. Kenny back inside, nails Orange with a forearm to take him outside! Wants to take PAC down but he flips his way up! Mid-air Crossbody Collision and they hit each other HARD! Orange rolls into the ring. Surveys the scene. Slowly covers PAC for a 1 count. Slowly covers Kenny for a 1 count. Cassidy wants to put the hands in the pockets, the other two swing but he ducks them both, takes PAC to the floor, Tope Suicida takes him out! Tornado DDT in the ring to Kenny, clooose nearfall!

Wants the Orange Punch, Kenny stops this but PAC into the ring, Step-Up Rana takes Kenny to the floor! Asai Moonsault wipes him out! “This Is Awesome” chant already. PAC drags Orange up in the ring, takes him to the corner, boot to the throat. Stands on him and yells. Goes up top. Missile Dropkick sends him flying! Scales the top rope again. Missile Dropkick for Kenny too! Now right back up!

Both men struggling to their feet as PAC readies… Missile Dropkick to both men at once!

Kenny ends up seated in the corner. PAC grinds the boot into his throat. Fight spills to the opposite side of the ring, Orange gets setup in the corner, Kenny with a You Can’t Escape to PAC into a Backstabber to Orange! Kenny grinds his face into the top rope, Snap Back Suplex for a 1 count! Stiff chop to PAC from Kenny, and another! PAC fires back with forearms, they exchange. PAC yells at him – Kenny with a big push kick sends him flying into the buckles!!

Orange with a charging Casadora for a clooose nearfall! Hits the ropes, again, Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker from Kenny! Omega pulls Cassidy up, wicked chop! Pendulum Backbreaker for a 2 count! “Freshly Squeezed” chant as Omega pulls him up. Poses with him. Whips him, elbow to the spine! Does it again, PAC pulls Orange to the floor and batters him, Kenny with a Baseball Slide takes both men down.

Terminator Dive wipes them out!

Throws Orange into the ring. Wants a suplex – Stundog Millionaire! Orange Cassidy wants Beach Break, Kenny looks to reverse, exchange of covers for 2 counts…. meanwhile PAC up top – as Kenny tries to bridge up, a brutal 450 nails both men!! PAC with a Springboard Dropkick attempt but Kenny avoids it, Snap Dragon! And one for Orange too! Second one to Cassidy! Double guns from Kenny! V-Trigger to Orange! Wants one to PAC but he bounces him off the ropes for the Release German Suplex! Thrust kick blocked, Spin Kick from PAC, Kenny tries to get Orange in the way, PAC shoves him away, eats a Leaping V-Trigger! PAC with a thrust kick ducked and takes out Orange, Kenny with a solid lariato!

V-Trigger to the back of the head of Orange in the corner! Takes him up top, looking for the Super Snap Dragon! Orange fighting it! Reaching… crowd rising… HANDS IN THE POCKETS! Blocks the grip! PAC hops up – SUPER GERMAN TO KENNY!

PAC slips to the floor, Orange with a hands-in-the-pockets Flip Tope and lands on his feet!

Rolls into the ring, Kenny takes over, boot the gut – Tiger Driver ’98! Nearfall! PAC on the apron, knocks Kenny away, wants a Springboard, Kenny grabs him from the rope for a One Winged Angel, PAC blocks and wants a Poison Rana but Kenny turns this into a BRUTAL German Suplex!!

Kenny Omega pulls down a kneepad and BASHES Orange’s face with it over and over! Cassidy puts the hands up as Kenny lines up the next one. Hands in the pockets! And Cassidy collapses limp. Kenny tries to drag him up, PAC with chops. Spin Kick to the gut, Kenny with a WICKED V-Trigger! Hits the ropes, Cassidy surprises him with a Falcon Arrow! SHEER DROP BRAINBUSTER FROM PAC! NEARFALL!! “AEW” chant as everyone is recovering. PAC takes Orange up top. Hooks him for a Superplex. Kenny attacks, Orange is kncoked to the floor… KENNY CLIMBS UP WITH PAC ON HIS SHOUDLERS FOR THE ONE WINGED ANGEL!


PAC takes Kenny up top, SUPER FALCON ARROW!! Orange deposits PAC and covers Kenny! NEARFALL! “That Was Three” chant. PAC stands up behind Orange. Cassidy starts the Orange Kicks… and PAC just kicks him low! Hilarious. Corkscrew Tope to Kenny! Goes up top… BLACK ARROW TO ORANGE! Kenny baaaaarely jumps in in time to break it up! Omega pulls PAC up for the One Winged Angel, PAC turns him into a Brutalizer! Orange stops this, Orange Punch to PAC!! BEACH BREAK TO OMEGA! NEARFALL!?! “Fight Forever” chant as everyone is spent. PAC tries another low blow to Orange but gets caught. Forearm to Orange, wants the Liger Bomb, Orange escapes – Orange Punch!! Avoids a V-Trigger!!

ORANGE PUNCH TO KENNY! Crowd is going apeshit here! Callis runs to ringside as Orange lands one last Orange Punch to PAC!! Callis rips the ref out of the ring! Turns around to see Cassidy staring him down. Goes up top. Orange and Kenny fighting to the top rope, headbutts drop Omega! Looks for the Diving DDT but PAC with an awesome catch! Northern Lights from PAC into the Brutalizer! Kenny barely drags himself into the ring, weak stomp but he doesn’t let go! Kenny can’t break the hold so he turns around and axe handles the referee! Big heat!

Don throws Kenny the IMPACT title and he hits PAC with it! Hits him with the AAA title as well! Now he tosses him the TNA Championship and drives that into his face too! And he has one more… finally he grabs the AEW World title and crashes it across his head as well. Parades around with the belt… ORANGE APPEARS WITH THE ORANGE PUNCH! Drapes an arm over him! Aubrey Edwards rushes down!!! NEARFALL – Kenny rolls him into a Crucifix for the desperate win!

Winner: Kenny Omega

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