AEW Dynamite Recap & Results

Still not got everything ready for my new format, it’s a busy week, so let’s keep it oldschool for now. AEW Dynamite Recap time.

Starting out tonight…

AEW World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks vs. PAC & Penta El Zero Miedo (Non-Title)

Frankie Kazarian attacks before the bell rings, assaulting some of the Bucks’ stooges! Death Triangle with a couple of Flip Topes wipe them out too! But the Bucks fight back, wanting Stereo Piledrivers on the floor but dual Back Body Drops reverse that! PAC throws Matt Jackson into the ring, Matt takes over and then demands the bell rings. Penta takes over, Thrust Kick drops Matt, tag to PAC who comes in with a Hilo! Standing SSP, Nick breaks it up but gets a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker for his troubles! PAC with a charging big boot to Matt, goes up top but Matt rolls to the floor. PAC pursues him, Matt uses Cutler as a human shield. Nick with a Charging Kick to the face of PAC!

Nick holds PAC in place on the outside, Matt feigns a dive, rushes to the ramp instead, runs all the way across ringside for a big lariat to PAC! Bucks posing for heat. Nick fights back, big kick to PAC, Asai Moonsault to Penta! But PAC boots him off the apron, turns around into a spear from Matt Jackson! Pulls PAC to the corner. Nick tags in, double whip to the corner, PAC sidesteps a Stinger Splash from both Bucks! Bounces Nick off the ropes for the big German Suplex!

Tag to Penta, Slingblade to both Bucks, Lungblower Senton combo!

Penta wants his pose, Nick grabs him, they fight to the corner, Backstabber from Penta! Jawbreaker from Nick, tag to Matt. Penta quickly takes over though, tag to PAC. PAC with a series of spin kicks, Matt responds with an elbow, hits the ropes – PAC with a Pop-Up Sit-Out Powerbomb! Tag to Penta. PAC holds Matt’s legs opened for a Missile Dropkick to the backside! Nick breaks up the pin, gets deposited. Matt taken out, Nick tags himself in, Springboards in but eats a Double Thrust Kick! Penta with a Destroyer to Nick! Matt with a Destroyer to Penta! PAC and Matt end up fighting on the apron, trading shots. Penta grabs Matt, Nick grabs PAC…

Package Piledriver on the apron to Matt Jackson, German Suplex on the apron to PAC!!! Damn!

PENTA with a couple of chops to Nick. Hits the ropes, Nick pulls Knox in the way. Rick seems to get a thumb to the eye by accident, Nick yanks off the mask – but Penta had a backup on!! Strong Zero to Nick!! Cover, Matt barely breaks up the pin! Cutler behind the ref’s back nails PAC with the camera though and they get the pin!

Winners: The Young Bucks

Afterwards, the Bucks try a post-match assault and rip at Penta’s mask, until Eddie Kingston rushes out to make the save! He runs the heels off.

Tony Schiavone in the ring talking about AEW Rampage and how they announced an analyst for the show in Mark Henry – he introduces him and he emerges with no music. Henry says he is not here to fix AEW; because AEW is not broken. He’s here to turn the screws as they say on Busted Open. Tony says the question everybody wants to know, is Mark Henry gonna get in the ring again? He smiles, crowd rises. He says right now, he’s not gonna say no… but he does have a lot left in the tank!

Vickie Guerrero interrupts with some loud EXCUSE MEs. She demands Tony leave the ring. Says tonight she is here to introduce a man who has won championships around the world. A third generation wrestler – boos mount and she demands their silence!

She introduces… Andrade El Idolo!

Andrade takes the microphone. Says he used to say he was the face of Latinos. But today he is saying that he will be the new face… of All Elite Wrestling! “AEW” chant. Vickie demands applause and they leave. Short but sweet, very cool surprise!

