Hoss fight time as Double Or Nothing 2021 rolls on! Lance takes the fight to Miro before the bell!

TNT Championship: Miro (c) vs. Lance Archer

Archer grabs the wrist, Old School Ropewalk Moonsault for a 1 count!! Archer drags the champ out of the ring, posts him, Spinebuster through a table! Lance rolls into the ring, waits for him to get back up, resets the count, charges – Miro grabs him, Overhead Belly To Belly into the crowd! And another one takes him back to ringside! Miro throws him into the ring, stomps him into the corner. Whip to the corner, clothesline drops Archer. Miro charges again but gets surprised by a crossbody! Jawbreakers, charges, Miro surprises him with a Wheel Kick! Champion gets the crowd going, they chant his name. Snap Round kick to the chest! And another. Grabs the hair, third one lands! “One More Time” chant and he grabs the hair again, fourth kick blocked!

Archer with a shot to the face, hoists him in for a Black Hole Slam for a nearfall! Now Lance goes up top. Moonsault but the champ moves out of the way!! Roundhouse Kick, Samoan Drop! Nearfall! Stomps ensue… Jake Roberts makes his way out with his bag! But he gets grabbed and dragged into the ring! Superkick lays out Archer! Miro grabs the bag and shakes it. Hurls it across the ramp to a stunned reaction! Big boos. Jake stumbles his way up…

Running Superkick attempted but Archer intercepts, BIIIIIG chokeslam!

Nearfall! Archer takes him up top. They exchange hard shots, Lance grabs him for the Blackout! Miro escapes, body shot, leg kicks! Hits the ropes but Lance does as well, POUNCE! Archer drags him back into the ring, kick the rope causes the incidental low blow to Archer, Leaping Thrust Kick drops him! Game Over time! Struggling to get it all the way cinched in, Archer fights up… knees to the spine and he dips back into it! And the ref calls for the bell, he’s out!

Winner: Miro

Solid beefy boy battle there.

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