Young Bucks

Daaaamn, Mox’s new music sounds awesome in a big wide arena. Young Bucks defending the tag titles here as the show rolls on.

AEW World Tag Team Championship: The Young Bucks (c) vs. Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston

Mox and Kingston jump them before the match starts! Mox choking Matt with the streamers, Eddie throttling Nick! Bucks pull Moxley to the floor and gang on them – Eddie Kingston with the first dive of the match wipes them out! Just as expected! Mox drags Matt out into the crowd area, does a Sandman nod with a beer can! Kingston sends Nick into the barricade. Seems the bell hasn’t actually rung. Brandon Cutler taking the cooling aerosol spray to Nick’s back. Kingston nails Cutler and they take him into the ring, Mox gets him in a Sleeper, Half-N-Half Lariat combo! Bucks jump them from behind and the bell finally rings! (When the Bucks call for it)

Kingston takes Matt to the outside, Kitchen Sink knee to Nick! Eddie with a snapmare, kicks to the spine, cover for 2. Mox tags in, annoys Matt and gets him to distract the ref, the faces do the illegal tag bit, amazing. Eddie with a Front Suplex, STO for a nearfall! Eddie chops Nick into the corner, Matt eats one too but Nick with a thumb to the eye! They take Kingston to the corner, double dropkick, enziguri and cannonball! Bucks with a double whip to Kingston, back elbows, elbow drop. Nick with a face rake and does a Macho Man pose. Charges, Kingston flapjacks him onto the rope! Tag to Matt, kicks Eddie’s leg out from under him. Takes out Moxley, throws him into the barricade. Matt riles up the crowd, he does the faux tag on Eddie, mocking hot tag, lariats, Corner Ten Punches!

Raises the roof a bit, pulls Eddie to the center for a slam. Cups the ear like the Hulkster. Hits the ropes but Mox trips him and drags him to the floor, big lariato!

Nick tags in, goes up top but Eddie catches him out of the air – Exploder Suplex! Simultags!

And Moxley with a Charging Dropkick takes the Bucks together, Sandwich Lariat! Suplex sends Matt flying, X-Plex to Nick! Piledriver!! Matt with a shot but Moxley fires back, hooks both arms – Double Underhook Piledriver!! Nearfall but it goes right into the Bulldog Choke! Matt fights up but eats a brutal DDT! Mox is running wild until Karl Anderson storms to the ramp! Doc Gallows sneaks in from behind but Eddie leaps onto him! Frankie Kazarian rushes out to take it to Anderson! As the ref deals with this, Matt gets Mox with the spray! Nails him with it, busts him open, cover for a nearfall! “This Is Awesome” chant as Mox fights up but collapses to the ramp.

Nick tags in, Matt goes out with Moxley Hoists him up… MELTZER DRIVER ON THE RAMP! Jon Moxley now is staggering around like a drunk man, collapses on the floor before the 10 count but manages to make it in just in time! He dares Matt to swing at him. Matt nails him and stomps onto his face! He targets the cut, fists to the forehead. Tag to Nick, Matt drapes Moxley on the middle rope, Senton Bomb takes Mox to the mat for a nearfall!

Kicks from both sides from both Bucks! Matt gets him into a chinlock! Moxley fights to his feet, Matt rips him to the mat! Nick chokes Mox on the apron as Eddie tries to intervene but distracts the ref. Bucks are unabashedly double teaming Mox, he tries to swing back but gets overwhelmed! THey try to finish him with a SHield Bomb but Moxley escapes, kicks Matt away, Half-N-Half Suplex tosses both Bucks!! Points to Eddie, huge ovation…

Moxley makes the tag!

Eddie runs wild, suplexing the world, Arm DDT to Matt! Sets up a hold, Nick tries to punch him out of it but Eddie just no sells ! Huge big boot drops him! Loud “Eddie” chant as Kingston gets Matt with the Machine Gun Chops! Nick with a Superkick to the back of the knee of Kingston, Young Bucks with Assisted Sliced Bread, Shining WIzard, nearfall! Nick goes up top for a Senton Bomb but Kingston gets the knees up! Mox tags back in, but eats an immediate Double Superkick! Matt takes Mox up on his shoulders for More Bang For Your Buck! But Kingston grabs Nick – Moxley escapes for the Sleeper! Crowd rises slowly!! But Nick fends Kingston off! Matt flips to leave Mox prone for the 450! Cover – nearfall!

“This Is Awesome” chant as they setup the Meltzer Driver but Kingston yanks Nick to the floor! Mox gets Matt in the X-Grip… Eddie in for the Violent Crown but Nick pulls Mox to the floor this time. They setup Eddie for the Meltzer, Mox stops Nick tripping him onto the apron! A Dior gets thrown itno the ring to distrac tthe ref, they bring the other three up! Eddie has Matt on his shoulders as Mox comes off for the shoe-assisted, Diorsday Device! Nick breaks up the pin and takes the fight to the faces, “Fight Forever” chant as he grabs Matt over to tag himself in.

Mox catches a Superkick, Paradigm Shift but Nick flips to his feet! Trips him for the Sharpshooter!

Jon Moxley struggling for the ropes as Eddie looks to make the save but Matt prevents it. Nick sits down deep into the Sharpshooter, Moxley starts to fade… Eddie breaks it up, Saito Suplex to Matt! Thrust kicks from Nick, Moxley with a Lariat flips him! Paradigm Shift!! Cover! Matt just breaks it up! “AEW” chant as Moxley pulls Nick up for headbutts! Whips him to the corner, Nick escapes to the apron, kick to Eddie, Mox drags him back in for the choke, both Bucks in, Double Superkick! But Mox rebounds for the double lariato! Wants another Paradigm Shift but it’s escapes, series of Superkicks drops him! KICKOUT AT 1!!!

Mox is firing up and looking intense! “Moxley” chant as he’s on his knees! Another Double Superkick drops him, Kingston comes in, they duck a line, series of Superkicks chop him down as well! Now the Bucks set Moxley up for the BTE Trigger… and land it! Mox is still concscious… so he takes another! And another and another! Cover and that’s that!

Winner: The Young Bucks

Hoo. They had to kill him to beat him, that certainly fits. First prediction I got wrong but one of the ones I was less certain of, the Young Bucks retaining is never a surprise.

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