Up next on the AEW Dynamite Recap…

Cody Rhodes & Lee Johnson vs. Anthony Ogogo & QT Marshall

Lee and QT start out. Marshall tries a facewash, Johnson nails him in response. Quick tags from the faces, Double Whip, Cody with a duck under, Lee with a dropkick! Cover for 1. Marshall with a trip to the mat, tag to Ogogo! Lee tags to Cody and the crowd is quite happy to see the confrontation again. QT with a distraction, Cody nails him but Ogogo with a big Overhead Belly To Belly! Tags in QT, Ogogo holds Cody in place for body shots. Rhodes ducks a punch, QT nails his partner! Cody fires back, tag to Lee!

Series of blows, Neckbreaker, kip up! QT deposits him, Johnson skins the cat, headscissor takes him to the floor and he skins the cat again! Tope, QT side-steps, Lee lands on his feet but eats a massive Front Stomp from Ogogo! QT takes Ogogo into the ring, “Let’s Go Shotty” chant as the heels work him over.

Commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will resume as the show does!

As we return, Cody makes the hot tag and takes the fight to the heels, Front Suplex to QT! Corner Ten Punches! Monkey Flip sends Marshall hurling! Kick to the gut, Dustin Uppercut! QT tries a Back Suplex but Cody escapes, surprise Disaster Kick for Ogogo, Snap Powerslam to QT! Figure Four Leglock applied to QT… Marshall struggling, coming close to tapping; Ogogo comes off with the top with a WILD Frog Splash to Cody, breaks it up! QT with a Diamond Cutter to Cody! This time Lee Johnson with a Springboard Splash breaking it up!!

Ogogo takes the fight to Johnson, they take each other to the floor! Cody wins out a strike fest with QT, Aaron Solow comes out to distract Cody. The ref tends to Solow as Cody hooks Marshall for a Cross-Rhodes, Ogogo sneaks in for a big right hand to Cody! QT with the opportunist cover for the win!

Winners: QT Marshall & Anthony Ogogo

AEW Dynamite Recap rolls on as QT takes up the mic and says he shocked the world! Claims nobody believed in him and singles out Tony Schiavone as someone he proved wrong.

Stadium Stampede highlights transition us to the Inner Circle’s entrance! Chris Jericho on the mic calls them the 2021 Stadium Stampede Le Champions! And since he appreciates the crowd so much, he’s giving all of them Inner Circle Stadium Stampede T-Shirts for free! Tells them to look under their chairs and indeed, the whole crowd holds one up!

Jericho singles out Sammy Guevara as the hero of the match, big pop and a chant of “Sammy”! Says he’s on such a high right now, what a night Sunday was, ending with a big 630 on that idiot Shawn Spears. Guevara says he used to do that move off his mom’s roof. She’d tell him to get off the roof and he’d say “Okay” and jump! To get to there to headlining Double or Nothing is incredible and he did it with his brothers, loves them all.

Santana says it was a great night. But what did they accomplish besides keeping the crew together?

Still has to walk past the Pinnacle backstage and hear them bragging about their riches. True victory would be seeing them in a ditch! Accuses FTR of trying to end their careers last week with the piledrivers through tables. Tried to take food out of their families’ mouths and that doesn’t sit right. The war isn’t over! Hager says it’s true, they don’t get to choose when this is over. He says Wardlow beat him in a wrestling ring but he’d like to see him fight him in the one place no one has beat him, an MMA cage!

As the AEW Dynamite Recap continues, Jericho agrees that the war isn’t over, they all piss him off. Says he still thinks about when MJF tossed him off that cage and how close it was to lights out for good for him. Chris says embarrassing them with the bubbly and destroying them in the Stadium, it wasn’t enough. Until he can ruin his life and career like Max tried to do to him, it is not enough! Jericho says Max called him the GOAT and if that’s true, if he can still be the greatest, if he can continue taking AEW to new heights… he MUST defeat MJF! Says the Inner Circle never forgives and damn sure never forgets.

Best Friends with a promo talking up Orange Cassidy’s match at Double Or Nothing as the AEW Dynamite Recap continues.

They say Kenny is supposed to be the best in the world but the comedy guy had him beat twice! They ask why Don Callis is even here, he’s just a con man. Says the bad guys cheated and they won. But Orange says if you think it’s over… it’s not.

