About 1Z1 Pro Wrestling

My name is Jordan Huie. I’ve been a writer for over a decade and have been writing about pro wrestling as a career since April of 2019. I started with 411mania for a short stint before working with the Overtimer.com for about a full year. I produced thousands of articles during that timeframe, most of them recaps of shows. After deciding to resign from the Overtimer, I’ve opted to strike out on my own.

On this site I’ll still be doing recaps and results for AEW Dynamite, Raw and SmackDown every week and I’ll be doing NXT when I can, plus PPVs and specials for the two American promotions. That said, I want the focus of this site to be more on thoughtful editorial pieces. For example, this one on Intergender Wrestling, focusing on how it might help non-binary wrestlers.

This isn’t really a site meant for news or rumors. It’s more about offering insights and think pieces. Except, make that last sentence sound less pretentious maybe. I’d like for the vibe of the site to get progressively weirder actually. I think being the Jon Bois of pro wrestling would be really cool and I’m not sure that’s a role that’s being filled yet so hey.

For now, I work alone. So all content you see here is coming from me and only reflects my opinions. I may comment on news, but I do not proclaim to be a news source.