Omega and Callis interviewed by Marvez, they dismiss the idea of Orange coming after them and Kenny also acting very overconfident as it pertains to his upcoming defense against Jungleboy. Kenny says there’s a big difference between a Jungle Boy and a Jungle Man, and an even bigger difference between a Jungle Man and a Jungle Champion! But he does love his theme. Kenny and Callis singalong with the music.

Up next on the AEW Dynamite Recap…

Jungle Boy & Christian Cage vs. Private Party

Faces with quick tags right off the bat, taking it to Kassidy, working over the arm. Kassidy escapes, tags in Quen. Charges in and eats a Flapjack! Jungle tags in, Double Arm Drag! Cover for a 1 count. Jawbreaker flips the momentum, tag to Kassidy, goes up top. But his move misses, Jungle takes over, sends them to the floor. Private Party regrouping with Matt Hardy.

Jungle takes over on Quen, goes up top, Kassidy holds him for a moment and he has to kick him away, Jungle flies at him but eats a kick out of the air! They work over Jungle for a moment but he flips over them and makes the tag to Christian! He nails them all, Corner Ten Punches on Kassidy but as Hardy distracts the ref, Quen with a big Hot Shot on Christian!

Commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will resume when the show does!

Private Party working over Christian as we come back, Wheelbarrow Splash to Christian! And they take a moment to mock the Five Second Pose. Christian trying to fight back, Kassidy nails him and drops him. Takes Jungle off the apron to prevent a tag. Now Private Party hold Christian up and force him to make the Five Second Pose! But Christian reverses on them for a Double Reverse DDT! Tag made to Jungle Boy, he’s a house of fire, series of back clotheslines, charging forearm, back elbow and uppercuts to Quen! Thrown to the ropes but he rebounds for a huge lariato!

Jungle Boy pulls him up for a big Brainbuster! Close nearfall! Baseball Slide to Kassidy! Step-In Springboard DDT for a nearfall! Wants the Snare Trap, Kassidy breaks up the hold but in comes Christian to nail him with open hand strikes! Takes him outside, tope but Matt Hardy pulls Kassidy out of the way and he crashes and burns! Roll-up on Jungleboy for a close nearfall, they pummel him and set up for Gin and Juice but Christian makes it to the ring in time to cut off Kassidy! Jungle reverses the Super Rana from Kassidy and seems to drop him on his head in the process! Snare Trap for the quick submission!

Winners: Jungle Boy & Christian Cage

Christian lets the youngster have his moment in the ring – Matt Hardy attacks him on the ramp, Tree of Woe onto the ramp!

Team Taz with a promo making it clear that they aren’t done with Hangman Page, Taz says he’s screwed around with the wrong club.

AEW Dynamite Recap continues, Tony Schiavone introduces Darby Allin and Sting!

Sting takes the mic and says he has had so many incredible experiences in wrestling. But last Sunday at Double Or Nothing, will be a night he will never forget. Double Or Nothing 2021 right here in Jacksonville, Florida, stands up to anything he’s ever done in this business! Very loud “You Still Got It” chant. He says thank you, that right there is an open door to say thank you to everyone. He appreciates them so much.

Scorpio Sky with a long golf clap on the video, Ethan Page is behind him. Scorpio admits Sting was remarkable on Sunday. He sees why they call him the Icon. He was so good that he was even able to drag Darby Allin over the finish line! Ethan says when he threw Darby over the crowd, if not for Sting dragging him over the rail, he’d probably still be laying there. He claims Sting is carrying Darby through his career and calls him a spineless co-dependent BITCH! Sky dares Darby to find a partner other than Sting and take them on.

Tony Schiavone very busy, he emcees as many lower card heels are in the ring to celebrate the title win of Britt Baker!

There’s a table with a plate of tons of burgers. Britt and Rebel come on out. Baker says she thanks everyone for coming out for her celebration. Knows there was already a giveaway but she was given 1500 burger coupons and she wants to share it with the world, so look under your seats for burger coupons! But it’s a lie, she reveals that all of the coupons are HERS! Says they had the three letters put up everywhere, heard the three letters chanted deafeningly at DoN, and the three letters will change this company: DMD!

Wants to invite two people deserving of sharing it with her, gets Reba and Tony to eat with her. Nyla Rose slaps the burgers out of their hands! She pops some balloons and storms off.

Alex Marvez interviewing Eddie Kingston, PAC and Penta come up and tell him that they don’t need him and they don’t want his help. Eddie says the enemy of his enemy is his friend and walks off.

Up next on the AEW Dynamite Recap…

The Bunny vs. Red Velvet

Bunny tries to attack from behind at the bell but Velvet sees it coming, Drop Toe Hold into the ropes, senton to the back! Cover for a nearfall! Takes her outside, Flip Tope wipes her out! Velvet choking Bunny in the buckles with her legs. Goes up top but Bunny stops her with a kick, Thrust Kick takes her to the floor! Bunny goes out and yells in the camera, throws her inside. Big kick drops her, Sliding Elbow in the corner! Cover for a nearfall. Commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will resume when the show does.

As we come back, Velvet is mounting a comeback with a series of clotheslines, big leg lariat! High knee in the corner, yanks her out for a Charging Stunner! Nearfall! Bunny tries to fight back with a Neckbreaker, Velvet escapes, kick to the gut, hits the ropes – Bunny surprises her with a Thrust Kick to the face! Blade hands Bunny some brass knux, ref distracted as Big Swole and Kilynn King try to intervene – Velvet ducks the knux shot and nails her with a lovely Inverted Buzzsaw Kick!

Winner: Red Velvet

Velvet’s got a lot of potential, just as everyone says.

Dark Order backstage celebrating John Silver’s birthday! Silver says TK wanted to give him a TNT title shot for his birthday but sadly he’s still not cleared – so he’s giving the shot to Evil Uno! Uno says opportunities like this don’t come along every day, he will make the most of it!

Miro with a promo. Thanks God for his power and gives a shoutout to his wife for being hot. Says Uno challenging him makes no sense because he’s bigger and stronger than him and he’s undefeated. He knows Uno is coming from an emotional place but Miro has no emotions and he won’t feel bad about what he does to him.

Up next, the main event on the AEW Dynamite Recap…

Bullrope Match: Dustin Rhodes vs. Nick Comoroto

Comoroto jumps Dustin before the bell! Hoists him up and Press Slams him into the ring! The bullrope is attached to both men and Nick takes over quickly, chokes him with the strap! Cactus Clothesline! They fight into the crowd! Fuego del Sol jumps on Comoroto’s back but he pulls him up and tosses him onto a crowd of workers! Back into ringside, Dustin nails Solow with a Snap Powerslam! Comoroto spears the hell out of Dustin! Nick’s bleeding quite noticeably. Throws Dustin into the ring, he slips outside and the Bullrope gets wrapped around the post, Dustin yanks the cord to post Comoroto! But he responds by powering him up and dropping him on the apron!

Commercial break, AEW Dynamite Recap will conclude when we return. As we come back, Comoroto and Dustin fight on the apron! Solow meanwhile setting up a tables match on the floor. The competitors trading shots, Comoroto wants a Military Press but Dustin slips into the ring, nails Nick with the cowbell! He goes to the second rope to jump on him but Nick cuts him off for a Powerbomb, Dustin tries to hold on but Comoroto overpowers him – BRUTAL POWERBOMB THROUGH THE TABLE! Yikes!

Nick throws him into the ring, Solow undoes the turnbuckle, Colton Gunn runs him off! Dustin takes over, Final Reckoning onto the Cowbell! KICKOUT AT 1! Nick firing up, Dustin with a low blow! Flapajck onto the exposed buckle! Bullrope shot between the eyes! Dustin on the second rope, Flying Bulldog! Hogties the legs and hooks him for the win!

Winner: Dustin Rhodes

Solid stuff for sure. And that’s the show.

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